LINGUIST List 8.1749

Fri Dec 5 1997

Jobs: Computational, Applied Ling, Phonetics

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  1. Alexander Franz, Spoken Language Translation, Sony, CA
  2. Lingnan College petergu, English/Applied Ling
  3. Maria Wolters, Research Asst.-Phonetics (U. Bonn)

Message 1: Spoken Language Translation, Sony, CA

Date: Fri, 05 Dec 1997 12:53:43 +0900
From: Alexander Franz <>
Subject: Spoken Language Translation, Sony, CA

Sony has two openings at its San Jose Research Laboratory for a
research project on spoken language translation using hybrid
rule-based and statistical methods. We are looking for creative,
results-oriented individuals who are able to work well as part of an
international team, and who are interested in seeing their research
lead to collaborations with product groups. The details of the two
positions are as follows:

1. Computational Linguist (Japanese)

Job duties: 

Participate in a research project on spoken language translation
between English and Japanese. Create, maintain, and extend Japanese
computational dictionaries, grammars, linguistic databases, and rule
bases. Participate in the linguistic evaluation, maintenance, and
refinement of the system.

Job requirements:

Native-level fluency in Japanese. Ability to communicate and work
effectively in English. Must possess excellent logical analysis
skills. Must be systematic and accurate. Must have some general
computer skills. Must possess at least a bachelor's degree. Must have
educational or job experience in a relevant field, such as
computational linguistics, linguistics, or computer science.

Qualifications that would be a plus:

Experience working on machine translation or natural language
processing, especially involving Japanese. Ability to program in Perl,
or C. Master's degree or equivalent work experience in a relevant

2. Research Programmer (Spoken Language Translation)

Job Duties: 

Participate in a research project on spoken language translation
between English and Japanese. Create, maintain, and extend software
modules, such as morphological analysis, parsing, transfer, and
generation. Provide documentation of work, and participate in transfer
of research results to product groups.

Job requirements:

Excellent programming skills in C. Experience in working on large
software systems. Minimum of 2 years experience in C programming. Must
possess at least a Master's degree or equivalent work experience.
Collaborate with products groups, including overseas travel. Work
experience in R&D environment.

Qualifications that would be a plus:

Familiarity with one or more foreign language. Experience in R&D in
natural language processing or machine translation. Experience in R&D
of spoken language system, especially spoken language
translation. Experience in C programming for PC platform.

Sony offers competitive salaries and an excellent range of employee
benefits. For general information about employment at Sony, please
visit the corporate web pages at For
questions about the San Jose research group, please contact:

 Mick Tanaka
 Manager, Spoken Language Technology Group 
 Sony US Research Laboratories 
 Tel: (408) 955-5848 
 Fax: (408) 955-5180

For questions about the spoken language translation project, please

 Alex Franz
 Sony D21 Laboratory (Tokyo)
 Tel: +81-(3) 5448-5635
 Fax: +81-(3) 5448-6833

To apply for these openings, please send your application materials
(including resume, contacts for references, and cover letter
explaining your work interests and goals) as soon as possible by email
(ASCII preferred) or Fax to Alex Franz at the above address, AND ALSO
to Steve Hansen at the following address:

 Steve Hansen
 Professional Staffing Dept.
 Sony Electronics Inc.
 3300 Zanker Rd, M/S SJ-2C2
 San Jose, CA 95134

 Tel: (408) 955-4869
 FAX: (408) 955-5166
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Message 2: English/Applied Ling

Date: Fri, 05 Dec 1997 15:51:01 +0800
From: Lingnan College petergu <Lingnan>
Subject: English/Applied Ling

Two posts at the Department of English of Lingnan College. More info
can be found at: And
application forms can be downloaded at:

Please, DO NOT reply to this message. I'm only passing on the info.

Good luck!


1.Assistant Professor / Associate Professor (Scale B)
 (Ref: 006/ENG/98)

Candidates should have a PhD degree in English Literature, or a
related discipline and preferably with a background which includes
drama/film and/or experience of Asian writing in English. A strong
secondary interest in Stylistics and English Language Teaching would
be an advantage.

2.Lecturer / Assistant Professor / Associate Professor (Scale B)
 (Ref: 007/ENG/98) 

Candidates should have a PhD degree in Applied Linguistics or a
related field with a generalist background and broad-based teaching
experience in the tertiary sector.

Deadline for Application : 20 December 1997

Send application materials to:
College Secretariat
Lingnan College
Tuen Mun
Hong Kong

 Dr. Peter Yongqi Gu, Assistant Professor
 Dept of English, Lingnan College, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2616-7783 Fax: (852) 2461-5270 Email:
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Message 3: Research Asst.-Phonetics (U. Bonn)

Date: Fri, 5 Dec 1997 11:57:51 +0100
From: Maria Wolters <>
Subject: Research Asst.-Phonetics (U. Bonn)

J o b o f f e r

The Institute for Communications Research and Phonetics (IKP),
University of Bonn, is looking for a research assistant (salary
according to BAT IIa/2) from 1/1/98 to 31/12/98. It is highly
probable that the contract may be renewed until 31/12/2000.

The Speech Synthesis group at IKP consists of 5 research assistants
including 4 PhD students and 5 student research assistants. A
professional recording studio and a sound-proofed room are
available. Computing facilites are good (3 SUN Sparcstations, 5
Pentium computers running both Windows and Linux).

The position is financed by the VERBMOBIL project of the German
Federal Ministry for Education and Research. The project involves
translating spontaneous speech dialogues from German to English /
Japanese and vice versa. Nearly 25 German and foreign universities
and companies participate in the project.

The task of IKP is developing the acoustical prosody control for the
English and German speech output. We need not only a default prosody,
on which there is substantial previous work, but also prosodic
realisations of semantic and pragmatic phenomena such as "focus" and
"dialogue act" and paralinguistic phenomena such as "speaker
attributes". It is possible to work towards a Ph.D.

We expect:
- extensive background in phonetics (phonetics degree
 or related degree work); background in prosody 
 highly desirable
- experience with computers, especially with ESPS
- good knowledge of American English
- fluent German
- ability to work well in a team
- ability to work responsibly 

For further information please contact:
Thomas Portele IKP, Poppelsdorfer Allee 47, D-53115 Bonn
Tel: 0228/735613 email:

Please send applications to the above address.
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