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Mon Dec 22 1997

Confs: Turkish Linguistics

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  1. Asli Goksel, IXth International Conference on Turkish Linguistics

Message 1: IXth International Conference on Turkish Linguistics

Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 13:32:49 GMT
From: Asli Goksel <>
Subject: IXth International Conference on Turkish Linguistics



First Circular 

The Ninth International Conference on Turkish Linguistics will be held
in Oxford from 12 - 14 August 1998. The primary focus will be on
Turkish, but if space permits it may be possible to include some
papers relating to other Turkic languages. The official language of
the conference will be English but submissions in Turkish are also
acceptable. The time allotted to each speaker will be 20 minutes,
plus 10 minutes for discussion.

The selection of papers to be presented at the conference will be made on
the basis of the abstracts received, which will be evaluated 
anonymously. The conference will also include workshops and panels.


There will be two workshops, each running over two consecutive sessions (a
whole morning or afternoon), and each consisting of six papers. Their
themes will be:

Workshop A:	Stress in words, compounds and phrases in Turkish

Workshop B:	Studies in the interaction of morphology and syntax in
		Turkish, with particular reference to valency and argument

Abstracts submitted for one or other of the workshops will be evaluated on
exactly the same basis as those submitted for the conference at large. Any
proposals which cannot be accommodated in the workshop for which they have
been submitted will automatically be considered for inclusion in the
general sessions of the conference, on the same basis as all the other
individual proposals. 


A panel is a pre-organised session on a particular theme, the proposal for
which is submitted to the Conference Secretary as a complete package.
Anyone who wishes to organise a panel assembles a group of contributors
and asks them to submit their abstracts to her/him in the first instance.
When the panel organiser has received and approved the abstracts, s/he
forwards them to the Conference Secretary together with a brief
description (not more than half a page) of the unifying theme of the
panel. Panel organisers are free to decide the number of contributors to
include, and also the internal format of the session in terms of length of
presentations, discussion time, etc. But they should be aware that the
total length of time allotted to a panel (including discussion) will be a
single session of one-and-a-half hours.

The number of panels selected will be restricted to two. However, in order
not to place intending panel contributors at a disavantage in relation to
those who have submitted their abstracts individually, any abstracts which
have been submitted as part of a panel proposal will, in the event of that
panel not being selected, automatically be transferred into the
competition for individual places in the general sessions of the

Preliminary registration and submission of abstracts:

The deadline for the receipt of abstracts (including panel proposals) is
Friday, 13 February. It is expected that the results of the selection
process will be announced within one month of that date.

The maximum number of abstracts that may be submitted by any individual is
one single-authored and one jointly authored. This limit applies
irrespective of the distinction between general sessions, workshops and
panels. Abstracts should not be longer than one page, including the 
references. For each abstract, please submit one named copy and five 
unnamed copies. (Panel organisers should please adopt the
same procedure for the description of the panel as a whole.)

If you are submitting an abstract for (a) a general session, or (b) one of
the two workshops, send it to: 
The Conference Secretary, Turkish Linguistics Conference, 
The Oriental Institute, Pusey Lane, Oxford, OX1 2LE, UK. (Fax: +44 1865
278190; e-mail:
If, on the other hand, your abstract forms part of a pre-organised panel,
send it to the person organising your panel, well in advance of the
general deadline. 

Practical matters (preliminary information only)

The conference registration fee will be 50 pounds, with a concessionary
rate of 25 pounds for students.
The venue for the conference is Lincoln College, a typical old Oxford
college situated right in the historic heart of the university area,
within five minutes walk of the Bodleian Library and Blackwells Bookshop.
Accommodation has been arranged within the college, in single student
rooms (double rooms also available), at a cost per person of 34 pounds per
(bed and breakfast) or 26 pounds per night (bed only). Information about 
(a) hotels and (b) very basic youth-hostel-type accommodation in Oxford
can be supplied on request. It is possible (but by no means certain) that
a contribution towards the cost of attending the conference may be
available in cases of severe financial hardship.

Please address all enquiries to the Conference Secretary, at the address
shown above.

Planning Committee				
Eva Csato (Uppsala)						
Kamile Imer (Ankara)				 Local organisers
Celia Kerslake (Oxford)			Celia Kerslake (Oxford)
Jaklin Kornfilt(Syracuse) 			Asli Goksel (London)

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