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Mon Mar 10 1997

Confs: Lang Processing, Semantics/Ling Theory

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  1. Julie Vonwiller, ICSLP 98 Conference in Australia
  2. Salt7 Conference, SALT - final announcement

Message 1: ICSLP 98 Conference in Australia

Date: Thu, 6 Mar 1997 17:22:34 +1000
From: Julie Vonwiller <>
Subject: ICSLP 98 Conference in Australia

The 5th International Conference on Spoken Language Processing
Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre
Darling Harbour

30th November - 4th December 1998

This conference is hosted by the Australian Speech Science &
Technology Association (ASSTA) Incorporated, and will incorporate the
7th Speech Science & Technology Conference (SST 98). It will aim to
continue the technical tradition of the ICSLP conferences which have
been held in Kobe (1990), Banff (1992), Yokohama (1994), and
Philadelphia (1996) with particular emphasis on the bridging of the
composite disciplines that contribute to our understanding of spoken
language and the way that it is processed by humans and machines.

ASSTA invites all professionals interested in spoken language
processing to Australia to the conference. An exciting technical
programme is planned, and a not to be forgotten social programme. We
aim to provide technical challenge and debate as well as generating a
friendly learning experience. As information becomes available it
will be promoted on the ICSLP 98 WWW. If you wish to be kept informed of
the progress of the conference please register your interest via the
WWW page or by enquiry to the Secretariat.

The Convention Centre is located in a complex of restaurants and
shops on an expansive pedestrian peninsula at the waterfront of the
celebrated Sydney Harbour and only a few minutes walk, ferry ride or
monorail ride from the city centre.

Australia will be in early summer in December and the weather should be
fine and warm. Check the WWW pages for the tourism section for things to
and do.

Organisations interested in promoting satellite workshops please contact
the conference secretariat below.

For advance information contact the ICSLP Secretariat; Tour Hosts

BY POST: TourHosts, GPO Box 128,
SYDNEY NSW 2001, Australia
BY FAX: +61-2-9262-3135
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Message 2: SALT - final announcement

Date: Fri, 7 Mar 1997 15:29:00 -0800 (PST)
From: Salt7 Conference <salt7csli.Stanford.EDU>
Subject: SALT - final announcement


 *Gates Bldg, HP auditorium (B01)*
 Stanford University
 Stanford, CA

 March 21-23, 1997



8.30: Registration, coffee
9.15: Opening Remarks

9.30-10.30: CHARLES FILLMORE, "FrameNet and Lexical Semantics"
10.30-11.10: Diana Cresti, "On the Apparent Function of Noun

Coffee Break

11.30-12.10: Vivienne Fong, "A Diphasic Approach to Directional
12.10-12.50: Joost Zwarts and Yoad Winter, "A Semantic
Characterization of Locative PPs"

Lunch Break

2.50-3.50: GENNARO CHIERCHIA, "Partitives, Reference to Kinds, and
Semantic Variation"
3.50-4.30: Chris Kennedy, "Comparison and Polar Opposition"

Coffee Break

4.50-5.30: Sheila Glasbey, "I-Level Predicates that Allow Existential
Readings for Bare Plurals"
5.30-6.10: Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin, "Types of Predicates and the
Interpretaton of Bare NPs"


9.15: Registration, coffee

9.30-10.30: IRENE HEIM, "Semantic Types for Syntactic Categories:
Evidence from Ellipsis"
10.30-11.10: Nicholas Asher, Daniel Hardt, and Joan Busquets,
"Discourse, Parallelism, Scope, and Ellipsis"

Coffee Break

11.30-12.10: Anette Frank and Hans Kamp, "On Context Dependence in
Modal Constructions"
12.10-12.50: David Beaver, "Presuppositions in DRT"

Lunch Break

2.50-3.30: Hotze Rullmann, "The Semantics of Pied-piping and WH-
3.30-4.10: Rodger Kibble, "Complement Anaphora and Witness Sets"

Coffee Break

4.30-5.10: Christine Brisson, "On Definite Plural Noun Phrases and
the Meaning of 'all'"
5.10-5.50: Dorit Abusch and Mats Rooth, "Epistemic NP Modifiers"

6.00-7.00: Business Meeting
7.00-10.00: Dinner Party (open to those registered for the conference)


9.15: Coffee

9.30-10.30: CRAIGE ROBERTS, "Information Focus in Hungarian and
English, and in Universal Grammar"
10.30-11.10: Christopher Pinon, "Achievements in an Event Semantics"

Coffee Break

11.30-12.10: Victor Sanchez Valencia and Frans Zwarts, "Temporal
SPEC-phenomena and the Semantics of 'as soon as'"
12.10-12.50: Veneeta Dayal, "Free Relatives and '-ever': `Identity'
and `Free Choice' Readings"

End of Conference

- --------
Franz Beil, "Comparative Ellipsis and the Indefiniteness Effect"
Javier Gutierrez-Rexach, "Dynamic Action Semantics and Deontic
Roumyana Izvorski, "The Perfect as an Epistemic Modal"

For information write to the address below:

 SALT-97 Committee
 Department of Linguistics
 Stanford University
 Stanford CA 94305-2150 phone: (415) 723-4284

Web page:
 (includes map of campus and surrounding area and
 transportation and hotel information)
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