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Fri Mar 28 1997

Confs: Emergentist approaches, Celtic teachers

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  1. Brian MacWhinney, Carnegie Mellon Symposium on Emergentist Views of Language
  2. Jim/Roz Ladrew, Celtic Lang. Teachers (NAACLT 97)

Message 1: Carnegie Mellon Symposium on Emergentist Views of Language

Date: Thu, 20 Mar 1997 18:37:14 -1317951
From: Brian MacWhinney <macwCMU.EDU>
Subject: Carnegie Mellon Symposium on Emergentist Views of Language

Following is the schedule for the symposium on emergentist approaches
to language to be held at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh May
29-31. Our thanks to the National Science Foundation Linguistics
Program for support. For further details regarding arrangements and
topics, please check out this web URL:

Thursday May 29th -- Grammar and Plasticity

9:00 Brian MacWhinney, CMU: "Emergence from what?"
9:30 Adele Goldberg - University of California, San Diego: "The target of
language acquisition: Correlations of form and meaning"
10:50 Maryellen MacDonald and Mark Seidenberg - University of Southern
California: "Satisfying probabilistic constraints in language 
comprehension and acquisition"
1:30 Risto Miikkulainen - University of Texas: "Disambiguation and 
grammar as emergent soft constraints"
2:30 Jeffrey Elman - University of California, San Diego: "Rethinking
3:50 Elizabeth Bates - University of California, San Diego: "Plasticity,
localization, and the emergence of grammar"
4:40 Discussion

Friday May 30 -- Emergence of the Lexicon

9:00 Linda Smith - Indiana University: "Domain general processes create
domain specific word learning"
10:00 Roberta Golinkoff and Katherine Hirsh-Pasek - Delaware and Temple:
"Emerging cues for early word learning"
11:10 William Merriman - Kent State: "Competition, attention, and
children's lexical processing"
1:30 Richard Aslin, Jenny Saffran, and Elissa Newport - University of
Rochester: "Statistical learning in linguistic and non-linguistic 
domains" of sounds and words"
2:30 Thomas Landauer - University of Colorado: "Latent semantic 
3:40 David Plaut - CMU: "The interplay of speech comprehension and
production in phonological development: A forward modeling approach"
4:40 Jay McClelland - CMU: Commentary and Discussion

Saturday May 31 -- Production and Function
9:00 Joseph Stemberger - University of Minnesota: "Be true to your word:
The emergence of faithfulness in phonological development"
10:00 Catherine Snow - Harvard University: "Social support for language
11:20 Brian MacWhinney - CMU: "The emergence of grammar from action"
2:00 Tom Giv=F3n - University of Oregon: "Generativity and variation: The
notion 'rule of grammar' revisited"
3:00 Gary Dell and Prahlad Gupta - University of Illinois: "Producing and
reproducing sequences
4:45 Elissa Newport - Rochester: Commentary and Discussion
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Message 2: Celtic Lang. Teachers (NAACLT 97)

Date: Sun, 23 Mar 1997 17:10:40 +0000
From: Jim/Roz Ladrew <>
Subject: Celtic Lang. Teachers (NAACLT 97)

NAACLT '97: North American Association for Celtic Language Teachers
St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia
MAY 29 - JUNE 1

The conference is open to all interested parties -- you do not have to
be a member or a teacher to attend although the presentations are
geared toward teachers. This year's papers will be in English but
Celtic languages are used outside the presentations as much as
possible. More information on NAACLT is available at its homepage,
maintained through the generous efforts of John McCranie. Queries to:

MAY 29 : day trip to Cape Breton Thursday, departure early in the
morning, price: US$25 (travel only; US$28 after May 1)
MAY 30 & 31 : Conference Events, Friday: Celtic language teachers
sessions, Saturday: paper presentations. Friday Night: Lobster dinner &
ceili, Dinner price: US$25.00 (US$28 after May 1). Lobster dinner may
be changed to Sat. night. Saturday Night: Cape Breton Ceili
JUNE 1: Scottish Gaelic Classes, price: US$15.00

1) air: The conference is registered with Air Canada. Please use the
conference # (CV 977567). Conference rates will give you Air Canada's
best price and your use of the number will assist NAACLT in future
planning. Air Canada can arrange travel from American and internatl
points as well as in Canada. Phone: 800-361-7585, 514-393-4287
2) Buses from Halifax airport to Antigonish: the University will be
arranging bus transportation. (further information from Dr. Kenneth
Nilsen, price: CA$40
3) Drive:fr New York:ca.25 hr., info fr Nova Scotia Tourism
The Portland & Bar Harbor ferries can shorten the trip, although they
land you in western Nova Scotia. Phone: St. John NB-Digby NS:
902-566-3838; Portland ME-Yarmouth NS: 800-341-7540, 207-775-5616,
902-742-6460; Bar Hr ME-Yarmouth NS: 800-341-7981, 902-794-5700 (office
opens 4/1)

1) Welcome Inn, 41 James St., Antigonish, NS B2G IR6 (Hwy. 104,Exit
31). Phone: 800-251-0008; 902-863-4212; Fax: 902-863-1700. Daily
Conference Rates: double: CA$59.95 + tax; single: CA$54.95 +
tax(Conference rate rooms held under the name =93Nilsen.=94) Credit cards=
VS, MC, AE, ER, DC, DIS; check-in: noon; check-out: 1 pm
2) University dorm rooms (without private bath): CA$22 daily (Further
info fr Nicole MacKenzie: 902-867-2300,
3) B & B: (General Info: NS Tourism 800-565-0000): Green Haven
902-863-2884/5059; MacIsaac's 902-863-2947; Shebby's 902-863-1858,
The following list their season as opening June 1 but might be worth
trying: Bekkers 902-863-3194/1713; Old Manse Inn 902-863-5696, O/S /
863-5259; White Lights 902-863-9374
4) Cabins.12 mi fr Antigonish. Cribbons Cottages & B&B 902-863-6320/2936

D. CONFERENCE FEES (Friday and Saturday) May 1: Pre-registration
deadline (Conference fees go up US$5.00 after deadline.)
member		pre-reg 		late-reg 
2 days 	US$16 		21 	 
1 day 		$12 		17 	 
social 	$10 		10 		 

non-member		pre-reg 		late reg
2 days			$21 		26
1 day			$17 		22
social fee		$10 		10

New Membership ($15) + Conference combined
2 days		$25 		30
1-day 		$21 		26

New Student Membership ($10) + Conference Combined
2 days		$20 		25
1-day		$16 		21

Members receive newsletters and discounts on NAACLT conferences and
publications such as the Journal of Celtic Language Learning (JCLL) and
they vote in NAACLT elections. Back issues of JCLL are available from
ERIC Clearinghouse in Wash. DC. For JCLL info or for membership w/out
attending the 97 conference, contact Thomas Ihde

E. REGISTRATION FORM: Please print out and mail with your check (payable
to NAACLT) to: Dr. Kenneth Nilsen, NAACLT Celtic Studies, St. Francis
Xavier U., Antigonish, NS B2G 2W5 CANADA (

Please fill in the amount you are paying for each item and the total. 
1. Day trip 			US$25 ___________ (US$28 after May 1 )
2. Lobster dinner		US$25 ___________	(US$28 after May 1 )
3. Gaelic class 		US$15 ___________
4. Social fee			US$10 ____________ (required for miscellaneous
entertainment and light refreshments during conference)
5. Conference (member rate)		_______________		or
6. Conference (non-member rate)	_______________	or
7. Conference + Membership		_______________		or
8. Conf. +Student membership	_______________
9. TOTAL						______________
(Do not pay NAACLT for accommodation or Halifax airport bus)
10. I would like information on ride sharing from the Philadelpia, New
York, Boston area. Those interested should correspond by e-mail or
should be able to accept =93collect=94 charges for return calls. contact:
Dr. Roslyn Blyn-LaDrew ( or
Yes _______ 	No ________
11. I plan to fly to Halifax and would like to reserve space on the
University's bus. yes __ no __; arrival time___am pm (time may be
submitted separately; please indicate if more than one passenger)
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