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Sat Mar 29 1997

Confs: Conceptual Structure, Discourse & Lg

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  1. Dan Jurafsky, Conceptual Structure, Discourse & Lg

Message 1: Conceptual Structure, Discourse & Lg

Date: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 11:50:52 -0700 (MST)
From: Dan Jurafsky <jurafskyColorado.EDU>
Subject: Conceptual Structure, Discourse & Lg


 			 C S D L 3

 			 MAY 24-26, 1997
 Department of Linguistics and the Institute of Cognitive Science

 GENERAL INFORMATION. The conference will be in held in the historic Hale
 Science Building on the west (mountain) side of the Boulder campus. We
 strongly advise you to book hotel accommodations now; we have reserved 3
 blocks of rooms at locations close to the conference site. We also
 encourage you to preregister by mail for the conference, although on-site
 registration will be available. For information about registration,
 transportation, and lodging in Boulder, see the CSDL'97 website:

 TENTATIVE SCHEDULE. All talks and panel sessions to be held in Hale 270.

 Saturday, May 24

 9:00 	Herbert CLARK (Stanford), "Collateral Talk"

 9:50	BREAK

 10:10	Liang TAO (Ohio U), Barbara FOX and Jule GOMEZ DE GARCIA
 	(CU-Bldr), "Recycling, Restructuring and Replacement in Repair:
 	Slips of the Tone and Other Phenomena"
 10:35	Robert ENGLEBRETSON (UCSB), "Why don't all the Adjectives Go
 	there? Semantic Classification of Adjectives in Conversational English"
 11:00	Christine BARTELS (U-OR), "The Pragmatics of WH-Question
 	Intonation in English"
 11:25	Steven FINCKE (UCSB), "The Syntactic Organization of Repair in

 11:50	LUNCH

 1:00	Susanna CUMMING (UCSB) Title TBA

 2:00	RECEPTION (Koenig Alumni Center)

 3:30	Dominiek SANDRA and Hubert CUYCKENS (U-Antwerp, Belgium),
 	"Fuzziness in Dutch Prepositional Categories"
 3:55	Elaine JONES (U-Chicago), "Some Reasons why Iconicity between
 	Lexical Categories and their Discourse Functions isn't Perfect"
 4:20	Grace SONG (NW-U), "A Typology of Motion Events and their
 4:45	William THOMPSON and Beth LEVIN (NW-U), "The Semantics of English
 	Deadjectival Verbs"
 5:10	Ljuba VESELINOVA (Eastern MI-U/U-Stockholm), "Suppletion in Verb
 5:35	Meichun LIU (Nat'l Taiwan U), "Lexical Meaning and Discourse
 	Patterning: The Three Cases of Mandarin 'build'"

 6:00	DINNER

 8:00	PANEL: "Historical Semantics".
 		Participants: 	William CROFT (Manchester),
 				Ronald LANGACKER (UCSD),
 				Elizabeth O'DOWD (St. Michael's College),
 				Eve SWEETSER (UCB),
 				Elizabeth TRAUGOTT (Stanford).

 Sunday, May 25

 9:00	Walter KINTSCH (CU-Bldr), Title TBA

 9:50	BREAK

 10:10	Lourdes DE LEON (Reed), "Why Verbs aren't Learnt before Nouns in
 	Tzotzil (Mayan): The Role of Caregiver Input and of Verb-specific
 11:35	Chikako SAKURAI (Harvard/Japan Women's U), "A Cross-linguistic
 	Study of Early Acquisition of Nouns and Verbs in English and Japanese"
 11:00	Michael TOMASELLO and Patricia J. BROOKS (Emory), "Two- and
 	Three-year-olds Learn to Produce Passives with Novel Verbs"
 11:25	Virginia C. MUELLER-GATHERCOLE (U-Wales, Bangor),"Cue Coordination: An
 	Alternative to Word Meaning Biases"

 11:50	LUNCH

 1:00	Dan I. SLOBIN (UCB), Title TBA
 1:50	Jean-Pierre KOENIG (SUNY-Buffalo), "On a tue' le pre'sident! The
 	Nature of Passives and Ultra-indefinites"
 2:15	Chris JOHNSON (UCB), "The Semantics of 'Place', 'Time', and 'Way'
 	and their Strange Syntactic Behavior: A Construction Grammar Account"
 2:40	Masuhiro NOMURA (Japan Women's U), "A Cognitive Grammar Approach
 	to the Japanese Internally Headed Relative Clause Construction"

 3:05	BREAK

 3:20	Dan JACKSON, Maria POLINSKY, and Mary HARE (UCSD), "Historical
 	Change in a Performance-based Model: From Latin Gender to Gender in
 3:45	Kaoru HORIE (Tohoku U), "From Core to Periphery: A Study on the
 	Directionality of Syntactic Change in Japanese"
 4:10	Ryoko SUZUKI (Nat'l U-Singapore/UCSB), "Multifunctionality: The
 	Developmental Path of the Quotative TTE in Japanese"

 4:35	PANEL: "Text".
 	Participants:	Susanna CUMMING (UCSB)
 			Barbara FOX (CU-Bldr)
 			Arthur GLENBERG (UW-Madison)
 			Walter KINTSCH (CU-Bldr)

 6:35	PARTY. Dinner reception at Mesa Lab Facility of National Center
 	for Atmospheric Research. Busses leave from north side of Hale
 	Building at 6:35. Return to Hale at 10:30.

 Monday, May 26 (Memorial Day)

 9:00	PANEL: "Space and Language"
 	Participants: 	Herbert CLARK (Stanford)
 			Annette HERSKOVITZ (UCB) 			
 			Lise MENN (CU-Bldr)
 			Dan I. SLOBIN (UCB)
 			Leonard TALMY (SUNY-Buffalo)
 11:00	BREAK

 11:20	Elizabeth TRAUGOTT, Title TBA

 12:10	LUNCH

 1:30	Seana COULSON and Gilles FAUCONNIER (UCSD), "Fake Guns and False
 	Eyelashes: Conceptual Blending and Privative Adjectives"
 1:55	Eve SWEETSER (UCB), "Coherent Structures in Metaphorical Gesture
 2:20	Yo MATSUMOTO (Meiji Gakuin U), "On the Extension of Body-part
 	Terms to Object Nouns and Spatial Prepositions: Shape and Location
 	in the Grammar and the Lexicon"

 2:45	BREAK

 3:00	George LAKOFF (UCB), Title TBA
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