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Books: Grammar: Comparative & General, Sociolx

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  • Maureen Burke, Grammar: Comparative and General, Sociolinguistics

    Message 1: Grammar: Comparative and General, Sociolinguistics

    Date: Tue, 22 Apr 97 13:03:13 PDT
    From: Maureen Burke <mburkecsli.Stanford.EDU>
    Subject: Grammar: Comparative and General, Sociolinguistics



    Alsina, Alex (National University of Singapore), Joan Bresnan (Stanford University), and Peter Sells (Stanford University); COMPLEX PREDICATES; ISBN: 1-57586-047-3 (cloth); 1-57586-046-5 (paper); 514 pp. CSLI Publications 1997: email: Complex predicates can be defined as predicates that are composed of more than one grammatical element (either morphemes or words), each of which contributes a nontrivial part of the information of the complex predicate. The papers collected in this volume represent a variety of approaches to the question of the range and nature of complex predicates, and draw on data from a wide spectrum of langauges. This collection develops a better understanding of the range of phenomena that a general theory of complex predicates would have to account for, and to see what kinds of linguistic ideas and methodologies would be necessary for such a task.

    Matsumoto, Yo (Meiji Gakuin University); COMPLEX PREDICATES IN JAPANESE: A SYNTACTIC AND SEMANTIC STUDY OF THE NOTION 'WORD'; ISBN: 1-57586-061-9 (cloth); 1-57586-060-0 (paper); 352 pp. CSLI Publications 1997: email: In this thoroughly revised version of a 1992 Stanford dissertation, the author presents an extensive discussion of Japanese complex predicates. A broad range of constructions and predicates are examined, which include predicative complement constructions, light verbs, causative predicates, desiderative predicates, syntactic and lexical compound verbs, and complex motion predicates. A number of new interesting facts are uncovered, and detailed syntactic and semantic analyses are presented.


    Clark, Eve (Stanford University); THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE TWENTY-EIGHTH ANNUAL CHILD LANGUAGE RESEARCH FORUM; ISBN: 1-57586-063-5 (cloth); 1-57586-062-7 (paper); 272 pp. CSLI Publications: email: The contributors to this book explore their findings on language acquisition in a variety of the world's languages, reflecting the diversity of interests in the field and the range of languages being studies. This volume makes an empirical, as well as a theoretical, contribution to linguistic research.
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