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Sat Apr 26 1997

Confs: Celtic Linguistics

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  • Cathal Doherty, Celtic Linguistics

    Message 1: Celtic Linguistics

    Date: Thu, 24 Apr 1997 15:06:51 +0100 (BST)
    From: Cathal Doherty <>
    Subject: Celtic Linguistics




    9.00-9.40 S.J. Hannahs & Maggie Tallerman, University of Durham: Wackernagel revisited: second position phenomena in P-Celtic

    9.40-10.20 Invited Speaker: Alain Rouveret, Universite Paris- 8: A minimalist approach to Welsh pronouns: feature identification and feature fission

    10.20-11.00 Coffee

    11.00-11.40 Diane Jonas, Yale University: On feature checking and head movement

    11.40-12.20 Brian O Curnain, Institiuid Ard-Leinn Bhaile Atha Cliath: Variables in Irish phonology and morphology: linguistic and sociolinguistic implications

    12.20-1.00 Invited Speaker: Jim McCloskey, University of California, Santa Cruz: Adjunct extraction and resumption in Irish

    1.00-2.30 Lunch

    2.30-3.10 Michel deGraaf, MIT Pronominal copulas as resumptive nominals

    3.10-3.50 Invited speakers: David Adger, University of York & Gillian Ramchand, Oxford University: Relativisation in Scottish Gaelic and Modern Irish: a non-movement analysis, Part I

    3-50-4.10 Coffee

    4.10-5.30 Relativisation in Scottish Gaelic and Modern Irish: a non-movement analysis, Part II

    4.50-5.30 Maire Noonan, MIT & Universite du Quebec a Montreal: Initial consonant mutation in Modern Irish and minimalist/reductionist approaches to syntactic dependencies


    9.30-10.10 Eithne Guilfoyle, University of Calgary: The relationship between tense and initiation point in Modern Irish

    10.10-10.50 Nigel Duffield, McGill University: How are compounds complex?

    10.50-11.10 Coffee

    10.10-11.50 Anna Bosch, University of Kentucky & Kenneth de Jong, Indiana University: The prosodic structure of Barra Gaelic

    11.50-12.30 Antony Green, Cornell University: The weight-to-stress principle in the Goidelic languages

    12.30-2.00 Lunch

    2.00-2.40 Invited speaker: Ian Roberts, Universitat Stuttgart: Case, voice and VSO

    2.40-3.20 David Willis, Oxford University: Movement in Welsh relative clauses

    3.20-3.40 Coffee

    3,40-4.20 Invited speaker: Bob Borsley, University of Wales, Bangor: Some aspects of Welsh mutation

    4.20-5.00 Andrew Carnie, University of Michigan & Heidi Harley, University of Pennsylvania: The EPP, PRO and Irish clausal architecture


    Elizabeth Pyatt, Harvard University: An algorithm for determining the mutation domain relative to trigger size

    Artemis Alexiadou, ZAS, Berlin & Elena Anagnostopoulou, University of Tilburg: Interface conditions on postverbal subjects

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    Celtic Linguistics Conference Department of Linguistics, University College Dublin, Dublin 4 Ireland