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Books: History of Linguistics

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  • Tony Schiavo, New Books: History of Linguistics

    Message 1: New Books: History of Linguistics

    Date: Wed, 30 Apr 1997 09:28:33 -0400
    From: Tony Schiavo <>
    Subject: New Books: History of Linguistics



    THE WHORF THEORY COMPLEX. A CRITICAL RECONSTRUCTION Penny Lee 1996 x, 324 pp. Studies in the History of the Language Sciences, 81 US/Canada: Cloth: 1 55619 618 0 Price: $79.00 Paper: 1 55619 619 9 Price: $29.95 Rest of the world: Cloth: 90 272 4569 X Price: 140,-- Paper: 90 272 4570 3 Price: 60,-- John Benjamins Publishing web site: For further information via e-mail:

    At last - a comprehensive account of the ideas of Benjamin Lee Whorf which not only explains the nature and logic of the linguistic relativity principle but also situates it within a larger 'theory complex' delineated in fascinating detail. Whorf's almost unknown unpublished writings (as well as his published papers) are drawn on to show how twelve elements of theory interweave in a sophisticated account of relations between language, mind, and experience. The role of language in cognition is revealed as a central concern, some of his insights having interesting affinity with modern connectionism. Whorf's gestaltic 'isolates' of experience and meaning, crucial to understanding his reasoning about linguistic relativity, are explained. A little known report written for the Yale anthropology department is used extensively and published for the first time as an appendix. With the Whorf centenary in 1997, this book provides a timely challenge to those who take pleasure in debunking his ideas without bothering to explore their subtlety or even reading them in their original form.

    LANGUAGE, ACTION AND CONTEXT. THE EARLY HISTORY OF PRAGMATICS IN EUROPE AND AMERICA Brigitte Nerlich & David C. Clarke (University of Nottingham) 1996 xiv, 497 pp. Studies in the History of the Language Sciences, 80 US/Canada: Cloth: 1 55619 616 4 Price: US$115.00 Rest of the world: Cloth: 90 272 4567 3 Price: Hfl. 200,-- John Benjamins Publishing web site: For further information via e-mail:

    The roots of pragmatics reach back to Antiquity, especially to rhetoric as one of the three liberal arts. However, until the end of the 18th century proto-pragmatic insights tended to be consigned to the pragmatic, that is rhetoric, wastepaper basket and thus excluded from serious philosophical consideration. It can be said that pragmatics was conceived between 1780 and 1830 in Britain, but also in Germany and in France in post-Lockian and post-Kantian philosophies of language. These early 'conceptions' of pragmatics are described in the first part of the book. The second part of the book looks at pragmatic insights made between 1830 and 1880, when they were once more relegated to the philosophical and linguistic underground. The main stage was then occupied by a fact-hunting historical comparative linguistics on the one hand and a newly spiritualised philosophy on the other. In the last part the period between 1880 and 1930 is presented, when pragmatic insights flourished and were sought after systematically. This was due in part to a new upsurge in empiricism, positivism and later behaviourism in philosophy, linguistics and psychology. Between 1780 and 1930 philosophers, psychologists, sociologists and linguists came to see that language could only be studied in the context of dialogue, in the context of human life and finally as being a kind of human action itself.

    LANGUAGE AND SOCIETY IN EARLY MODERN ENGLAND. SELECTED ESSAYS 1982-1994. Vivian Salmon (Keble College, Oxford) 1996 viii, 276 pp. Studies in the History of the Language Sciences, 77 US/Canada: Cloth: 1 55619 613 X Price: US$79.00 Rest of the world: Cloth: 90 272 4564 9 Price: Hfl. 140,-- John Benjamins Publishing web site: For further information via e-mail:

    This volume brings together twelve previously published articles, many of them thoroughly revised, highlighting three of Professor Salmon's most productive interests: 1. Surveys of 16th- and 17th-Century Linguistic Scholarship, 2. The Study of Universal and Individual Traits of Language, 3. Language Learning and Language Instruction. The volume also contains a bibliography of Salmon's writings, 1988 - 1996, and is completed by an index of biographical names and an index of subjects and terms.

    DE LINGUA LATINA X. A NEW CRITICAL TEXT AND ENGLISH TRANSLATION WITH PROLEGOMENA AND COMMENTARY Daniel J. Taylor 1996 x, 205 pp. Studies in the History of the Language Sciences, 85 US/Canada: Cloth: 1 55619 622 9 Price: $64.00 Rest of the world: Cloth: 90 272 4573 8 Price: Hfl. 110,-- John Benjamins Publishing web site: For further information via e-mail:

    De Lingua Latina X has never been so courageously edited nor so daringly translated as in this long-awaited sequel to Taylor's Declinatio (SiHoLS 2). The editor's intimate familiarity with both the extant archetype and Varro's unique linguistic theory and practice make this volume indispensable for an understanding of LL X, one of the most important texts in the entire corpus of Latin grammatical writings. The stimulating Prolegomena introduce Varro, his revolutionary language science, book ten, and both the manuscript and the editorial traditions, and the Commentary explains in absorbing detail how and why the editor has set the text as he has. The world's foremost Varro scholar of this day has successfully combined classical philology and the history of linguistics to produce an inspired new edition and novel translation of book ten of Varro's magnum opus.

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