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Confs: Japanese/Korean Linguistics

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  1. Yasuhiro SHIRAI, The Eighth Annual Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference

Message 1: The Eighth Annual Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference

Date: Mon, 16 Jun 1997 21:46:45 -0400
From: Yasuhiro SHIRAI <>
Subject: The Eighth Annual Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference

 The Eighth Annual Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference

 July 25-27, 1997

 Cornell University, Plant Sciences 233


Friday, July 25
8:15 -8:45 : REGISTRATION
Ayako Tsuchida, Cornell University
Japanese Vowel Devoicing: Cases of Consecutive Devoiceable Syllables
Mira Oh, Yeojoo Technical College
The Prosodic Domain of Intervocalic Tense Consonant Lengthening in Korean
Mafuyu Kitahara, JSPS / Indiana University
The Interaction of Pitch Accent and Vowel Devoicing in Tokyo Japanese
10:30-10:45 Break
Ok-Sook Park, Michigan State University
Korean Sonorant Assimilation within Correspondence Theory
Taehong Cho, UCLA
Surface Opacity in Korean: An Optimality-Theoretic Analysis
Jong-Kyoo Kim, Indiana University
Anti-Trapping Effect in an Iambic System: Vowel Shortening in Korean
12:15-2:00 Lunch
Yuki Takatori, Yale University
Vowel Deletion in Japanese
Natasha Warner, University of California, Berkeley
The Old Japanese Vowel System: Evidence from Speech Perception
Mitsuhiko Ota, Georgetown University
Minimality Constraints and the Prosodic Structure of Child Japanese
Moriyo Shimabukuro, University of Hawaii at Manoa
A Reconstruction of Proto-Ryukyuan Accent
4:00-4:15 Break
Shoko Hamano, The George Washington University
Sound Symbolism and Sound Change: Weakening of Labials
Rumiko Shinzato, Georgia Institute of Technology
Kakarimusubi Revisited -- Its Functions and Development
Susan Strauss & Sung-Ock Sohn, UCLA
Grammaticalization, Aspect, and Emotion: The Case of Japanese -te shimau
and Korean -a/-e pelita
Kaori Kabata, University of Alberta
On the Agent/Experiencer Continuum: A Cognitive Approach to the -ga/-ni
Alternation in Japanese

Saturday, July 26
Tam Kozman, San Diego State University
The Psycholinguistic Status of Syntactic Constraints on Rendaku
Miwa Nishimura, American University & Keumsil Kim Yoon, William Paterson
Head Directionality and Intrasentential Code-Switching: A Study of
Japanese-Canadian and Korean- Americans' Bilingual Speech
Noriko Iwasaki, University of Arizona; Gabriella Vigliocco, University of
Wisconsin-Madison; & Merrill F. Garrett, University of Arizona
Adjectives and Adjectival Nouns in Japanese: Psychological Processes in
Sentence Production
10:30-10:45 Break
Kaoru Horie, Tohoku University
Functional Duality of Case-Marking Particles in Japanese and Its
Implications for Grammaticalization: A Contrastive Study with Korean
Steven G. Lapointe, University of California, Davis
A Lexical Mapping Theory Account of Korean Case Alternations
Ae-ryung Kim, Indiana University
VP Complement in the hi-Causative
12:15-2:00 Lunch
Ayako Yamagata, Michigan State University
A Unified Analysis of -te-iru as a Stage-Level Operator
Seungho Nam, Seoul National University
The Semantics of 'Before' and Negative Polarity
Tetsuya Sano, Meiji Gakuin University
Psycholinguistic Investigation of the Acquisition of Negation in Japanese
Yasushi Yoshimoto, University of the Ryukyus
Null subjects, Scrambling, and Licensing of Negative Polarity Items in Japanese
4:00-4:15 Break
Yasuo Ishii, Kanda University of International Studies
Scrambling of Weak NPs in Japanese
Hideki Maki, Salem-Teikyo University & Masao Ochi, University of Connecticut
Scrambling of Wh-Phrases and the Move-F Hypothesis
Eun Cho, Cornell University
Contrastive Topic, LF Movement, and Multiple Specs
Jeong-Seok Kim & Keun-Won Sohn, University of Connecticut
Focusing Effects in Korean and Japanese Ellipsis

Sunday, July 27
Noriko Watanabe, University of Oregon
Direct Discourse and New Character Introductions in Japanese Narrative Discourse
Hiroko Furo, Georgetown University
Disagreement Strategies in Japanese Political Debate
Keiko Emmett, University of Minnesota
Organization of Talk by Use of Language and Body Movements
11:00-11:15 Break
Mieko Banno, University of California, Santa Barbara
Repetition, Reformulation, and Definitions: Prosodic Indexes of Elaboration
in Japanese Discourse
Yong-Yae Park, UCLA
Interactive Grammar: The Turn Final Use of nuntey in Korean and kedo in Japanese
12:15-2:00 Lunch
Daeho Chung, UCLA & Hong-Keun Park, USC
On the Interpretation of Otagai and Selo
Kazuko Yatsushiro, University of Connecticut
Structure within VP in Japanese
Jeongme Yoon, Myong Ji University
Ambiguity of Relational Nouns & Argument Structure of Nouns
Hiromu Sakai, Hiroshima University
Checking and Merger: Classical Typology Meets Parametric Syntax

Susan Strauss, UCLA
Product Highlighting Strategies in Television Commercials of Japan, Korea,
and the USA
Naoko Takahashi, SUNY Stony Brook
The Function of the Particle -o in Japanese
Soo-Hee Kim, University of Washington
English Loanwords in Korean: Optimality over TCRS
Kunio Nishiyama, Cornell University
A Unified Analysis of Japanese Adjectives
Tomiko Kodama, University of Northern Iowa and SUNY Buffalo
Grammaticalization: The Ambiguity of the Japanese Morpheme -e-
Esther Hyunzee Kim, University of Texas at Arlington
Romanization of Korean in Computer-Mediated Communications

Information on Registration, Travel, and Housing

The 8th Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference will take place on July
25-27, 1997, on the Cornell University campus in Ithaca, NY. Sessions will
be held within part of the space reserved for the Linguistic Society of
America Summer Institute.

Conference Fees

 $30 faculty
 $20 students
On-site Registration
 $50 faculty
 $30 students
Barbecue tickets
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Registration Form

Use this form in hard copy to register for the 8th Japanese/Korean
Linguistics Conference. We regret that we cannot process e-mail
registration. Please fill in all the necessary information and send the
completed form with your check by regular mail.
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E-mail (if available) _________________________________




student [ ] non-student [ ]

Check enclosed for $________, payable to: J/K Ling Conference.

Send to: John Whitman, Cornell University, Department of Linguistics,
Morrill Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853-4701.
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Hotel Accommodation

Statler Hotel 607/255-2500. A very nice on-campus hotel, in easy walking
distance of the conference sessions and Collegetown restaurants. Few
rooms are available. We recommend that you reserve immediately if you
wish to stay here. Mention the LSA Linguistic Institute to get the discount
rates of $75 single, $85 double.

Holiday Inn 800/753-8485 or 607/272-1000. This is located in downtown
Ithaca, within walking distance of restaurants and shops. Campus is up the
hill, roughly a mile away. Approximately $90.

Hillside Inn 607/272-9507. Adequate and economical accommodation
about 1/3 of the way down the hill between campus and downtown. Close
to Collegetown restaurants. Approximately $40 per room.

Econo Lodge 1/800-55-ECONO, or 607/257-1400. Good accomodation,
roughly 2 miles away from campus. Close to shopping mall. Basic rooms
approximately $60-$70.

Best Western 607/272-6100. Good accomodation on the outskirts of
Ithaca. There is frequent bus service. Approximately $70-$80 per room.

Collegetwon Motor Lodge 1/800-745-3542 or 607/273-3542. Just one
block from campus. Basic rooms approximately $50-$90.

Further information regarding accommodation and travel is available on the
web at:

You can also email:

Related events of the LSA Summer Institute:

7/23: Workshop on the First Language Acquisition of East Asian Languages

Speakers: Hee-don Ahn, Young-Joo Kim, Thomas Lee, Mineharu Nakayama
 Sook Whan Cho, Chungmin Lee, Ping Li, Yasuhiro Shirai
 Yu-Chin Chien, Kasumi Yamamoto & Frank Keil, Kwee-Ock Lee,
 Reiko Mazuka

7/24 Workshop on Aspect in East Asian Languages

Speakers: Carlota Smith, Hyo Sang Lee, Toshiyuki Ogihara

7/29 Forum Lecture by Mamoru Saito

7/30 Japanese Syntax in a Comparative Context

Speakers: Naoki Fukui, James Huang, Anoop Mahajan,
 Matt Pearson, Mamoru Saito, Akira Watanabe

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