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Mon Jun 30 1997

Confs: Maritime Term., Conceptual Structures

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  1. Marc Van Campenhoudt, Conf on Maritime Terminology
  2. Harry S. Delugach, 5th Intl. Conf. Conceptual Structures

Message 1: Conf on Maritime Terminology

Date: Wed, 25 Jun 1997 21:30:13 +0200
From: Marc Van Campenhoudt <>
Subject: Conf on Maritime Terminology

Dear Colleague,

Next year, the Brussels-based College for Interpreters and Translators
(ISTI) is hosting the First International Conference on Maritime

The Conference is intended to provide a forum for scholars, experts
and professionals to present their views and exchange ideas on a
shared interest.

For more details, please visit our special Website at
I should appreciate it if you could provide a link-up in your website.

Furthermore, if you know of any other organization or institution that
should be alerted to the conference please drop me an email.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Yours sincerely,

Marc Van Campenhoudt

- -----------------------------------------------------------
Prof. Dr. Marc Van Campenhoudt
Centre de recherche TERMISTI
Institut superieur de traducteurs et interpretes (ISTI)
34, rue Joseph Hazard
B-1180 Brussels
T=E9l. : +32.2.346.26.41
Fax : +32.2.346.21.34

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Message 2: 5th Intl. Conf. Conceptual Structures

Date: Wed, 25 Jun 1997 14:54:27 -0500
From: Harry S. Delugach <>
Subject: 5th Intl. Conf. Conceptual Structures

 C A L L F O R P A R T I C I P A T I O N

 Fifth International Conference on Conceptual Structures
 Fulfilling Peirce's Dream

 August 4 - 8, 1997
 University of Washington
 Seattle Washington USA.

- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Peirce's Graphs
 - Jay Zeman

A pragmatic understanding of "knowing that" and "knowing how": the
pivotal role of conceptual structures
 - Daniel M. Rochowiak

A Peircean Foundation for the theory of Contexts
 - John F. Sowa

The CORALI Project: From Conceptual Graphs to Conceptual Graphs via
Labelled Graphs
 - Michel Chein


Contexts: A Formal Definition of Worlds of Assertions
 - Guy W. Mineau, and Olivier Gerbe

Positive Nested Conceptual Graphs
 - Michel Chein and Marie-Laure Mugnier

A Different Perspective on Canonicity
 - Michel Wermelinger

Aggregations In Conceptual Graphs
 - William M. Tepfenhart

The Representation of Semantic Constraints in Conceptual Graph Systems
 - Guy W. Mineau, and Rokia Missaoui

Representation of Defaults and Exceptions in Conceptual Graphs
 - Catherine Faron, and Jean-Gabriel Ganascia

Introduction of Viewpoints in Conceptual Graph Formalism
 - Myriam Ribiere, and Rose Dieng


Task-Dependent Aspects of Knowledge Acquisition: a Case Study in a
Technical Domain
 - Galia Angelova and Kalina Bontcheva

Uncovering the Conceptual Models in Ripple Down Rule KBS
 - Debbie Richards and Paul Compton

Knowledge Modeling using Annotated Flow Chart
 - Robert Kremer, Dickson Lukose, and Brian Gaines


Complex Modeling Constructs in MODEL-ECS
 - Dickson Lukose

Modeling Cause and Effect in Legal Text
 - Judith P. Dick

Information Systems Modeling with CGs Logic
 - Ryszard Raban

Modeling and Simulating Human Behaviors with Conceptual Graphs
 - Corinne Bos, Bernard Botella, and Philippe Vanheeghe


Conceptual Graphs and Formal Concept Analysis
 - Rudolf Wille

On a Triadic Diagram Representing Three Gosphels
 - Klaus Biedermann

Concept Exploration - A Tool for Creating and Exploring Conceptual
 - Gerd Stumme

Logical Scaling in Formal Concept Analysis
 - Susanne Prediger

Organization of Knowledge using Order Factors
 - Gerard Ellis and Stephen Callaghan


C. S. Peirce and the Quest for Gamma Graphs
 - Peter Oehrstroem

Sound and Complete Proof Procedure for Conceptual Graphs Combining
Projections with Analytic Tableaux
 - Gwen Kerdiles and Eric Salvat

Fuzzy Unification and Resolution Proof Procedure for Fuzzy Conceptual
Graph Programs
 - Tru H. Cao, Peter N. Creasy and Vilas Wuwongse

Reasoning with Type Definitions
 - Michel Leclere

Universal Marker and Functional Relation: Semantics and Operations
 - Tru H. Cao, and Peter N. Creasy

Animating Conceptual Graphs
 - Ryszard Raban and Harry S. Delugach

Accounting for Domain Knowledge in the Construction of a
Generalization Space
 - Isabelle Bournaud and Jean-Gabriel Ganascia

Rational and Affective Linking Across Conceptual Cases - without Rules
 - Graham A. Mann

Conceptual Graphs for Corporate Knowledge Repositories
 - Olivier Gerbe


An Experiment in Document Retrieval Using Conceptual Graphs
 - David Genest and Michel Chein

PORT: A Testbed Paradigm for Knowledge Processing in the Humanities
 - Mary Keeler, Leroy Searle, and Christian Kloesel

Using Access Paths to Guide Inference with Conceptual Graphs
 - Peter Clark and Bruce Porter

Applying Conceptual Graph Theory to the User-Driven Specification of
Network Information Systems
 - Aldo de Moor

Generic trading Service in Telecommunication Platforms
 - Arno Puder, and K. Romer

Assessing Sowa's Conceptual Graphs for Effective Strategic Management
Based on a Comparative Study with Eden's Cognitive Mapping
 - Simon Polovina


CGKAT: A Knowledge Acquisition and Retrieval Tool Using Structured
Documents and Ontologies
 - Philippe Martin

The WebKB Set of Tools
 - Philippe Martin

Deakin Toolset: Conceptual Graphs Based Knowledge Acquisition,
Managment, and Processing Tools
 - Brian Garner, Eric Tsui, and Dickson Lukose

EGP: Extendible Graph Processor
 - Eric Tsui, Brian Garner, and Dickson Lukose

CGKEE: Conceptual Graph Knowledge Engineering Environment
 - Dickson Lukose

Menu-Based Interfaces to Conceptual Graphs: The CGLex Approach
 - Galia Angelova, Svetlana Damyanova, Kristina Toutanova, and
 Kalina Bontcheva

Knowledge Extractor: A Tool for Extracting Knowledge from Text
 - Walling R. Cyre

The CG Mars Lander
 - Gil Fuchs and Robert Levinson

PCCG: An Operational Tracked Grid for Creating Conceptual Graphs
 - Randy P. Wolf and Harry S. Delugach

- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

 Registration Form
 ICCS'97 International Conference on Conceptual Structures
 Please complete in full and return to ICCS'97 by email to:
 You must also post a signed registration form together with your
 payment to the Center for the Humanities, University of Washington.
 Cheque must be made payable to The University of Washington.

Please print or type.

First Name: _________________________ Last Name: ___________________________

Company or Affiliation: ____________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________

City: ____________________________________ State:___________________________

Zip or Postal Code: ___________________

Country: ______________________________

Daytime telephone: ____________________ Email: _____________________________

Fax number:____________________________


The conference registration fee include the following:
o Morning and afternoon tea for 5 days
o Lunch for 5 days
0 Boeing Tour
o Salmon BBQ on Wednesday August 6th, 1997
o Conference Banquet on Thursday August 7th, 1997
o Conference Proceedings (LNAI)
o Registration to the CGTOOLS workshop

 Before After
 June 30th, 1997 June 30th, 1997

__ Regular Registration: $375 $475

__ Student Registration: $175 $200

__ Single Day Registration: $100 $100

__ Additional Tour & Salmon BBQ Ticket $25 $25

__ Additional Banquet Ticket $30 $30

(students must send legible proof of full-time student status)


 Before After
 June 30th, 1997 June 30th, 1997

Sunday August 3rd, 1997 (morning)
__ An Historical view of Peirce $50 $100
__ Formal Concept Analysis 		$50 $100

Sunday August 3rd, 1997 (afternoon)
__ Formal Reasoning with CG 		$50 $100
__ Gamma Graphs - the Modal part of 	$50 $100
 Existential Graphs

(Note: If you are registering for two tutorials, then the cost of the
 tutorial is only $25).


You should make your own arrangements for accommodation and all
payments for accommodation should be made directly to the
accommodation providers.

We have reserved over 100 rooms at the Dormitory Housing, Motels, and

Check out the following URL for more details on conference

TOTAL FEE (Registration, Tutorials, and extra charges for banquet and/or
 barbecue. Payments for housing must be made separately.)

Total Fee: (Please enter correct amount) $ _______________

Method of Payment (please mark "X" your method of payment)

(All email and fax registrations must be accompanied by credit card

__ American Express __ MasterCard __ VISA __ Cheque

Credit card account number: ____________________________

Expiration date: __________

Name as it appears on card: ____________________________

Signature: _____________________________________________

(Disclaimer: When you email or fax us this registration form, your
credit card number is sent as open text and may not be secure.)

Requests for refunds must be received in writing by June 30th, 1997.
No refunds will be granted after this date. A $25.00 processing fee
will be levied on all refunds granted. There are no refunds for paper
authors (technical papers and extended abstract for cgtools).


__ Special dietary needs: _________________________________________________



__ Special access for wheelchair: _________________________________________

Please Note: Registration cannot be processed if information is incomplete
or illegible.

Please mail completed form with your payment to:

 c/o Professor Leroy Searle
 	Center for the Humanities
 	Box 353910, Seatle, WA 98195
 University of Washington, USA

 	Fax: (206) 685-4080

Thank you for your registration!
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