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  1. Rint Sybesma, New Book: Atomism and Binding

Message 1: New Book: Atomism and Binding

Date: Fri, 04 Sep 1998 22:57:55 +0200
From: Rint Sybesma <>
Subject: New Book: Atomism and Binding

Atomism and Binding
Edited by Hans Bennis, Pierre Pica and Johan Rooryck

The state of the art in binding: everything on reference, coreference,
nonreference and disjoint reference, and more on boundedness and

The sixteen papers in this new volume provide a representative
overview of the broad range of issues relevant to the study of binding
phenomena in the generative framework. Since the inception of the
theoretical interest in co-referential relations in generative
grammar, there has been a debate with respect to the question as to
whether and how (co)-reference should be represented in the
grammar. Notions such as "(co)-indexation", "disjoint reference",
"free" and "bound" play an important role in this discussion. Their
relevance is explicitly analyzed in many articles of this volume.
 The role of thematic information in Binding Theory constitutes
another important line of inquiry elaborated on in this book. Various
contributors to this volume argue that thematic information largely
influences binding phenomena, although the specific proposals
expressing this relation differ quite substantially.
 Another issue pursued here is related to the discussion whether
Binding Theory is a component of sentence grammar. Many papers address
this issue quite explicitly and delineate the respective roles of
sentence and discourse grammar in novel and intriguing ways.
 The volume contains the following contributions:

Stephen Berman & Arild Hestvik: "Split antecedents, noncoreference and
DRT"; George Aaron Broadwell: "Binding theory and switch-reference";
Hamida Demirdache: "Condition C"; Robert Fiengo & Robert May: "The
semantic significance of syntactic identity"; Zygmunt Frajzyngier:
"Pronouns and agreement: Systems interaction in the coding of
reference"; Robert Freidin: "Binding theory on Minimalist
assumptions"; Jeff Gruber: "A configurational approach to thematic
binding"; James Higginbotham: "A plea for implicit anaphors"; Hajime
Hoji: "Sloppy identity and Principle B"; Jan Koster: "Anaphora and the
uniformity of grammar"; Howard Lasnik: "Levels of representation and
the elements of anaphora"; Seth Minkoff: "On the syntax of local and
logophoric control"; Gertjan Postma: "Logical entailment and the
possessive nature of reflexive pronouns"; Eric Reuland & Sigridur
Sigurjonsdottir: "Long distance 'binding' in Icelandic: Syntax or
discourse?"; Ken Safir: "Symmetry and unity in the theory of
anaphora"; Christopher Tancredi: "Pronouns and perspectives". And a
very informative introduction by the editors.

xx+412 pp. isbn 90 6765 535 x. Paperback. Price: NLG 61,32
(excl. VAT and P&P)
Holland Academic Graphics, The Hague <>;

Rint Sybesma
Holland Academic Graphics

PO Box 53292
2505 AG The Hague
The Netherlands

fax: +31 70 448 0177
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