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Books: The iambic issue

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  1. Rint Sybesma, New Book: Van de Vijver: The iambic issue.

Message 1: New Book: Van de Vijver: The iambic issue.

Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1998 23:16:11 +0200
From: Rint Sybesma <>
Subject: New Book: Van de Vijver: The iambic issue.

Ruben van de Vijver, 
The iambic issue. Iambs as a result of constraint interaction

In iambic languages stress on both the first and on the last syllable is
avoided; iambs are not assigned from right to left; the prototypical
iambic foot does not play a role in prosodic morphology. Building on
Optimality Theory, Van de Vijver argues that iambic feet are the
result of constraint interaction rather than being building blocks of
metrical theory.
 Van de Vijver presents detailed analyses of the stress patterns of
several Carib and Yupik languages and shows that the rightheaded
feet found on the surface in these languages are the result of the
interaction between a constraint which favors leftheaded feet and a
constraint which bars both the initial and the final syllable from
being stressed. He argues further that iambs can only arise at the left
edge of the word and analyzes the stress patterns of several lan-
guages which are claimed to have iambs arising at the right edge of
the word. One of the conclusions is that the prototypical iamb is never
used as a building block in prosodic morphology.

Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Stress in Cariban languages 3. Yupik
prosody 4. Only the trochee: Stress from right to left 5. Feet in
prosodic morphology 6. Summary and conclusions

1998. 271pp. ISBN 90-5569-040-6. Paperback. [HIL dissertations 37.
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.] Price for individuals ordering directly
from HAG: NLG 40 (excl. P&P and VAT).

Holland Academic Graphics, The Hague <>;

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