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Thu Oct 22 1998

Calls: LANGUES/Various topics, Dialogue & Prosody

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  • Patrice Bonhomme, Journal LANGUES (Call) - Revue LANGUES (Appel)
  • Marc Swerts, Workshop on dialogue and prosody

    Message 1: Journal LANGUES (Call) - Revue LANGUES (Appel)

    Date: Wed, 21 Oct 1998 18:13:46 +0200
    From: Patrice Bonhomme <>
    Subject: Journal LANGUES (Call) - Revue LANGUES (Appel)

    APPEL A COMMUNICATIONS ======================

    La revue LANGUES vient de publier son premier numro. Le second sortira en dcembre 1998. Nous lanons maintenant un appel communications pour le troisime numro. C'est une publication trimestrielle (quatre numros par an).

    Cette publication, principalement francophone et lance sous l'gide de l'Aupel-Uref, a pour but de favoriser le dialogue entre tous les individus qui travaillent avec ou sur la langue, chercheurs, enseignants de langue, etc. Elle publiera donc des articles sur des sujets varis, relevant de toutes les disciplines ou sous-disciplines o la langue a sa place : linguistique (phonologie, morphologie, lexicologie, syntaxe, smantique, pragmatique), socio-linguistique (aspects sociaux et culturels de la pratique linguistique, variations linguistiques, crolistique), linguistique applique (enseignement d'une langue seconde, apprentissage de la lecture), psycholinguistique, ingnierie de la langue (interprtation automatique, traduction automatique, dialogue homme-machine, gnration, parole, traitement de l'information, gestion des corpus). Cette liste n'est pas limitative.

    La revue LANGUES s'accompagnera d'un serveur web accessible en ligne o un ou plusieurs articles par numro de la revue seront disponibles, ainsi que certains services, annonces de colloques, tables des matires de revues, annonces de la publication d'ouvrages ou de thses, etc. Elle s'accompagnera galement d'une liste lectronique de discussion, principalement centre sur les articles parus dans la revue, mais permettant aussi l'change sur d'autres thmes.

    La soumission d'articles en anglais est possible. Les articles en anglais qui ont une double valuation positive seront traduits.

    APPEL A COMMUNICATION POUR LE N3 - -------------------------------

    Les chercheurs travaillant dans les domaines mentionns plus haut ou dans des domaines connexes sont invits soumettre des articles de 20 pages (30 000 signes) maximum sur le sujet de leur choix avant le 1 dcembre 1998. Les auteurs sont pris de respecter les instructions aux auteurs, disponibles sur le web l'adresse ou auprs de Catherine Lavau ((33) 01 46 73 06 65, fax: (33) 01 47 46 81 06 ou (33) 01 40 84 09 99). Les illustrations ou tableaux sont bienvenus.

    INFORMATIONS IMPORTANTES - ----------------------

    N3 Taille des articles : 20 pages (30 000 signes) Format lectronique : Word 6 ou infrieur ou ascii (pour les autres formats, nous consulter) Date limite de rception des articles : 1 dcembre 1998 Rponse : 31 dcembre 1998 Articles dfinitifs fournir pour le : 31 janvier 1998 Adresses lectroniques: <> Adresse postale : Isabelle Blanchard Revue Langues LORIA-CNRS, BP 239 54506 Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy FRANCE Tel : (33) 03 83 59 20 26 Fax : (33) 03 83 41 30 79

    La soumission lectronique de rsums ou d'articles est possible aux adresses indiques ci-dessus.

    Rdacteurs en chef : Anne Reboul, Laurent Romary - ------------------


    CALL FOR PAPERS ===============

    The journal LANGUES has just issued its first volume. The second one will be out in december 1998. We are now calling for papers for the third issue. LANGUES will issue four volumes a year.

    This publication, which will mainly publish papers in French and which is partly financed by AUPELF-UREF, aims to facilitate the dialogue between all the people who work on or with language, researchers, teachers of French, etc. It will thus publish papers on various subjects having to do with all the domains or disciplines related to language: linguistics (phonology, morphology, lexical semantics, syntax, semantics, pragmatics), sociolinguistics (social and cultural aspects of language and language use, linguistic variations, creole studies), applied linguistics (teaching French as a second language, learning to read), psycholinguistics, language engineering (automatic understanding, automatic translation, man-machine dialogue, production, speech analysis, information retrieval, corpus processing). This is not an exhaustive list.

    LANGUES will be accompanied by an online web server where one or more paper(s) per volume will be accessible, as well as some services, conference announcements, tables of contents for other scientific journals, new publications, theses, etc. It will also be accompanied by an electronic mailing list, which will encourage discussions about papers published in the journal and will allow exchanges on other subjects as well. The submission of papers in English is possible. Papers in English with two positive evaluations will be translated in French.

    CALL FOR PAPERS N 3 - ------------------ Papers of 20 pages (30 000 characters) at most in the domains mentioned above or in related domains can be submitted before the 1rst of december 1998. Papers in French should respect the instructions to authors which are available on the web at or which can be obtained through Catherine Lavau ((33) 01 46 73 06 65, fax: (33) 01 47 46 81 06 or (33) 01 40 84 09 99). Illustrations or schemas are welcome.

    MAIN INFORMATIONS - --------------- N3 Papers size: 20 pages (30 000 characters) Electronic format: Word 6 or lower, or ascii (for other formats, please contact us) Deadline for paper reception: 1 december 1998 Notification of acceptance: 31 december 1998 Final version due on: 31 january 1999 Email addresses: <Isabelle.Blanchard> Snail mail address: Isabelle Blanchard LANGUES LORIA-CNRS BP 239 54506 Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy FRANCE Tel: (33) 03 83 59 20 26 Fax: (33) 03 83 41 30 79

    Submission of abstracts or papers by Email is possible at the adresses indicated above.

    Editors: Anne Reboul, Laurent Romary - ------

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    Message 2: Workshop on dialogue and prosody

    Date: Thu, 22 Oct 1998 09:47:50 +0200
    From: Marc Swerts <>
    Subject: Workshop on dialogue and prosody


    You are invited to submit an abstract plus title to the


    INTRODUCTION The IPO, Center for Research on User-System Interaction in Eindhoven (The Netherlands), in association with the Eindhoven University of Technology (TUE) and the European Speech Communication Association (ESCA), is pleased to announce a 3-day workshop on dialogue and prosody, which will take place in the Eindhoven area in the week before Eurospeech `99. Anyone dealing with theoretical, empirical, computational or experimental approaches to the interplay between dialogue and prosody is invited to submit an abstract. We specifically welcome those contributions of which the content is directly relevant for human-computer interaction.

    MOTIVATION Now that spoken dialogue systems are becoming more sophisticated, increasing demands are placed on the way these systems deal with prosody, both in the generation of system utterances as in the processing of user utterances. On the one hand, appropriate prosody may facilitate the processing of system utterances by users of a dialogue system. On the other hand, dialogue systems may profit from taking into consideration prosodic information of user utterances at different levels of representation. However, for experts in the area of prosody it is not always easy to link their work to the developments in the domain of dialogue modelling, whereas researchers working in the area of dialogue modelling often are rather naive with respect to prosodic modelling. The goal of the workshop is bringing together researchers from both domains to provide either group with a better view of developments in the other domain and in this way stimulate progress.

    FORMAT The format of the workshop will consist of keynote presentations by experts in the field of dialogue and prosody modelling, combined with oral and poster presentations of accepted papers. All presentations will be plenary. All contributions to the workshop will be published in workshop proceedings, that will consist of 4-page camera-ready papers. As an additional result of the workshop, the organizers intend to produce a working document that will contain an overview of the state-of-the-art, some open research questions, and position statements regarding the theme of dialogue and prosody. In order to maximize the possibilities for fruitful discussion, the number of participants will be limited to about a hundred. Priority wil be given to persons with accepted papers on a first-come first-served basis.

    TOPICS Questions in this domain that could be addressed at the workshop are for instance:

    - Which prosodic features of user utterances help the system to improve performance with respect to ASR, speech understanding, and dialogue management (turn-taking, back-channeling)?

    - How can those features be extracted automatically and be made available at the right time?

    - With which prosodic features should system utterances be provided to help the user extract the information conveyed by the system, and to improve the fluency of the interaction?

    - To what extent are prosodic characteristics of user utterances in their interactions with dialogue systems different from those in human-human interaction?

    - How do we deal with prosodic variability in interactions between humans and machines, for instance due to level of expertise (novices versus experts)?

    SUBMISSION PROCEDURE Researchers working in this domain are invited to email a 400-words abstract (plain ascii format), together with title, affiliation and keywords to If electronic submission is not possible, please send 5 copies of a 1-page abstract to

    IPO, Center for Research on User-System Interaction ETRW on Dialogue and Prosody P.O. Box 513 NL-5600 MB Eindhoven (The Netherlands)

    SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE Gosta Bruce (Sweden) Nick Campbell (Japan) Carlos Gussenhoven (The Netherlands) Julia Hirschberg (USA) Daniel Hirst (France) Merle Horne (Sweden) Jill House (UK) Stephen Isard (UK) Johanna Moore (UK) Elmar Noeth (Germany) Anton Nijholt (The Netherlands) Mari Ostendorf (USA) Thomas Portele (Germany) Stephen Pulman (UK) Angelien Sanderman (The Netherlands) Elizabeth Shriberg (USA) David Traum (USA) Gert Veldhuijzen van Zanten (The Netherlands) Marilyn Walker (USA)

    VENUE The ETRW on Dialogue and Prosody will take place in the Koningshof conference center, which is located in a rural setting in Veldhoven, at close distance from Eindhoven (


    JANUARY 15, 1999: Deadline for submission of title and abstract

    MARCH 1, 1999: Notification of acceptance, Instruction for authors, Information on accommodation

    JULY 1, 1999: Deadline for 4-page camerady-ready paper, Early registration

    SEPTEMBER 1-3, 1999: ETRW on Dialogue and Prosody

    FURTHER INFORMATION For further information, please contact Marc Swerts ( or Jacques Terken ( Updated information will also be available at