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  1. Mark_Mandel, Chinese Linguistics; Complete words of Luo Changpei

Message 1: Chinese Linguistics; Complete words of Luo Changpei

Date: Fri, 20 Nov 1998 10:21:39 -0500
From: Mark_Mandel <>
Subject: Chinese Linguistics; Complete words of Luo Changpei

The complete works of Luo Changpei will be published in 1999 by
Shandong Education Publishing House in China. A commemorative
meeting will be held in Beijing on the hundredth anniversary of
the author's birth, August 9, 1999. On the same occasion the Luo
Changpei Linguistics Scholarship Foundation will be announced.

Luo Changpei was one of the founders of modern linguistics in
China. He stood on the shoulders of the giants in this field and
explored diverse branches of the science. He was in the first
generation of linguistic scientists from the Institute of History
and Philology of the Academia Sinica. He established the Institute
of Linguistics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, assumed
its direction and was nominated academician. His contribution is

The Anthology includes the author's published and unpublished
works in ten volumes, of which the first six are books and the
last four monographs. Each volume has an editorial acknowledgement
and postnote. Annexed to Vol. X are a biographical outline and two
indexes, one by alphabetic order, the other by stroke.

Please direct inquiries to (Luo Shengyi).

Vol. I.
 1. The Phonological System of the Amoy Dialect
 2. The Phonological System of the Speech of Linchuan

Vol. II.
 1. The Speech of North-West China under the Tang Dynasty and
 the Five Kingdoms
 2. A Study of Rime Evolution under the Wei, Jin and
 North-South Dynasties (co-authored with Zhou Zumo)

Vol. III.
 1. An Introduction to Chinese Phonology
 2. History of the Romanization of Chinese Characters
 3. Rimes in Beijing Folk Songs (Annex, collection of popular

Vol. IV. Minority Languages
 1. A Preliminary Study of the Qiu Language of Gongshan
 2. A Preliminary Study of the Nu Language of Gongshan
 3. A Preliminary Study of the Baiyi Language of Lianshan
 (co-authored with Xing Qinglan, rechecked by Zhou Yaowen
 and Fang Fenghe)
 4. Chinese Under the Yuan Dynasty and the Bagsba
 Characters (revised edition, co-authored with Cai Meibiao)

Vol. V.
 1. An Outline of General Phonetics (revised edition,
 co-authored with Wang Jun)
 2. Language and Culture
 3. The Chinese and the Chinese Language

Vol. VI. Unpublished Course Handouts
 1. Evolution of the Chinese Phonological System
 (Table and legend)
 2. Comments on Publications Abroad about Chinese Phonology
 3. About Ancient Chinese Phonology

 1. Monographs on Philology and Linguistics (I)
 2. Monographs on Philology and Linguistics (II)

 1. Columns on Chinese Phonology
 2. Influences from Abroad on the Study of Chinese Phonology

Vol. IX.
 1. Monographs about Chinese Dialects and Minority Languages
 (40 essays)
 2. Linguistic Miscellany (38 essays)

Vol. X.
 1. Chinese Linguistics Essays in Foreign Languages
 2. On the Tough Route of Sichuan
 3. Between Canshan Mountain and Lake Erhai
 4. Biography
 5. Indexes: alphabetic and stroke

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