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Tue May 19 1998

Books: Language Typology

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  1. Andrej Kibrik, Languages of the World, Institute of Linguistics, Moscow

Message 1: Languages of the World, Institute of Linguistics, Moscow

Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 06:46:38 -0700 (PDT)
From: Andrej Kibrik <>
Subject: Languages of the World, Institute of Linguistics, Moscow


PUBLICATION- Languages of the World, Institute of Linguistics, Moscow

LANGUAGES OF THE WORLD is an encyclopedic multi-volume publication. Each
volume is devoted to one particular genetic or areal group of languages.
All articles are written in Russian by the leading authorities of Russia
and some other countries (depending on volume), specializing in the
respective languages. The articles of all volumes of LANGUAGES OF THE
WORLD are written in accordance with a standard typologically oriented
template that is imposed on each language. Thus descriptions of all
languages are comparable to one another. The articles on specific
languages consist of the following main divisions:
- sociolinguistic characterization
- phonology and phonetics
- detailed morphosyntactic characterization
- account of the peculiarities of the lexicon
- the dialectal system

The books of the series are both fundamental studies and reference
sources. The books are addressed to linguists, historians, ethnographers,
and interested in language studies.

So far five volumes have been published. The first one, "Uralic
languages", was published in 1993 by "Nauka", and is not available at this

In 1997, the publishing house "Indrik" published four volumes:

 - Turkic languages, including all ancient and modern languages known to
 the science; 542 pp.
 - Mongolic, Tingusic, Korean, and Japanese; 407 pp.
 - Paleoasiatic languages (including Chukchi-Kamchatkan, Yeniseian, Eskimo-
 Aleut, Copper Island Aleut-Russian mixed language, Nivkh, Yukagir, Ainu, 
 and Burushaski); 230 pp.
 - Iranian languages, vol. 1: Southwestern group (volumes 2 and 3 will 
 follow); 206 pp.

In 1998, the following volumes are expected to be published.

- Iranian languages, vol. 2
- Dardic and Nuristani languages
- Caucasian languages

Volumes on other branches of Indo-European are currently being worked on.

Those who are interested in obtaining those book are requested to contact:

Andrej Kibrik
Institute of Linguistics
Russian Academy of Sciences
B. Kislovskij per., 1/12
Fax: [7](095) 290 05 28

We are now working on the problem of how to get books to foreign scholars;
having a list of those interested would make this work easier. Prices on
books will be in the range of $20, depending on size of a specific book.
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