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Issue #
27.3043 Software: Computational Linguistics; Text/Corpus Linguistics; Lexicography: Unitex/GramLab (3.1) Eric Laporte
27.3042 Books: The Status of English in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Buckingham (ed.) Elinor Robertson
27.3041 Books: A Grammar of Dazaga: Walters Maarten Frieswijk
27.3040 Support: Sociolinguistics / United Kingdom Nicola McLelland
27.3039 TOC: Gender and Language 10 / 2 (2016) Janet Joyce
27.3038 Jobs: English; Syntax; Text/Corpus Linguistics: Researcher, Goethe Universität Frankfurt
27.3037 Jobs: Language Acquisition: Researcher, The University of Greenwich
27.3036 Jobs: Language Acquisition: Post Doc, The University of Greenwich
27.3035 Jobs: English; Applied Linguistics; Language Acquisition: Senior Lecturer, The University of Greenwich
27.3034 Jobs: English; Language Acquisition: Lecturer, The University of Greenwich, London, United Kingdom
27.3033 FYI: Free Online Courses in Linguistics Juergen Handke
27.3032 Calls: Comp Ling, Gen Ling, Ling Theories, Text/Corpus Ling/Germany Bernd Möbius
27.3031 Calls: English, Historical Ling, Ling & Literature, Socioling Irena Zovko Dinkovic
27.3030 Calls: Iranian, General Linguistics/USA Richard Larson
27.3029 Calls: General Linguistics/USA Katya Rouzina
27.3028 Calls: Computational Linguistics/Czech Republic Carlos Martin-Vide
27.3027 Calls: Language Acquisition, Neurolinguistics, Psycholinguistics/France Barbara Köpke
27.3026 Jobs: Language Acquisition; Psycholinguistics: Assistant Professor, University of Nottingham
27.3025 Jobs: Norwegian; Swedish; Korean; Slovak; General Linguistics: Open, DefinedCrowd Corporation
27.3024 Jobs: English; German; Computational Linguistics; Lexicography; Morphology; Semantics; Syntax: Computational Linguist, Adecco Business Solutions GmbH
27.3023 Jobs: Hindi; Language Acquisition: Lecturer, Syracuse University
27.3022 Jobs: Bulgarian; Croatian; Slovenian; Ukrainian; Urdu; Vietnamese; Applied Linguistics; Computational Linguistics; General Linguistics; Phonetics; Phonology: Computational Linguist, Lionbridge
27.3021 Jobs: Chinese; General Linguistics; Language Acquisition; Translation: Lecturer, The University of Queensland
27.3020 Media: Genie, the Feral Child (Article in The Guardian) LINGUIST List
27.3019 FYI: New AudioSlide Published in Lingua! Christopher Tancock
27.3018 Confs: Morphology, Neuroling, Phonetics, Phonology, Psycholing/Germany Ingo Plag
27.3017 Calls: Applied Ling, Gen Ling, Ling & Lit, Translation/Iran Seyed Hossein Fazeli
27.3016 Calls: Discourse Analysis, Language Acquisition, Pragmatics, Psycholinguistics, Sociolinguistics/UK Larissa Timofeeva-Timofeev
27.3015 Qs: PARSEME survey on Multilingual MWE resources Johanna Monti
27.3014 Qs: Looking for Japanese and US-American participants Maria Kraxenberger
27.3013 Support: English; German; Applied Linguistics / Germany Marcus Callies
27.3012 Support: Phonetics / Netherlands Esther Janse
27.3011 Support: Language Documentation / Australia Bill Palmer
27.3010 Calls: General Linguistics/Germany Katja Barnickel
27.3009 Calls: General Linguistics / Journal of Advanced Linguistic Studies (Jrnl) Niladri Sekhar Dash
27.3008 TOC: Journal of Research Design and Statistics in Linguistics and Communication Science 2 / 2 (2015) Janet Joyce
27.3007 TOC: International Journal of American Linguistics 82 / 2 (2016)
27.3006 Jobs: Applied Linguistics; General Linguistics; Sociolinguistics: Assistant Professor, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
27.3005 Jobs: Chinese; Language Acquisition: Lecturer, The University of Auckland
27.3004 Jobs: Turkish; General Linguistics; Semantics; Syntax; Text/Corpus Linguistics: Associate Linguist, NTENT
27.3003 Calls: Applied Ling, Lang Acq/Spain Roger Gilabert
27.3002 Calls: General Linguistics/France Aleksandra Miletic
27.3001 Calls: Applied Linguistics/Ireland Lorna Carson
27.3000 Support: English; Computational Linguistics / Germany Alexander Koller
27.2999 Jobs: English; Computational Linguistics: Post Doc, Saarland University
27.2998 FYI: NSF-NEH Documenting Endangered Languages Colleen Fitzgerald
27.2997 Diss: Indonesian, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Semantics: Stefanie Siebenhütter: 'Spatial conceptualizations in Mainland Southeast Asia. Lao, Thai, Khmer and Vietnamese' Stefanie Siebenhütter
27.2996 Jobs: Language Acquisition; Multilingualism; Language Attrition: Post Doc, University of Tromsø
27.2995 Jobs: Psycholinguistics: Lecturer, University of Essex
27.2994 Jobs: Aramaic, Old; Hebrew, Ancient; Applied Linguistics; Computational Linguistics; Text/Corpus Linguistics: Post Doc, LATTICE-CNRS, France

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