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Applied Corpus Linguistics

Edited by Eric Friginal and Paul Thompson

Applied Corpus Linguistics is a new, international peer-reviewed journal for the dissemination of research that reports or supports the applications of corpus linguistics methods, theories, applications, techniques and tools to a wide variety of real-world contexts.

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Read LINGUIST List Issues, ISSN: 31.2504 - 31.2553

50 Most Recent Issues

Issue #
31.2553 Review: Applied Linguistics; Cognitive Science; Discourse Analysis: Athanasiadou, Colston (2020) Claudia Lehmann
31.2552 Books: Professional Development in Applied Linguistics: Plonsky (ed.) Karin Plijnaar
31.2551 Books: Making Language Visible in the University: Bond Flo McClelland
31.2550 Books: Morphologie: Michel Corina Popp
31.2549 TOC: Natural Language Engineering 26 / 4 (2020) Rachel Tonkin
31.2548 TOC: Language Teaching 53 / 3 (2020) Rachel Tonkin
31.2547 TOC: Language Problems and Language Planning 44 / 1 (2020) Karin Plijnaar
31.2546 TOC: Language Teaching for Young Learners 2 / 2 (2020) Karin Plijnaar
31.2545 TOC: Pragmatics and Society 11 / 2 (2020) Karin Plijnaar
31.2544 Calls: Romanian; Gen Ling/Romania Oana Uta
31.2543 Calls: Hist Ling, History of Ling, Morphology, Socioling, Syntax/Romania Carmen Mîrzea Vasile
31.2542 Calls: Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics/Switzerland Mirka Rauniomaa
31.2541 Calls: Disc Analys, Pragmatics/Switzerland Noriko Onodera
31.2540 Confs: Comp Ling, Psycholing, Syntax, Text/Corpus Ling, Typology/Online Savithry Namboodiripad
31.2539 Confs: Uralic; Gen Ling/Online Johanna Laakso
31.2538 Calls: Gen Ling, Pragmatics/Switzerland Naomi Truan
31.2537 Calls: Applied Ling, Disc Analys, Pragmatics, Socioling/Switzerland Nicolas Ruytenbeek
31.2536 Calls: Gen Ling/Germany Esther Jahns
31.2535 Review: Psycholinguistics: Adger (2019) María Florencia Silva
31.2534 Books: Morphological Complexity within and across Boundaries: Gürer, Uygun-Gökmen, Öztürk (eds.) Karin Plijnaar
31.2533 Books: Vocabulary in Language Teaching: Schmitt, Schmitt Rachel Tonkin
31.2532 TOC: FORUM Revue internationale d’interprétation et de traduction / International Journal of Interpretation and Translation 18 / 1 (2020) Karin Plijnaar
31.2531 Calls: Ling Theories, Morphology, Psycholing, Syntax/Germany Elyesa Seidel
31.2530 Confs: Romance; History of Ling, Ling Theories, Philosophy of Lang, Pragmatics, Typology/Switzerland Johannes Kabatek
31.2529 Calls: Romanian; Gen Ling/Romania Isabela Nedelcu
31.2528 Calls: Applied Ling, Disc Analys, Pragmatics, Socioling, Text/Corpus Ling/Switzerland Theodossia-Soula Pavlidou
31.2527 Jobs: English; French; Japanese; Spanish; Thai; General Linguistics; Morphology; Phonology; Sociolinguistics: Consultant, Productive Playhouse Inc
31.2526 Calls: Anthro Ling, Applied Ling, Disc Analys, Socioling, Text/Corpus Ling/Switzerland Kristin Kuck
31.2525 Jobs: Dutch; English; French; Italian; Portuguese; Spanish; Phonetics; Phonology: Consultant, PTW
31.2524 Calls: Cog Sci, Disc Analys, Philosophy of Lang, Pragmatics/Switzerland Steve Oswald
31.2523 Jobs: German; Japanese; Korean; Computational Linguistics; General Linguistics; Semantics: Consultant, Cerence
31.2522 Jobs: Semantics; Pragmatics: Post Doc, University of Konstanz
31.2521 Jobs: Chinese, Mandarin; English; Applied Linguistics: Freelancer, Duolingo
31.2520 Disc: Pluricentric Languages Stefan Dollinger
31.2519 FYI: Documentation of Endangered Languages Seminar Thennarasu Sakkan
31.2518 FYI: Calls for Chapters Mayowa Akinlotan
31.2517 Review: Applied Linguistics: Coady (2019) Marina Cuartero
31.2516 Books: New Approaches to Contrastive Linguistics: Enghels, Defrancq, Jansegers (eds.) Asja Kusnezowa
31.2515 Books: Historical Linguistics 2017: Drinka (ed.) Karin Plijnaar
31.2514 Books: Implicit Language Aptitude: Granena Rachel Tonkin
31.2513 Jobs: French; Language Acquisition; Phonetics: Assistant Professor, Université de Sherbrooke
31.2512 Jobs: Computational Linguistics; General Linguistics; Language Acquisition: Researcher, University of Konstanz
31.2511 Jobs: General Linguistics: Researcher, University of Freiburg
31.2510 Calls: Computational Linguistics, General Linguistics, Ling & Literature / Triangle: Language, Literature, Computation (Jrnl) M. Dolores Jiménez-López
31.2509 Calls: Comp Ling, Gen Ling, Text/Corpus Ling/Spain Adam Roussel
31.2508 Calls: Applied Ling, Disc Analys, Forensic Ling, Pragmatics, Text/Corpus Ling/Switzerland Marton Petyko
31.2507 Calls: Gujarati; Disc Analys, Gen Ling, Hist Ling, Socioling, Translation/India Mrunal Chavda
31.2506 Calls: Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics/Switzerland Elina Salomaa
31.2505 Calls: Comp Ling/China Yaru Wu
31.2504 Calls: Anthro Ling, Cog Sci, Disc Analys, Pragmatics, Socioling/Switzerland Rea Peltola

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