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Issue #
26.1098 FYI: DARPA-BAA-15-18: Communicating with Computers Damir Cavar
26.1099 Summer Schools: The Miracles of Human Language (MOOC) / Leiden, Netherlands Marc van Oostendorp
26.1100 Calls: Applied Linguistics, General Linguistics/Philippines Rowena Nuera
26.1101 Books: Constraints on Numerical Expressions: Cummins Helena Palmer
26.1102 Books: Language Empires in Comparative Perspective: Stolz (ed.) Linda Steglich
26.1103 Books: Colonialism and Missionary Linguistics: Zimmermann, Kellermeier-Rehbein (eds.) Linda Steglich
26.1104 Books: A Functional Discourse Grammar for English: Keizer Helena Palmer
26.1105 Books: Kalderaš Romani: Halwachs, Sabaini, Heinschink Ulrich Lueders
26.1106 Books: Trask's Historical Linguistics: McColl Millar, Trask Lisa Farkas
26.1107 Calls: Slavic; General Linguistics/ Mundo Eslavo: Journal of Slavic Studies (Jrnl) Benami Barros Garcia
26.1108 Calls: Pragmatics; Semantics; Syntax/ Studies in African Linguistics (Jrnl) Steve Nicolle
26.1109 TOC: Machine Translation 29/1 (2015) Helen van der Stelt
26.1110 TOC: Language Resources and Evaluation 49/1 (2015) Helen van der Stelt
26.1111 Jobs: German; Applied Linguistics: Asst/Assoc Professor, Seoul National University
26.1112 Jobs: Czech; Ukrainian; Discourse Analysis; Phonetics; Phonology; Semantics: Speech Data Evaluator, Employment Agency Contracting for Google
26.1113 Jobs: Czech; Ukrainian; Discourse Analysis; Phonetics; Phonology; Semantics: Speech Linguistic Project Manager, Employment Agency Contracting for Google
26.1075 Calls: French, Cognitive Sci, Lang Acquisition, Neuroling, Phonetics, Text/Corpus Ling/France Melissa Barkat-Defradas
26.1076 Calls: Applied Ling, General Ling, Pragmatics, Sociolinguistics/Austria Melanie Lenzhofer-Glantschnig
26.1077 FYI: Discourse Annotation of French Corpora Jacques Steinlin
26.1078 Calls: General Linguistics/USA Carolina Gonzalez
26.1079 Calls: Historical Linguistics, Linguistic Theories, Phonology/UK Pavel Iosad
26.1080 Calls: Cognitive Sci, General Ling, Neuroling, Psycholing, Semantics/Brazil Jan Leite
26.1081 Calls: History of Ling, Lang Acquisition, Semantics, Syntax, Text/Corpus Ling/Belgium Koen Roelandt
26.1082 Calls: Morphology/USA Shayne Sloggett
26.1083 Calls: Dravidian, General Linguistics/India Govindasamy Balasubramanian
26.1084 Calls: General Linguistics, Pragmatics/Austria Dina El Zarka
26.1085 Review: Anthropological Ling; Socioling: Billings (2013) Joseph Comer
26.1086 Books: Sprachwissenschaft im Fokus [Linguistic Research Today]: Eichinger (ed.) Linda Steglich
26.1087 Books: Gesprochene Schulsprache in der Primarstufe [Spoken Language in Elementary School]: Webersik Linda Steglich
26.1088 Books: Syntax - Theory and Analysis Volume 3: Kiss, Alexiadou (eds.) Linda Steglich
26.1089 Confs: General Linguistics/Germany Sebastian Nordhoff
26.1090 Confs: French, Ling & Literature, Sociolinguistics/Portugal Isabelle Simões Marques
26.1091 Calls: Translation/UK Nozomi Abe
26.1092 Calls: Cognitive Sci, Comp Ling, General Ling, Socioling, Translation/Poland Michał Borodo
26.1093 Calls: Applied Linguistics, Language Acquisition/France Pascale Leclercq
26.1094 Jobs: Multilingualism; Sociolinguistics: Post Doc, University of Oslo
26.1095 Jobs: Ling & Lit; Stylistics: Senior Lecturer/Lecturer, University of Birmingham
26.1096 Jobs: English; Applied Linguistics: Lecturer, University of Birmingham
26.1097 Jobs: Sociolinguistics: Lecturer, University of Birmingham
26.1049 Summer Schools: Linguistic Summer School in the Indian Mountains / Solang, Himachal Pradesh, India Tanmoy Bhattacharya
26.1050 Calls: Language Acquisition; Psycholinguistics/ Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism (Jrnl) Theo Marinis
26.1051 Books: A Grammar of Unua: Pearce Linda Steglich
26.1052 Books: Forms and Degrees of Repetition in Texts: Altmann, Köhler Linda Steglich
26.1053 Books: English: The Language of the Vikings: Emonds, Faarlund Marketa Janebova
26.1054 Books: French Grammar and Usage: Hawkins, Towell Lisa Farkas
26.1055 Summer Schools: Sociolinguistic Summer School 6 / Dublin, Ireland Stephen Lucek
26.1056 TOC: Journal of Argumentation in Context 3/3 (2014) Karin Plijnaar
26.1057 TOC: Babel 60/2 (2015) Karin Plijnaar
26.1058 Calls: English, Applied Linguistics/Kuwait Mohammad Mehdi Etedali
26.1059 Calls: Applied Linguistics/UK Kenneth Fordyce
26.1060 Calls: Slavic Subgroup, General Ling, Morphology, Semantics, Syntax, Typology/Japan Yukari Konuma
26.1061 Calls: Applied Linguistics, General Linguistics, Sociolinguistics/Morocco Ahlam Elhaddan
26.1062 TOC: Journal of Immersion and Content-Based Language Education 3/1 (2015) Karin Plijnaar
26.1063 TOC: Journal of Language & Politics 13/4 (2014) Karin Plijnaar
26.1064 Jobs: Finnish; Computational Linguistics; Phonetics; Phonology: Speech Data Evaluator, Google
26.1065 Review: Socioling; Typology: Buchstaller, Almoaily, Holmberg (2014) Bettina Book
26.1066 Review: Discourse Analysis; Socioling: Coates (2013) Victor Lucio
26.1067 Review: Applied Ling; Cog Sci; Psycholing; Writing Systems: Treiman, Kessler (2014) Geoffrey Sampson
26.1068 Calls: Ling & Literature, Translation/Romania Teodora Ghiviriga
26.1069 Calls: General Linguistics, Historical Linguistics/Japan Heiko Narrog
26.1070 Calls: Syntax/South Korea Jong Un Park
26.1071 Calls: Applied Linguistics, Cognitive Science, Psycholinguistics/Russia Konstantin Shilyaev
26.1072 Calls: Cognitive Science, Computational Linguistics, Morphology/Israel Wendy Sandler
26.1073 Calls: General Ling, Lang Acquisition, Psycholing, Semantics, Syntax/Russia Anna Volkova
26.1074 Calls: Computational Linguistics/Austria Dagmar Gromann

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