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The LINGUIST List is dedicated to providing information on language and language analysis, and to providing the discipline of linguistics with the infrastructure necessary to function in the digital world. LINGUIST is a free resource, run by linguistics students and faculty, and supported primarily by your donations. Please support LINGUIST List during the 2016 Fund Drive.

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50 Most Recent Issues

Issue #
27.2351 Books: The Heart of the Matter: Collins Gayle Sheehan
27.2350 Books: Juba Arabic for Beginners: Watson Gayle Sheehan
27.2349 Books: Understanding Biblical Hebrew Verb Forms: Longacre, Bowling Gayle Sheehan
27.2348 Review: Historical Ling; Morphology; Syntax: Bordal Hertzenberg (2015) Eleonora Sausa
27.2347 Books: Advances in the study of Siouan languages and linguistics: Rudin, Gordon (eds.) Sebastian Nordhoff
27.2346 TOC: Brill’s Journal of Afroasiatic Languages and Linguistics Vol.8, No. 1 (2016) Maarten Frieswijk
27.2345 FYI: New Co-editor for JB Communication Series Paul Peranteau
27.2344 FYI: Language and Linguistics Now Published by JB Paul Peranteau
27.2342 Calls: General Ling/Canada Carlianney Ho
27.2341 Confs: Applied Ling, Cognitive Sci, General Ling, Lang Acquisition/Italy Elisa Pellegrino
27.2340 Calls: Cognitive Sci, General Ling, Morphology, Phonology, Syntax/Norway Antonio Fábregas
27.2339 Calls: Historical Ling, Pragmatics, Semantics, Syntax, Typology/Germany Ingo Reich
27.2338 Calls: Cog Sci, Gen Ling, Psycholing, Semantics, Text/Corpus Ling, Typology/Netherlands Laura Speed
27.2337 Calls: Computational Ling, Historical Ling, Text/Corpus Ling/Germany Carolin Odebrecht
27.2336 Calls: Comp Ling, Lexicography, Morphology, Syntax, Text/Corpus Ling/Croatia Agata Savary
27.2335 Calls: General Ling, Philosophy of Lang/Hong Kong Jon Orman
27.2334 Jobs: Syntax: Visiting Assistant Professor, George Mason University
27.2333 Jobs: Russian; Computational Linguistics; Lexicography; Morphology; Phonology; Semantics; Syntax: Junior Linguist, Adecco UK
27.2332 Review: Historical Ling; Socioling; Typology: Velupillai (2015) David Robertson
27.2331 Review: Applied Ling; Lang Acq; Socioling: Jenks (2014) Jose Aguilar Río
27.2330 Jobs: Sociolinguistics: Full Professor, University of Groningen
27.2329 TOC: International Journal for the Semiotics of Law 29 / 2 (2016) Helen van der Stelt
27.2328 Confs: Phonetics/France Camille Fauth
27.2327 Calls: English, Applied Linguistics/Kuwait Dr. Hussain Al Sharoufi
27.2326 Calls: Anthropological Ling, Discourse Analysis, Historical Ling, Ling & Lit, Socioling/Romania Veronika Zwing
27.2325 Calls: General Ling, Historical Ling, Morphology, Phonology, Text/Corpus Ling/Germany Esme Winter-Froemel
27.2324 Calls: Lang Documentation, Morphology, Phonetics, Phonology, Text/Corpus Ling/Italy Amedeo De Dominicis
27.2323 Calls: Applied Ling, Cog Sci, Historical Ling Lexicography, Translation/Ukraine Lesya Malevych
27.2322 Calls: Translation/Greece Stefanos Vlachopoulos
27.2321 Calls: Sociolinguistics/India Nicholas Ostler
27.2320 Review: Applied Ling; Socioling: Akbarov (2015) Achilleas Kostoulas
27.2319 Review: Lang Acq; Ling Theories; Pragmatics: Falomir (2015) Anna Krulatz
27.2318 Review: Lang Doc; Socioling: Ziegeler (2015) Suzanne Aalberse
27.2317 Calls: Spanish; Gen Ling; Lang Acqu / USA Julio Torres
27.2316 Jobs: Cognitive Science; Psycholinguistics: Post Doc, Laboratoire Parole et Langage
27.2315 Jobs: Sign Language; American Sign Language; General Linguistics; Language Acquisition: Assistant Professor, Rochester Institute of technology
27.2314 Jobs: Phonetics: Post Doc, University of Michigan
27.2313 Calls: Applied Linguistics / Communication Studies and Language Pedagogy - CSLP (Jrnl) Alok Das
27.2312 Books: Lehrerfragen – Schülerantworten. Deutsch und Griechisch im DaF-Unterricht: Kalaitzi Simon Reber
27.2311 Books: Einstellungen zu Muttersprachen und Fremdsprachen: Pliska Simon Reber
27.2310 Calls: Mayan, General Ling/Mexico Grant Armstrong
27.2309 Calls: Applied Ling, Cog Sci, Lang Acqu, Psycholing, Socioling / Austria Andrea Ender
27.2308 Calls: Syntax / Mexico Jesús Olguín
27.2307 Jobs: English; Phonetics; Sociolinguistics: Lecturer, University of Glasgow
27.2306 Jobs: English; Norwegian; Applied Linguistics: Associate Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
27.2305 Jobs: Indigenous American Languages; Anthropological Linguistics; Applied Linguistics; Historical Linguistics; Language Documentation; Typology: Assistant Professor, Leiden University
27.2304 Jobs: Computational Linguistics; General Linguistics; Text/Corpus Linguistics; Translation: Continuing Status Track Linguistics Faculty, Brigham Young University
27.2303 Books: Translating for Singing: Apter, Herman Lianna Iwanikiw
27.2302 Books: Wissen in institutioneller Interaktion: Groß, Harren (eds.) Simon Reber
27.2301 Books: Untertitelung: interlinguale, intralinguale und intersemiotische Aspekte: Brambilla, Crestani, Mollica (eds.) Simon Reber

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