The LINGUIST List: Books Latest Books Issues en-us Copyright 2008-2017 The LINGUIST List Sat, 28 May 2022 13:30:03 EST 60 The LINGUIST List Books: Synchronic and Diachronic Aspects of Kanashi 2022-05-24T22:52:59Z Kanashi, a Sino-Tibetan (ST) language belonging to the West Himalayish (WH) subbranch of this language family, is spoken in one single village (Malana in Kullu district, Himachal Pradesh state, India), which is surrounded by villages where – entirely unrelated – Indo-Aryan (IA) languages are spoken. Until we started working on Kanashi, very little linguistic material was available. Researchers have long speculated about the prehistory of Kanashi: how did it happen that it ended up spoken in one Books: Mehrsprachigkeit im Kontext des Kurmancî-Kurdischen und des Deutschen 2022-05-24T22:52:59Z Das vorliegende Werk stellt sich anhand einer longitudinal angelegten Fallstudie einem Forschungsdesiderat: der mehrsprachigen Erwerbkonstellation Kurmancî-Kurdisch und Deutsch. Über einen Zeitraum von etwa acht Monaten werden die Sprachentwicklung und Sprachkompetenz in Kurmancî-Kurdisch und in Deutsch von sechs Kindern im Vorschulalter mit diversen Instrumenten erfasst und analysiert, wobei auch die weiteren Sprachen der Studienkinder sorgfältig herausgearbeitet und im Zusammenhang mit ihren e Books: Collocations as a Language Resource 2022-05-24T22:52:59Z Are collocations problems or solutions to problems? If you take the perspective of the foreign learner, as in traditional phraseology, they are certainly challenging, and they have therefore been categorized as arbitrary, or even defective, deviations from an assumed norm of full compositionality. This is a paradox because their ubiquity in language and their importance for language proficiency are undisputed. The book provides a critical review of the traditional phraseological approach to coll Books: A grammar of Kalamang 2022-05-24T22:52:59Z This book is a grammar of Kalamang, a Papuan language of western New Guinea in the east of Indonesia. It is spoken by around 130 people in the villages Mas and Antalisa on the biggest of the Karas Islands, which lie just off the coast of Bomberai Peninsula. This work is the first comprehensive grammar of a Papuan language in the Bomberai area. It is based on eleven months of fieldwork. The primary source of data is a corpus of more than 15 hours of spoken Kalamang recorded and transcribed betw Books: English Rock and Pop Performances 2022-05-24T22:52:59Z This book addresses the phenomenon of non-American rock and pop singers emulating an Americanized singing style for performance purposes. By taking a novel approach to this pop cultural trend and drawing attention to the audience, British and American students’ perceptions of English rock and pop performances were elicited. Interviews guided by various music clips were conducted and analyzed through a detailed qualitative content analysis. The interviewees' responses provide important insights i Books: A functional approach to differential indexing 2022-05-24T22:52:59Z This thesis deals with differential indexing, i.e. intra-linguistic variation in bound verbal person marking, and the referential and discourse-structural factors which trigger it. Although the same underlying factors for differential indexing, such as animacy and definitness, can be encountered again and again across languages, the exact manifestation of these factors has to be viewed language-specifically. Not only can languages differ with regard to the relevant factors themselves, but also w Books: The Autobiography of a Meskwaki Woman 2022-05-24T22:52:59Z This is an edition and translation of an autobiographical account written in the Meskwaki language in 1918 by an anonymous Meskwaki woman. The writer describes how she was brought up and taught useful skills, and she talks frankly about her personal life, which included three marriages. The original manuscript is written in the alphabetic syllabary that the Meskwakis began using in the last decades of the nineteenth century. It is in the National Anthropological Archives of the Department of Ant Books: Sound, Syntax and Contact in the Languages of Asturias 2022-05-24T22:52:59Z This is the first generative-oriented volume ever published about Asturian and Asturian Galician, two Romance languages which, along with their intrinsic interest, are crucial to understand the parametric distance between Spanish and Galician/Portuguese. Its chapters offer new insights about old puzzles, like pronominal enclisis or apparent violations of bans on clitic combinatorics, but they also deal with less explored grounds, like aspect, negation or prosody. Chapters make special emphasis o Books: Non-Finiteness 2022-05-24T22:52:59Z 'Non-finiteness' is a phenomenon that occurs in most natural languages, whereby a verb is not inflected by grammatical tense, and does not possess the grammatical features of aspect, mood or voice. Various theories have been developed to explain their distribution and their role in clause structure, but many instances of non-finiteness remain unaccounted for. Taking a functional approach, this study proposes a 'process relation framework' to explain the more complex, previously unaccounted for, Books: The Multimodal Performance of Conversational Humor 2022-05-24T22:52:59Z This volume is the first monograph exploring the functions of visual cues in humor, advocating for the development of a non-linguocentric theory of humor performance. It analyzes a corpus of dyadic, face-to-face interactions in Spanish and English to study the relationship between humor, smiling, and gaze, and shows how, by focusing on these elements, it is possible to shed light on the “unsaid” of conversations. In the book, the humorous framing of an utterance is shown to be negotiated Books: Standardising English Spelling 2022-05-24T22:52:59Z The standardisation of English spelling that resulted from the advent of printing is one of the most fascinating aspects of the history of English. This pioneering book explores new avenues of investigation into spelling development by looking at the Early Modern English period, when irregular features across graphemes became standardised. It traces the development of the English spelling system through a number of 'competing' standards, raising questions about the meaning of 'standardisation'. Books: Arabic Dislocation 2022-05-24T22:52:59Z Since the early years of generative grammar (Chomsky 1977, inter alia), the phenomenology of dislocation has proved to be a fertile area of research. This, however, has not been the case for Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), and hence this thorough monograph intends to fill this lacuna. Three aspects of this linguistic phenomenon stand out: the taxonomy of possible dislocated configurations, syntax and interpretation. Though the structure in itself has been extensively studied in various languages, Books: Discourse Structuring Markers in English 2022-05-24T22:52:59Z This book is a contribution to the growing field of diachronic construction grammar. Focus is on corpus evidence for the importance of including conventionalized pragmatics within construction grammar and suggestions for how to do so. The empirical domain is the development of Discourse Structuring Markers in English such as "after all, also, all the same, by the way, further" and "moreover" (also known as Discourse Markers). The term Discourse Structuring Markers highlights their use not only t Books: Language Change at the Interfaces 2022-05-24T22:52:59Z This volume offers an up-to-date survey of linguistic phenomena at the interfaces between syntax and prosody, information structure and discourse – with a special focus on Germanic and Romance – and their role in language change. The contributions, set within the generative framework, discuss original data and provide new insights into the diachronic development of long-burning issues such as negation, word order, quantifiers, null subjects, aspectuality, the structure of the left periphery, and Books: Discourse, Media, and Conflict 2022-05-24T22:52:59Z Bringing together contributions from a team of international scholars, this pioneering book applies theories and approaches from linguistics, such as discourse analysis and pragmatics, to analyse the media and online political discourses of both conflict and peace processes. By analysing case studies as globally diverse as Germany, the USA, Nigeria, Iraq, Korea and Libya, and across a range of genres such as TV news channels, online reporting and traditional newspapers, the chapters collectively Books: Language Teachers Studying Abroad 2022-05-24T22:52:59Z This book focuses on the study-abroad experiences of pre-service and in-service language teachers and language teacher educators. The diverse contributions to this volume provide readers with a deep understanding of what this mobility means for individuals and the language teaching and learning communities they encounter and return to post-sojourn. Considering the broad variability of study-abroad programs and arrangements, as well as the multidimensional, complex nature of study-abroad social, Books: Explorations of Language Transfer 2022-05-24T22:52:59Z When learners of a new language draw on their native language (or on any other that they may know), this earlier acquired linguistic knowledge may influence their success. Such cross-linguistic influence, also known as language transfer, has long raised questions about what linguists can predict about success in the new language and about what processes are involved in using prior knowledge. This book lucidly brings together many insights on transfer: e.g. on the relation between translation and Books: La huella literaria en la enseñanza de español en los Estados Unidos 2022-05-24T22:52:59Z Este trabajo comienza con una introducción general del nacimiento del hispanismo en el marco de la enseñanza de segundas lenguas en los Estados Unidos. Se ofrece información sobre las universidades pioneras, primeras instituciones culturales hispánicas y asociaciones que se dedicaron al estudio de las lenguas modernas. También, se presta atención a la difusión de la lengua y la cultura hispánica durante el siglo XIX y principios del XX. A continuación se analiza el papel de las instituciones esp Books: L’expression du refus en milieu francophone au Cameroun 2022-05-24T22:52:59Z Cet ouvrage scrute les stratégies discursives mises en oeuvre par les locuteurs camerounais francophones pour refuser des demandes de service, des invitations et des offres, d’une part, et examine la variation des stratégies de refus selon les strates de relations sociales existant entre les interlocuteurs, d’autre part. Il y ressort que le refus est une activité communicative complexe englobant diverses tâches que l’on pourrait appréhender en termes de force illocutoire, de procédés d’adoucisse Books: El mapa lingüístico del noroccidente ibérico: contacto, variación y cambio 2022-05-24T22:52:59Z Utilizando la definición amplia de “idiomas del noroeste ibérico”, este volumen aborda las lenguas minoritarias habladas en el área que corresponde, aproximadamente, a la provincia romana de Gallaecia en el siglo III: lo que hoy sería Galicia, Asturias, el norte de Portugal y las provincias de León, Zamora y Salamanca en Castilla y León. Junto a variantes locales del castellano o del portugués, en esta zona se hablan idiomas regionales que pertenecen a dos grupos lingüísticos: el gallegoportugué