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Job Announcement: University of Potsdam

Morphology; Pragmatics; Semantics; Syntax; Information Structure: Visiting Professor, University of Potsdam, Potsdam, Germany

Employer: University of Potsdam
Department of Linguistics/SFB632
Job Location: Potsdam, Germany
Title: Visiting Scholar
Rank: Visiting Professor
Linguistic Field(s): Morphology
Information Structure
LL Issue: 24.2701
Date Submitted: 01-Jul-2013
Job Description: We invite applications for a fully funded research visit in the Collaborative Research Centre 632 at the University of Potsdam. The position is either (and optimally) for a post-doc or for a PhD-student. A post-doc could be funded for up to 7 months (three months in 2013 plus four months in 2014), a PhD-student for up to 11 months (three months in 2013 plus eight months in 2014). The salary is computed according to TV-L 13.

The visiting scholar is expected to carry out theoretical and/or experimental research on the relation between morphology and focus (ideally) or at least morphosyntax and information structure. Preference will be given to applicants who intend to pay close attention to a language or languages in which focus is considered to be marked by morphological means ("particle languages" in the terminology of Büring 2009). Examples include (but are by far not limited to) languages from the Muskogean family (e.g. Munro and Willmond 1994), the Chadic family (e.g. Zimmermann 2005), or the Gbe family (Aboh 2004). Research experience with such languages is an advantage. Native speakers of "particle languages" are especially encouraged to apply.

The research is to be carried out as part of the project A1 of the Collaborative Research Centre (SFB) 632:

Applications must include:
- a CV
- a cover letter (approx. 2 pages long) stating the applicant's motivation, research plan, and the way his/her research is relevant for the A1 project of the SFB632
- one or two writing samples
- contact details of at least 2 recommendators

Applications are to be sent electronically (with pdf attachments) by July 31, 2013, to the application email.

Aboh, E. 2004. The morphosyntax of complement-head sequences: Clause structure and word order patterns in Kwa. Oxford University Press.
Büring, D. 2009. Towards a typology of focus realization. In Zimmermann, M. and C. Fery (eds.), Information structure: Theoretical, typological, and experimental perspectives. Oxford University Press.
Munro, P. and C. Willmond. 1994. Chickasaw: An analytical dictionary. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press.
Zimmermann, M. 2005. Focus in Western Chadic: A unified OT-account. Proceedings of NELS 36.
Application Deadline: 31-Jul-2013
Application Email: click here to access email
Contact Information: Luis  Vicente
click here to access email