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  • Journal of Slavic Linguistics - - Slavica Publishers (21-Oct-2014)
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  • iSybislaw Slavic Bibliography: Bibliographic database of world Slavic linguistic publications including contrastive non-Slavic-Slavic studies. The data base uses a highly developped IR language and contains more than 15000 records. The data base is updated permanently. (17-May-2012)

  • Bilingual and Multilingual Dictionaries:

  • Slovak-Russian online dictionary: Slovak-Russian, Russian-Slovak online dictionary. Slovak language for Russian speakers. (23-Oct-2003)

  • Corpora:

  • Slovak National Corpus: Slovak National Corpus is built as a general monolingual corpus, which in the first phase (year 2003) started to compile written texts originated in years 1990 – 2003, containing about 30 million of words with a lemmatisation, morphological and source (bibliographical and style-genre) annotation. During the second phase (up to 2006) the representative span of written texts will be extended to other periods of the contemporary language (1955 – 2005) to the amount of 200 million words and its selected sample will be syntactically annotated. Simultaneously, specific sub-corpora of diachronic and dialectological texts will commence to be built, as well as a terminological and lexicographical database. Slovak National Corpus is provided primarily to lexicographers (dictionary creation), complements grammar and stylistic research (grammar and orthographical handbooks; varieties of the national language and their usage in communication). We suppose that it will also find its use at schools (preparing of orthography, grammar and style textbooks; teaching Slovak as a foreign language). Specific sub-corpora of historical and dialectological texts will help to preserve an important part of our cultural heritage in a long-term perspective . (08-Jun-2005)