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Browse ALL OF the CURRENT LINGUIST List Notice Board announcements. FOR your convenience, announcements ARE listed BY topic. Please note that ONLY topics WITH CURRENT announcements ARE displayed below the box.

Housing Available Housing Needed
Merchandise Needed/Available (e.g. books) Services Needed/Available (e.g. translation)
Addresses/Contacts Needed Advice/Suggestions Needed

Services Needed/Available (e.g. translation)
Practical Turkish Courses / Private Classes Offered in Istanbul Alpere  Karazeybek

Addresses/Contacts Needed
Prescriptivism and attitudes to language correctness in the US Maciej  Rataj
Seeking partners Samir  Diouny
Testing exhaustive tone marking in orthographies David  Roberts

Advice/Suggestions Needed
Possessive Pronouns in Family Language Nigel  Williamson
Discourse analysis project on Islamic discourse Sami  Dadi
History of Linguistics Texts Geoff  Nathan
Morphological Analysis Asmaa  Shehata
Comparison between English and Spanish Nicola  Spotorno

Identifying a language Lou  Thompson
Identifying languages of Ugandan ebola posters Don  Osborn
Job vacancies announcement Mohammad Ishaq Anani
Obertura inscripcions 2015-16 M├áster TICOM Josselin  Conte
3 questions about Italian terms and etymology Otto  Santa Ana