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Personal Directory Information

Name: Michael  Tomasello
Institution: Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
State and/or Country: ----------------   
Selected Publications:
Announced on LINGUIST :  The New Psychology of Language
 Language Development: The Essential Readings
 The New Psychology of Language, Volume 2
 Beyond Nature-Nurture
Reviewed on LINGUIST :  The New Psychology of Language, Volume 2
 Language Development: The Essential Readings
Dissertation Director * of: 'Piecemeal Paths to Grammatical Productivity': How children become productive with basic event constructions
(Michael Sharwood-Smith, Author)
Academic Paper Abstract: Young children's sensitivity to listener knowledge and perceptual context in choosing referring expressions
Comparing different accounts of inversion errors in children's non-subject wh-questions: ‘What experimental data can tell us?’
Two-Year-Olds Use Primary Sentence Accent to Learn New Words
The effect of perceptual availability and prior discourse on young children's use of referring expressions
The acquisition of German relative clauses: A case study*
Rapid learning of an abstract language-specific category: Polish children's acquisition of the instrumental construction
Young children's sensitivity to new and given information when answering predicate-focus questions
German–English-speaking children's mixed NPs with ‘correct’ agreement
Children aged 2 ; 1 use transitive syntax to make a semantic-role interpretation in a pointing task
Two-year-old children differentiate test questions from genuine questions
Children's ability to answer different types of questions
Error patterns in young German children's wh-questions*
The communicative contexts of grammatical aspect use in English

* This information has been submitted by the dissertation author.

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