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Name: Michael  Haugh
Institution: Griffith University
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: Australia   
Linguistic Field(s): Discourse Analysis
Specialty: Politeness; Face; Implicature; Intercultural communication; Identity
Subject Language(s): English
Selected Publications: 1997 Japanese Language Teaching in New Zealand. A National Profile, Occasional Paper No. 8, Institute of Language Teaching and Learning, University of Auckland

1997 Current Issues in Japanese Language Education in New Zealand, Languages Victoria (Journal of the Modern Languages Teachers' Association of Victoria) 1, 4:6-8

1998 Native Speakers' Beliefs about Nihonjinron and Miller's Law of Inverse Returns, Journal of the Association of Teachers of Japanese 32, 2:64-96

1999 Validation of Frameworks of Communicative Competence and Oral Proficiency Assessment, New Zealand Studies in Applied Linguistics 5:22-43

2002 The intuitive basis of implicature; Relevance theoretic implicitness versus Gricean implying, Pragmatics 12, 2:117-134

2003 A metalinguistic approach to deconstructing the concepts of 'face' and 'politeness' in Chinese, English and Japanese, Journal of Pragmatics 35, 1-11:1581-1611. [with Carl Hinze]

2003 Japanese and non-Japanese perceptions of Japanese communication, New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies 5, 1:156-177

2003 Anticipated versus inferred politeness, Multilingua 22, 4:397-413

2004 Revisiting the conceptualisation of politeness in English and Japanese, Multilingua 23, 1/2:85-109

2005 The importance of 'place' in Japanese politeness: Implications for cross-cultural and intercultural analyses, Intercultural Pragmatics 2, 1.

2005. What does ‘face’ mean to the Japanese? Understanding the import of ‘face’ in Japanese business interaction. In Francesca Bargiela-Chiappini and Maurizio Gotti (eds.) Asian Business Discourse(s) (pp.211-239), Berlin: Peter Lang.

2006 Emic perspectives on the positive-negative politeness distinction, Culture, Language and Representation 3: 17-26.

2007 The co-constitution of politeness implicature in conversation, Journal of Pragmatics 39, 1:84-110.

2007 Emic conceptualisations of (im)politeness and face in Japanese: implications for the discursive negotiation of second language learner identities, Journal of Pragmatics 39, 4: 657-680.

2007 The discursive challenge to politeness theory: an interactional alternative, Journal of Politeness Research 3, 2: 295-317.

2008 Intention and diverging interpretings of implicature in the 'uncovered meat' sermon, Intercultural Pragmatics 5, 2.

2008 Intention in pragmatics, Intercultural Pramgatics 5, 2.

2008. The discursive negotiation of international student identities. Discourse 29, 3.

2008. Utterance-final conjunctive particles and implicature in Japanese conversation. Pragmatics 18, 3.

In press. Face and interaction. In Francesca Bargiela-Chiappini and Michael Haugh (eds.) Face, Communicatino and Social Interaction. London: Equinox.

In press. Analysing Japanese 'face-in-interaction': insights from intercultural business meetings. In Francesca Bargiela-Chiappini and Michael Haugh (eds.) Face, Communicatino and Social Interaction. London: Equinox. [with Y Watanabe]

Announced on LINGUIST :  Face, Communication and Social Interaction
 Selected Proceedings of the 2008 HCSNet Workshop on Designing the Australian National Corpus
 Situated Politeness
 Best Practices for Spoken Corpora in Linguistic Research
 Im/Politeness Implicatures
Reviewed on LINGUIST :  Situated Politeness
 Best Practices for Spoken Corpora in Linguistic Research
Courses Taught: 1204LAL: Academic English
1205LAL: Professional English
2201LAL: English as an International Language
2202LAL: The Pragmatics of English
3201LAL: English Conversation and Discourse
3202LAL: Intercultural English
3151LAL: Introduction to Pragmatics
Dissertation Abstract: Politeness Implicature in Japanese: A metalinguistic approach
Reviewer of: Pragmatics: Maynard (2002) (LL Issue 14.2480)
Politeness in Language (Revised and expanded second edition) (LL Issue 17.1897)
Sociolinguistics: Watts (2003) (LL Issue 15.3065)
Applied Linguistics: McClure (2000) (LL Issue 12.1150)
Morphology: Katamba (2005) (LL Issue 16.1727)

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