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Personal Directory Information

Name: Hsiang-Hua  Chang
Institution: Oakland University
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: MI
Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
General Linguistics
Language Acquisition
Subject Language(s): Chinese, Mandarin
Selected Publications: PHD DISSERTATION. “Acquisition of Interpretation and Structure: Cases from Mandarin Bare and Non-Bare Noun Phrases.”

MA THESIS. “Child Acquisition of the Aspect Marker –Le in Mandarin Chinese.”


2016. Interpretation of Bare and Demonstrative Noun Phrases in the Acquisition of Mandarin. Language and Linguistics 17.797-825.

2014. Mandarin Bare Classifier-Nouns: Towards a Universal Structure for Classifiers and Plurals. Journal of Universal Language 15.1-70.

2014. Review of ''Constructing the Heritage Language Learner.'' International Journal of Language Studies 8.141-147. (An earlier version: Linguist List 25.1420.)

2013. The Aspect Marker –Le in Early Child Mandarin. Journal of Universal Language, 14.7-54.

2012. Review of '500 Common Chinese Idioms.' Journal of Chinese Language Teachers Association 47.171-175.(An earlier version: Linguist List 22.3293.)

2005. (with K. Miller, C. Schmitt, and A. Munn.) 'Young children understand ‘some’ implicatures.' The proceedings of the 29th Boston University Conference on Language Development (BUCLD 29). pp. 389-400.

2004. 'Definite NPs in Mandarin ‘you’-existentials.' The proceedings of the 40th Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society (CLS 40). pp. 33-43


2017. Backward Design Principles and Practices for Chinese Heritage Language Education.

2017. Learning Civilization and Language through Content-Based CFL Instruction.

2015. Redesigning the Business Chinese Curriculum for Intermediate Learners - A Communicative-based Intermediate Business Chinese Course.

2014. Development and implementation of an intermediate business Chinese course.

2014. Objective-centered Chinese courses: from syllabus to assessment.

2013. More Motivated or Less Inspired? The Effects of a China Study Abroad Program on Language Learners.

2013. Narrative analyses of study abroad journals: learning and living in China.

2013. (with F. Fei) Learning Language through Culture: Needs Analysis and the ‘Critical Incidents’ Approach in Business Chinese Instruction.

2013. The Mandarin Distal Demonstrative in Its Initial Stage.

2011. From Bare to Non-Bare: Factors Affecting the Development of Mandarin Nominals.

2011. Building Up the Nominal Tree: The Development of the Internal Structure inside the Mandarin Noun Phrases.

2008. Semantic Mappings of Bare and Demonstrative Nominals in Child Mandarin.

2007. Mandarin Determinerless Classifier-Nouns.

2006. The Structure of Mandarin Bare Classifier-Nouns.

2004. Acquisition of the Strong and Weak Quantifiers in There-Existentials.

2004. with Karen Miller. Children can use focal stress to construct quantity implicatures.

2004. with Karen Miller. Young children understand some implicatures.

2004. The Definiteness and Information Status of the NPs in Mandarin You-Existentials.

2004. Definite NPs in Mandarin You-Existentials.

2004. Strong/Weak Quantifiers in Existential Sentences: A Pilot Study in Child English and Mandarin.

2002. Child acquisition of the aspect marker –le in Mandarin Chinese – Evidence Opposing the Prototype Account.

2001. Child acquisition of the aspect marker –le in Mandarin Chinese.
Courses Taught: Introduction to Chinese Language and Culture
Second Year Chinese
Chinese Conversation
Chinese Composition
Chinese Civilization
Chinese Translation
Business Chinese
Introduction to Chinese Linguistics (Graduate-level course)
Grammar of Chinese (Graduate-level course)
Dissertation Abstract: Acquisition of Structure and Interpretation: Cases from Mandarin bear and non-bear noun phrases
Reviewer of: 500 Common Chinese Idioms (LL Issue 22.3293)
Constructing the Heritage Language Learner (LL Issue 25.1420)

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