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Personal Directory Information

Name: Jeff  Allen
Institution: SAP Research
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: France   
Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics
Discourse Analysis
Text/Corpus Linguistics
Subject Language(s): French
Creole, Haitian
Creole French, Saint Lucian
Creole French, Guadeloupean
Selected Publications: listed at:
Courses Taught: Machine Translation (MT) tutorials and courses, Controlled language writing, Integrated MT and Translation Memory (TM) solutions; Business Intelligence reporting
Dissertation Abstract: Sainte-Lucie: Relexification, décréolisation, recréolisation ou adlexification?
Academic Paper Abstract: Post-Editing
Postediting: An integrated part of a translation software program
Post-Editing or No Post-Editing?
The Bible as a Resource for Translation Software: A proposal for machine translation (MT) development using an untapped language resource database
Implementing Machine Translation for the Translation of Pre-sales Marketing and Post-sales Software Deployment Documentation: a Case Study
Inbound Versus Outbound Translation
Thinking About Machine Translation
Translation Speed Versus Content Management
Getting Started with Machine Translation
Toward the Development of a Post-Editing Module for Machine Translation Raw Output
What is Post-Editing?
Lexical Variation in Haitian Creole and Orthographic Issues for Machine Translation (MT) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Applications
Issues in Multilingual Speech Technologies
Phonemic and Orthographic Realizations of 'r' and 'w' in Haitian Creole
Standardized Spelling as a Localization Issue
Is there a Universal Creole for Localization Efforts?
Intra-textual Inconsistency: Risks of implementing orthographies for less-prevalent languages
Computing in Creole Languages
Rapid-Deployment Text-to-Speech in the DIPLOMAT System
Evaluating Haitian Creole Orthographies from a Non-literacy-based Perspective
Sainte-Lucie: Description Sociolinguistique D'une île Antillaise
Has the Adoption of Words from English Led to a New Phoneme in Kwéyòl?
L'influence Adstratale des Variétés Anglaises sur le Kwéyòl Sainte-Lucien
Former Lexifier Language Acquisition
Issues in Speech Database Creation
Issues in Database Design: Recording and Processing Speech from New Populations
Survey of Language Engineering Needs: a language resources perspective
Expanding Lexical Coverage of Parallel Corpora for the Example-Based Machine Translation Approach
Taking on the Critics: Giving the Machine Equal Time
Controlled Translation: the integration of controlled language (CL) and machine translation (MT)
Ownership at Issue in the Localization Cycle
Controlled Language -- Changing Faces
Different kinds of Controlled Languages
Adapting the Concept of Translation Memory to Authoring Memory
Multilingual Controlled Languages
Introductory Overview of Controlled Languages
English Language History, Controlled English (CE) Checkers, Writing Techniques, Examples of CE
Meta-Descriptions and Annotation Schemas for Multimodal/Multimedia Language Resources
Legal and Ethical Problems for the Distribution of Language and Terminology Resource Databases
The ELRA/ELDA Survey of Language Resources
Using Language Resources for Speech, Text and Terminology Processing Systems
Language Resources Surveyed by ELRA/ELDA
ELRA/ELDA and Language Resources for Controlled Language and Translation Systems
Language Resources: An issue of information management
Language Resources Go Digital
Survey on Multilingual Issues, and the Evolution of Languages in Speech and Machine Translation Products
Former Lexifier Language Acquisition: A case for creole language studies
Le 'r' et le 'w' en Créole Haïtien: 1, 2 ou 3 phonèmes?
La Standardisation par la Linguistique Computationnelle
Speech Technology Survey
Issues from Corpus Analysis that Have Influenced the On-going Development of Various Haitian Creole Text- and Speech-based NLP Systems and Applications
Prototype for Orthography Conversion Software and Workflow Solutions for Haitian Creole - A minority language
Recent Natural Language Processing Advances for Haitian Creole: A low-density / sparse-data / minority language
One Small Step for Language Technologies, One Big Step for Implementing Creole Language Technologies into Real-User Environments
The Value of Internet Translation Portals
What About Statistical-Based Machine Translation?
How Are We Meeting the Needs of Industry and Business Users in Telecommunications and Other Fields with Controlled Language and Machine Translation?
Mastering Machine Translation (MT) Output: MT dictionary building and postediting
Social Contexts Conducive to the Vernacularization of Literacy
Project Management checklist for Translation/Localization
Working with the French

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