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Personal Directory Information

Name: Ota  Ogie (IPA: [ota ogye])
Institution: Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: Norway   
Linguistic Field(s): Linguistic Theories
Specialty: Syntax- Semantic Interface in Multi-Verb Constructions
Subject Language(s): Edo
Language Family(ies): Niger-Congo
Selected Publications: SELECTED PUBLICATIONS:
(1). Ogie, Ota 2009. Multi-verb constructions in Edo. PhD dissertation. Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Trondheim. Norway

(2). Hagemeijer Tjerk & Ota Ogie. 2009. Forthcoming. Edo influence on Santome: evidence from verb serialization. Micheal Noonan & Claire Lefebvre (eds.). Typological Studies in Language . John Benjamins Publishing Company. Amsterdam/Philadelphia.

(3).Ogie, Ota 2008. Multi-verb constructions in Edo: a typology. Cardona, M.D,
A.Didriksen, Ø.Heggelund, G.Jenset, & S Wold (eds.). Proceedings of the
second PhD-conference in linguistics and philology in Bergen, June 4-6 2007.
2008: 359-388. Oslo: Novus Press.

(4).Ogie, Ota. 2004. About Multi-verb constructions in Edo: multi-verb.
construction, past tense suffixation and syntactic representation in Edo. TROSS. Proceedings Dorothee Beermann and Lars Hellan (eds.).

(5)Ogie,Ota. 2002: Edo personal names and world view. New Perspectives in Edoid studies: Essays in honour of Ronald Peter Schaefer. 2002:108-126. CASAS book series no.20. Cape Town RSA. Also in

(6). Ogie, Ota. 2002. NP focus and non-canonical arguments in Edo. In Papers in linguistics from the University of Manchester: proceedings of the 9th postgraduate conference in Linguistics 25 March 2000. K. Hiietam & C. R. Schubert (eds.),78-89. Department of Linguistics, University of Manchester.

(7). Ogie, Ota .2001. Some comments on Edo syntax. Africa and Asia, 1:50-59.

(8). Ogie, Ota. 1995. User choice in petrol filling station: a multidimensional approach to decision making. M.B.A. Thesis. University of Benin.

(9). Ogie, Ota. 1991. Verb serialization in Edo. M.A. Thesis. University of Ilorin.Nigeria.

(10). Ogie, Ota. 1987. Verb and Noun classification in Edo. B.A. Project University of Benin. Nigeria.

(1) Ogie 2009. Using an on-line tool for the documentation of Edo. The Nordic African Days 2009. Africa- in search for alternatives. Trondheim 1-3 October 2009. The Nordic African Institute.

Articles in webpages
(1) Ogie, Ota & Dorothee Beermann 2009.Typecraft Software for the documentation of minority languages ISFITovation February 26th 2009.
Slides 29- 44. NTNU, Trondheim, Norway.

(2)Ogie, Ota . 2009. In-depth annotation of multi-verb constructions in Èdó

(3)Ogie, Ota . 2009. Multi-verb constructions in Edo.

(4) Hellan Lars, Dorothee Beermann & Ota Ogie. 2001. Three types of extraction in Edo.Stanford University Grammar Seminar. 2001 04 - 08.
Courses Taught: Syntax;
Advanced Syntax;
Development in Syntactic and Semantic Theory
Dissertation Abstract: Multi-Verb Constructions in Edo
Academic Paper Abstract: Èdó influence on Santome: Evidence from verb serialisation
About Multi-verb constructions in Edo:multi-verb construction, past tense suffixation and syntactic representation in Edo
Èdo Personal Names and World View
NP focus and non canonical arguments in Èdó
Some comments on Èdó syntax

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