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Personal Directory Information

Name: Jocelyne  M.  Vincent Marrelli
Institution: Università degli studi di Napoli L'Orientale
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: Italy   
Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
Specialty: Intercultural communication; English as an International language; truthfulness and deception in intercultural perspective
Subject Language(s): English
Selected Publications: (2004)Words in the way of truth: truthfulness, deception, lying across cultures and disciplines. Napoli: Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane (E.S.I.).ISBN 88-495-0832-8.
(2004)'Ma che genere di menzogna è?' In L. Curti ed. La Nuova Sharazad. Donne e Multiculturalismo. Napoli: Liguori [281-301].
(2004)'Lingue in movimento, donne in mezzo' Intro. to § 'Genere, alterità e linguaggio' In L. Curti ed.(see above)[211-220].
(2003)'Truthfulness' In J. Verschueren et al. eds. Handbook of Pragmatics 2002 Instalment. Amsterdam/Antwerp: Benjamins[48 pp.].
(2003)'Incontri sulla soglia di Napoli' In A.Corrado & G.Di Martino eds. Parlare è comunicare? Napoli: E.S.I [133-161].
(2002)'Affect, ergonomics and culture in creating and managing a self-access centre' In C. Argondizzo & P. Evangelisti eds. L'apprendimento autonomo delle lingue straniere: Filosofia e attuazione nell'università italiana. Catanzaro: Rubbettino [ 89-106].
(2002) 'ACE learning centres for learners and 'carers”'. Postface to M.Cordisco, Self-Access: Autonomia e tecnologie nello studio dell’inglese come lingua straniera). Napoli: E.S.I [125-137].
(2000)'Talk-speak: Gioco e Ideologia nei logonimi inglesi' In C.Vallini ed. Le parole per le parole-I logonimi nelle lingue e nel metalinguaggio. Rome: Il Calamo [701-738].
(1999)(co.ed M-H.Laforest) English and the Other, issue of AION-Anglistica-New series-3,1 (journal website:
(1997)'On The Cross-Cultural Perception Of (In)Sincerity' In M.Bonfantini, C.Castelfranchi, A.Martone, I.Poggi & J.Vincent eds. Menzogna e Simulazione. Napoli: E.S.I.[79-120].
(1997)(with C.Castelfranchi) 'L'arte dell'inganno'. In Bonfantini et al. eds.(see above)[155-201].
(1994) 'On Non-Serious Talk: Some Cross-Cultural Remarks On The Un/Importance Of (Not) Being Earnest'. In H. Parret ed. Pretending to Communicate. Berlin: de Gruyter [253-275].
(1990)'Review of F. Braun 1988, 'Terms of Address:problems of patterns and usage in various languages and cultures'' Journal of Linguistics,26: 265-274.
(1990)(with L. Anderson)'On funny aliens: some notes on cross-cultural humour'. In Marengo-Vaglio et al.eds. Le Forme del Comico, Torino: Edizioni dell'Orso. [253-264].
(1990)'English for Cross-talk: Pidgin for Pentecost?' In J. Aitchison, Th.Frank & N.Pantaleo eds. English Past and Present, Fasano: Schena [197-227].
(1989)'On Cross-purposes in Cross-talk' In L.Curti et al. eds. Il muro del linguaggio: tragedia e conflitto. Naples: IUO /DIPLLO/ Intercontinentalia [465-488].
(1988)'Notes on Power and Solidarity in Bookshops: goals, roles and the functions of laughing' In G.Aston ed. Negotiating Service: studies in the discourse of bookshop encounters. The PIXI Project v.1, Bologna: C.L.U.E.B [233-267].
(1986)'Variation in Neapolitan BLUES'. Workshop Proceedings: International Group for the study of language standardization and vernacularization of literacy. Department of Language and Linguistics,York University(UK) [35-38].
(1983)'Categorizzazione e strategie di denominazione dei colori: aspetti metodologici, e problemi relativi all'inglese e all'italiano'. In Linguistica e Antropologia. Proceedings of the XIVth Società Linguistica Italiana conference,Lecce 1980. Roma: Bulzoni [161-171].
(1982)'On the Witcraft of Iago- I am not what I am' In AION-Anglistica 25,2-3 [335-376].
(1981)'Review of S.Tornay(ed.) 1978 'Voir et Nommer les Couleurs”'. Journal of Linguistics,17: 353-359.
(1981)(with C. Castelfranchi) 'On the art of deception: how to lie while saying the truth' In H. Parret, M.Sbisa`& J. Verschueren eds. Possibilities and Limitations of Pragmatics. Amsterdam:Benjamins [749-777].
(1979)'On defining minimal adequacy in English as L2'. AION-Anglistica XXI,1-2:341-358.
(1976)'On Translation: A first Approximation'. AION-Anglistica ,XIX,1:41-114.
Courses Taught: -English Linguistics to English majors (overview of characteristics of English from Phonetics/Phonology to Pragmatics and Rhetoric).
-English and ICT,
-English and the Media,
-English and Intercultural communication;
-English linguistics for translators (post-grad course);
-Advanced seminars in contrastive pragmatics (specifically in face-to-face interaction both in intra and inter-cultural settings; Data collection methodology)
-English language to International Relations and Diplomacy students in Political Science.
-English Language Teaching and Learning. Learner and Teacher Training; Self- Access resources development. use of IT in FL learning/teaching (for post-grad. EFL teacher trainees).
-Social and cultural history of English as a world language

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