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Personal Directory Information

Name: Ghil'ad  Zuckermann (IPA: Israeli [gi'lad], Hebrew [gil'ʕɔd])
Institution: University of Adelaide
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: SA
Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics
Writing Systems
Specialty: Camouflage Linguistics; Polychronic Language Contact;/L/Lexical Engineering; Language Revival/Survival; Socio-Philology;/L/The Israeli Language;/L/Jewish Linguistics;/L/Phono-Semantic Matching;/L/Language and Religion
Subject Language(s): Arabic, Standard
Chinese, Mandarin
Greek, Ancient
Greek, Modern
Hebrew, Ancient
Language Family(ies): Austronesian
Japanese Family
Slavic Subgroup
Latin Subgroup
New English
Selected Publications: This is an out-of-date, partial list. For a Full, Up-To-Date List, Please See

Zuckermann, Ghil'ad 2003. Language Contact and Lexical Enrichment in Israeli Hebrew. London - New York: Palgrave Macmillan.
(Palgrave Studies in Language History and Language Change, Series Editor:
Charles Jones)

--Zuckermann, Ghil'ad 2008. israelit safa yafa (Israeli - A Beautiful Language). Tel Aviv: Am Oved.

Refereed journal articles

--Zuckermann, Ghil'ad 2003. 'Language Contact and Globalisation: The Camouflaged Influence of English on the
World's Languages - with special attention to Israeli (sic) and Mandarin'. Cambridge Review of international Affairs 16.2: 287-307.

--Zuckermann, Ghil'ad 2004. 'Cultural Hybridity: Multisourced Neologization in
'Reinvented' Languages and in Languages with 'Phono-Logographic' Script'.
Languages in Contrast 4.2: 281-318.

--Zuckermann, Ghil'ad 2006. 'A New Vision for 'Israeli Hebrew': Theoretical and Practical Implications of Analysing Israel's Main Language as a Semi-Engineered Semito-European Hybrid
Language'. Journal of Modern Jewish Studies 5.1: 57-71.

--Zuckermann, Ghil'ad 2006. 'The Israeli Language'. The Mendele Review: Yiddish
Literature and Language.
--Zuckermann, Ghil'ad

2006 'Direct and Indirect Speech in Straight-Talking Israeli'. Acta Linguistica Hungarica 53.4: 1-15.
--Zuckermann, Ghil'ad

Refereed book chapters

--Zuckermann, Ghil'ad 2004. 'Hebrew' in Glenda Abramson (ed.), Encyclopedia of Modern Jewish Culture, London: Routledge. pp. 358-61 (with Chaim Rabin)

--Zuckermann, Ghil'ad 2005. 'Phono-Semantische Abgleichung' in Stefan Langer and Daniel Schnorbusch (eds), Semantik im Lexikon, Tübingen:
Gunter Narr, 223-67. (in German)

--Zuckermann, Ghil'ad 2005. 'Israeli (Modern Hebrew)' in Keith Brown (ed.), Encyclopedia of Language and
Linguistics, 2nd Edition (14 vols). Oxford: Elsevier.

--Zuckermann, Ghil'ad
2006. 'Etymythological Othering' and the Power of 'Lexical Engineering' in
Judaism, Islam and Christianity. A Socio-Philo(sopho)logical Perspective'
pp. 237-58 (Chapter 16) of Tope Omoniyi and Joshua A. Fishman (eds), Explorations in the Sociology of Language and Religion (Discourse
Approaches to Politics, Society and Culture series). Amsterdam: John

Zuckermann, Ghil'ad 2009. 'Hybridity versus Revivability: Multiple Causation, Forms and Patterns', Journal of Language Contact Varia 2: 40-67.

Zuckermann, Ghil'ad and Walsh, Michael 2011. 'Stop, Revive, Survive: Lessons from the Hebrew Revival Applicable to the Reclamation, Maintenance and Empowerment of Aboriginal Languages and Cultures', Australian Journal of Linguistics 31.1: 111-127.

--Zuckermann, Ghil'ad 2005.'Dare Forma all'Identità attraverso la Lingua: 'Abbinamento Fono-Semantico' Xenofobo in
Ebraico Antico e Moderno, Yiddish e Arabo' in Alessandro Mengozzi (ed.),
Studi Afroasiatici (Afro-Asiatic Studies). Milano: FrancoAngeli. 269-84.
(in Italian)

--Zuckermann, Ghil'ad 2006. 'Complement Clause Types in Israeli', pp. 72-92 of Complementation: A Cross-Linguistic Typology edited
by R. M. W. Dixon and A. Y. Aikhenvald, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Announced on LINGUIST :  Language Contact and Lexical Enrichment in Israeli Hebrew
Reviewed on LINGUIST :  Language Contact and Lexical Enrichment in Israeli Hebrew
Courses Taught: Revival Linguistics; Contact Linguistics; Lexicology; Borrowing; Language, Culture, Religion and Identity; Applied Linguistics; Historical Linguistics; Language Variation and Change; Sociolinguistics; Phonetics;
Morphology; Syntax; Phonology; Lexicography; English as the World's Language; Languages of the World; Semantics; Jewish Linguistics; Israeli Language and Society; Native Tongue Title; Linguistic Human RIghts; Camouflage Linguistics; Language Genetics and Linguistic Hybridization; Semitic Philology;
Socio-Philology, Theo-Linguistics;
Language Teaching: Israeli, Hebrew, Arabic, Italian, Yiddish, German; Language Revival; Language Contact;
Lexical Expansion; Semantics; Multiple Causation; Hybridity; Linguistic Research Writing...

Professor Zuckermann teaches inter alia the following courses:

LING: Languages in a Global Society (July-November 2012)

LING: Morphology and Syntax (July-November 2012)

LING 1102: Language and Ethnography of Communication (July-November 2012)

LING: Linguistics Research Seminar (February-November 2012)

LING: Revival Linguistics (July-November 2013)

LING 1101: Foundations of Linguistics (February-July 2013)

LING 2049: Languages in the 21st Century: Cultural Contact and New Words (February-June 2012)

LING 2039: Language and Learning

LING 2038: Cross-Cultural Communication

LING 2039: Reclaiming Languages

LING 2040: Phonology and Phonetics

LING 5004: Language and Meaning

LING: How to be both Scholarly and Original
Dissertation Abstract: Camoflaged Borrowing: 'FOLK-etymological nativization' in the service of PURISTIC language engineering
Academic Paper Abstract: 'Mosaico' o mosaico? La genetica della lingua israeliana
Language Contact and Globalisation: The Camouflaged Influence of English on the World's Languages with special attention to Israeli (sic) and Mandarin
El original es infiel a la traducción: La manipulación etimológica como instrumento de rechazo hacia otras culturas
Review of the Oxford English-Hebrew Dictionary
Review of the Oxford Pocket Dictionary - English-Hebrew-English

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