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Personal Directory Information

Name: Hugo  Canelas  Cardoso
Institution: Universidade de Lisboa
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: Portugal   
Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics
Historical Linguistics
Language Documentation
Specialty: Indo-Portuguese; Portuguese-based creoles of Asia
Subject Language(s): Indo-Portuguese
Selected Publications: 2010. 'The African slave population of Portuguese India: Demographics and impact on Indo-Portuguese'. Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages 25(1). 95-119.

2009. (guest-editor, with Umberto Ansaldo) Accounting for commonalities among the Portuguese-lexified creoles of Asia. [Special number of the Journal of Portuguese Linguistics 8.2.]

2009. The Indo-Portuguese language of Diu (Utrecht: LOT)

2009. (editor, with Margot van den Berg and Rachel Selbach) Gradual creolization; Studies celebrating Jacques Arends (Amsterdam: John Benjamins)

2009. ‘The meaning of “European”. The challenge of high-contact varieties for linguistic taxonomy’, in G. Kimura et al (eds.), Proceedings of the Nitobe Symposium V.

2007. ‘Linguistic traces of colonial structure’, in Eric Anchimbe (ed.), Linguistic Identity in Postcolonial Multilingual Spaces (Cambridge Scholars Publishing)

2006a. (with Jacques Arends, Josje Verhagen, Eva van Lier, Suzanne Dikker) ‘On the presence versus absence of morphological marking in four Romance-based creoles’, in Bhatt, Parth & Ingo Plag (eds.), The structure of creole words: segmental, syllabic and morphological aspects (Tübingen: Niemeyer)

2006b. 'Challenges to Indo-Portuguese across India’, in R. Elangayan et al (eds.), Proceedings of the FEL X, 23-30

2004. 'Kaba teh a bi sunta dem: the path of two Portuguese elements in Saramaccan', in Mauro Fernández et al. (eds.), Los criollos de base ibérica (Madrid: Iberoamericana)
Announced on LINGUIST :  Gradual Creolization
 The Indo-Portuguese Language of Diu
 Ibero-Asian Creoles
Reviewed on LINGUIST :  Ibero-Asian Creoles
Courses Taught: The Portuguese language in global linguistic perspective (University of Massachussetts Dartmouth, 2012)

Languages of the World (University of Hong Kong, 2011)

Language Evolution (University of Hong Kong, 2011)

Linguistics Methodology (University of Macau, 2010-2011)

Language Typology (University of Macau, 2010)

Language contact and creole studies (University of Amsterdam, 2007-2008)
Dissertation Abstract: The Indo-Portuguese language of Diu
Reviewer of: The Handbook of Language Contact (LL Issue 23.123)

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