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Name: Talia  Isaacs
Institution: University College London
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: United Kingdom   
Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
Selected Publications: Isaacs, T., & Trofimovich, P. (Eds.). (2017). Second language pronunciation assessment: Interdisciplinary perspectives. Bristol, UK: Multilingual Matters.

Isaacs, T., Hunt, D., Ward, D., Rooshenas, L., & Edwards, L. (2016). The inclusion of ethnic minority patients and the role of language in telehealth trials for Type 2 diabetes: A systematic review. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 18(e256).

Saito, K., Trofimovich, P., & Isaacs, T. (in press). Using listener judgements to investigate linguistic influences on L2 comprehensibility and accentedness: A validation and generalization study. Applied Linguistics, 36.

Saito, K., Trofimovich, P., & Isaacs, T. (2016). Second language speech production: Investigating linguistic correlates of comprehensibility and accentedness for learners at different ability levels. Applied Psycholinguistics, 37, 217–240.

Saito, K., Webb, S., Trofimovich, P., & Isaacs, T. (in press). Lexical profiles of comprehensible second language speech: The role of appropriateness, fluency, variation, sophistication, abstractness and sense relations. Studies in Second Language Acquisition, 38, 677-701.

Crowther, D., Trofimovich, P., & Isaacs, T. (2016). Linguistic dimensions of second language accent and comprehensibility: Nonnative listeners' perspectives. Journal of Second Language Pronunciation, 2, 160–182.

Edwards, L., Rooshenas, L., & Isaacs, T. (2016). Inclusion of ethnic minorities in telehealth trials for type 2 diabetes: Protocol for a systematic review examining prevalence and language issues. JMIR Research Protocols, 5(1), e43.

Isaacs, T. (2016). Assessing speaking. In D. Tsagari & J. Banerjee (Eds.), Handbook of second language assessment (pp. 131-146). Berlin: DeGruyter Mouton.

Isaacs, T. (2016). Review of [Pronunciation fundamentals: Evidence-based perspectives for L2 teaching and research] by T. M. Derwing & M. J. Munro. Speak Out! 54, 52-56.

Trofimovich, P., Isaacs, T., Kennedy, S., & Saito, K., & Crowther, D. (2016). Flawed self-assessment: Investigating self- and other-perception of second language speech. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, 19, 122–140.

Crowther, D., Trofimovich, P., Isaacs, T., & Saito, K. (2015). Does speaking task affect second language comprehensibility? Modern Language Journal, 99, 80-95.

Crowther, D., Trofimovich, P., Saito, K., & Isaacs, T. (2015). Second language comprehensibility revisited: Investigating the effects of learner background. TESOL Quarterly, 49, 814-837.

Isaacs, T., Trofimovich, P., Yu, G., & Chereau, B. M. (2015). Examining the linguistic aspects of speech that most efficiently discriminate between upper levels of the revised IELTS pronunciation scale. IELTS research reports online series, 4.

Isaacs, T. (2014). Assessing pronunciation. In A. J. Kunnan (Ed.), The companion to language assessment (pp. 140-155). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Blackwell.

Isaacs, T., Crowther, D., Trofimovich, P., & Saito, K. (2014). Effects of international students' first language backgrounds on their speech productions. Graduate School of Education Research

Isaacs, T. (2013). International engineering graduate students’ interactional patterns on a paired speaking test: Interlocutors’ perspectives. In K. McDonough, & A. Mackey (Eds.), Second language interaction in diverse educational settings (pp. 227–245). Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
Courses Taught: UCL Institute of Education, University College London, UK
- Language Testing & Assessment

University of Bristol, UK
- Teaching & Assessing Fluency & Pronunciation
- Pedagogy & Curriculum in TESOL
- Second Language Learning
- Learning Resources in TESOL
- Second Language Pronunciation & Fluency
- Testing & Assessment in Language Learning

McGill University, Canada
- Pronunciation & Communication

Université de Montréal, Canada
- Didactique des langues secondes
Dissertation Abstract: Issues and arguments in the measurement of second language pronunciation
Academic Paper Abstract: Phonological memory, attention control, and musical ability: Effects of individual differences on rater judgments of second language speech
Deconstructing Comprehensibility

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