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Personal Directory Information

Name: Silvina  A  Montrul
Institution: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: IL
Linguistic Field(s): Language Acquisition
Specialty: Second Language Acquisition
Subject Language(s): Spanish
Language Family(ies): Romance
Selected Publications: Montrul, S. 2004. The Acquisition of Spanish. Morphosyntactic Development in Monolingual and Bilingual L1 Acquisition and in Adult L2 Acquisition. [Series on Language Acquisition and Language Disorders] Amsterdam: John Benjamins (pp. xv + 411).
Montrul, S. 2006. On the bilingual competence of Spanish heritage speakers: Syntax, lexical-semantics and processing. International Journal of Bilingualism 10,1, 37–69.
Montrul, S. 2005. On knowledge and development of unaccusativity in Spanish L2 acquisition. Linguistics 43, 6, 1153–1190.
Montrul, S. 2005. Second language acquisition and first language loss in adult early bilinguals: Exploring some differences and similarities. Second Language Research 21, 3, 199–249.
Montrul, S. 2004. Subject and object expression in Spanish heritage speakers: A case of morpho-syntactic convergence. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition 7, 2, 125–142. Special issue on Convergence edited by Jacqueline Toribio.
Montrul, S. 2004. Psycholinguistic evidence for split intransitivity in Spanish L2. Applied Psycholinguistics 25, 2. 239-267.
Slabakova, R. and S. Montrul. 2003. Genericity and aspect in L2 acquisition. Language Acquisition 11, 3, 165-196.
Montrul, S. and R. Slabakova. 2003. Competence similarities between native and near-native speakers: An investigation of the Preterite/Imperfect contrast in Spanish. Studies in Second Language Acquisition 25, 3, 351-398.
Duffield, N., White, L. Bruhn de Garavito, J., Montrul, S. and P. Prévost. 2002. Clitic placement in L2 French: Evidence from sentence matching. Journal of Linguistics 38, 3, 487-525.
Montrul, S. 2002. Incomplete acquisition and attrition of Spanish tense/aspect distinctions in adult bilinguals. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition 5, 1, 39-68.
Montrul, S. 2001. The acquisition of causative and inchoative verbs in L2 Turkish. Language Acquisition 9, 1-58.
Montrul, S. 2001. L1-constrained variability in the L2 acquisition of argument structure changing morphology with causative verbs. Second Language Research 17, 2, 144-194.
Montrul, S. 2001. Agentive verbs of manner of motion in Spanish and English. Studies in Second Language Acquisition 23, 2, 171-207.
Montrul, S. 2001. Causatives and transitivity in L2 English. Language Learning 51, 1, 51-106.
Montrul, S. 2000. Transitivity alternations in second language acquisition: Toward a modular view of transfer. Studies in Second Language Acquisition 22, 2, 229-274.
Montrul, S. 1999. Se o no Se: A look at transitive and intransitive verbs. Spanish Applied Linguistics 3, 2, 145-194.
Montrul, S. 1999. Causative errors with unaccusative verbs in Spanish as a second language. Second Language Research 15, 2, 191-219.
Montrul, S. 1998. The L2 acquisition of dative experiencer subjects. Second Language Research 14, 27-61
Montrul, S. 1997. On the parallels between diachronic change and interlanguage grammars: the L2 acquisition of the Spanish dative case system. Spanish Applied Linguistics 1, 87-113.
Announced on LINGUIST :  Linguistic Theory and Language Development in Hispanic Languages
 The Acquisition of Spanish
 Inquiries in Linguistic Development
 Incomplete Acquisition in Bilingualism
 Incomplete Acquisition in Bilingualism
 Proceedings of the 10th Generative Approaches to Second Language Acquisition Conference (GASLA 2009)
 Romance Linguistics 2008
 El bilingismo en el mundo hispanohablante
 The Acquisition of Heritage Languages
Reviewed on LINGUIST :  The Acquisition of Spanish
 Incomplete Acquisition in Bilingualism
 El bilingismo en el mundo hispanohablante
 The Acquisition of Heritage Languages
Courses Taught: Generative Approaches to Second Language Acquisition
Language Acquisition and Language Loss
Hispanic Linguistics
Dissertation Abstract: Transitivity alternations in SLA: A crosslinguistic study of English, Spanish & Turkish
Dissertation Director * of: Cross-Linguistic Effects on L2 Acquisition: An investigation of aspect
(Hsien-jen Chin, Author)
Academic Paper Abstract: Clitic placement in L2 French: evidence from sentence matching
Parameter setting in language acquisition
Romance syntax, semantics, and L2 Acquisition
Form–Meaning Mappings in the Aspectual Domain: What about the L1? A response to Bruhn de Garavito and Valenzuela
Reexamining The Fundamental Difference Hypothesis
Back to Basics: Incomplete knowledge of Differential Object Marking in Spanish heritage speakers
Dominant language influence in acquisition and attrition of binding: Interpretation of the Korean reflexive caki
How similar are adult second language learners and Spanish heritage speakers? Spanish clitics and word order
Current Issues in Heritage Language Acquisition
Transfer effects in the interpretation of definite articles by Spanish heritage speakers
Morphological Errors in Spanish Second Language Learners and Heritage Speakers
A bidirectional study on the acquisition of plural noun phrase interpretation in English and Spanish
Early language experience facilitates the processing of gender agreement in Spanish heritage speakers

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