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Personal Directory Information

Name: Bert  Remijsen (IPA: bɛrt ɾəˈmæsə)
Institution: University of Edinburgh
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: United Kingdom   
Linguistic Field(s): Language Documentation
Specialty: prosody
Subject Language(s): Dinka, South Central
Dinka, Southwestern
Dinka, Southeastern
Dinka, Northeastern
Dinka, Northwestern
Selected Publications: B. Remijsen (2001) Word-prosodic systems of Raja Ampat languages. PhD diss. Leiden University - LOT Dissertation Series vol. 49.

B. Remijsen (2002) Lexically contrastive stress accent and lexical tone in Ma`ya. In C. Gussenhoven & N. Warner (eds.) Laboratory Phonology VII. Berlin/New York: Mouton de Gruyter (585-614).

Remijsen, B. & V.J. van Heuven (2003) On the categorical nature of intonational contrasts, an experiment on boundary tones in Dutch. In J. van de Weijer, V.J. van Heuven, & H.G. van der Hulst (eds.) The Phonological Spectrum - Volume II: Suprasegmental structure. Amsterdam: John Benjamins (225-246).

B. Remijsen & V.J. van Heuven (2005). Stress, tone, and discourse prominence in the Curacao dialect of Papiamentu. Phonology 22(2), 205-235.

B. Remijsen & L. Gilley. (2008) Why are three-level vowel length systems rare? Insights from Dinka (Luanyjang dialect). Journal of Phonetics 36(2): 318-344.

B. Remijsen & D. Robert Ladd (2008). The tone system of the Luanyjang dialect of Dinka. Journal of African Languages and Linguistics 29(2), 149-189.

B. Remijsen & C.A. Manyang (2009). Luanyjang Dinka (Illustrations of the IPA). Journal of the International Phonetic Association 39(1), 113-124.

D.R. Ladd, B. Remijsen & C.A. Manyang (2009). On the distinction between regular and irregular inflectional morphology: evidence from Dinka. Language 85(3), 659-670.

B. Remijsen (2010). Nouns and verbs in Magey Matbat. In M.C. Ewing & M. Klamer (eds.) Typological and Areal Analyses: Contributions from East Nusantara. Pacific Linguistics 618, 281-311.

E. van Zanten, R. Stoel, & B. Remijsen (2010). Stress in Austronesian languages. In H. van der Hulst, R. Goedemans & E. van Zanten (eds.) A survey of the word accentual patterns in the languages of the world, 87-112. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

B. Remijsen, O. Gwado Ayoker, & T. Mills (2011). Shilluk. Journal of the International Phonetic Association 41(1), 131-145.
Courses Taught: Advanced Prosody
Historical Linguistics
Instrumental Phonetics
Introduction to Statistics
Linguistic Fieldwork & Language Description
Dissertation Abstract: Word-Prosodic Systems of Raja Ampat Languages
Reviewer of: Linguistic Theory/Syntax: Baker (2003) (LL Issue 14.2749)
Academic Paper Abstract: Stress, tone and discourse prominence in the Curaçao dialect of Papiamentu
Luanyjang Dinka
Tonal Alignment Is Contrastive in Falling Contours in Dinka

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