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Personal Directory Information

Name: Damir  Cavar
Institution: Indiana University Bloomington
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: IN
Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics
Subject Language(s): English
Selected Publications: CroMo - Morphological Analysis for Standard Croatian and its Synchronic and Diachronic Dialects and Variants

Grammaticality judgments and language usage data

Learning Arabic Morphology With Information Theory

Learning Arabic Morphology Using Statistical Constraint Satisfaction Models

On Unsupervised Grammar Induction from Untagged Corpora

Unsupervised Morphology Induction for Part-of-Speech Tagging

Using Morphological and Distributional Cues for Inductive Part-of-Speech Tagging

Syntactic Parsing Using Mutual Information and Relative Entropy

On Statistical Bootstrapping

Long Head Movement? Verb-Movement and Cliticization in Croatian

Word Order Variation, Verb Movement and Economy Principles

X0-Bewegung und Oekonomie

Clitic Third in Croatian

Minimalist Aspects of the Syntax of Closed Class Elements

On Clitics in Croatian: Syntax or Phonology?

Auxiliaries in Serbian/Croatian and English

Children's sensitivity to word-order violations in German: Evidence for very early parameter-setting

VERBMOBIL: A Speech-to-Speech Translation System

Discontinuous constituents in Slavic and Germanic languages

Aspects of the Syntax-Phonology Interface

On the structure of early syntactic knowledge: Continuity and economy

Optimal parsing, syntactic parsing preferences, and Optimality Theory

Remarks on the Economy of Pronunciation

Verb Movement, Cliticization, and Coordination

From Human Evaluation to Automatic Selection of Good Translations

From Off-line Evaluation to On-line Selection

Digital Dictionary of the 20th Century German Language

Remarks on the economy of pronunciation

Distributed Deletion

Natuerlichsprachliche Systeme im Finanzdienstleistungssektor

Automatic Generation of Meta Tags for Intra-Semantic-Web

Strategien fuer die Implementierung IT-basierter KM-Loesungen: Minimal Invasive Systeme
Courses Taught: Indiana University, Linguistics Dept.:
L445 The Computer & Natural Language
L545 Computation & Linguistics
L645 Advanced Natural Language Processing
L700 Machine Translation
L700 Dialog Systems and VoiceXML
Programming Python for Computational Linguists
Introduction to Linguistics

University of Potsdam, Linguistics Dept.:
Introduction to syntax
Polish and Croatian syntax
C++ for Computational Linguists
Introduction to XML

European Summer School in Generative Linguistics (Olomouc, Czech Republic):
Minimalist Program
Cognitive linguistics
Language processing

Scheme for Computational Linguistics

University of Zadar:
Introduction to Computational Linguistics

and many other courses...
Academic Paper Abstract: Endangered Language Documentation: Bootstrapping a Chatino Speech Corpus, Forced Aligner, ASR .
Visualization of Language Relations and Families: MultiTree.
Generating a Yiddish Speech Corpus, Forced Aligner and Basic ASR System for the AHEYM Project .
Global Open Resources and Information for Language and Linguistic Analysis(GORILLA)

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