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Personal Directory Information

Name: Susan  G  Guion
Institution: University of Oregon
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: OR
Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics
Language Documentation
Linguistic Theories
Cognitive Science
Specialty: Bilingual Phonetics and Sound Change
Selected Publications: GUION, S.G., POST, M.W., & PAYNE, D.L. (2004) Phonetic correlates of tongue root vowel contrasts in Maa. Journal of Phonetics 32, 517-542.

GUION, S.G., HARADA, T., & CLARK, J.J. (2004) Early and late Spanish-English bilinguals’ acquisition of English word stress patterns. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition 7, 207-226.

WAYLAND, R.P. & GUION, S.G. (2004)Training English and Chinese listeners to perceive Thai tones: A preliminary report. Language Learning 54, 681-712.

AOYAMA, K., FLEGE, J.E., GUION, S.G., AKAHANE-YAMADA, R., & YAMADA, T. (2004) Perceived phonetic dissimilarity and L2 speech learning: The case of Japanese /r/ and English /l/ and /r/. Journal of Phonetics 32, 233-250.

GUION, S.G., CLARK, J.J., HARADA, T., & WAYLAND, R.P. (2003) Factors affecting stress placement for English non-words include syllabic structure, lexical class, and stress patterns of phonologically similar words. Language and Speech 46, 403-427.

GUION, S.G. (2003) The vowel systems of Quichua-Spanish bilinguals: An investigation into age of acquisition effects on the mutual influence of the first and second languages. Phonetica 60, 98-128.

WAYLAND, R.P. & GUION, S.G. (2003) Perceptual discrimination of Thai Tones by Naïve and Experienced Learners of Thai. Applied Psycholinguistics 24, 113-129.

GUION, S.G., FLEGE, J.E., AKAHANE-YAMADA, R., & PRUITT, J.C. (2000) An investigation of current models of second language speech perception: The case of Japanese adults' perception of English consonants. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 107, 2711-2724

GUION, S.G., FLEGE, J.E., LIU, S., & YENI-KOMSHIAN, G.H. (2000) Age of learning effects on the duration of sentences produced in a second language. Applied Psycholinguistics 21, 205-228

GUION, S.G., FLEGE, J.E., & LOFTIN, J.D. (2000) The effect of L1 use on pronunciation in Quichua-Spanish bilinguals. Journal of Phonetics 28, 27-42.

GUION, S.G. (1998) The role of perception in the sound change of velar palatalization. Phonetica 55, 18-52.

GUION, S.G. (1996) The death of Texas German in Gillespie county. In S. Ureland and I. Clarkson (eds.), Language Contact across the North Atlantic. Tübingen: Niemeyer, 243-263.

GUION, S.G. (1996) Greek syllable structure: Evidence from Cyprian. Diachronica XIII, 63-82.

GUION, S.G. (1995) Frequency effects among homonyms. In Troi Carleton, Jabier Elorieta, and Michelle Moosally (eds.), Texas Linguistic Forum 35, 103-116.

LINDBLOM, B., GUION, S., HURA, S., MOON, S., & WILLERMAN, R. (1995) Is sound change adaptive? Rivista di Linguistica 7, 5-37
Courses Taught: Phonetics
Second Language Acquisition
Historical Linguistics
Dissertation Abstract: Velar Palatalization: Coarticulation, perception, and sound change
Academic Paper Abstract: Knowledge of English Word Stress Patterns in Early and Late Korean-English Bilinguals
Acoustic Covariants of Length Contrast in Japanese Stops

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