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Name: Pia  Sundqvist
Institution: Karlstad University
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: Sweden   
Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
Specialty: SLA
Subject Language(s): English
Selected Publications: Sundqvist, P. & Sylvén, L. K. (forthcoming). World of VocCraft: Computer games and Swedish learners’ L2 vocabulary. I H. Reinders (Ed.), Computer Games in Language Learning and Teaching.

Sylvén, L. K. & Sundqvist, P. (forthcoming). Extramural English in relation to CLIL: Focus on young language learners in Sweden. In M. L. Pérez Cañado (Ed.), Spanish CLIL in Action: Voices from the Classroom. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Sundqvist, P. (2011a). A possible path to progress: Out-of-school English language learners in Sweden. In P. Benson & H. Reinders (Eds.), Beyond the Language Classroom (pp. 106-118). Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Sundqvist, P. (2011b). Review: McKay (2010), Assessing Young Language Learners. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. This review appeared originally in the LINGUIST List at (Aug. 30, 2011).

Sandlund, E. & Sundqvist, P. (2011). Managing Task-Related Trouble in L2 Oral Proficiency Tests: Contrasting Interaction Data and Rater Assessment. Novitas-ROYAL (Research on Youth and Language), 5 (1), 91-120.

Sundqvist, P., & Sylvén, L. K. (2011). Fritidsspråk i femman - framtidens studenter formas. In A. Ylikiiskilä & M. Westman (Eds.), Språk för framtiden. Rapport från ASLA:s höstsymposium, Falun, 12-13 november, 2010. Language for the future. Papers from the ASLA Symposium in Falun, 12-13 November, 2010 (pp. 186-198). Uppsala: Swedish Research Press.

Sundqvist, P. (2010a). Review: Denham and Lobeck (Eds.) (2010), Linguistics at School: Language Awareness in Primary and Secondary Education. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. This review appeared originally in the LINGUIST List at (Aug. 9, 2010).

Sundqvist, P. (2010b). Extramural engelska – En möjlig väg till studieframgång. Kapet: Karlstads universitets pedagogiska tidskrift, 6 (1), 94-109.

Sundqvist, P. (2010c). ♫ Schlafsjo, jä, jä, jä ♫ – om sambandet fritidsengelska – skolresultat. LMS Lingua, no.1, 15-17.

Sundqvist, P. (2009a). Extramural English Matters – Out-of-school English and Its Impact on Swedish Ninth Graders’ Oral Proficiency and Vocabulary. Karlstad: Karlstad University Studies (2009:55).

Sundqvist, P. (2009b). Taking a quantitative measure of oral proficiency in EFL. In M. Edwardes, (Ed.), Taking the Measure of Applied Linguistics: Proceedings of the BAAL Annual Conference 2008 (pp.117-118). London: Scitsiugnil Press.

Sundqvist, P. (2009c). The impact of spare time activities on students’ English language skills. In S. Granath, B. Bihl & E. Wennö (Eds.), Vägar till språk- och litteratur (pp.63-76). Karlstad: CSL (Centrum för Språk- och litteraturdidaktik)/Karlstad University Press.

Sundqvist, P. (2008a). ”In school, you’re here for talking” – Assessment of oral proficiency in the EFL classroom. In J. Granfeldt, G. Håkansson, M. Källkvist & S. Schlyter (Eds.), Language learning, language teaching and technology: Papers from the ASLA symposium in Lund, 8-9 November, 2007 (pp.251-269). Uppsala: Swedish Science Press.

Sundqvist, P. (2008b). Extramural input. 9th graders’ exposure to English outside the classroom. In S. Granath, B. Bihl & E. Wennö (Eds.), Fönster mot språk och litteratur (pp.95-108). Karlstad: CSL (Centrum för Språk- och litteraturdidaktik)/Karlstad University Press.
Courses Taught: SLA
English teaching methdology
The use of ICT in language teaching
Advanced Academic Writing
Dissertation Abstract: Extramural English Matters: Out-of-school English and its impact on Swedish ninth graders' oral proficiency and vocabulary
Reviewer of: Linguistics at School (LL Issue 21.3223)
Assessing Young Language Learners (LL Issue 22.3419)
Academic Paper Abstract: Gaming as extramural English L2 learning and L2 proficiency among young learners
Language-related computer use: Focus on young L2 English learners in Sweden

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