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Personal Directory Information

Name: Julia  Festman
Institution: Universität Potsdam
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: Germany   
Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
Cognitive Science
Language Acquisition
Specialty: Bi- and Trilingualism, Executive Functions, Imaging,/L/Electrophysiology, /L/Language control, Multilinguals' language acquisition
Subject Language(s): English
Selected Publications: Burteisen, J. (2001). Towards a model for language recognition in multilingual language processing. Neural Plasticity 8 (3), 167.

Burteisen, J. (2002). On Trilingual Lexical Retrieval: Problems and Substitution-Strategies. Interactive CD-ROM: L3 Conference, Fryske Akademy, Niederlande.

Burteisen, J. (2003). Zur sprachlichen Integration von Immigranten aus der ehemaligen Sowjetunion in Israel. Reitemeier, Ulrich (ed.), Sprachliche Integration von Aussiedlern im internationalen Vergleich. Mannheim: amandes, 221-245.

Festman, J. (2004). Lexical production phenomena as evidence for activation and control processes in trilingual lexical retrieval. Doktorarbeit, Bar-Ilan University.

Festman, J. (2006). Trilingual Language Processing investigated by means of Introspective Verbalizing during Speaking in Three Languages. Journal of Social and Ecological Boundaries 2.1, 117-147.

Festman, J., Rodriguez-Fornells, A., & Münte, T.F. (2008). Performance accuracy affected by control over bilingual language production: a study of balanced L2 users. Van Daele, S, Housen, A., Kuiken, F., Pierrard, M., & Vedder, I. (eds.), Complexity, Accuracy and Fluency in Second Language Use, Learning & Teaching, 29-30 March 2007, 65-76.

Festman, J. (2008). Cross-language interference during trilingual picture naming in single and mixed language conditions. Gibson, M., Hufeisen, B, & Personne, C. (eds). Mehrsprachigkeit: lernen und lehren, Multilingualism: Learning and Instruction, Le Plurilinguisme: apprendre et enseigner, O Pluilinguismo: aprender e ensinar, Selected papers from the L3-Conference in Friburg, Switzerland, 2005, 109-119.

Wattendorf, E., & Festman, J. (2008). Images of the Multilingual Brain: The effect of age of second language acquisition. Annual Review of Applied Linguistics 28, 3-24.

Festman, J. (2009). Three languages in mind. Saarbrücken: VMD.

Festman, J., Rodriguez-Fornells, A., & Münte, T.F. (2010).Individual differences in control of language interference in late bilinguals are mainly related to general executive abilities. Behavioral and Brain Functions 6:5.
Announced on LINGUIST :  Raising Multilingual Children
Reviewed on LINGUIST :  Raising Multilingual Children
Dissertation Abstract: Lexical Production Phenomena as Evidence for Activation and Control Processes in Trilingual Lexical Retrieval
Academic Paper Abstract: Images of the Multilingual Brain: The Effect of Age of Second Language Acquisition
Cross-Language Interference During Trilingual Picture-Naming in Single and Mixed Language Conditions
Performance Accuracy Affected by Control Over Bilingual Language Production: A study of balanced L2 users
Individual differences in control of language interference in late bilinguals are mainly related to general executive abilities
Language control abilities of late bilinguals

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