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Words in Time and Place: Exploring Language Through the Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary

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Ampersand: An International Journal of General and Applied Linguistics

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Title: Datives and Other Cases
Subtitle: Between argument structure and event structure
Edited By: Daniel Hole
André Meinunger
Werner Abraham
Series Title: Studies in Language Companion Series 75

This volume provides a state-of-the-art account of research into datives
and other morphological cases. The contributors, among them leading
scholars in the field, present fresh insights into traditional issues such
as the dichotomy between lexical and structural case, and open up
fascinating new areas of research. A recurrent feature of the majority of
contributions is their combined syntax-semantics perspective. Germanic
varieties, Serbian, Albanian and other Balkan languages alongside Chinese,
Japanese, Tagalog are discussed from various theoretical angles such as
mainstream generativism, lexical-functional grammar, and functional
typology. Despite the broad range of facts spanning the distance between
acquisition data and dialectology, the papers are connected by a renewed
interest in form-function correspondencies. This volume will be welcomed by
theoretical linguists and typologists with an interest in argument and
event structure, linguists studying the case systems of individual
languages and researchers in search for up-to-date discussion of Germanic

Table of contents

Preface vii-viii
Datives: structural vs. inherent - abstract vs. morphological - autonomous
vs. combinatory - universally vs. language-specifically configured
Werner Abraham 3-46

German inherent datives and argument structure
Thomas McFadden 49-77

Remarks on the projection of dative arguments in German
André Meinunger 79-101

Receiving and perceiving datives (Cipients) - A view from German
Patrick Brandt 103-139

The datives that aren't born equal: Beneficiaries and the dative passive
Philippa Cook 141-184

The interpretation of German datives and English have
Andrew McIntyre 185-211

Dative and indirect object in German dialects: Evidence from relative clauses
Jürg Fleischer 213-238

Indirect objects and Dative case in monolingual German and bilingual
German/Romance language acquisition
Katrin Schmitz 239-268

Unaccusatives with dative causers and experiencers: A unified account
Dalina Kallulli 271-300

Putting things into perspective: The function of the dative in adjectival
constructions in Serbian
Jelena Krivokapic 301-329

Widening the perspective: Argumenthood and syntax in Chinese, Japanese and
Walter Bisang 331-381

Index 383-385

Publication Year: 2006
Publisher: John Benjamins
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Linguistic Field(s): Semantics
Subject Language(s): Turkish, Balkan Gagauz
Chinese, Mandarin
Romani, Vlax
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Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9027230854
ISBN-13: N/A
Pages: 385
Prices: Europe EURO 130.00
U.S. $ 176