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May I Quote You on That?

By Stephen Spector

A guide to English grammar and usage for the twenty-first century, pairing grammar rules with interesting and humorous quotations from American popular culture.

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The Cambridge Handbook of Endangered Languages

Edited By Peter K. Austin and Julia Sallabank

This book "examines the reasons behind the dramatic loss of linguistic diversity, why it matters, and what can be done to document and support endangered languages."

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HristoKyuchukov (Editor)
Romani Studies: Contemporary Trends
Grammaire Comparée des dialectes de la famille guaicurú (Abipone, Mocovi, Toba, Mbaya)
Mirjana N.Dedaić (Editor)
Singing, Speaking and Writing Politics : South African political discourses
DalilaAyoun (Editor)
The Acquisition of the Present
Frans H. vanEemeren (Editor)
Scrutinizing Argumentation in Practice
A grammar of Yakkha
Sonjade Leeuw (Editor)
The Power of Satire
Trilingual Language Acquisition : Contextual factors influencing active trilingualism in early childhood
StancaMăda (Editor)
Persuasive Games in Political and Professional Dialogue
TheoD’haen (Editor)
Major versus Minor? – Languages and Literatures in a Globalized World
EiríkurKristjánsson (Editor)
Historical Linguistics 2013 : Selected papers from the 21st International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Oslo, 5-9 August 2013
Ioana-NarcisaCreţu (Editor)
Quo vadis, Kommunikation? Kommunikation – Sprache – Medien / Quo vadis, Communication? Communication – Language – Media : Akten des 46. Linguistischen Kolloquiums in Sibiu 2011 Proceedings of the 46th Linguistics Colloquium, Sibiu 2011
Rethinking Syntactocentrism : Architectural issues and case studies at the syntax-pragmatics interface
María JesúsPinar Sanz (Editor)
Multimodality and Cognitive Linguistics
Representation of the British Suffrage Movement
Im Nadelkorsett auf Tournee – Metaphern-Akkommodation im Therapiegespräch
AblahadLahdo (Editor)
From Tur Abdin to Hadramawt : Semitic Studies. Festschrift in Honour of Bo Isaksson on the occasion of his retirement
Emotion and Discourse in L2 Narrative Research
Computable Bodies : Instrumented Life and the Human Somatic Niche
GoniaJarema (Editor)
Phonological and Phonetic Considerations of Lexical Processing
AdriánAlvarez Fernández
Bibliografía cronológica de la lingüística, la gramática y la lexicografía del español (BICRES V) : Desde el año 1861 hasta el año 1899
JaumeMateu (Editor)
Contemporary Linguistic Parameters
Analyse lexicale des verbes français exprimant la cause : À partir de l’exemple de déterminer et produire
Final -y in Non-Manichaean Parthian and the Proto-Parthian 'Rhytmic Law'
IsabelPérez-Jiménez (Editor)
New Perspectives on the Study of Ser and Estar
ElisabethPiirainen (Editor)
Language Endangerment : Disappearing metaphors and shifting conceptualizations
Gesprochene Sprache in der philologischen Sprachausbildung : Theoretische Grundlagen – Empirische Befunde – Exemplarische Anwendungen
Selbstdarstellung in der Wissenschaft : Eine linguistische Untersuchung zum Diskussionsverhalten von Wissenschaftlern in interdisziplinären Kontexten
A Little Primer of Chinese Oracle-Bone Inscriptions with Some Exercises
Selected Features of Bactrian Grammar
Beliefs, Agency and Identity in Foreign Language Learning and Teaching
Beverly J.Rasporich
Made-in-Canada Humour : Literary, folk and popular culture
Head Movement in Syntax
Optionality and overgeneralisation patterns in second language acquisition: Where has the expletive ensconced itself?
CarmenArgondizzo (Editor)
European Projects in University Language Centres : Creativity, Dynamics, Best Practice
German Through English Eyes : A History of Language Teaching and Learning in Britain 1500-2000
Readability: Text and Context
Family Language Policy : Maintaining an Endangered Language in the Home
Discursive Strategies and Political Hegemony : The Turkish case
AnnaJankowska (Editor)
New Points of View on Audiovisual Translation and Media Accessibility
Kazakh in Post-Soviet Kazakhstan : Proceedings of the International Symposium on Kazakh, November 30 - December 2, 2011, Giessen
Language strategies for the domain of colour
JimKing (Editor)
The Dynamic Interplay between Context and the Language Learner
JenniferLiang (Editor)
Society in Language, Language in Society : Essays in Honour of Ruqaiya Hasan
JamesEssegbey (Editor)
Language Documentation and Endangerment in Africa
PetrBiskup (Editor)
Slavic Grammar from a Formal Perspective : The 10th Anniversary FDSL Conference, Leipzig 2013
Linguistic, Oriental, and Ethiopian Studies in Memory of Paolo Marrassini
PeterDe Costa (Editor)
Ethics in Applied Linguistics Research : Language Researcher Narratives
MotokiNomachi (Editor)
The Palgrave Handbook of Slavic Languages, Identities and Borders
GeertJacobs (Editor)
The Ins and Outs of Business and Professional Discourse Research : Reflections on Interacting with the Workplace
MireilleBétrancourt (Editor)
Writing for Professional Development
JohnWilson (Editor)
Discourse, Politics and Women as Global Leaders
Jorge JuanVega y Vega (Editor)
The Essential Enthymeme : Propositions for Educating Students in a Modern World
LutzEdzard (Editor)
Arabic and Semitic Linguistics Contextualized : A Festschrift for Jan Retsö
Directness and Indirectness Across Cultures
The Style and Timbre of English Speech and Literature
FriedemannVogel (Editor)
Zugänge zur Rechtssemantik [Legal Semantics] : Interdisziplinäre Ansätze im Zeitalter der Mediatisierung [Interdisciplinary Approaches in Times of Medialization]
WeiWang (Editor)
Contemporary Chinese Discourse and Social Practice in China
PabloRomero-Fresco (Editor)
The Reception of Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Europe : UK, Spain, Italy, Poland, Denmark, France and Germany
Northern Thai Stone Inscriptions (14th-17th Centuries) : Grammar
El mundo hispanohablante contemporáneo : Historia, política, sociedades y culturas
Post-Foundational Discourse Analysis : From Political Difference to Empirical Research
YanJin (Editor)
Assessing Chinese Learners of English : Language Constructs, Consequences and Conundrums
BarbaraPizziconi (Editor)
Teaching and Learning (Im)Politeness
SéverineHubscher-Davidson (Editor)
Describing Cognitive Processes in Translation : Acts and events
StephanSchmid (Editor)
Trends in Phonetics and Phonology : Studies from German-speaking Europe
Studies in theoretical, corpus and experimental linguistics
An Introduction to English Grammar : 4th Edition
CamillaWide (Editor)
Address Practice As Social Action : European Perspectives
Standards of English in Higher Education : Issues, Challenges and Strategies
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Syntax und Valenz : Zur Modellierung kohärenter und elliptischer Strukturen mit Baumadjunktionsgrammatiken
SuganthiJohn (Editor)
Corpora, Grammar and Discourse : In honour of Susan Hunston
Translating Culture Specific References on Television : The Case of Dubbing
Natural Language Processing for Social Media
JonásFouz-González (Editor)
Investigating English Pronunciation : Trends and Directions
S. O.Andrew
Syntax and Style in Old English
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LilyKahn (Editor)
Handbook of Jewish Languages
ArjunaTuzzi (Editor)
Recent Contributions to Quantitative Linguistics
B.Groh (Editor)
Sprachproben aus zwölf Sprachen des Togohinterlandes
Investigating Intimate Discourse : Exploring the spoken interaction of families, couples and friends
Semantic Similarity from Natural Language and Ontology Analysis
JorgeDíaz-Cintas (Editor)
Audiovisual Translation in a Global Context : Mapping an Ever-changing Landscape
Afro-Peruvian Spanish : Spanish slavery and the legacy of Spanish Creoles
Scalarity in the Verbal Domain : The Case of Verbal Prefixation in Russian
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Die Ngumbasprache
Language and Learning in a Post-Colonial Context : A Critical Ethnographic Study in Schools in Haiti
Automatic Detection of Verbal Deception
LiYuming (Editor)
The Language Situation in China, Volume 3
PiaPichler (Editor)
Gender and Spoken Interaction
CallyGuerin (Editor)
Research Literacies and Writing Pedagogies for Masters and Doctoral Writers
Doing Corpus Linguistics
DavidHuddart (Editor)
The Future of English in Asia : Perspectives on language and literature
Revitalizing Minority Languages : New Speakers of Breton, Yiddish and Lemko
HélèneVinckel-Roisin (Editor)
Das Nachfeld im Deutschen [The Postfield (“Nachfeld”) in German] : Theorie und Empirie [Theory and Empirical Evidence]
Strategies for Second Language Listening : Current Scenarios and Improved Pedagogy
Mennovan Zaanen
Grammatical Inference for Computational Linguistics
A Beginner's Guide to Discourse Analysis
Die Bakokosprache
Translation as Metaphor
Professor EdLawson
Tatar First Names From West Siberia : An English and Russian Dictionary
Linguistic variation, identity construction and cognition
KonstanzeJungbluth (Editor)
Manual of Deixis in Romance Languages
Gendered Words : Sentiments and Expression in Changing Rural China
RogerShuy (Editor)
Speaking of Language and Law : Conversations on the Work of Peter Tiersma
MichaelLynch (Editor)
Law at Work : Studies in Legal Ethnomethods
Zaniza Zapotec
What Is Good Writing?
Wei-Tien DylanTsai (Editor)
The Cartography of Chinese Syntax : The Cartography of Syntactic Structures, Volume 11
Language and Superdiversity : Indonesians Knowledging at Home and Abroad
Estudio fonológico y morfosintáctico de la lengua toba hablada en el este de la provincia de Formosa (Argentina)
María PilarLarrañaga
Cuaderno II. Ejercicios con verbos copulativos en español (SER y ESTAR)
Kisangani Swahili : Choices and Variation in a Multilingual Urban Space
Thank You for Dying for Our Country : Commemorative Texts and Performances in Jerusalem
May I Quote You on That? : A Guide to Grammar and Usage
JeanGermain (Editor)
Dictionnaire historique de l’anthroponymie romane (Patronymica Romanica) [Historical Dictionary of Romance Anthroponyms] : Volume III/1 Les animaux Première partie. Les mammifères [Vol. III/1: Animals. Mammals]
Sprache und Sprachverwendung in der Politik [Language and Language Use in Politics] : Eine Einführung in die linguistische Analyse öffentlich-politischer Kommunikation [An Introduction to the Linguistic Analysis of Public Political Communication]
On Laryngealism : A Coursebook in the History of a Science
RMWDixon (Editor)
Grammatical Relations in Javanese
The Instruction of Imagination : Language as a Social Communication Technology
SonjaLanehart (Editor)
The Oxford Handbook of African American Language
DorotaBiadala (Editor)
Handbuch Sprache in der Wirtschaft [Handbook of Language in Economics]
ThomasSpranz-Fogasy (Editor)
Handbuch Sprache in der Medizin [Handbook of Language in Medicine]
Voices in the Media : Performing French Linguistic Otherness
A Dictionary of Cameroon Pidgin English Usage : Pronunciation, Grammar and Vocabulary
MarijanaKresić (Editor)
Crosslinguistic Influence and Crosslinguistic Interaction in Multilingual Language Learning
Key Terms in Second Language Acquisition
Talking About Troubles in Conversation
UrShlonsky (Editor)
Beyond Functional Sequence : The Cartography of Syntactic Structures, Volume 10
HansSchmid (Editor)
Althochdeutsches Wörterbuch : Band VI: M–N. 15. bis 18. Lieferung (neman bis ny) [Vol. VI: M – N, 15-18th Installment]
RobertoMayoral Hernández
The Locative Alternation as an Unaccusative Construction : Verb Types and Subject Position in Spanish
Where Metaphors Come From : Reconsidering Context in Metaphor
Talking with the President : The Pragmatics of Presidential Language
Selbstreparaturen im Deutschen [Self-repairs in German] : Syntaktische und interaktionale Analysen [A Syntactic and Interactional Analysis]
PetraStorjohann (Editor)
Handbuch Wort und Wortschatz [Handbook of Word and Lexicon]
A Grammar of Haro
Rana Tharu - Nepali - English Basic Dictionary with Nepali and English Indices
IngeborgOhnheiser (Editor)
Word-Formation Volume 3 : An International Handbook of the Languages of Europe
Sprachliche Legitimierung protestantischer Mission [Linguistic Legitimisation of Protestant Mission] : Die Publikationen von Svenska Missionsförbundet um 1900 [The Publications of Svenska Missionsförbundet]
Sujetos pronominales en el español porteño [Pronominal Subjects in Buenos Aires Spanish] : Implicaciones pragmáticas en la interfaz sintáctico-fonológica [Pragmatic Implications at the Syntactical-Phonological Interface]
Speak English or What? : Codeswitching and Interpreter Use in New York City Courts
Entextualizing Domestic Violence : Language Ideology and Violence Against Women in the Anglo-American Hearsay Principle
ThomasRicento (Editor)
Language Policy and Political Economy : English in a Global Context
LisaMatthewson (Editor)
Methodologies in Semantic Fieldwork
Romanische Fachsprachen [Romance Language Technolects] : Eine Einführung mit Perspektiven aus der Übersetzungswissenschaft [An Introduction, with Perspectives from the Translation Sciences]
StelaManova (Editor)
Affix Ordering Across Languages and Frameworks
AlfredLameli (Editor)
Regionale Variation des Deutschen [Regional Variation in German] : Projekte und Perspektiven [Projects and Perspectives]
EsmeWinter-Froemel (Editor)
Wordplay and Metalinguistic / Metadiscursive Reflection : Authors, Contexts, Techniques, and Meta-Reflection
LauraFelton Rosulek
Dueling Discourses : The Construction of Reality in Closing Arguments
BelénSantana López (Editor)
Interacciones Wechselwirkungen : Reflexiones en torno a la Traducción e Interpretación del/al alemán Überlegungen zur Translationswissenschaft im Sprachenpaar Spanisch-Deutsch
EsmeWinter-Froemel (Editor)
Enjeux du jeu de mots [Wordplay and its Interplays] : Perspectives linguistiques et littéraires [Linguistic and Literary Perspectives]
TerenceOdlin (Editor)
New Perspectives on Transfer in Second Language Learning
EugeenRoegiest (Editor)
Manuel des anthologies, corpus et textes romans [Manual of Romance Anthologies, Corpora, and Texts]
Middle English Verbs of Emotion and Impersonal Constructions : Verb Meaning and Syntax in Diachrony
Wei-Tien DylanTsai (Editor)
Chinese Syntax in a Cross-Linguistic Perspective
Le Sens en mouvement : Études de sémantique interprétative
NadineRentel (Editor)
Kommunikative Handlungsmuster im Wandel? ¿Convenciones comunicativas en proceso de transformación? : Chats, Foren und Dienste des Web 2.0 im deutsch-spanischen Vergleich Estudios hispano-alemanes de chats, foros y redes sociales
El léxico español en el Waaren-Lexicon in zwölf Sprachen de Ph. A. Nemnich
The Morpheme : A Theoretical Introduction
SørenEskildsen (Editor)
Usage-Based Perspectives on Second Language Learning
AndrejMalchukov (Editor)
Set Valency Classes in the World’s Languages : Volume 1-2
Christina MargritSiever
Multimodale Kommunikation im Social Web : Forschungsansätze und Analysen zu Text-Bild-Relationen
Jochen A.Bär (Editor)
Literaturlinguistik – philologische Brückenschläge
ClaudiaPolzin-Haumann (Editor)
Manuel de linguistique française [Manual of French Linguistics]
ErikWillis (Editor)
Selected Proceedings of the 6th Conference on Laboratory Approaches to Romance Phonology
English-Latvian Lexicographic Tradition : A Critical Analysis
UlrikeJessner (Editor)
The Multilingual Challenge : Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives
Metaphern zur Dehumanisierung von Feindbildern : Eine korpuslinguistische Untersuchung zum Sprachgebrauch in rechtsextremen Musikszenen
Der Asyldiskurs in Deutschland : Eine medienlinguistische Untersuchung von Pressetexten, Onlineforen und Polit-Talkshows
Greek Interjections : Syntax, Semantics and Pragmatics
A grammar of Mauwake
SamLutalo-Kiingi (Editor)
Sign Languages of the World : A Comparative Handbook
Cognate Vocabulary in Language Acquisition and Use : Attitudes, Awareness, Activation
EmmerichKelih (Editor)
Lehnwörter im Slawischen : Empirische und crosslinguistische Perspektiven
AngelaLabarca (Editor)
Cognitive Linguistics and Sociocultural Theory : Applications for Second and Foreign Language Teaching
KevinMcManus (Editor)
Social interaction, identity and language learning during residence abroad
Understanding Silence and Reticence : Ways of Participating in Second Language Acquisition
The Slavs in Germany/Slawen in Deutschland : Their Names as Evidence of History/Ihre Namen als Zeugen der Geschichte
Learning Chinese as a Heritage Language : An Australian Perspective
DanielaElsner (Editor)
Adverbs : Functional and diachronic aspects
ÓscarGarcía Agustín
Sociology of Discourse : From institutions to social change
GerhardStickel (Editor)
Language Use in University Teaching and Research : Contributions to the Annual Conference 2014 of EFNIL in Florence
SusanneFuchs (Editor)
Individual Differences in Speech Production and Perception
Pittsburgh Speech and Pittsburghese
Iconicity and Analogy in Language Change : The Development of Double Object Clitic Clusters from Medieval Florentine to Modern Italian
M LuisaRoca-Varela
False Friends in Learner Corpora : A corpus-based study of English false friends in the written and spoken production of Spanish learners
Allison PaigeBurkette
Language and Material Culture
Chaucer’s Choices : Through the looking-glass of medieval imagery
English Loan Translations in Polish : Word-formation Patterns, Lexicalization, Idiomaticity and Institutionalization
Case in Russian : A sign-oriented approach
Surnames, DNA, and Family History
RobertaPiazza (Editor)
Values and Choices in Television Discourse : A View from Both Sides of the Screen
MaryKalantzis (Editor)
A Pedagogy of Multiliteracies : Learning by Design
The Lexis and Lexicogrammar of Sri Lankan English
NilsLanger (Editor)
Invisible Languages in the Nineteenth Century
Translation and Popular Music : Transcultural Intimacy in Turkish–Greek Relations
Personal Names in Medieval Hungary
PingLi (Editor)
The Handbook of East Asian Psycholinguistics 3 Volume Paperback Set
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
AnneSwan (Editor)
(En)Countering Native-speakerism : Global Perspectives
The Linguistic Landscape of the Mediterranean : French and Italian Coastal Cities
PawełRutkowski (Editor)
Signs and Structures : Formal Approaches to Sign Language Syntax
Discourse, Identity and Legitimacy : Self and Other in representations of Iran's nuclear programme
WolfgangHock (Editor)
Old Lithuanian Etymological Dictionary/Altlitauisches etymologisches Wörterbuch (ALEW)
Phonological Acquisition : Child Language and Constraint-Based Grammar
Essential Grammar for Today's Writers, Students, and Teachers
A Phonological Reconstruction of Proto-Hlai
EveSweetser (Editor)
Viewpoint in Language : A Multimodal Perspective
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
PatrickRebuschat (Editor)
Implicit and Explicit Learning of Languages
JanuszBadio (Editor)
Empirical Methods in Language Studies
AugustineAgwuele (Editor)
Body Talk and Cultural Identity in the African World
Linguistic Relativities : Language Diversity and Modern Thought
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Constructional Change in English : Developments in Allomorphy, Word Formation, and Syntax
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
BasAarts (Editor)
The Verb Phrase in English : Investigating Recent Language Change with Corpora
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
HelenWoodfield (Editor)
Researching Sociopragmatic Variability : Perspectives from Variational, Interlanguage and Contrastive Pragmatics
The Function and Use of TO and OF in Multi-Word Units
Vowel Patterns in Language
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Lexical Conflict : Theory and Practice
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
DanielSchreier (Editor)
English as a Contact Language
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
The Language of Stories : A Cognitive Approach
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
JuliaSallabank (Editor)
The Cambridge Handbook of Endangered Languages
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Foreign Accent : The Phenomenon of Non-native Speech
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Haitian Creole : Structure, Variation, Status, Origin
Scientific and Technical Translation
RodneyJones (Editor)
The Routledge Handbook of Language and Creativity
Doing a Research Project in English Studies : A guide for students
Modern Arabic Sociolinguistics : Diglossia, variation, codeswitching, attitudes and identity
AaronButts (Editor)
Semitic Languages in Contact
The Architecture of Determiners
Where is Language? : An Anthropologist's Questions on Language, Literature and Performance
Communicating through Vague Language : A Comparative Study of L1 and L2 Speakers
Constructions Emerging : A Usage-Based Approach of the Acquisition of Grammar
ChadSchroeder (Editor)
The Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greek
Mari C.Jones (Editor)
Policy and Planning for Endangered Languages
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ÁureaFernández Rodríguez (Editor)
Literaturas extranjeras y desarrollo cultural : Hacia un cambio de paradigma en la traducción literaria gallega
MariaPersson (Editor)
Clause Combining in Semitic
Per StureUreland (Editor)
Minority Languages in Europe and Beyond - Results and Prospects
Adult Learning in the Language Classroom
Adjektivvalenz und präpositionale Komplemente : Eine framebasierte Untersuchung zu Syntax und Semantik der präpositionalen Komplemente bei Adjektiven
VirginieAndré (Editor)
De l’idéologie monolingue à la doxa plurilingue: regards pluridisciplinaires
BernardComrie (Editor)
Valency Classes in the World’s Languages Volume 2 : Case Studies from Austronesia, the Pacific, the Americas, and Theoretical Outlook
AndrejMalchukov (Editor)
Valency Classes in the World’s Languages Volume 1 : Introducing the Framework, and Case Studies from Africa and Eurasia
DieterWolff (Editor)
CLIL Revisited : Eine kritische Analyse zum gegenwärtigen Stand des bilingualen Sachfachunterrichts
José MaríaBuzón García
Variabilidad en el paradigma verbal de futuro. El español de Valencia y de otras sintopías
JudithKittler (Editor)
Nähesprachliches Italienisch im Ruhrgebiet und in Catania [Spoken Italian of the Ruhr Area and of Catania] : Vergleichende phonetisch-prosodische Untersuchungen [ A Comparative Phonetic-prosodic Analysis]
PatriziaNoel Aziz Hanna
Wackernagels Gesetz im Deutschen [Wackernagel’s Law in German] : Zur Interaktion von Syntax, Phonologie und Informationsstruktur [Interactions between Syntax, Phonology, and Information Structure]
Local Languaging, Literacy and Multilingualism in a West African Society
Language Ideology, Policy and Planning in Peru
SenemÖzkul (Editor)
Fremde Sprachen lehren und lernen : Aktuelle Fragen und Forschungsaufgaben
Sprachförderungspolitik Deutschlands, Großbritanniens und Chinas im Vergleich
ZbynĕkFišer (Editor)
Übersetzung als Kulturvermittlung : Translatorisches Handeln. Neue Strategien. Didaktische Innovation
LaraRyazanova-Clarke (Editor)
The Russian Language Outside the Nation
IreneRapp (Editor)
Situationsargumente im Nominalbereich [Situational Arguments in the Nominal Realm]
NicoNassenstein (Editor)
Youth Language Practices in Africa and Beyond
FranciscoLafarga (Editor)
Creación y traducción en la España del siglo XIX
PavelCaha (Editor)
Slavic Languages in the Perspective of Formal Grammar : Proceedings of FDSL 10.5, Brno 2014
Construction Grammar and its Application to English
Christopher JosephJenks
Social Interaction in Second Language Chat Rooms
Echo-Fragen [Echo Questions] : Vom Satztyp zur Fragebedeutung
Derived Coordination : A Minimalist Perspective on Clause Chains, Converbs and Asymmetric Coordination
DanielGallego-Hernández (Editor)
Current Approaches to Business and Institutional Translation [Enfoques actuales en traducción económica e institucional] : Proceedings of the international conference on economic, business, financial and institutional translation [Actas del congreso international de traducción económica, commercial, financiere e institucional]
A Critical Search for Values in George W. Bush's State of the Union Addresses
LaraRyazanova-Clarke (Editor)
French and Russian in Imperial Russia: Volume 2 : Language Attitudes and Identity
LaraRyazanova-Clarke (Editor)
French and Russian in Imperial Russia: Volume 1 : Language Use among the Russian Elite
FedericoCorriente (Editor)
Encyclopédie linguistique d’Al-Andalus Volume 1: Aperçu grammatical du faisceau dialectal arabe andalou : Perspectives synchroniques, diachroniques et panchroniques
Cross-Language Mediation in Foreign Language Teaching and Testing
DawnMarley (Editor)
Pluricentric Languages: New Perspectives in Theory and Description : In collaboration with Heinz L. Kretzenbacher and Anu Bissoonauth
Problems of Methodology and Philosophy in Linguistics
KimPotowski (Editor)
Sociolinguistic Change Across the Spanish-Speaking World : Case Studies in Honor of Anna María Escobar
Language Planning as a Sociolinguistic Experiment : The Case of Modern Norwegian
KeesVersteegh (Editor)
The Foundations of Arabic Linguistics II : Kitāb Sībawayhi: Interpretation and Transmission
Identitätspositionierungen der DAX-30-Unternehmen [Identity Positioning in the DAX 30 Corporations] : Die sprachliche Konstruktion von Selbstbildern [The Linguistic Construction of Self-Images]
SaraMills (Editor)
Gender Representation in Learning Materials : International Perspectives
Linguistic Profiles : Going from Form to Meaning via Statistics
DavidTrotter (Editor)
Manuel de la philologie de l’édition [Manual of Edition Philology]
Morphological Theory and the Morphology of English
Discourses of Regulation and Resistance : Censoring Translation in the Stalin and Khrushchev Era Soviet Union
Productivity and Reuse in Language : A Theory of Linguistic Computation and Storage
Language for Specific Purposes
Language Planning in China
MariBordal Hertzenberg
Third Person Reference in Late Latin : Demonstratives, Definite Articles and Personal Pronouns in the Itinerarium Egeriae
BjörnWiemer (Editor)
Contemporary Approaches to Baltic Linguistics
Sociolinguistics and Mobile Communication
Social Interaction in L2 Classroom Discourse
Norn im keltischen Kontext
NajmaAl Zidjaly
Disability, Discourse and Technology : Agency and Inclusion in (Inter)action
JuliaSnell (Editor)
Linguistic Ethnography : Interdisciplinary Explorations
HugoBowles (Editor)
International Perspectives on English as a Lingua Franca : Pedagogical Insights
The Structure of Multimodal Documents : An Empirical Approach
TonyMcEnery (Editor)
Corpora and Discourse Studies : Integrating Discourse and Corpora
GeorgetaCislaru (Editor)
Writing(s) at the Crossroads : The process–product interface
NicoleNau (Editor)
Voice and Argument Structure in Baltic
Traveling Conceptualizations : A cognitive and anthropological linguistic study of Jamaican
JörgZinken (Editor)
Metaphor and Discourse
KatieWales (Editor)
Literature and Language Learning in the EFL Classroom
RaniRubdy (Editor)
Conflict, Exclusion and Dissent in the Linguistic Landscape
Tales from the Trobriand Islands of Papua New Guinea : Psycholinguistic and anthropological linguistic analyses of tales told by Trobriand children and adults
AnitaFetzer (Editor)
The Dynamics of Political Discourse : Forms and functions of follow-ups
Elastic Language : How and Why we Stretch our Words
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
StavroulaStavrakaki (Editor)
Specific Language Impairment : Current trends in research
Enoch OladéAboh
The Emergence of Hybrid Grammars : Language Contact and Change
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
JasonSmith (Editor)
Romance Linguistics 2012 : Selected papers from the 42nd Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL), Cedar City, Utah, 20-22 April 2012
PedroMateo Pedro
The Acquisition of Inflection in Q’anjob’al Maya
CorneliaHamann (Editor)
Structures, Strategies and Beyond : Studies in honour of Adriana Belletti
Joseph C.Salmons (Editor)
Germanic Heritage Languages in North America : Acquisition, attrition and change
EldaWeizman (Editor)
Follow-ups in Political Discourse : Explorations across contexts and discourse domains
What is Poetry? : Language and Memory in the Poems of the World
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
The Making of Vernacular Singapore English : System, Transfer, and Filter
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Sex in Language : Euphemistic and Dysphemistic Metaphors in Internet forums
AekPhakiti (Editor)
Research Methods in Applied Linguistics : A Practical Resource
Sylvia Plath and the Language of Affective States : Written Discourse and the Experience of Depression
Felicja MariaKsiężyk
Kollokationen im Zivilrecht Polens in den Jahren 1918–1945 mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der deutschsprachigen Zivilgesetzbücher : Eine kontrastive Studie
Grappling with the oral skills : The learning and teaching of the low-literate adult second language learner
Communicative Language Teaching in Georgia : From Theory to Practice
JessicaBöcker (Editor)
Konzepte aus der Sprachlehrforschung – Impulse für die Praxis : Festschrift für Karin Kleppin Unter Mitarbeit von: Annette Berndt, Rüdiger Grotjahn, Lena Heine, Astrid Reich und Enke Spänkuch sowie Christine Linster
Runenschrift in der Black-Metal-Szene : Skripturale Praktiken aus soziolinguistischer Perspektive
Sind Adjektiv und Adverb verschiedene Wortarten? Deutsche Wortarten im Visier
«Ich habe Sie leider nicht verstanden.» : Linguistische Optimierungsprinzipien für die mündliche Mensch-Maschine-Interaktion
NancyBonvillain (Editor)
The Routledge Handbook of Linguistic Anthropology
Second Language Research : Methodology and Design, 2nd Edition
Subjectivity in Mandarin Chinese : the meaning and use of causal connectives in written discourse
Développement phonético-phonologique en fulfulde et bambara d’enfants monolingues et bilingues: étude du babillage et des premiers mots
Übersetzen als Problemlöseprozess : Praktisches Übersetzen anhand von Übersetzungsbeispielen aus der Automobilbranche im Sprachenpaar Deutsch - Chinesisch
SophieAzzopardi (Editor)
Langage et dynamiques du sens : Études de linguistique ibéro-romane