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Holy Sh*t: A Brief History of Swearing

By Melissa Mohr

Holy Sh*t: A Brief History of Swearing "contains original research into the history of swearing, and is scrupulous in analyzing the claims of other scholars."

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A New Manual of French Composition

By R. L. Graeme Ritchie

A New Manual of French Composition "provides a guide to French composition aimed at university students and the higher classes in schools. "

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The Heart of the Matter : Seeking the Center in Maya-Mam Language and Culture
Juba Arabic for Beginners
Understanding Biblical Hebrew Verb Forms : Distribution and Function across Genres
BryanGordon (Editor)
Advances in the study of Siouan languages and linguistics
Lehrerfragen – Schülerantworten. Deutsch und Griechisch im DaF-Unterricht : Eine funktional-pragmatische Untersuchung
Einstellungen zu Muttersprachen und Fremdsprachen : Eine empirische Studie mit Schülerinnen und Schülern in Bosnien-Herzegowina
Translating for Singing : The Theory, Art and Craft of Translating Lyrics
IngaHarren (Editor)
Wissen in institutioneller Interaktion
MarinaBrambilla (Editor)
Untertitelung: interlinguale, intralinguale und intersemiotische Aspekte : Deutschland und Italien treffen sich
Recht und Rechtssprache in Korea und Deutschland : Probleme bei der Übertragung juristischer Texte aus übersetzungswissenschaftlicher Sicht unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Ehe- und Familienrechts
PatriciaFriedrich (Editor)
English for Diplomatic Purposes
MarisaCordella (Editor)
Rethinking Second Language Learning : Using Intergenerational Community Resources
KatarzynaJanic (Editor)
L’antipassif dans les langues accusatives
Kohärenz und indirekte Anaphorik
Lokalisierbarkeit von User-Interface-Strings : Übersetzerische Aspekte der Internationalisierung und Lokalisierung von Software, untersucht anhand der Übersetzungsrichtungen Englisch–Deutsch und Englisch–Russisch
Modifikationen semantischer Strukturen in Wortbildungsspielen
Jackie JiaLou
The Linguistic Landscape of Chinatown : A Sociolinguistic Ethnography
AlessandroCapone (Editor)
Pragmatics and Law : Philosophical Perspectives
LiWei (Editor)
The Cambridge Handbook of Linguistic Multi-Competence
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Fixing English : Prescriptivism and Language History
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Sprachkritik [Language Criticism] : Ansätze und Methoden der kritischen Sprachbetrachtung [Approaches and Methods of Critical Language Observation]
Marie-MadeleineBertucci (Editor)
Les français régionaux dans l’espace francophone
Educating Second Language Teachers
First and Second Language Use in Asian EFL
Syntaktische Rekonstruktion zwischen Kognition und Semantik - das Fallbeispiel des Genitivs im Indogermanischen
Irregular Negatives, Implicatures, and Idioms
IngridBarkow (Editor)
Frühe sprachliche und literale Bildung : Sprache lernen und fördern im Kindergarten und zum Schuleintritt
Piusten Hacken (Editor)
The Semantics of Compounding
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SabineDe Knop (Editor)
Applied Construction Grammar
EmilioOrtega Arjonilla (Editor)
Variación lingüística, traducción y cultura : De la conceptualización a la práctica profesional
Omrids af det islandske sprogs formlære i nutiden
R. B.Appleton
Initium : A First Latin Course on the Direct Method, to Which Is Appended a Book of Exercises and Some Grammar Questions
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R. L. GraemeRitchie
Annotated Renderings of 100 Passages Selected from a Manual of French Composition
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AudreyDelcenserie (Editor)
Starting Over – The Language Development in Internationally-Adopted Children
MonikaReif (Editor)
Cognitive Perspectives on Bilingualism
The Personal Weblog : A Linguistic History
SusanOlsen (Editor)
Word-Formation - Volume 5 : An International Handbook of the Languages of Europe
María PilarLarrañaga
Verbtabellen Spanisch mit Erläuterungen zu ihrem Gebrauch
DennisScheller-Boltz (Editor)
New Approaches to Gender and Queer Research in Slavonic Studies : Proceedings of the International Conference 'Language as a Constitutive Element of a Gendered Society - Developments, Perspectives, and Possibilities in the Slavonic Languages'(Innsbruck, 1-4 October 2014)
M. D.Vernon
Backwardness in Reading : A Study of its Nature and Origin
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CarmenJany (Editor)
Language Contact and Change in the Americas : Studies in honor of Marianne Mithun
DagnaZinkhahn Rhobodes (Editor)
Linguistic Construction of Ethnic Borders
Nominalization via Verbal Derivation : Amharic, Tigrinya and Oromo
Perspektiven auf die Geschichte des Tschechischen und die tschechische Geschichte
Textplicating Iconophones : Articulatory iconic action in Ulysses
Women Talk More Than Men : ... And Other Myths about Language Explained
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
C. ElizabethGoodin-Mayeda
Nasals and Nasalization in Spanish and Portuguese : Perception, phonetics and phonology
Wortbildungswandel [Word-formation change] : Eine diachrone Studie zu deutschen [A diachronic corpus study of German nominalization patterns]
Hans UlrichSchmid (Editor)
Band VII: O – R. 1. und 2. Lieferung (o bis ouga) [Vol. VII: 1st and 2nd Installments]
Forschungsumgebungen in den Digital Humanities [Research Environments in the Digital Humanities] : Nutzerbedarf, Wissenstransfer, Textualität [User Requirements, Knowledge Transfer, and Textuality]
NorikoKatsuki-Pestemer (Editor)
Geschichten der klassischen japanischen Literatur
Hittite Scribal Circles : Scholarly Tradition and Writing Habits
R. L. GraemeRitchie
A New Manual of French Composition : For Universities and the Higher Classes of Schools
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IsabelMoskowich (Editor)
'The Conditioned and the Unconditioned' : Late Modern English texts on philosophy. incl. CD-rom: A Corpus of English Philosophy Texts (CEPhiT)
Sprachbildung im Biologieunterricht [Language Learning in the Biology Classroom]
MartineDalmas (Editor)
Variation im europäischen Kontrast [Variation in European Comparison] : Untersuchungen zum Satzanfang im Deutschen, Französischen, Norwegischen, Polnischen und Ungarischen [An Investigation of Sentence Beginnings in German, French, Norwegian, Polish, and Hungarian]
María PilarLarrañaga
Cuaderno V. Los tiempos de pasado del español : Pretérito perfecto, imperfecto, indefinido y pluscuamperfecto
Ana Lívia dos SantosAgostinho
Fonologia do lung’Ie
Phonological Typology
Greek Historical Phonology Workbook
SaraGreco Morasso
Case Studies in Discourse Analysis
Fundamentals of language production and apperception
Dutch & Afrikaanas Pronunciation & Accents
Krimchak Dictionary
AndrásRóna-Tas (Editor)
Turks and Iranians. Interactions in Language and History : The Gunnar Jarring Memorial Program at the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study
BarbaraMeisterernst (Editor)
New Aspects of Classical Chinese Grammar
Master Narratives, Identities, and the Stories of Former Slaves
NataliaIgl (Editor)
Perspectives on Narrativity and Narrative Perspectivization
SimonePeschke (Editor)
Familiennamen nach Beruf und persönlichen Merkmalen [Family Names by Occupation and Personal Features] : Band 5 [Volume 5]
Complaints and Impoliteness in Service Encounters: A Mixed Method Analysis
Achievements, durativity and scales
Talking About Global Migration : Implications for Language Teaching
MasatoshiSato (Editor)
Peer Interaction and Second Language Learning : Pedagogical potential and research agenda
MarianneBeerle-Moor (Editor)
Language Vitality Through Bible Translation
ArieVerhagen (Editor)
Viewpoint and the Fabric of Meaning : Form and Use of Viewpoint Tools across Languages and Modalities
HristoKyuchukov (Editor)
Acquisition of Slavic Languages
DiānaLaiveniece (Editor)
Language Acquisition : Problems and Perspectives
UfukAtas (Editor)
Ankara Papers in Turkish and Turkic Linguistics
LoredanaPungă (Editor)
Language in Use : Metaphors in Non-Literary Contexts
Mary InezCloud
Ute Dictionary
OlgaGalatanu (Editor)
Sens et signification dans les espaces francophones : La (re-)construction discursive des significations
A grammar of Kukama-Kukamiria : A Language from the Amazon
JayantiBanerjee (Editor)
Handbook of Second Language Assessment
IwonaWitczak-Plisiecka (Editor)
Language and cognition: meaning across contexts
Deconstructing Ergativity : Two Types of Ergative Languages and Their Features
GirolamoTessuto (Editor)
Constructing Legal Discourses and Social Practices : Issues and Perspectives
Introducing Sign Language Literature : Folklore and Creativity
Paarformeln in mittelalterlichen Stadtrechtstexten : Bedeutung und Funktion
Jr.Gibbs (Editor)
Mixing Metaphor
The Georgetown Guide to Arabic-English Translation
The Role of Functions in Syntax : A unified approach to language theory, description, and typology
ImkeNeumann (Editor)
Developing and Assessing Academic and Professional Writing Skills
KayokoTakeda (Editor)
New Insights in the History of Interpreting
SoniaBerbinski (Editor)
Le Dit et le Non-Dit : Langage(s) et traduction
Reflexive Clitics in Czech
Enrique L.Palancar (Editor)
Tone and Inflection : New Facts and New Perspectives
Prendre la parole en L2 : Regard sur la compétence d’interaction en classe de langue
LindaJarmulowicz (Editor)
Linguistic Rhythm and Literacy
Humour and Relevance
AntoineGautier (Editor)
JuliaFernández Cuesta (Editor)
The Old English Gloss to the Lindisfarne Gospels : Language, Author and Context
Intonation Effects on Cantonese Lexical Tones in Speaking and Singing
English in the Netherlands : Functions, forms and attitudes
Input-based Tasks in Foreign Language Instruction for Young Learners
Jean-ClaudeAnscombre (Editor)
La phrase autonome : Théorie et manifestations
Zweitspracherwerb neu positioniert : Eine Studie der deutschen Sprachkenntnisse von Handelsschülern mit Migrationshintergrund
FelicityMeakins (Editor)
Loss and Renewal : Australian Languages Since Colonisation
MarcusMüller (Editor)
Handbuch Sprache in der Kunstkommunikation [Handbook of Language in Art Communication]
ManuelaRomano (Editor)
Exploring Discourse Strategies in Social and Cognitive Interaction : Multimodal and cross-linguistic perspectives
PiritaPyykkönen-Klauck (Editor)
Visually Situated Language Comprehension
BernardMulo Farenkia (Editor)
Im/politesse et rituels interactionnels en contextes plurilingues et multiculturels : Situations, Stratégies, Enjeux
Neologismen in der Science Fiction : Eine Untersuchung ihrer Übersetzung vom Englischen ins Deutsche
RolandPfau (Editor)
A Matter of Complexity : Subordination in Sign Languages
VaidehiRamanathan (Editor)
Language, Immigration and Naturalization : Legal and Linguistic Issues
FrantišekČermák (Editor)
Language Periphery : Monocollocable words in English, Italian, German and Czech
Communication Audit in Globally Integrated R&D Project Teams : A Linguistic Perspective
RafaelNúñez-Cedeño (Editor)
The Syllable and Stress : Studies in Honor of James W. Harris
SarahMercer (Editor)
Positive Psychology in SLA
A Practical Guide to Integrating Technology into Task-Based Language Teaching
Jan-OlaOstman (Editor)
Discourse and Responsibility in Professional Settings
Translation Solutions for Many Languages : Histories of a flawed dream
PaulRussell (Editor)
Grammatica, Gramadach and Gramadeg : Vernacular grammar and grammarians in medieval Ireland and Wales
VíctorGonzález-Ruiz (Editor)
From the Lab to the Classroom and Back Again : Perspectives on Translation and Interpreting Training
RitaFinkbeiner (Editor)
Conversational Writing : A Multidimensional Study of Synchronous and Supersynchronous Computer-Mediated Communication
AnthonyPym (Editor)
Authenticity, Language and Interaction in Second Language Contexts
Kommissionfür Mundartforschung (Editor)
Band 3/Heft 21 : prüglicht–Bund
Sprache und Lebensform deutscher Studenten im 18. und 19. Jahrhundert [Language and Patterns of Life Exhibited by 18th and 19th-Century German Students] : Aufsätze und Dokumente [Essays and Documentation]
Maria delMar Vanrell (Editor)
Intonational Grammar in Ibero-Romance : Approaches across linguistic subfields
DavidLasagabaster (Editor)
CLIL experiences in secondary and tertiary education : In search of good practices
JulianaGerard (Editor)
Proceedings of the 6th Conference on Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition North America (GALANA 2015)
ManfredRingmacher (Editor)
Die Sprachwissenschaft : Ihre Aufgaben, Methoden und bisherigen Ergebnisse
La Traduction De L’oral Spontane : Du Français Vers Le Turc : (Linguistique Et Traductologie)
ChristineMichler (Editor)
Sehverstehen im Fremdsprachenunterricht
Lehrkraft-Eltern-Interaktionen am Elternsprechtag : Eine gesprächs- und gattungsanalytische Untersuchung
RacheleAntonini (Editor)
Non-professional Interpreting and Translation in the Media
Senko K.Maynard
Fluid Orality in the Discourse of Japanese Popular Culture
MustaphaTaibi (Editor)
New Insights into Arabic Translation and Interpreting
The Dynamics of Nominal Classification : Productive and Lexicalised Uses of Gender Agreement in Mawng
RMWDixon (Editor)
Classifiers in Minangkabau: a typological study
AngelikaLinke (Editor)
Sprachliche und kommunikative Praktiken [Linguistic and Communicative Practices]
A Study of Attributive Ethnonyms in the History of English with Special Reference to Foodsemy
Discursive Self in Microblogging : Speech acts, stories and self-praise
Identity, Gender and Teaching English in Japan
DinaLüttenberg (Editor)
Handbuch Sprache in der Bildung [Handbook of Language in Education]
RMWDixon (Editor)
Batjamalh Grammar and Dictionary
Elly vanGelderen (Editor)
Cyclical Change Continued
KatarzynaRokoszewska (Editor)
Categorization in Discourse and Grammar
Ethnographic Perspectives on Academic Writing
Tense and Text in Classical Arabic : A Discourse-Oriented Study of The Classical Arabic Tense System
EdouardMokwe (Editor)
Médias français et fibre patriotique : La cible afrique
The Translation Chapter of the Late Ming Lulongsai Lüe : Bilingual sections of a Chinese military collection
Variation und Wandel [Variation and Change] : Zur Konkurrenz morphologischer und syntaktischer A+N-Verbindungen im Deutschen und Niederländischen seit 1700 [On the Concurrence of Morphological and Syntactic A+N Combinations in German and Dutch since 1700]
The Writing System of Scribe Zhou : Evidence from Late Pre-imperial Chinese Manuscripts and Inscriptions (5th-3rd Centuries BCE)
MagdalenaOlpińska-Szkiełko (Editor)
Advances in Understanding Multilingualism: A Global Perspective
MartinHilpert (Editor)
Constructions across Grammars
Inti AedoOrozco
Evaluatives in Grammar
A Dictionary of Slang among Chinese Youth
ToshikoYamaguchi (Editor)
English in Malaysia : Current Use and Status
Diskurse des Alter(n)s [Discourses of Age(ing)] : Öffentliches Sprechen über Alter in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland [Public Speaking about Age in the Federal Republic of Germany]
Attitudes to Standard British English and Standard Polish : A Study in Normative Linguistics and Comparative Sociolinguistics
Heather HarrisWright (Editor)
Cognition, Language and Aging
La traducción de los sentidos : Audiodescripción y emociones
Hindi Pronunciation & Accents : Geo-social Applications of the Natural Phonetics & Tonetics Method
Garner's Modern English Usage
KeikoSagara (Editor)
Semantic Fields in Sign Languages : Colour, Kinship and Quantification
Discursive Construction of Bicultural Identity : A Cross-Generational Sociolinguistic Study on Oromo-Americans in Minnesota
ZlatkaGuentchéva (Editor)
Aspectuality and Temporality : Descriptive and theoretical issues
Dubi NandaDhakal
A Tsum Lexicon
Comparative Nivkh Dictionary
The Amazigh/Berber Secret Language of the "wāw" / the "rā?"
StefanPfänder (Editor)
Experience Counts: Frequency Effects in Language
JenniferCramer (Editor)
Cityscapes and Perceptual Dialectology : Global Perspectives on Non-Linguists’ Knowledge of the Dialect Landscape
Gys-Walt vanEgdom (Editor)
Translation and Meaning
IanHancock (Editor)
Roma Culture: Myths and Realities
Pragmatic Markers in British English : Meaning in Social Interaction
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The Linguistic Typology of Templates
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Gjertrud FlermoenStenbrenden
Long-Vowel Shifts in English, c. 1050–1700 : Evidence from Spelling
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
First Language Acquisition
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Language Evolution : The Windows Approach
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
SabineDoff (Editor)
Heterogenität im Fremdsprachenunterricht : Impulse - Rahmenbedingungen - Kernfragen - Perspektiven
Genitiv im Korpus : Untersuchungen zur starken Flexion des Nomens im Deutschen
Paar und Sprache : Linguistische Aspekte der Zweierbeziehung. 5. Auflage 2016
Grammatik des Otjiherero
María PilarLarrañaga
Cuaderno IV: Los verbos pronominales
MiraKadric (Editor)
Berufsziel Übersetzen und Dolmetschen : Grundlagen, Ausbildung, Arbeitsfelder
GorettiFaya Ornia
Medical Brochure as a Textual Genre
EvelynDoman (Editor)
Departing from Tradition : Innovations in English Language Teaching and Learning
Psycholinguistics : Introduction and Applications
Eighteenth Century Xebero : Mss. Add. 25,323 and 25,324 of The British Library, London (UK)
Klassifikationen im Baure
How English Became English : A Short History of a Global Language
Meaning in Linguistic Interaction : Semantics, Metasemantics, Philosophy of Language
Preterit Expansion and Perfect Demise in Porteño Spanish and Beyond : A Critical Perspective on Cognitive Grammaticalization and Theory
M.Ahmad (Editor)
Language, Literature and Culture in a Multilingual Society. Vol. II
M.Ahmad (Editor)
Language, Literature and Culture in a Multilingual Society. Vol. I
Creating Language : Integrating Evolution, Acquisition, and Processing
Practical Corpus Linguistics : An Introduction to Corpus-Based Language Analysis
Linguistic Diversity and Social Justice : An Introduction to Applied Sociolinguistics
Grammatical theory : From transformational grammar to constraint-based approaches
DonnaMiller (Editor)
Hybridity in Systemic Functional Linguistics : Grammar, Text and Discursive Context
Layering and Directionality : Metrical Stress in Optimality Theory
GregKessler (Editor)
Landmarks in CALL Research : Looking Back to Prepare for the Future, 1995-2015
JohnCartmill (Editor)
Communication in Surgical Practice
Piotr RobertSulikowski
Der literarische Text und I-Faktoren in der Übersetzung : Anhand ausgewählter Werke Zbigniew Herberts im Deutschen und Englischen
Ecolinguistics : Communication Processes at the Seam of Life
Juan PedroRica Peromingo
Aspectos lingüísticos y técnicos de la traducción audiovisual (TAV)
Anders SkareMalvik (Editor)
Literature in Contemporary Media Culture : Technology - Subjectivity- Aesthetics
MatthiasVollmer (Editor)
II/8 Schnubendüwel – sörreher
ThierryGallèpe (Editor)
Discours, texte et langue : La fabrique des formes et du sens
DanielGysin (Editor)
Jugendsprache in Schule, Medien und Alltag
TeresaO'Neill (Editor)
Romance Linguistics 2013 : Selected papers from the 43rd Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL), New York, 17-19 April, 2013
Memes of Translation : The spread of ideas in translation theory. Revised edition
Assessing Foreign Language Student's Spoken Proficiency : Stakeholder Perspectives on Assessment Innovation
PeterErnst (Editor)
Linguistische Pragmatik in historischen Bezügen [Linguistic Pragmatics in Historical Context]
FranzRainer (Editor)
Word-Formation – Volume 4 : An International Handbook of the Languages of Europe
NathalieMederake (Editor)
Wikipedia: Palimpseste der Gegenwart : Text- und Wissensverfahren im kollaborativen Hypertext
ElisabettaGola (Editor)
Metaphor and Communication
El español y la lingüística aplicada
Quantifiers and Cognition: Logical and Computational Perspectives
George E.Yoos
Simplifying Complexity : Rhetoric and the Social Politics of Dealing with Ignorance
JörgKilian (Editor)
Perspektiven der Stereotypenforschung
DianeHafner (Editor)
Land and Language in Cape York Peninsula and the Gulf Country
Kontrastive Linguistik : Eine Einführung
Towards Openly Multilingual Policies and Practices : Assessing Minority Language Maintenance Across Europe
MaraKatz (Editor)
Proceedings of the 33rd West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics
Locative Expressions in English and French : A Multimodal Approach
Leserbrief und Identitätskonstitution : Am Beispiel von Diskursen der ost- und westdeutschen Tagespresse 1979–1999
Third Person References : Forms and functions in two spoken genres of Spanish
Sprache und Rhetorik der Emotion im Partnerwerbungsgespräch
FredDervin (Editor)
The Cultural and Intercultural Dimensions of English as a Lingua Franca
Face and Enactment of Identities in the L2 Classroom
Einführung in die italienische Sprachwissenschaft [Introduction to Italian Linguistics]
Academic posters : A textual and visual metadiscourse analysis
Linguistik für die Kognitionswissenschaft : Eine interdisziplinäre Ergänzung zur Einführung in die Sprachwissenschaft
The Acquisition of L2 Mandarin Prosody : From experimental studies to pedagogical practice
A grammar of Palula
Written Corrective Feedback for L2 Development
Band 9/Lieferung 6: mindernis – münzschauer [Volume 9/Installment 6: mindernis – münzschauer]
Ingo H.Warnke (Editor)
Textuelle Historizität [Textual Historicity] : Interdisziplinäre Perspektiven auf das historische Apriori [Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Historical A Priori]
ChloéDiskin (Editor)
Language, Identity and Migration : Voices from Transnational Speakers and Communities
LauraCruz García (Editor)
Corpus-based studies on language varieties
JoepLeerssen (Editor)
Interconnecting Translation Studies and Imagology
Freekvan de Velde (Editor)
Exaptation and Language Change
Der Majuskelgebrauch im Deutschen [Capitalization in German] : Groß- und Kleinschreibung theoretisch, empirisch, ontogenetisch [Theory, Empiricism, Ontogenesis]
HidekiKishimoto (Editor)
Handbook of Japanese Lexicon and Word Formation
Ingo H.Warnke (Editor)
Sprache und Kolonialismus [Language and Colonialism] : Eine interdisziplinäre Einführung zu Sprache und Kommunikation in kolonialen Kontexten [An Interdisciplinary Introduction to Language and Communication in Colonial Contexts]
LudmilaZemková (Editor)
The Use of Gender Markers in Animals : As Demonstrated by Issues of National Geographic
LuisAndrade Ciudad (Editor)
The Spanish of the Northern Peruvian Andes : A Sociohistorical and Dialectological Account
Behind the Words : The FCO, Hegemonolingualism and the End of Britain's Freedom
Luxemburger Familiennamenbuch [Dictionary of Luxembourgish Family Names]
MasahikoMinami (Editor)
Handbook of Japanese Applied Linguistics
KaoriKabata (Editor)
Cognitive-Functional Approaches to the Study of Japanese as a Second Language
Sprachforschung in der Zeit des Nationalsozialismus [Linguistic Research During the National Socialist Era] : Verfolgung, Vertreibung, Politisierung und die inhaltliche Neuausrichtung der Sprachwissenschaft [Persecution, Expulsion, Politicization, and the Substantive Reorientation of Linguistics]
JuldyzSmagulova (Editor)
Language Change in Central Asia
Einführung in die französische Morphologie [Introduction to French Morphology]
Extraction and Analysis of Modal Auxiliaries in Consecutive Clauses from a Corpus
Helende Silva Joyce (Editor)
Language at Work : Analysing Language Use in Work, Education, Medical and Museum Contexts
Die Lesekrise zu Beginn der Pubertät : Ursachen der Lesekrise und ihre Manifestationen bei Jugendlichen mit Deutsch als Zweitsprache
MathildeHennig (Editor)
Komplexe Attribution [Complex Attribution] : Ein Nominalstilphänomen aus sprachhistorischer, grammatischer, typologischer und funktionalstilistischer Perspektive [A Nominal-Style Phenomenon from the Perspectives of Language History, Grammar, Typology, and Functional Style]
LauraDi Venanzio
Die Syntax von Selbstreparaturen [The Syntax of German and Spanish Self-Repairs] : Sprach- und erwerbsspezifische Reparaturorganisation im Deutschen und Spanischen
Textlinguistik [Text Linguistics] : Grundlagen, Kontroversen, Perspektiven [Fundamentals, Controversies, Perspectives]
Miguel ÁngelQuesada Pacheco
Relatos de la tradición oral guaymí (ngäbere)
ChristianHofer (Editor)
Forschende Fachdidaktik : Projektergebnisse
Sprachkontakt, Migration und Variation: Die frankophone Integration von Rumänen in Paris nach 1989
PaulRössler (Editor)
Wissenschaftssprache Deutsch : international, interdisziplinär, interkulturell
DanielSchmidt-Brücken (Editor)
Aspects of (Post)Colonial Linguistics : Current Perspectives and New Approaches
English Pronunciation for Speakers of Spanish : From Theory to Practice
The Acquisition of Passive Constructions in L2 English by Mandarin Speakers
Einleitung in das Studium der indogermanischen Sprachen : Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte und Methodik der Vergleichenden Sprachforschung
Why Only Us
Paulin BarakaBose
Kivu Swahili Texts and Grammar Notes
JostGippert (Editor)
Historical Corpora : Challenges and Perspectives
MaialenIraola Azpiroz
Anaphora Resolution in Children and Adults : An Experimental Study of Mature Speakers and Learners of Basque