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Sorry About That

By Edwin L. Battistella

Sorry About That "explores why we apologize or don't and how our apologies succeed or fail."

New from Cambridge University Press!


Sociolinguistics from the Periphery

By Sari Pietikäinen, Alexandra Jaffe, Helen Kelly-Holmes, Nik Coupland

Sociolinguistics from the Periphery "presents a fascinating book about change: shifting political, economic and cultural conditions; ephemeral, sometimes even seasonal, multilingualism; and altered imaginaries for minority and indigenous languages and their users"

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KristyBeers Fägersten (Editor)
Watching TV with a Linguist
Förderung von Sprachlernkompetenz zu Beginn der Sekundarstufe : Untersuchungen zu früher Interkomprehension
Zur Darstellung und Konzeption von Alterität und Subjekt im Romanwerk von J.-M. G. Le Clézio
ClaudiaRiemer (Editor)
Handbuch Fremdsprachenunterricht : 6., völlig überarbeitete und erweiterte Auflage
PeterSandrini (Editor)
Language in the Digital Era. Challenges and Perspectives
MartinaBajčić (Editor)
Towards the Professionalization of Legal Translators and Court Interpreters in the EU
AnjuSaxena (Editor)
Approaches to Measuring Linguistic Differences
AlbertBusch (Editor)
Handbuch Wirtschaftskommunikation : Interdisziplinäre Zugänge zur Unternehmenskommunikation
DanielCaspari (Editor)
Forschungsmethoden in der Fremdsprachendidaktik : Ein Handbuch
Building Predicates : The View from Palauan
Human Communication across Cultures : A Cross-cultural Introduction to Pragmatics and Sociolinguistics
TarjaNikula (Editor)
Conceptualising Integration in CLIL and Multilingual Education
KyokoMurakami (Editor)
Dialogic Pedagogy : The Importance of Dialogue in Teaching and Learning
EngelbertThaler (Editor)
Shorties : Flash Fiction in English Language Teaching
PilarOrdóñez-López (Editor)
Medical Discourse in Professional, Academic and Popular Settings
The Acquisition and Use of Yes-no Questions in English : A Corpus-Study from a usage-based perspective
Who’s Afraid of Multilingual Education? : Conversations with Tove Skutnabb-Kangas, Jim Cummins, Ajit Mohanty and Stephen Bahry about the Iranian Context and Beyond
Language Making Nature : A Handbook for Writers, Artists, and Thinkers
The Syntactic Structures of Korean : A Construction Grammar Perspective
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Douglas A.Kibbee
Language and the Law : Linguistic Inequality in America
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
The Social Life of the Japanese Language : Cultural Discourse and Situated Practice
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Mary J.Schleppegrell (Editor)
Usage-Based Approaches to Language Acquisition and Processing: Cognitive and Corpus Investigations of Construction Grammar
E. E.Reynolds
Intermediate Exercises in English
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
R. L. GraemeRitchie
Junior Translation from French
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Anna M.Babel (Editor)
Awareness and Control in Sociolinguistic Research
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Literacy Acquisition in School in the Context of Migration and Multilingualism : A binational survey
SvetlanaVogeleer (Editor)
Genre- and Register-related Discourse Features in Contrast
SoniaZyngier (Editor)
Scientific Approaches to Literature in Learning Environments
StuartDavis (Editor)
Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics XXVII : Papers from the Annual Symposium on Arabic Linguistics, Bloomington, Indiana, 2013
CliffGoddard (Editor)
“Happiness” and “Pain” across Languages and Cultures
AndréMeinunger (Editor)
Inner-sentential Propositional Proforms : Syntactic properties and interpretative effects
DiegoPascual y Cabo (Editor)
Advances in Spanish as a Heritage Language
Discourse Reflexivity in Linear Unit Grammar : The case of IMDb message boards
A Cognitive Grammar of Japanese Clause Structure
Spoken Discourse
Functional Structure in Morphology and the Case of Nonfinite Verbs : Theoretical Issues and the Description of the Danish Verb System
A Phonological Reconstruction of Proto-Hlai
FrancescaBianchi (Editor)
Pragmatic Issues in Specialized Communicative Contexts
Dictating to the Mob : The History of the BBC Advisory Committee on Spoken English
A Discourse and Register Analysis of the Prophetic Book of Joel
ReettaToivanen (Editor)
Linguistic Genocide or Superdiversity? : New and Old Language Diversities
Second Language Speech : Theory and Practice
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
The Neo-Aramaic Dialect of the Assyrian Christians of Urmi
LouisaBuckingham (Editor)
The Status of English in Bosnia and Herzegovina
A Grammar of Dazaga
BrittaViebrock (Editor)
Feature Films in English Language Teaching
Sprach(en)politik : Eine Einführung
Autonomie in der Lernendengruppe : Entscheidungsdiskurs und Mitbestimmung in einem DaF-Handyvideoprojekt
Kreatives Schreiben : Eine Einführung
Medea sulla scena tragica repubblicana : Commento a Ennio,
R. H.Horsley
A German Course
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
F. R. H.McLellan
A School Grammar of Modern German
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
PalomaNúñez-Pertejo (Editor)
Corpus linguistics on the move : Exploring and understanding English through corpora
E. E.Reynolds
An English Syllabus
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Sali A.Tagliamonte
Teen Talk : The Language of Adolescents
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
NikolasCoupland (Editor)
Sociolinguistics : Theoretical Debates
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
A. E.Backhouse
Using Japanese Synonyms
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
MarkIrwin (Editor)
Sequential Voicing in Japanese : Papers from the NINJAL Rendaku Project
Conference Interpreting – A Trainer’s Guide
Marie-JoséeHamel (Editor)
Language-Learner Computer Interactions : Theory, methodology and CALL applications
BalkızÖztürk (Editor)
Exploring the Turkish Linguistic Landscape : Essays in honor of Eser Erguvanlı-Taylan
BarbaraLewandowska-Tomaszczyk (Editor)
Conceptualizations of Time
ClaudineChamoreau (Editor)
Finiteness and Nominalization
Grammaticalization and the Rise of Configurationality in Indo-Aryan
AnkeLenzing (Editor)
Developing, Modelling and Assessing Second Languages
Redefining Trial by Media : Towards a critical-forensic linguistic interface
Conference Interpreting – A Complete Course
Laura BangLindegaard (Editor)
Studies of Discourse and Governmentality : New perspectives and methods
Remivan Trijp
The evolution of case grammar
JonathanWebster (Editor)
Context in the System and Process of Language : Volume 4
PatriciaBou-Franch (Editor)
Exploring Language Aggression against Women
JanNijen Twilhaar
Concise Lexicon for Sign Linguistics
HeidiHarley (Editor)
Morphological Metatheory
AnneBaker (Editor)
The Linguistics of Sign Languages : An introduction
SeppoKittilä (Editor)
Advances in Research on Semantic Roles
KrzysztofStroński (Editor)
Indo-Aryan Ergativity in Typological and Diachronic Perspective
ErnestineLahey (Editor)
World Building : Discourse in the Mind
DinaTsagari (Editor)
Contemporary Second Language Assessment : Contemporary Applied Linguistics Volume 4
Dubi NandaDhakal
Analyzed Texts in Majhi with Grammar Notes
Evidence for the Indo-European and Balkan Origin of Burushaski
Contiguity Theory
Juanita RodríguezBetancourt
Judith Ortiz Cofer and Aurora Levins Morales: The Construction of Identity through Cultural and Linguistic Hybridization
A Reference Grammar of Ersu, a Tibeto-Burman Language of China : LINCOM Studies in Asian Linguistics 85
The Linguistic Landscape of Post-Apartheid South Africa : Politics and Discourse
Japanese Pronunciation & Accents : Geo-social Applications of the Natural Phonetics & Tonetics Method
Viktor S.Xrakovskij (Editor)
Typology of Taxis Constructions
Nominalsyntagmen mit Präposition : Eine Studie zum Italienischen und Portugiesischen Unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des inneren Artikels
ElmarEggert (Editor)
Historische Mündlichkeit : Beiträge zur Geschichte der gesprochenen Sprache
Das Unantastbare beschreiben : Gerüche und ihre Versprachlichung im Deutschen und Polnischen
SergueiSakhno (Editor)
Situations de plurilinguisme et politiques du multilinguisme en Europe
AbdelhadiBellachhab (Editor)
Représentations du sens linguistique : Les interfaces de la complexité
Vanishing Languages in Context : Ideological, Attitudinal and Social Identity Perspectives
Linguistic Change in Galway City English : A Variationist Sociolinguistic Study of (th) and (dh) in Urban Western Irish English
Deutsche Schülersprache : Sprachgebrauch und Spracheinstellungen Jugendlicher in Deutschland Unter Mitarbeit von Daniel Buchenauer, geb. Schubert
KarolinaKęsicka (Editor)
Transgressionen im Spiegel der Übersetzung : Festschrift zum 70. Geburtstag von Prof. Maria Krysztofiak-Kaszyńska
TanjaKupisch (Editor)
Definiteness Effects : Bilingual, Typological and Diachronic Variation
BrentVine (Editor)
Proceedings of the 26th Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference : October 24th and 25th, 2014
HannesFellner (Editor)
Tocharian Texts in Context : International Conference on Tocharian Manuscripts and Silk Road Culture, June 25-29th, 2013
PeterDe Costa
The Power of Identity and Ideology in Language Learning : Designer Immigrants Learning English in Singapore
World Building in Spanish and English Spoken Narratives
Complexity in Classroom Foreign Language Learning Motivation : A Practitioner Perspective from Japan
Decolonizing Primary English Language Teaching
Reconceptualising Authenticity for English as a Global Language
Zhisheng (Edward)Wen
Working Memory and Second Language Learning : Towards an Integrated Approach
T. RuanniTupas (Editor)
Why English? : Confronting the Hydra
Critical Discourse Studies and Technology : A Multimodal Approach to Analysing Technoculture
Differential Case Marking in Mongolian
E.Grassi (Editor)
Iranian Languages and Literatures of Central Asia : From the Eighteenth Century to the Present
AstridMenz (Editor)
Spoken Ottoman in Mediator Texts
A.Lenepveu-Hotz (Editor)
Further Topics in Iranian Linguistics : Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Iranian Linguistics, held in Bamberg on 24-26 August 2013
Teaching English Pronunciation : A textbook for the German-speaking countries
ArleneArcher (Editor)
Multimodality in Higher Education
Wissen - Sprache - Raum : Zur Multimodalität der Interaktion im Chemieunterricht
DanielaElsner (Editor)
Gender and Language Learning : Research and Practice
TanjaAnstatt (Editor)
Slavic Languages in Psycholinguistics : Chances and Challenges for Empirical and Experimental Research
HeinerBöttger (Editor)
Focus on Evidence : Fremdsprachendidaktik trifft Neurowissenschaften
Orthographische Varianten in der literalen Praxis : Empirische Untersuchung des Usus, der individuellen Repräsentationen und der Wirkung auf den Schreibprozess
Lernziele im Fremdsprachenunterricht : Eine quantitative Analyse der Einstellungen von Schülern und Studierenden
The evolution of grounded spatial language
Coastal Dhofari Arabic : A Sketch Grammar
Reziproke Strukturen valenter Substantive in der deutschen Sprache
SteffenSchaub (Editor)
Angewandte Linguistik in Schule und Hochschule : Neue Wege für Sprachunterricht und Ausbildung
Fachphraseologie am Beispiel der deutschen und der polnischen Fassung des Vertrags von Lissabon
Enseigner une discipline dans une autre langue: méthodologie et pratiques professionnelles : Approche CLIL-EMILE 2e édition, revue et augmentée
SandraCampagna (Editor)
Languaging in and across Communities: New Voices, New Identities : Studies in Honour of Giuseppina Cortese
CarlaMereu Keating
The Politics of Dubbing : Film Censorship and State Intervention in the Translation of Foreign Cinema in Fascist Italy
MagdalenaDuś (Editor)
Wort – Text – Diskurs : Danziger Beiträge zur Germanistik - Band 53
From Truth to Technique at Trial : A Discursive History of Metavalues in Trial Advocacy Advice Texts
Sociolinguistics from the Periphery : Small Languages in New Circumstances
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Dawn : The Origins of Language and the Modern Human Mind
Grammatical Complexity in Academic English : Linguistic Change in Writing
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
MerjaKytö (Editor)
The Cambridge Handbook of English Historical Linguistics
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
H. F.Tatum
An Advanced Latin Syntax
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
HeikePichler (Editor)
Discourse-Pragmatic Variation and Change in English : New Methods and Insights
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
H. EkkehardWolff
Language and Development in Africa : Perceptions, Ideologies and Challenges
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
ElenaSeoane (Editor)
World Englishes : New theoretical and methodological considerations
SandroSessarego (Editor)
Spanish Language and Sociolinguistic Analysis
AyşeGürel (Editor)
Second Language Acquisition of Turkish
ChristophSchubert (Editor)
Variational Text Linguistics : Revisiting Register in English
I «Diarii» di Marin Sanudo (1496–1533) [Analyses of the Language of the «Diarii» by Sanuto the Younger (1496–1533)] : Sondaggi filologici e linguistici
WilbertSpooren (Editor)
Genre in Language, Discourse and Cognition
EvaNúñez Méndez (Editor)
Diachronic Applications in Hispanic Linguistics
LydiaSciriha (Editor)
International Perspectives on Bilingualism
David A.B.Murray (Editor)
Queering Borders : Language, sexuality, and migration
Quantifying Expressions in the History of German : Syntactic reanalysis and morphological change
Hans HenrichHock (Editor)
The Languages and Linguistics of South Asia
KatjaSuckow (Editor)
Empirical Perspectives on Anaphora Resolution