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Revitalizing Endangered Languages

Edited by Justyna Olko & Julia Sallabank

Revitalizing Endangered Languages "This guidebook provides ideas and strategies, as well as some background, to help with the effective revitalization of endangered languages. It covers a broad scope of themes including effective planning, benefits, wellbeing, economic aspects, attitudes and ideologies."

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The syntax-semantics of relative clauses in Shupamem Ngoungouo Yiagnigni Abass 27-May-2021
The Acquisition of Morpho-syntax in Spanish: Implications for current theories of development Javier Aguado-Orea 06-Apr-2005
Typologizing native language influence on intonation in a second language: Three transfer phenomena in Japanese EFL learners Aaron Lee Albin 11-Sep-2015
The Features of Movement in Romanian Gabriela F. Alboiu 18-Sep-2001
Task-Based Computer-Mediated Communication and Negotiated Interaction in an EFL Context Ali Hussain AlBulushi 30-Oct-2009
The Grammaticalization of Present and Past in Basque Gontzal E Aldai 21-May-2003
The Theory of Adaptive Dispersion and Acoustic-Phonetic Properties of Cross-Language Lexical-Tone Systems Jennifer A Alexander 04-Aug-2011
The Modifying Participle as a Grammatical Category: Contrastive analysis of German and Greek modifying participles and modifying participial phrases and application in natural language processing systems Christina Alexandris 31-Mar-2004
The Syntax and Semantics of Manner Modification: Adjectives and Adverbs Sascha Alexeyenko 14-Dec-2016
The Interdependence of Modality and Theory of Mind Danielle Alfandre 07-Jun-2010
The interface between pragmatics and prosody in Spanish and Italian: requests in task-oriented dialogues Iolanda Alfano 08-Mar-2016
The Perception and Production of SSBE Vowels by Syrian Arabic learners:The foreign language model Rana Alhussein Almbark 12-Apr-2013
The Syntax of Exclamatives: A study of Arabic Mohamed S Al-Seghayar 30-Jul-2001
The Influence of Vowel Harmony on Turkish Native Speakers Learning an Artificial Language System Asli Altan 17-Mar-2008
The Perception and Production of Second Language Stress: A crosslinguistic experimental study Heidi Altmann 09-Apr-2006
The Perception and Production of Second Language Stress: A crosslinguistic experimental study Heidi Altmann 10-Apr-2006
The Social and Cognitive Dimensions of Grammatical Gender Angeliki Alvanoudi 22-Apr-2013
The Structure and Real-Time Comprehension of Quantifier Scope Ambiguity Catherine Anderson 13-Dec-2004
The Acquisition of Tough-Movement in English D. L. Anderson 22-Dec-2002
The Acquisition of Clitics in Croatian and Spanish and its Implications for Syntactic Theory Stiasny Andrea 03-Apr-2006
The Segmenting/Parsing Unit in Cairene Arabic Spoken Language Rajaa Aquil 14-Nov-2006
The Intonation of Focus in Declarative Sentences in Persian Mortaza Taheri Ardali 29-Aug-2011
The Phonetics of Plosive and Affricate Gemination in Cypriot Greek Spyros Armostis 26-Mar-2011
The phonetics of Modern Greek Rhythm and Its Phonological Implications Amalia Arvaniti 13-Sep-2001
Towards an Analysis of Book Reviews as an Academic Written Genre Esmat Babaii 12-Jul-2005
The Nominal Group Modifier and Qualifier Structures in Some American and Nigerian English-Medium Magazines Emmanuel Taiwo Babalola 01-Sep-2005
The Syntax of Comparative Constructions: Operators, Ellipsis Phenomena and Functional Left Peripheries Julia Bacskai-Atkari 20-Feb-2015
The Perception of Handshape in American Sign Language Stephanie Ann Baker 27-Feb-2004
The Historical Development of the it-cleft Catherine N. Ball 18-Sep-2001
Textual Structure and Discourse Prominence in Yapese Narrative Keira Gebbie Ballantyne 02-Dec-2005
The Morphophonemics of the Idaacha Dialect of Yoruba Desire Baloubi 31-Jan-2002
The meaning of space in Catalan Sign Language (LSC). Reference, specificity and structure in signed discourse. Gemma Barberà Altimira 08-Aug-2012
The Form, Function, and Distribution of High Rising Intonation in Southern Californian and Southern British English Angela Susan Barry 01-Jul-2007
Topics in Kalasha Syntax: An areal and typological perspective Elena Bashir 13-Sep-2001
The Role of Socio-indexical Information in Regional Accent Perception by Five to Seven Year Old Children Erica Beck 21-Jan-2014
The Greek Reduplicated Aorist Miles C. Beckwith 30-Jul-2001
The Vowels of South African English Ian Bekker 19-Mar-2009
Towards a Comparative Typology of Emphatics: Across Semitic and into Arabic dialect phonology Alex Bellem 21-Jul-2008
The Semantics of Spanish Morphology Carlos Benavides 26-Mar-2002
The Use of Speech Analysis Software for the Teaching of English Intonation Nawel Bengrait 25-Sep-2019
Topic and Discourse Structure in West Greenlandic Agreement Constructions Anna M Berge 14-Sep-2001
Teaching Translation at English Language Teaching Departments: Process approach vs traditional approach Adnan Biçer 08-Jan-2004
Transitivité et marquage d’objet différentiel Ross Bilous 23-Apr-2012
The Phase Model and Adverbials Petr Biskup 10-Aug-2009
Time Relations in Discourse. Evidence from a Comparative Approache to Yukatek Maya Jürgen Bohnemeyer 18-Sep-2001
The Discourse Function of Academic Texts with Reference to Wittgenstein's 'To Follow a Rule' James Patrick Bones 11-Dec-2008
The interplay between lexis and learning: a study of second language vocabulary profiles and learning style Paul R Booth 26-Dec-2019
The Brain, Verbs, and the Past: Neurolinguistic Studies on Time Reference Laura S. Bos 12-Jan-2015
The Viability of Official Malagasy in the Language Ecology of Southern Madagascar with Particular Reference to the Bara Speech Community Leoni E. Bouwer 23-Oct-2004
Taba (Makian Dalam): Description of an Austronesian language from Eastern Indonesia John Bowden 17-Sep-2001
The Effect of Geographic Mobility on the Retention of a Local Dialect David Bowie 17-Sep-2001
The Influence of Phonological Structure on Articulatory organization in Turkish and in English: Vowel harmony and coarticulation Suzanne E. Boyce 17-Sep-2001
The Phonetics and Phonology of Rhotic Duration Contrast and Neutralization Travis G. Bradley 29-Jan-2002
The Perception and Production of Interdental Fricatives in Second Language Acquisition Kathleen Brannen 10-Mar-2012
The Educational and Occupational Aspirations of Sikh Young Adults: Discourses and constructions of parents, teachers and young adults Bikram Singh Brar 29-Sep-2009
The Distribution of the Conjunct Verb Form in Western Naskapi and Related Morphosyntactic Issues Julie Brittain 30-Sep-2004
The English Change Network Cristiano Broccias 24-Aug-2002
The Electrophysiology of Language Comprehension: A Neurocomputational Model Harm Brouwer 16-Jun-2014
The Linguistic Construction of Character Relations in TV Drama : Doing friendship in Sex and the City Claudia Bubel 04-May-2006
Two Languages, Two Input Modalities, One Brain: An fMRI study of Portuguese-English bilinguals and Portuguese listening and reading comprehension effects on brain activation Augusto Buchweitz 16-Mar-2007
Teachers' Attitudes Toward African American Vernacular English : Influence of contact with linguistics on ambivalent attitudes Judith Buendgens-Kosten 03-May-2010
The Availability of Universal Grammar to adult Turkish Learners of English: Parameter resetting Türkay Bulut 26-Feb-2002
The Role of L2 Vocabulary Expansion in the Perception and Production of Australian English Vowels by Adult Native Speakers of Japanese Rikke L. Bundgaard-Nielsen 04-Aug-2009
Towards an image-term co-occurence model for multilingual terminology alignment and cross-language image indexing Diego A. Burgos H. 14-Sep-2014
The Acquisition of Sentence Alternations: How Children Understand and Use the English Dative Alternation Daniel Bürkle 06-Jan-2016
The Grammar of Tolerance: On Vagueness, Context-Sensitivity, and the Origin of Scale Structure Heather Burnett 05-Sep-2012
The Morphosyntax and Processing of Number Marking in Yucatec Maya Lindsay Kay Butler 15-Dec-2011
Textual Cognetics and the Role of Iconic Linkage in Software User Guides Jody Byrne 06-Sep-2004
The Grammar of Q: Q-Particles and the Nature of Wh-Fronting, as Revealed by the Wh-Questions of Tlingit Seth Alfred Cable 31-Aug-2007
The Lexical Interface: Closed class items in South Slavic and English Andrew D. Caink 17-Sep-2001
The Structure of NP Coordination José A. Camacho 31-Jul-2001
The Indo-Portuguese language of Diu Hugo Canelas Cardoso 05-Jul-2009
The Acquisition of Probabilistic Patterns in Spanish Phonology by Adult Second Language Learners Matthew T. Carlson 05-Oct-2007
The Italo-Venezuelan Community of Pescara (Italy): A Sociolinguistic Analysis of Spanish in Contact with Italian Joëlle Carota 25-Aug-2021
The Acquisition of Clitics in Croatian and Spanish and its Implications for Syntactic Theory Andrea Stiasny Carruthers 03-Apr-2006
The Acquisition of Clitics in Croatian and Spanish and its Implications for Syntactic Theory Andrea Stiasny Carruthers 23-Mar-2006
The Social Distribution of Uruguayan Portuguese in a Bilingual Border Town Ana Maria Carvalho 17-Sep-2001
The Internal Structure of Personal Pronouns in Brazilian Portuguese Danniel da Silva Carvalho 21-Jan-2009
Thematic Relations between Nouns Juan Castillo 26-Oct-2001
Terminology of the Penal International Law in the Romanian and French Documents: Differences and correspondences/La terminologie du droit international pénal dans les documents roumains et français (Différences et correspondances) Olga Cazan 04-May-2010
Turkish Vocabulary Variants in Relation to Gender and Age Yesim Cekicel 15-Dec-2007
The Phonology and Morphology of Kubeo: The documentation, theory and description of an Amazonian language Thiago Costa Chacon 05-Feb-2013
The Use of General and Specialized Corpora as Reference Tools for Academic and Technical English Writing: A case study of Korean graduate students of engineering Ji-Yeon Chang 03-Sep-2011
The Syntax of Event Structure in Chinese Jung-hsing Chang 31-Jul-2001
The Verb GIVE and the Double-object Construction in Cantonese in Synchronic, Diachronic and Typological Perspectives Andy C. Chin 14-Jul-2009
The Phonology and Morphology of Romanian Glides and Diphthongs: A constraint-based approach Ioana Chitoran 31-Jul-2001
The Nature of Legibility Conditions JunMo Cho 31-Jul-2001
The Notion of Linguistic Choices in Written Text Production Marianna N. Christou 04-Sep-2007
Towards a Machine-Learning Architecture for Lexical Functional Grammar Parsing Grzegorz Chrupała 25-Nov-2008
Two Types of Focus in Castilian Spanish Hye Chung 16-Nov-2015
Topics in Tiberian Biblical Hebrew Metrical Phonology and Prosodics Henry Churchyard 17-Sep-2001
Telling Disability: Identity Construction in Personal and Vicarious Narratives Leslie E Cochrane 16-Aug-2014
The Realization and Function of Focus in Spoken English Jocelyn B Cohan 01-Aug-2001
Think Generic: The meaning and use of generic sentences Arik M Cohen 17-Sep-2001
The online and offline Processing of this, that and it by native Speakers of English and by Turkish non-native Speakers of English Derya Cokal 22-Nov-2012
The Syntax and Semantics of Modification in Inuktitut: Adjectives and adverbs in a polysynthetic language Richard Compton 29-Aug-2012
Tengger Javanese Thomas Joseph Conners 02-Jun-2008
Thematic Structure and Simultaneous Interpretation. Some Experimental Evidence Cesira Consorte 25-Sep-2001
The Syntax and Semantics of Clause-Typing in Plains Cree Clare Cook 13-Jul-2008
The Semantics of the Future Bridget Copley 02-Jan-2003
The Logical and Empirical Foundations of Baker's Paradox Elizabeth Coppock 24-Oct-2010
The Tense-Aspect System in Japanese Learners of Italian: A corpus-based study Mauro Costantino 19-Jun-2012
The Role of Student Attitude towards Peer Review in Anonymous Electronic Peer Review in an EFL Writing Classroom Robert Arthur Cote 13-May-2014
The Mongsen Dialect of Ao: a language of Nagaland Alexander R Coupe 09-Aug-2006
Teaching and Learning L2 Pronunciation: Understanding the effectiveness of socially constructed metalanguage and critical listening in terms of a cognitive phonology framework Graeme Couper 22-Nov-2010
The syntax in Tlingit verbs James A. Crippen 07-Mar-2020
Theme in Argumentative Texts: An analytical tool applied and appraised Peter Crompton 02-Apr-2003
The Evolution of AAVE in a Rural Texas Community: An ethnolinguistic study Patricia Cukor-Avila 17-Sep-2001
The Mitigation Process in Spanish Discourse: Motivations, linguistic analyses, and effects on interaction and interlocutors Lori Czerwionka 13-Oct-2010
The Developmental Process of Verbal Communicative Competence in a Foreign Language: From the Perspective of Personal Experience Theory Zhongxin Dai 25-Sep-2001
The Role of AgrP in Non-finite Predication Gréte Anna Dalmi 01-May-2004
Tense and Aspect in Discourse: A study of the interaction between aspect, discourse relations and temporal reference within discourse representation theory with special attention to Bulgarian Mariana Damova 17-Sep-2001
The Linguistic and Pictorial Representation of Nigerian Women's Assertiveness in Selected Nigerian Newspapers Iyabode Omolara Daniel 23-Oct-2008
The Rhythm of Political Oratory Varvara Danilina 28-Feb-2003
The Developing Bilingual Lexicon Annabelle David 10-Dec-2004
The Atoms of Phonological Representation: Gestures, coordination, and perceptual features in consonant cluster phonotactics Lisa Davidson 28-Jan-2004
The Rationality of Metaphor: An analysis based on the philosophy of language and communication theory (Die Rationalität der Metapher. Eine sprachphilosophische und kommunikationstheoretische Untersuchung) Bernhard Debatin 01-Aug-2001
Towards a Grammar of Takivatan Bunun: Selected topics Rik De Busser 13-Jan-2012
The Acquisition of Nairobi Swahili: The morphosyntax of inflectional prefixes and subjects Kamil Ud Deen 02-Apr-2003
The Study of the Dutch Language in Japan During the Period of National Isolation Henk W.K. de Groot 17-Sep-2001
The Interaction of Negation and Modality: A typological study Ferdinand de Haan 17-Sep-2001
Transfer in Interlanguage Requests and Apologies Performed by Algerian EFL Learners Boudjemaa Dendenne 05-Sep-2018
The Origins and Development of Germanic V2: Evidence from alliterative verse Tonya Kim Dewey 18-Jan-2007
The Phonetics and Phonology of San Martín Itunyoso Trique Christian T DiCanio 18-Dec-2008
The Phonetics and Phonology of Tonal Systems Laura Christine Dilley 22-Dec-2004
The Role of Perception in Defining Tonal Targets and Their Alignment Mariapaola D'Imperio 25-Sep-2001
The Relationship between EFL Learning Strategies, Degree of Extroversion, and Oral Communication Proficiency Patrisius I Djiwandono 25-Sep-2001
The EPP Across Languages Julianne M Doner 21-Aug-2019
The Tukang Besi Language Mark Donohue 17-Sep-2001
The Imperfective Paradox in the English Progressive and Other Semantic Course Corrections Douglas J . Douglas 25-Sep-2001
The Semantic and Syntactic Development of Verbs in the Language of Children with Autism Susan Louise Douglas 11-Jun-2008
The Acquisition of the Chinese Ba-construction by Adult Second Language Learners Hang Du 17-Jul-2005
The Syntax of Jamaican Creole : A cartographic perspective Stephanie Durrleman-Tame 18-Sep-2007
Texas Czech: An ethnolinguistic study Lida Dutkova 17-Sep-2001
The Aspect Hypothesis, Prototype Theory and The Acquisition of The Present Perfect by Polish Learners of English as a Foreign Language Monika Dziag 25-Oct-2007
The “Ultimate Aim”: Discourses of future democratization in post-handover Hong Kong Jennifer Anne Eagleton 28-Aug-2012
Tone and Variation in Idakho and Other Luhya Varieties Kristopher Ebarb 21-Nov-2014
The Morphosyntax of Wh-questions: Evidence from Spanish-English Code-switching Shane Ebert 08-Oct-2014
The Role of Intentional Decontextualised Learning in Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition: Evidence from primed lexical decision tasks with advanced bilinguals Irina Elgort 11-Jun-2009
The Concept of Cultural Awareness within the Lebanese New National Curriculum and the National English Textbook : A case study of policy and practice at secondary school level Ibrahim Ali El Hussari 08-Sep-2006
The Integration of Prosody and Gesture in Early Intentional Communication Núria Esteve-Gibert 05-Dec-2014
The Development of Tone in Panjabi as Evidenced in the Poetic Alliteration Patterns Carrie Anne Estill 08-Dec-2009
The Acquisition of Passives in European Portuguese Antónia Estrela 26-Mar-2014
The Structure of Time: Language, meaning and temporal cognition Vyvyan Evans 18-Sep-2001
Tense and Aspect in the Mòfòlí Dialect of Yorùbá Felix Abídèmí Fábùnmi 07-Nov-2006
The Synchronic and Diachronic Phonology of Ejectives Paul D. Fallon 01-Aug-2001
The African Lexis in Jamaican: Its linguistic and sociohistorical significance Joseph T. Farquharson 28-Jan-2013
The Use of Different English Language Learning Strategies by Iranian Female University Level Learners of English Language as a University Major Based on Personality Traits Seyed Hossein Fazeli 20-Jun-2012
The Spanish of Andean Immigrants in Northern Chile: Dialectal Convergence and Divergence in a Dialect Contact Situation Victor Fernandez-Mallat 01-Sep-2014
The Portuguese Language in Trinidad & Tobago: A study of language shift and language death Jo-Anne S. Ferreira 27-Mar-2004
Towards an Optimal Theory of Reflexivization Silke Fischer 19-Jan-2005
The Marker as in Present-day English: An utterer-centered approach Laurence C. Flucha 26-Feb-2002
Turning a Bilingual Dictionary into a Lexical-Semantic Database Thierry Fontenelle 18-Sep-2001
The Morphology and Semantics of Expressive Affixes Antonio Fortin 16-Nov-2011
The Southern Vowel Shift:Linguistic and Social Factors Valerie M. Fridland 01-Aug-2001
The Social and Linguistic Predictors of the Outcomes of Borrowing in the Speech Community of Montréal Michael L. Friesner 23-Mar-2009
The Morphosyntax of Verbs in Modern Greek Alexandra Galani 11-Apr-2007
The Acquisition of Functional Categories: A case study Joseph A. Galasso 12-Jun-2003
Translating Papiamentu Hélène Astrid Garrett 15-Jan-2006
The "Resolution" of Verb Meaning in Context Nicholas Gaylord 06-Jun-2013
Teaching ASL Fingerspelling to Second-language Learners: Explicit Versus Implicit Phonetic Training Leah Caitrin Geer 07-May-2016
The constructional Description of NP & VP in Lori Bower Ahmadi Dialect Shahram Gerami Gerami 25-Dec-2002
Typology of Word Order and Alignment System in Behbahani Shahram Gerami Gerami 27-Jan-2021
The Acquisition of Consonant Sequences: Harmony, metathesis and deletion patterns in phonological development Sharon R. Gerlach 28-Jun-2011
The Prosodic System of the Dakelh (Carrier) Language Suzanne C Gessner 19-Dec-2003
The Empty Noun Construction in Persian Saeed Ghaniabadi 20-Aug-2010
The Effects of Syllable Boundary, Stop Consonant Closure Duration, and VOT on VCV Coarticulation Golnaz Modarresi Ghavami 29-Sep-2003
The Syntax-Pragmatics Interface of Bangla Sanjukta Ghosh 21-Nov-2002
The Articulatory Basis of Syllable Structure: A study of English glides and liquids Bryan W. Gick 14-Sep-2001
The Semantics of Determiners: Domain restriction in Skwxwú7mesh Carrie Gillon 30-Aug-2006
The Development of ESL Collocational Knowledge Christina Gitsaki 01-Aug-2001
The Conceptual Domain of EARTH. Towards a Cognitive Account Adam Glaz 24-Oct-2001
Transitivity and Structural Case Marking in Psych Verbs. A Fragment of an HPSG Grammar of Spanish Luis Gonzalez 09-Aug-2001
The Role of Teacher/Learner Variables in Teaching/Learning EFL in Iranian Universities Bahman Gorjian 02-Sep-2007
The history of the future: morphophonology, syntax, and grammaticalization Lamar A. Graham 30-May-2016
Temps et aspect en indonésien/Tense and Aspect in Indonesian Philippe Grangé 16-Feb-2009
The Prosodic Structure of Irish, Scots Gaelic, and Manx Antony D. Green 14-Sep-2001
Towards a Socio-Cognitive Account of Flouting and Flout-Based Meaning Ann Jorid Klungervik Greenall 09-Apr-2002
The Influence of Computers, the Internet and Computer-Mediated Communication on Everyday English Sandra Greiffenstern 06-Jun-2010
The Bi-Level Input Processing Model of First and Second Language Perception Izabelle Grenon 06-Apr-2011
The Word Phonology of Welsh Clive Gareth Grey 11-Apr-2008
The Output Hypothesis Revisited: An examination of the language-related episode and its impact on the second language writer Robert Berkley Griffin 08-Dec-2003
The Indeterminate-Personal Clause in Russian: A systemic-functional analysis William J. Griffiths 28-Sep-2001
The Ups and Downs of Child Language Andrea Gualmini 18-Aug-2003
The Mauritian Creole Noun Phrase: Its form and function Diana Guillemin 13-Jan-2010
The Effects of Key Word Captions to Authentic French Video in Foreign Language Instruction Helen E . Guillory 14-Sep-2001
The Syntax-Information Structure Interface: Subjects and clausal word order in Galician Timothy Gupton 18-May-2010
Testing English Collocations: Developing receptive tests for use with advanced Swedish learners Henrik Carl Gyllstad 09-Jan-2008
The Neo-Mandaic Dialect of Khorramshahr Charles George Häberl 06-Mar-2006
The Consequences of Language Contact: Armenian and Maronite Arabic in contact with Cypriot Greek Chryso Hadjidemetriou 09-Nov-2009
The Role and Representation of Contrast in Phonological Theory Daniel Currie Hall 18-Nov-2009
The Phonetics and Phonology of Retroflexes Silke Hamann 20-Apr-2004
Topics in the Phonology and Morphology of Tuvan. K. David Harrison 14-Sep-2001
Towards a theory of Gesture Form Analysis. Imaginary forms as part of gesture conceptualisation, with empirical support from motion-capture data Julius Hassemer 13-Mar-2017
Temporal Expectancy and the Experience of Statistics in Language Processing Hunter B Hatfield 21-Jun-2010
The Structure of Multiple Tenses in Inuktitut Midori Hayashi 08-Jul-2011
Transformance: Dialogic translation theory and cultural performance Maysa Abou-Youssef Hayward 01-Mar-2004
The Effects of Number of Repetitions, L1 Lexicalization and Cultural Loadedness on Incidental Vocabulary Acquisition by Iranian Adult EFL Learners Mohammad Ali Heidari-Shahreza 27-Jul-2014
The Effect of Interaction on the Comprehension and Acquisition of New Lexical Items by Kindergarten E.S.L. Learners Rick Heimbach 18-Sep-2001
The Reception of Western Linguistics in Japan Patrick Heinrich 13-May-2002
Text Type Prosody. A corpus-assisted study on prosodic patterns specific to text types in Italian, with special reference to French Matthias Heinz 19-Sep-2007
The Limits of Eventual Lexical Attainment in Adult-Onset Second Language Acquisition Andrea Hellman 23-Apr-2008
Topics in Sinhala Syntax Kumara Henadeera 22-Oct-2003
The Syntax and Typology of Bantu Relative Clauses Brent Mykel Henderson 12-Jun-2006
The Phonology and Morphosyntax of Kol Bonnie J. Henson 06-Jul-2007
The Derivation of Anaphoric Relations Mike Hicks 21-Sep-2010
The Position of Object Clitics in the History of Romance Languages (Die Stellung der klitischen Objektpronomina in den romanischen Sprachen. Diachrone Perspektive und Korpusstudie zum Okzitanischen sowie zum Katalanischen und Französischen) Marc-Olivier Hinzelin 12-Sep-2007
Telicity and the Syntax-Semantics of the Object and Subject Miren J. Hodgson 27-Nov-2006
The Role of the Listener in the Historical Phonology of Spanish and Portuguese: An Optimality-Theoretic account Eric Holt 17-Sep-2001
The Phonology and Morphology of the Tanacross Athabaskan Language Gary Holton 17-Sep-2001
The Structure of Nominalization in Burmese Paulette Hopple 30-Dec-2003
The Nature of Legibility Conditions Noël Houck 31-Jul-2001
Topics in the Syntax of Mina Disir M. Houngues 17-Sep-2001
The Transformation of Spatial Experience in Narrative Discourse Blake Stephen Howald 27-Jun-2011
The history of the future: morphophonology, syntax, and grammaticalization Lewis Chadwick Howe 30-May-2016
The Tibetan Dialect of Lende (Kyirong): A grammatical description with historical annotations Brigitte Huber 14-Aug-2006
The Real, the Virtual and the Plurilingual - English as a lingua franca in a linguistically diversified Europe Cornelia Hülmbauer 22-Oct-2013
The Impact of Nominal Anglicisms on the Morphology of Modern Spoken German Jaime Hunt 18-Dec-2011
Towards an Alternative Description of Incomplete Sentences in Agglutinative Languages Shinji Ido 12-Mar-2003
The Construction of the DP Domain: From un-NPs and du/des-NPs in French to bare nouns in Romance and Germanic Tabea Ihsane 16-Jan-2007
Transfer and Learnability in Second Language Argument Structure: Motion verbs with locational/directional PPs in L2 English and Japanese Shunji Inagaki 04-Oct-2002
Trills, Taps and Stops in Contrast and Variation Susan B. Inouye 17-Sep-2001
The Syntax of Non-verbal Causation: The causative apomorphy of 'from' in Greek and Germanic languages Alexandra Ioannidou 02-Mar-2014
Toward a Unified Analysis of Passives in Japanese: A cartographic minimalist approach Tomoko Ishizuka 12-May-2010
The Role of the L1 and the L2 in the L3 Acquisition of German DP Features Carol Jaensch 10-Dec-2008
Topics in Dynamic Semantics Gerhard Jäger 17-Sep-2001
The Typology of the Relative Clause in Old High German: A corpus analysis Jiri Janko 29-Jan-2002
The Phraseology of Egils Saga Louis E. Janus 20-Sep-2001
The Role of L1-Based Concepts in L2 Lexical Reference Scott H. Jarvis 30-Aug-2001
The Syllable of Basque: Structure and history Oroitz Jauregi 18-Apr-2008
The Hidden Structure of Thai Noun Phrases Peter Spiros Eric Jenks 16-Sep-2011
The Structure of Jarai Clauses and Noun Phrases Joshua Martin Jensen 30-Sep-2013
The Landscape of Applicatives Youngmi Jeong 04-Jun-2006
The Judeo-Italian Manuscript Tradition of the Bible: The book of Habakuk Seth Jerchower 17-Sep-2001
The Syntax and Semantics of Applicative Morphology in Bantu Kyle Jerro 05-May-2016
The Semantics-Pragmatics Interface and Island Constraints in Chinese Dawei Ji 12-Mar-2016
The Development of Aspect Marking in L2 Chinese by English Native Speakers Limin Jin 08-Nov-2005
The Effects of Multiple Linguistic Factors on the Simple Past Use in English Interlanguage Cai Jinting 04-Feb-2004
Towards a Lexicogrammar of Mekeo, an Austronesian Language of West Central Papua Alan A. Jones 06-Nov-2004
The Construction of Identity in a Lesbian Community of Practice: A sociocultural linguistics approach Lucy Jones 17-Feb-2010
Topos und Metapher: Zur Pragmatik und Rhetorik des Verständlichmachens (Topos and Metaphor: The pragmatics and the rhetoric of enhancing comprehension) Joerg Jost 01-Feb-2008
The Grammar of Have in a Have-less Language: Possession, Perfect, and Ergativity in North Russian Hakyung Jung 17-Jun-2008
The Syntax of Ellipsis in English and Polish: A comparative view Urszula Juzwa 28-Mar-2007
The Perceptual Processing of Second Language Consonant Clusters Barış Kabak 18-Feb-2004
The Effect of Brain Damage and Linguistic Experience on Shona Lexical Tone Processing McLoddy Rutendo Kadyamusuma 01-Jun-2011
The Syntax of Sentential Stress Arsalan Kahnemuyipour 07-Dec-2004
The Lexical Reanalysis of N-words and the Loss of Negative Concord in Standard English Amel Kallel 10-Sep-2008
The Role of Syntax and Pragmatics in the Structure and Acquisition of Clitic Doubling in Albanian Enkeleida Kapia 22-Mar-2010
Topics in German Negation Martin Kappus 12-May-2003
The Syllable Structure of Bangla in Optimality Theory and its Application to the Analysis of Verbal Inflectional Paradigms in Distributed Morphology Somdev Kar 12-Apr-2009
The Effect of Metacognitive Strategies Training on EFL and ESL Learners' Reading Comprehension Alireza Karbalaei 13-Apr-2011
The Use of Lexical Inferencing Strategies in the Identification and Comprehension of L2 Phrasal Idioms During Reading by Greek Learners of English Eirene Katsarou 15-Feb-2011
The Maori Vocabulary Knowledge of Year 6 Students in Maori-Medium Education Peter J. Keegan 29-Dec-2003
The role of sonority in consonant cluster mapping in Brazilian Portuguese Tatiana Keller 24-Jan-2011
T S Eliot and the 'Strange Gods': The Problem of Belief Javed Hussain Khan 09-May-2014
The impact of CALL instruction on English language teachers' use of technology in language teaching Ferit Kilickaya 01-Feb-2019
The Grammar of Negation: A lexicalist, constraint-based perspective Jung-Bok Kim 20-Sep-2001
The Phonetics of Stress Manifestation: Segmental variation, syllable constituency, and rhythm Miran Kim 13-Oct-2011
Topics in the Phonology and Morphology of San Francisco del Mar Huave Yuni Kim 19-Feb-2009
The Chronology of the Pali Canon: The case of the Aorists Paul Kingsbury 09-Jan-2003
The Phonetics and Phonology of Word Level Phonology and its Interaction wtih Phrasal Phonology: A study of Korean in comparison to English Eon-Suk Ko 22-Dec-2003
The Typology of Modality in Modern West Iranian Languages Sepideh Koohkan 14-Oct-2019
The individual parameter Jan Köpping 03-Sep-2021
They Say It's Beyond Words: A study of professionals' discourse on football (soccer) Matthew Kops 04-Sep-2001
Towards a Historical Grammar of Balochi: Studies in Balochi historical phonology and vocabulary Agnes Korn 21-Sep-2011
The Incidence of Bilingualism on The Tashelhit Speakers' Language Choice Patterns Abdallah Koucha 20-Dec-2006
The Persian System of Politeness and the Persian Folk Concept of Face, with Some Reference to EFL Teaching to Iranian Native Speakers Sofia A Koutlaki 05-Sep-2001
The Progressive in Modern English: A corpus-based study of grammaticalization and related changes Svenja Kranich 17-Feb-2009
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