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Revitalizing Endangered Languages

Edited by Justyna Olko & Julia Sallabank

Revitalizing Endangered Languages "This guidebook provides ideas and strategies, as well as some background, to help with the effective revitalization of endangered languages. It covers a broad scope of themes including effective planning, benefits, wellbeing, economic aspects, attitudes and ideologies."

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Dissertation Title [A] Author Date Posted Asc/Desc
A Reference Grammar of Kunuz Nubian Ahmed Sokarno Abdel-Hafiz 21-May-2002
A Stylistic Analysis of Conversation Opening and Closing: A contrastive study Mahmoud Mohammad Abdelhaleem 07-Jun-2010
A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Reproduction of Anti-Prophet Muhammad Media in Selected British and American Newspapers Ahmed Qadoury Abed 26-Jul-2016
Acquiring L2 Syllable Margins. Studies on the simplification of onsets and codas in interlanguage phonology Niclas Abrahamsson 07-Nov-2002
A Contrastive Pragma-Sociolinguistic Study of Etiquette Teachings in English Christian and Arabic Islamic Texts Muhammed Badea Ahmed 02-Aug-2014
Aspect in Yoruba and Nigerian English Timothy T. Ajani 31-Oct-2009
A Corpus-Based Study of the Structure of the Noun Phrase in Nigerian English Mayowa Akinlotan 08-Aug-2018
A Case Study of Language Planning in Jordan Fawwaz Mohammad Al-Rashed Al-Abed Al-Haq 17-Apr-2008
A Minimalist Analysis of Participial Constructions Asier Alcazar 25-Apr-2008
An Investigation of Bilingual Childen's Metalinguistic Awareness in Two Typologically Unrelated Languages Mohammed Nasser Al-Dossari 15-Nov-2004
Aeschylean stylistics: A study of linguistic variation Timothy Brown Allison 05-Jan-2004
Affect in Text and Speech Cecilia Ovesdotter Alm 05-Aug-2008
Adjective Incorporation and the Morphosyntactic Interface Abdulrahman Hamad Almansour 09-Jan-2006
Arabization in Written Discourse in Saudi Arabia Saad H Al-Qahtani 07-Sep-2001
Age Effects in a Minimal Input Setting on the Acquisition of English Morpho-Syntactic and Semantic Properties by L1 Speakers of Arabic Kholoud A. Al-Thubaiti 07-Jul-2010
A language ecology perspective on second language socialization of undergraduate Turkish international students in terms of their linguistic, social and cultural identity development Hatice Altun 12-Dec-2020
An Aerodynamic, Fiberscopic, Acoustic and Perceptive Study of the Nasal Vowels of French Angelique Amelot 03-Jun-2005
A Socio-Cultural Prospect towards Translation of Tourism Texts on the Basis of Venuti's Foreignization and Domestication Theory A Case Study of Eastern Azarbaijan Tourism Guide Texts Amin Amirdabbaghian 07-Sep-2016
A Corpus Linguistic Analysis of Phraseology and Collocation in the Register of Current European Union Administrative French Wendy Anderson 03-Oct-2003
A Cross-cultural Analysis of English Newspaper Editorials Hasan Ansary 15-Jul-2005
A Distributional Analysis of Rural Colorado English Lamont D Antieau 16-Aug-2006
A Psycholinguistic Perspective on Finnish and Japanese Prosody: Perception, production and child acquisition of consonantal quantity distinctions Katsura Aoyama 18-Sep-2001
An Ethnographic Study of the Use of Translation Tools in a Translation Agency: Implications for translation tool design Edmund K Asare 10-Dec-2011
An Analysis of Factive Cognitive Verb Complementation Patterns Used by ELT Students Serap Atasever Belli 29-Aug-2019
A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Reporting of Some Niger-Delta Issues in Selected Nigerian Newspapers, 1999 – 2007 Kehinde Adewale Ayoola 15-Dec-2008
Abgeleitete Personenbezeichnungen im Deutschen und Englischen. Kontrastive Wortbildungsanalysen im Rahmen des Minimalistischen Programms und unter Beruecksichtigung sprachhistorischer Aspekte Heike Baeskow 12-Dec-2002
An acoustic analysis of contrastive focus marking in Spanish-K'ichee' (Mayan) bilingual intonation Brandon O Baird 23-May-2015
A Biomechanical Model of the Human Tongue for Understanding Speech Production and other Lingual Behaviors Adam Baker 27-Jan-2009
Archaeology of Bangla Grammar Debaprasad Bandyopadhyay 09-Jun-2006
A Sociophonetic Investigation of Unstressed Vowel Raising in the Spanish of a Rural Mexican Community Jennifer Barajas 02-Dec-2014
Ad hoc and General-Purpose Corpus Construction from Web Sources Adrien Barbaresi 09-Sep-2016
Automatischer Erwerb von linguistischem Wissen. Ein Ansatz zur Inferenz von DATR-Theorien Petra Barg 19-Sep-2001
A Grammar of Sipakapense Maya Edward R. Barrett 13-Sep-2001
A Crosslinguistic Investigation of Palatalization Nicoleta Bateman 13-Apr-2010
Acquisition of Turkish by Heritage Speakers: A Processability Approach Fatih Bayram 21-Jun-2015
Aspects de la morphologie, de la syntaxe et de la sémantique des verbes à /complexité/ Aline Maria Pinguinha França Bazenga 20-Feb-2007
An Event Restriction Interval Theory of Tense Brandon Beamer 08-Jun-2013
Agreement on the Left Edge: The syntax of dislocation in Spanish Omar Beas 04-Feb-2008
Attitudes of Non-Native Speakers Towards Foreign Accents of English Bettina Beinhoff 19-Aug-2010
A Study of the 'Ghous' in Morocco Nasser Berjaoui 25-Nov-2002
Aproximación Minimalista a las Categorías Funcionales del Ámbito Oracional: la Derivación por Fase Eva Berkes 04-Feb-2002
A Socio-Pragmatic Categorization of Politeness and Impoliteness: A study of Spanish colloquial conversations/Categorización sociopragmática de la cortesía y de la descortesía: Un estudio de la conversación coloquial española Maria Bernal 20-Oct-2008
A Phonologica Grammar of Northern Pame Scott Berthiaume 10-Sep-2005
A Comparative Analysis of Word Order in Contemporary Standard Russian and Polish Bert K. Beynen 05-Mar-2009
A Computational Study ofTransitivity Tanmoy Bhattacharya 14-Sep-2001
Approximation in Russian and the Single-Word Constraint Loren A. Billings 13-Oct-2006
Aspects of Intonation and Prosody in Bininj Gun-wok: An autosegmental-metrical analysis Judith Bishop 23-Dec-2003
Alphabetic Processing in English and Spanish Patrick Bolger 21-Oct-2005
A Conversation Analytic Approach to Practiced Language Policies: The example of an induction classroom for newly-arrived immigrant children in France Florence Bonacina 09-Aug-2011
An Integrated Computational Approach to Binding Theory Roberto Bonato 22-Jun-2006
A Landmark Underspecification Account of the Patterning of Glottal Stop Marianne L. Borroff 11-Apr-2007
A Methodological Approach to the Study of Socio Cultural Influences on the Teaching of English in Fiji Béatrice Sylvie Boufoy-Bastick 20-Feb-2005
Arabic diglossic Switching in Tunisia: An application of Myers-Scotton's MLF model Naima Boussofara-Omar 07-Sep-2001
A Multidimensional Approach to Classification in Terminology: Working within a computational framework Lynne Bowker 31-Jul-2001
A Discourse Analysis of the Interview Process in a Private Social Service Setting Frank Bramlett 17-Sep-2001
Argument Composition and the Lexicon: Lexical and periphrastic causatives in Korean Elizabeth O. Bratt 31-Jul-2001
Aspect, Evidentiality and Tense in Mongolian: From Middle Mongol to Khalkha and Khorchin Benjamin Brosig 11-Nov-2014
A Phonological Reconstruction of Proto-Central Naga Daniel Wayne Bruhn 07-May-2014
A Unification of Focus Lisa Brunetti 01-Sep-2003
A Macro- and Micro-Sociolinguistic Study of Language Attitudes and Language Contact: Mercosur and the teaching of Spanish in Brazil Talia Bugel 14-Mar-2007
A grammar of Wano Willem Burung 21-Jun-2018
A Reconstruction of Proto Northern Chin in Old Burmese and Old Chinese Perspective Chris Button 08-Dec-2009
Aspects of the Morphology and Phonology of Konni Michael C. Cahill 25-Sep-2001
A Movement Theory of Ergativity Mark R. Campana 17-Sep-2001
A Contribution to the Study of Silent Pauses and So-Called "Hesitation" Phenomena in Spontaneous Oral French: A study of data from French class narratives Maria Candea 31-Jan-2002
A Phonological Study of Portuguese Language Variety Spoken in Beira Interior Region Sara Candeias 17-Dec-2010
Analysis of the Dubbed Version of Roberto Benigni's Film "Pinocchio" in the United States Francesca Caracciolo 14-Sep-2006
An L1-Specific CALL Pedagogy for the Instruction of Pronunciation with Korean Learners of English Michael David Carey 11-Sep-2003
An Integrated Acoustic and Phonological Investigation of Weak Syllable Omissions Allyson Carter 15-Apr-2002
"Agreement" in Gestures and Signed Languages: The use of directionality to indicate referents involved in actions Shannon Casey 02-Jan-2004
A Critical Discourse Stylistic Study of the Selected Short Stories by Sabahattin Ali Tuba Celiktas 24-Dec-2004
A Corpus of Irish Fairy and Folk Tales: A linguistic and discursive analysis of nineteenth-century transcriptions of Irish folklore collected from traditional storytellers Daniela Cesiri 21-Aug-2008
A Study of the Complex Predicates of Hindi Debasri Chakrabarti 06-Oct-2010
Acquisition of Structure and Interpretation: Cases from Mandarin bear and non-bear noun phrases Hsiang-Hua Chang 11-Mar-2012
A Systemic Functional Exploration of Translation Studies: Translation between English and Korean Junghee Chang 06-Mar-2004
A Lexical Functional Grammar Approach to Modern Greek Relative Clauses Kakia Chatsiou 26-Oct-2010
A Computational Phonology of Russian Peter A. Chew 15-May-2003
A Metalexicographic Investigation into a Set of Complex Modern Greek Verbs: A comparison of existing dictionary entries with corpus evidence Marianna N. Christou 21-Aug-2006
A Study of Korean Conjunctive Verbal Suffixes: Towards a theory of morphopragmatics Chong-Hoon Chun 04-Jan-2008
Analysis of the Timing of Spoken Korean with Application to Speech Synthesis Hyunsong Chung 18-Mar-2002
Analysis of conversational dominance within ‘Ndrangheta women wiretappings Maria Assunta Ciardullo 13-Jul-2018
A Selectionist Model of The Genesis Of Phonic Texture: Systemic phonology and universal darwinism Chris Cléirigh 17-Sep-2001
A Preliminary Investigation into Discursive Models of Interpreting as a Means of Enhancing Construct Validity in Interpreter Certification Andrew F. Clifford 22-Aug-2002
A Grammatical Description of Muylaq' Aymara Matt Coler 04-Aug-2011
Actions Speak Louder than Words: Understanding figurative proverbs Herbert L. Colston 01-Aug-2001
A Window on the Past, A Move Toward the Future: Sociolinguistic and formal perspectives on variation in Acadian French Philip Comeau 08-Jan-2012
Aspects of Sentence Complementation in Russian Bernard Comrie 17-Sep-2001
Approaches to Automatic Biographical Sentence Classification: An empirical study Mike Conway 09-Sep-2007
A Diachronic Study of the Spanish Perfect(ive): Tracking the constraints on a grammaticalizing construction Mary T Copple 25-Oct-2009
A Situational Semantic Analysis of Evidentiality:Turkish Evidentials Demet Corcu Gül 11-Nov-2011
A denominação das qualidades em português - contributos para a compreensão da estrutura do léxico português Margarita Correia 07-Sep-2008
A Grammar of Awa Pit (Cuaiquer): An indigenous language of south-western Colombia Timothy Jowan Curnow 17-Sep-2001
Aptitude, Rehearsal, and Skin Conductance Response in Foreign Vocabulary Learning Kristina Dahlen 24-Jul-2008
Assimilation phonologique et reconnaissance des mots Isabelle Darcy 08-Apr-2006
A Study of Languages in Russian Federation Alok Kumar Das 19-Jul-2003
Association with Focus in Denials Douglas J. Davidson 01-Aug-2001
A Relevance-based Theoretical Foundation for Question Answering Marco De Boni 13-Dec-2004
A Grammar of Iranian Azari in Comparison with Persian Yavar Dehghani 08-Jul-2002
Audiovisual Processing in Aphasic and Non-Brain-Damaged Listeners: The whole is more than the sum of its parts Dörte A. de Kok (Hessler) 19-Dec-2011
Aspect in Syntax Octav Eugen DeLazero 10-Dec-2011
Appositives at the Interface Francesca Del Gobbo 13-Nov-2003
A Reconsideration of Some Phonological Issues Involved in Reconstructing Sino-Tibetan Numerals Jakob Dempsey 19-Sep-2001
A Rhyming Study of the Zaju Written by Dramatists from Dadu Xingfeng Deng 01-Aug-2001
A Minimalist Account of Optional Wh-Movement Kristin Denham 18-Sep-2001
A Cognitive Model of Variation and Language Change Based on an Examination of some Emerging Constructions in Contemporary English Guillaume Desagulier 19-Apr-2006
An Investigation into Identity, Power and Autonomous EFL Learning among Indigenous and Minority Students in Post-secondary Education: A Mexican case study Colette I. Despagne 27-Jul-2013
Acquisition of Phonological Structure and Sociolinguistic Variables: A quantitative analysis of Spanish consonant weakening in Venezuelan children's speech Manuel Díaz-Campos 19-Oct-2001
A Bilingual Approach to the Examination of Writing Products and Processes in Adults Who Are Learning to Write in Their Second Language Sarah E. Dietrich 21-Jul-2004
An Exploration into the Writing Ability of Generation 1.5 and International Second Language Writers: A mixed methods approach Kristen di Gennaro 30-Nov-2011
Approches cognitives de la métaphore dans le domaine de l'olfaction. Français - anglais Remi Digonnet 23-Nov-2015
Antecedents and Outcomes of Self-determined Engagement in Turkish Efl Classrooms: A Mixed Method Approach Ali Dincer 06-Aug-2017
Acquisition as Becoming: An ethnographic study of multilingual style in 'la Petite Espagne' David Divita 17-May-2010
A comprehensive analysis of the parameters in the creation and comparison of feature vectors in distributional semantic models for multiple languages András Dobó 17-Nov-2019
Acquisiton of the Verbal Domain in Child Greek: Evidence from a new child Greek corpus Thomas Doukas 24-Dec-2011
A Sociophonetic Ethnography of Selwyn Girls' High Katie Drager 02-Jun-2009
A Unification Categorial Grammar of Child English Negation Kenneth F Drozd 19-Sep-2001
An Investigation of Native Language Vocabulary and Topic Knowledge as Predictors of Foreign Language Vocabulary Learning in Healthcare Providers Marcia Foresee Drumhiller 11-May-2010
Alternative Directions for Minimalist Inquiry: Expanding and contracting phases of derivation John E. Drury 02-Jun-2006
A Grammar of Igala Salem Ochala Ejeba 22-Jul-2016
Aspects of Pharyngeal Coarticulation Ahmed M Elgendy 18-Aug-2007
A Sociolinguistic Study of Rhoticity in American Film Speech from the 1930s to the 1970s Nancy C. Elliott 01-Aug-2001
A Study of the Literary Discourse in the Novels of Naguib Mahfouz: The dynamics of gender and religion Kamel A Elsaadany 01-Aug-2001
Acquiring Tarifit-Berber by Children in the Netherlands and Morocco Yahya E-rramdani 26-Apr-2005
Asking Questions: language variation and language acquisition Bruno Estigarribia 20-Nov-2007
Analizar y comprender la comprender la topografía configuracional de los materiales de enseñanza de lenguas en perspectiva de síntesis: Aplicación a los manuales para la enseñanza general de E/LE a adultos Joseba Ezeiza 15-Jan-2007
A Morpho-Syntactic Description of Northern Sotho as a Basis for an Automated Translation from Northern Sotho to English Gertrud Faaß 13-Sep-2010
A Theory of Conventional Implicature and Pragmatic Markers in Chinese Guangwu Feng 25-Aug-2006
A Syntactic Analysis of the Nominal Systems of Italian and Luganda: How nouns can be formed in the syntax Franca Ferrari 18-Jul-2005
Anaphoric Preferences of Null and Overt Subjects in Italian and Spanish: a cross-linguistic comparison Francesca Filiaci 14-Sep-2011
Actions, Activités et Discours Laurent Filliettaz 18-Sep-2001
A Systemic Functional Approach to Referring Expressions: Reconsidering postmodification in the nominal group Lise M Fontaine 12-Jan-2009
An Analysis of dual Aspectual Forms in Caribbean English Creoles: An event structure approach Marsha Simone Forbes-Barnett 13-Dec-2012
An Optimality Theory Account of the Non-concatenative Morphology of the Nominal System of Libyan Arabic, with Special Reference to the Broken Plural Gaber Gaber 25-May-2012
A Grammar of Kuuk Thaayorre Alice Rose Gaby 12-Jun-2007
A Comparative Morphological Study of Standard Arabic and Cairene Arabic with an Analysis of Phonological Alternations Hassan A H Gadalla 13-Sep-2001
A Common Architecture for Expressing Linguistic Theories: With illustrations from Chinese languages, cognitive grammar, and software engineering Roderick Alexander Gammon 16-Jul-2002
An Empirical Investigation of the Association between Musical Aptitude and Foreign Language Aptitude Lorraine Frances Gilleece 06-Feb-2006
Adpositional Grammars Federico Gobbo 14-Jan-2009
A Comparative study of Dialect Intelligibility and Intercomprehension in two communities in Plateau state, Nigeria Philemon Victor Gomwalk 24-Sep-2018
A Study of Sino-Thai Chronological Strata (in Chinese: Hanyu Taiyu Guanxici De Shijian Cengci Yanjiu) Qunhu Gong 04-Feb-2002
About Sharing Martina Gracanin-Yuksek 12-Sep-2007
An Acoustic Study of Coarticulation: Consonant-Vowel and Vowel-to-Vowel Coarticulation in Four Australian Languages Simone Graetzer 06-Jan-2014
Argument Structure in Slovene Sabina Grahek 01-Feb-2007
Adjunct control: Syntax and processing Jeffrey J Green 22-Jun-2018
Adolescent Identity and Pragmatic Marker Acquisition in a Study Abroad Context Averil M. Grieve 11-May-2011
A quantitative reanalysis of schwa realization in contemporary metropolitan French Joshua M Griffiths 13-Jul-2021
Acquiring a Variable Structure: An interlanguage analysis of second-language mood use in Spanish Aarnes Gudmestad 04-Sep-2008
A Sociolinguistic Study of Language Contact of Lebanese Arabic and Brazilian Portuguese in São Paulo, Brazil Christine Marie Guedri 07-Jan-2009
Al-Sirafi's theory of 'lingua-logical' grammar: An analytical study of the grammatical work of al-Sirafi (Sharh Kitab Sibawayhi) within the context of a discussion on language and logic in medieval Islam Muhammet Gunaydin 16-Jul-2007
A Study of the Acquisition and Use of Interrogatives and Questions in the English of Pre-school Chinese Singaporeans Anthea F. Gupta 14-Sep-2001
A Descriptive Grammar of Bagri Lakhan Gusain 14-Sep-2001
Adverbials in Turkish: The third parameter in aspectual interpretation Mine Guven 25-Nov-2004
Analogy in formal grammar Matías Guzmán Naranjo 03-Oct-2017
Adjunct Control in Telugu and Assamese Youssef A Haddad 15-Jul-2007
A Sociolinguistic Study of the Regional French of Normandy Damien Hall 06-Apr-2009
A Probabilistic Model of Phonological Relationships from Contrast to Allophony Kathleen Currie Hall 04-Oct-2009
African American English in Urban Education: A multimethodological approach to understanding classroom discourse strategies Jill M. Hallett 27-Dec-2012
Adverbs: A typological study of a disputed category Pernilla Hallonsten Halling 23-Apr-2018
A Government Approach to Finnish-English Intrasentential Code-switching Helena Halmari 18-Sep-2001
A Foundational Sample of El Paso English Anne Marie Hamilton-Brehm 03-Mar-2008
Adverbiale der Art & Weise im Deutschen – eine semantische und konzeptuelle Studie (Manner Adverbials in German - a Semantic and Conceptual Approach) Kerstin Hansson 29-Jul-2008
Aspects of Bangime Phonology, Morphology, and Morphosyntax Abbie Hantgan 10-Jan-2014
An Autosegmental Study of the Lexical and Phrasal Tonology of Kalabari Otelemate G. Harry 14-Sep-2001
A Pragmatic Approach to Translation: A case study of an English translation of Naguib Mahfouz's Trilogy Bahaa-eddin Abulhassan Hassan 26-May-2008
A Grammar of Movima Katharina Haude 13-Mar-2006
A Corpus-Based Analysis of Simultaneous Speech in English Conversation Anping He 14-Sep-2001
A Pragmatic Interpretation of Questioning Gang He 21-Apr-2004
A Theory of Pied-Piping Fabian Heck 10-Dec-2004
An Alternative Perspective on Pseudo-clefts: Sphere shifts in English He Hengxing 21-Apr-2007
Automatic Name Searching in Large Data Bases of International Names John C. Hermansen 14-Sep-2001
An Acoustic Analysis of Phonological Vowel Reduction in Six Varieties of Catalan Dylan Herrick 16-Apr-2004
Aspects de l'évolution du lexique précoce dans les interactions mère-enfant - Etude de cas de deux enfants dizygotes entre 15 et 26 mois Hunkeler Hervé 31-Aug-2005
A Sequential Analysis of 'nú' and 'núna' in Icelandic Conversation Helga Hilmisdottir 22-Sep-2007
Aspect and Aspectual Interfaces in South Conchucos Quechua: The emergence of grammatical systems Daniel Hintz 08-Apr-2008
A Usage-Type Analysis of Three Prepositions: At, in and on in a corpus of written Malaysian English Imran Ho-Abdullah 30-Jan-2004
A Multimodal Corpus-based Study on Illocutionary Force Lihe Huang 06-Oct-2016
A Comparison of the Effect of Two Types of Pre-Reading Vocabulary Lists on Learner Reading Comprehension: Glossed difficult words vs. key cohesive lexical chains Chad Hyde 12-Jan-2003
Anti-Homophony Blocking and its Productivity in Transparadigmatic Relations Larry Ichimura 30-Aug-2006
A Model for Effective Supervision from the Supervisor and the Student-teachers' Perspective: A social constructivist approach Gulden Ilin 08-Jan-2004
Article Semantics in Second Language Acquisition Tania Ionin 19-Aug-2003
A Textuality Based Model for the Quality Assessment of Hadith Translations Fatma Ali Ish-Shihri 10-Mar-2009
A Corpus-linguistic Investigation into the Lexis of Written English EU Discourse: An ESP pedagogic perspective Reka Jablonkai 06-Sep-2013
A Description of Jruq (Loven): A Mon-Khmer language of the Lao PDR Pascale Jacq 29-Apr-2005
A Neurobiological Theory and Method of Language Acquisition Daniel Scott Janik 22-Jan-2004
An acoustic analysis of Amharic vowels, plosives and ejectives Derib Ado Jekale 30-Aug-2012
A Grammar of Gede'o, A Highland East Cushitic Language, Ethiopia Dawit Tilahun Jembere 24-Oct-2018
A Construction-based Study of English Predicators Kim Ebensgaard Jensen 21-Jun-2013
A View from Language Christer Johansson 17-Sep-2001
Anecdotes in Spoken English: A linguistic desription with some teaching implications Robert Edward Jones 30-Aug-2001
A Sociolinguistic Study of Phonetic Variation and Change on the Island of Martha's Vineyard Meredith Pugh Josey 05-Feb-2004
A quantitative and qualitative corpus study of the acquisition of topic constructions in child French Morgane Jourdain 03-Nov-2020
Análise e exploração de marcadores discursivos no ensino de Português-Língua Estrangeira (PLE) no Brasil Sergio Duarte Juliao da Silva 02-Mar-2012
Acceptability Judgement Tasks and Grammatical Theory Tom S Juzek 14-Feb-2016
Acquisition of the English Article System by Francophone Students: The case of Burkina Faso Moses K. Kambou 25-Sep-2001
Automatic Text Summarization as Applied to Information Retrieval: Using indicative and informative Min-Yen Kan 04-May-2004
A Nonderivational Approach of the Gapping Phenomenon in English and Korean Woosoon Kang 04-Sep-2001
A Study of Cappadocian Greek Nominal Morphology from a Diachronic and Dialectological Perspective Petros Karatsareas 28-Sep-2011
A Grammar of Sidaama (Sidamo), a Cushitic Language of Ethiopia Kazuhiro Kawachi 08-Jan-2008
An Effort-Based Approach to Consonant Lenition Robert Kirchner 04-Sep-2001
Asymmetric Grammatical Gender Systems in the Bilingual Mental Lexicon Rachel Klassen 01-Sep-2016
Adverbs of Degree in Dutch Henny Klein 07-Sep-2001
A Data-Driven Methodology for Motivating a Set of Coherence Relations Alastair Knott 04-Sep-2001
An Historical Study of Persian Prose Works Written in Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries Mehrdad N Kohan 04-Sep-2001
A Phonetic and Phonological Analysis of Final Devoicing in Turkish Handan Kopkalli 04-Sep-2001
A Grammar and Dictionary of Wyandot Craig Kopris 02-Feb-2015
A Complex Systems Perspective on English Language Teaching : A Case Study of a Language School in Greece Achilleas I. Kostoulas 02-Jul-2015
Argument structure and verb inflection: a comparison between Greek-speaking patients with aphasia and semantic dementia Vasiliki Koukoulioti 04-Jan-2016
A Neural Network Model for the Representation of Natural Language Eleni Koutsomitopoulou 20-May-2004
Attention Control and the Effects of Online Training in Improving Connected Speech Perception by Learners of English as a Second Language Burcu Gokgoz Kurt 11-May-2018
Anaphora, Inversion, and Focus Nicholas LaCara 23-Sep-2017
An Analysis of Discourse Strategies in Pharmacy Consultations Mark Landa 05-Sep-2001
A Melanesian Perspective on Mechanisms of Language Maintenance and Shift: Case studies from Papua New Guinea Martha Lynn Landweer 10-Jan-2007
A Grammar of Iñupiaq Morphosyntax Linda A. Lanz 12-Jun-2010
"Arbeitszeitmodelle": Linguistische Analyse eines Makrotextes der Zeitschrift "management & seminar" Niina Lepa 06-Dec-2009
An Ambiguity-based Theory of the Verbal Joke in English Robert Lew 18-Sep-2001
A Diachronically-Motivated Segmental Phonology of Mandarin Chinese Wen-chao Li 05-Sep-2001
A Descriptive Grammar of Yongning Na (Mosuo) Liberty A. Lidz 08-May-2011
A Split Analysis of Caki-binding in Korean Kihong Lim 05-Sep-2001
A corpus-based cognitive-functional study of the meaning and use of 'always' and 'never', and related phenomena, in American English Jori Lindley 01-Jun-2015
A Corpus of Middle English Medical Prologues in the Sloane Collection of the British Library: An introduction to the genre in prose Mary Frances Litzler 23-Jul-2012
Affixed interjections in English and Polish: A corpus-based study of emotional talk in digital communication and literary dialogue Dorota Lockyer 17-Jul-2018
A lingua de Camões com Iemanjá: Forma e funções da linguage do candomblé. Laura Álvarez López 29-Jun-2010
A língua de Camoês com Iemanjá: forma e funções da linguagem do candomblé Laura Álvarez López 19-Apr-2013
A Grammar of Oksapmin Robyn M. Loughnane 22-Nov-2009
Aspects of the Clause Structure and Word Formation in Arabic Ayoub Loutfi 14-Mar-2017
Agentivity and Participant Marking in Dena'ina Athabascan: A text-based study Olga Charlotte Lovick 05-May-2006
Artificial Hearing, Natural Speech: Cochlear implants, speech production, and the expectations of a high-tech society Joanna Hart Lowenstein 14-Jul-2004
An Autosegmental Approach to Ciluba Nominal and Verbal Tonology Stephen Tchidiessa Mulami Lukusa 15-Apr-2002
A Grammar of Jalonke Argument Structure Friederike Lüpke 04-Mar-2005
Aspects of Ergativity in Tagalog Anna E Maclachlan 19-Sep-2001
Akustische, artikulatorische und perzeptive Parameter in der Konsonantenproduktion nach Zungenteilresektion Katalin Mády 16-Mar-2006
A Comparative Study of Middle and Inchoative Alternations in Arabic and English Abdelgawad T. Mahmoud 29-Aug-2002
A Morphological and Etymological Study of the Germanic Strong Verbs Robert Mailhammer 12-Oct-2006
Automatic Recognition of Organization Names in English Business News Friederike Yvonne Helene Mallchok 10-Jan-2018
Automatic Recognition of Organization Names in English Business News Friederike Yvonne Helene Mallchok 30-Jan-2006
An Explanation for Ergative versus Accusative Languages: An examination of Inuktitut Louise Manga 18-Sep-2001
An Investigation into the Language and Letters of Bess of Hardwick (c.1527 - 1608) Imogen Julia Marcus 05-Aug-2014
A Computational Model of Derivational Morphology Bruce R. Mayo 06-Sep-2001
A Computational Model for the Influence of Cross-Modal Context upon Syntactic Parsing Patrick McCrae 29-Dec-2010
A Pragmatic Analysis of Mandarin Interrogatives: Data from modern Taiwan drama Scott G. McGinnis 19-Sep-2001
A Quantitative Study of the Attitudes of Japanese Learners towards Varieties of English Speech: Aspects of the Sociolinguistics of English in Japan Robert M. McKenzie 08-Mar-2007
Articulatory Evidence for Interactivity in Speech Production Corey T. McMillan 13-Mar-2008
An Interpretation for the English Existential Construction Louise E. McNally 06-Sep-2001
Aspects of the Theory of Core, Central and Interface Pragmatics in the Language of Chronic Schizophrenics Sara Meilijson 26-Apr-2002
Accent Type and Language Change in Germanic and Baltic Finnic Andrea L. Menz 30-Jul-2010
A comparison of the prosody of tone languages (Naxi and Vietnamese) with the prosody of English Alexis Michaud 14-Dec-2005
Australian English and the Conceptualization of the Australian Ethos Annett Michel 29-Jul-2005
Auxiliary Verb Leveling and Morphological Theory: The case of Smith Island English Jennifer Hilde Mittelstaedt 24-Jan-2007
Aspectual Pairing in Polish Anna K. Mlynarczyk 12-Apr-2005
A Mixed Methods Approach to Identity, Investment, and Language Learning in Study Abroad: The Case of Erasmus Students in Finland, Romania, and Catalonia Vasi Mocanu 23-Nov-2019
A Contrastive Study of Syntactic Relations, Cohesion, and Punctuation as Markers of Rhetorical Organization in Arabic and English Narrative Texts Aisha Hamid Mohamed-Sayidina 07-Sep-2001
An Antisymmetric, Minimalist Approach to Persian Phrase Structure Ahmad Moinzadeh 24-Nov-2008
A Textual Study of Radio Drama Mojgan Mokhatebi Ardakani 31-Oct-2006
Aspectual Composition and Sentence Interpretation: A formal approach Diego Molla Aliod 07-Sep-2001
Articles and Proper Names in L2 English Julia Margaret Moore 11-Apr-2005
A Neurolinguistic Investigation of Late-Learned Second Language Knowledge: The effects of explicit and implicit conditions Kara Morgan-Short 16-Jul-2007
A Morphosyntactic Study of the Interaction between the INFL System and the Pro-Drop Parameter in Null Subject Languages: A case study of standard Arabic Mohammed Moubtassime 07-Sep-2001
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