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Revitalizing Endangered Languages

Edited by Justyna Olko & Julia Sallabank

Revitalizing Endangered Languages "This guidebook provides ideas and strategies, as well as some background, to help with the effective revitalization of endangered languages. It covers a broad scope of themes including effective planning, benefits, wellbeing, economic aspects, attitudes and ideologies."

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Dissertation Title [C] Author Date Posted Asc/Desc
Caddo Verb Morphology Lynette R. Melnar 06-Sep-2001
Calunga, an Afro-Brazilian Speech of the Triângulo Mineiro: Its grammar and history Steven Byrd 23-Feb-2006
Camoflaged Borrowing: 'FOLK-etymological nativization' in the service of PURISTIC language engineering Ghil'ad Zuckermann 01-Feb-2002
Canadian French: A synthesis Edmond Brent 13-Feb-2009
Canadian French Vowel Harmony Gabriel Poliquin 11-Sep-2006
"Can Anyone Say What is Reasonable?": Promoting, accommodating to, and resisting elite rhetorical inquiry in a high-school classroom John T. Clark 17-Sep-2001
Can Complement Frames Help Children Learning the Meaning of Abstract Verbs? Kristen Nicole Asplin 08-Jul-2003
Canonising Hypertext: Explorations and constructions Astrid Ensslin 02-Jul-2006
Can You Really Know a Word by the Company It Keeps? An Investigation into the Contextual Influence on Aspects of Polysemy Nikola Dobric 11-Oct-2012
Case, Agreement and Movement in Arabic: A minimalist approach Mamdouh Musabhien 20-Jan-2009
Case, Agreement and Word Order: Issues in the syntax and acquisition of Tamil Vaijayanthi M. Sarma 07-Sep-2001
Case in Icelandic - A Synchronic, Diachronic and Comparative Approach Johanna Barddal 13-Sep-2001
Case-Marking in Contact: The development and function of case morphology in Gurindji Kriol, an Australian mixed language Felicity Meakins 27-Mar-2009
Cases of Akan Grammaticalisation “Synchronic Perspective” Samuel Sarpong 24-Aug-2006
Case Studies on Cross-Language Information Retrieval and Bilingual Terminology Acquisition from Comparable Corpora Fatiha Sadat 19-Nov-2003
Castilian Transcodic Markers in Internet Catalan: Analysis of Generic, Regional and Linguistic Factors Craig Stokes 29-Apr-2011
Categorial Grammars Acquisition to Simulate Natural Language Learning with Semantic Help Daniela Sofronie 27-May-2004
Category Neutrality: A type-logical investigation Neal Whitman 01-Apr-2003
Causality and Connectives: A study on Modern Greek 'γiati' and 'epeiδi' Valandis Bardzokas 10-Dec-2010
Causation in Sound Change: Perception-based Monophthongization in Old High German James Andrew Ritchie 19-Jul-2002
Causative and Resultative Constructions In Mandarin Chinese: A multiperspectival approach Dianyu Li 09-May-2004
Causatives and the Empty Lexicon: A Minimalist perspective Pauli Brattico 23-Mar-2005
Causes and Consequences of Word Structure Jennifer B. Hay 09-Aug-2001
Cause und Change: Thematische Relationen und Ereignisstrukturen in Konzeptualisierung und Grammatikalisierung (Cause and Change: Thematic relations and event structure in conceptualization and grammaticalization) Holden Haertl 14-Sep-2001
Change in the Adult Phonological Processing System by Learning Non-adjacent Phonotactic Constraints from Brief Experience: an experimental and computational study Hahn Koo 26-Dec-2007
Changing Conceptions of Literacies, Language and Development: Implications for the provision of adult basic education in South Africa Caroline Susan Kerfoot 02-Jun-2010
Changing Economy, Changing Market: A sociolinguistic study of Chinese yuppies Qing Zhang 16-Dec-2006
Character Introduction and Establishment in Japanese Narratives Noriko Watanabe 02-Jul-2012
Chez les Noirs: A comparative-historical analysis of Pidgin and Creole languages Merelyn B Bates-Mims 13-Sep-2001
Child L2 Phonology Acquisition under the Influence of multiple Varieties Alex Ho-Cheong Leung 21-Sep-2012
Chunking the Input: on the role of frequency and prosody in the segmentation strategies of adult bilinguals Irene de la Cruz Pavía 08-Jan-2013
Cipient Predication: Unifying double object, dative experiencer and existential/presentational constructions Patrick Brandt 06-May-2003
Citation Practices in Student Academic Writing Bojana Petrić 21-Oct-2006
Clausal and Nominal Agreement in Russian: A unified approach Christopher Becker 05-Jun-2008
Clausal Architecture and Subject Positions: Impersonal constructions in the Germanic languages Sabine Mohr 09-Nov-2004
Clausal Negation: A typological study Matti Miestamo 29-Apr-2003
Clause Packages as Constructions in Developing Narrative Discourse Bracha Nir 26-Oct-2010
Clause Structure and Argument Realization in Tongan Douglas L. Ball 24-Mar-2009
Clauses without 'that': The case for bare sentential complementation in English Cathal Doherty 01-Aug-2001
Clefts Matthew Reeve 05-Mar-2010
Cleft Sentences, Construction Grammar and Grammaticalization Amanda Patten 02-Jun-2010
Cliticization and the Evolution of Morphology: A cross-linguistic study on phonology in grammaticalization René Schiering 10-Aug-2006
Clitics and Agreement Taylor Roberts 05-Sep-2001
Clitics at the Edge: Clitic placement in Western Iberian Romance Languages Francisco José Fernández-Rubiera 27-May-2009
Clitics in Degema: A meeting point of phonology, morphology, and syntax Ethelbert Emmanuel Kari 04-Mar-2003
Coarticulatory Vowel Nasalization in Modern Greek Evanthia Diakoumakou 24-Feb-2004
Co-constructing Competence: Turn construction and repair in novice-to-novice second language interaction Donald Glenn Carroll 01-Jun-2006
Co-Constructing Literacy Spaces: Examining the talk of undergraduate composition students in classroom peer group interaction Stefan Frazier 30-Aug-2005
Co-Constructing Social Roles in German Business Meetings: A Conversation Analytic Study Tobias Barske 12-Mar-2007
Code Switching and Co-Membership Claims on a Bimanese Radio Talk Show Kamaludin Yusra 04-Sep-2001
Code-switching, Code-mixing and Radical Bilingualism in U.S. Latino Texts Roshawnda Derrick 22-Jan-2016
Code-switching for All Practical Purposes: Bilingual organization of children's play Jakob Cromdal 01-Aug-2001
Code-switching in Chicano Theater: Power, identity and style in three plays by Cherríe Moraga Carla Jonsson 07-Jun-2005
Code-Switching in English Language Classes at Tertiary Institutions in Kano Muhammed Sagir Abdullahi 28-Nov-2018
Cognition in Interaction - A Cognitive-Linguistic Approach to Dialogic Meaning Constitution in Austrian Parliamentary Debates Elisabeth Zima 03-Jan-2012
Cognitive and Interactive Aspects of Task-based Performance in Dutch as a Second Language Marije Michel 28-Jun-2011
Cognitive Language Engineering: Towards robust human-computer interaction Vincenzo Pallotta 24-Feb-2003
Cognitive Patterns of Linguistic Perceptions Susan L Tamasi 15-Apr-2003
Cognitive Phonetics: A formal metatheoretical and representational account of the speaking behaviour Nicos Constantine Sifakis 07-Sep-2001
Cognitive Reference Points: Semantics beyond the prototypes in adjectives of space and colour Elena Tribushinina 05-Nov-2008
Cognitive Status, Discourse Salience, and Information Structure: Evidence from Irish and Oromo Ann E. Mulkern 12-Nov-2003
Coherence in Narratives of Turkish-speaking Children: The Role of Noun Phrases Hulya F. Özcan 07-Sep-2001
Cohesion through contrast: Discourse structure in Shaba Swahili/French conversations Vincent A De Rooij 25-Apr-2003
Collaborating through Talk: The interactive construction of task-oriented dialogue in English and in Spanish Maite Taboada 18-Apr-2002
Collocational Errors in the Written English of Senior Secondary School Pupils in Six Yoruba-Speaking States in Nigeria Rotimi Olorunfemi Taiwo 03-Aug-2008
Colloquial Russian Particles -TO, ZHE, and VED' as Set-Generating Svetlana McCoy 18-Sep-2001
Combinatorial Semantics and Idiomatic Expressions in Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar Manfred Sailer 06-Oct-2003
Combining Machine Readable Lexical Resources with a Principle Based Parser Michael L. McHale 19-Sep-2001
Coming to Order: Natural selection and the origin of syntax in the Mandarin speaking Child (China) Mary S. Erbaugh 05-Apr-2003
Commitment-detachment and Authorial Presence in Postgraduate Academic Writing: a Comparative Study of Turkish Native Speakers, Turkish Speakers of English and English Native Speakers Erdem Akbas 07-Feb-2017
Common Slavic's Pannonian Dialect as Viewed through Old Hungarian Ronald O. Richards 30-Jan-2002
Common West Caucasian. The reconstruction of its phonological system and parts of its lexicon and morphology Viacheslav A. Chirikba 04-Feb-2004
Communication and Theology: A Historiography of Black History and African Civilization Wasajja James Kiwanuka 14-Aug-2012
Communicative Competence in Indonesian: Language choice in inter-ethnic interactions in Semarang Zane Goebel 13-Jun-2002
Communicative Grammar of the Basque Verb (Selected Aspects) Alan R. King 04-Sep-2001
Community Participation in Bilingual Education: The Puerto Rican community of East Harlem Alicia Pousada 16-Jan-2004
Comparative Evaluation of Modular Automatic Summarisation Systems Using CAST Constantin Orasan 05-Aug-2009
Comparative Morphological Study on the Dialectal Continuum: Dawei, Palaw and Myeik from morphological process approach Htein Win 11-Aug-2011
Comparatives and DP-Structure Winfried Lechner 18-Sep-2001
Comparative Strategies for Managing Linguistics Repertoires: Examining situational code choice among adolescent speakers in a micro-community in Austria Desiree A. Baron 30-Jul-2001
Comparative Study of the Discursive Structure of Argumentative Texts in French and English - About Their Linearity Élisabeth M. Le 05-Sep-2001
Complementation in Chol (Mayan): A Theory of split ergativity Jessica L Coon 16-Jul-2010
Complementation in Japanese: A lexicase analysis Nagiko I Lee 05-Sep-2001
Complexidade cognitiva na Tradução sinóptica: uma abordagem experimental para análise de leitura/produção de textos Daisy Vale 08-May-2007
Complex Small Clauses Joan Rafel 06-Sep-2001
Comprehending the Nonconventional Nonsymbolic Behaviours Demonstrated by Young Children with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD) Keith Atkin 19-Jul-2013
Comprehension and Production of Wh-Interrogatives in the L1 Acquisition of Greek Evangelia Asproudi 16-Dec-2010
Comprehension of Labrador Inuttitut functional morphology by receptive bilinguals Marina Sherkina-Lieber 15-Aug-2012
Computational Evidence for the Use of Frequency Information in Discovery of the Infant's First Lexicon Eleanor O. Batchelder 13-Sep-2001
Computational Learning of Finite-State Models for Natural Language Processing Anja S. Belz 14-Sep-2001
Computational Morphosyntactic Analysis of Modern Greek Giorgos S. Orphanos 12-Feb-2002
Computational psycholinguistics and spoken word recognition in the bilingual and the monolingual Nicolas Léwy 23-Nov-2015
Computer-Assisted Lemmatisation of a Cornish Text Corpus for Lexicographical Purposes Jon Mills 13-Apr-2005
Computer-Assisted Translation: An Empirical Investigation of Cognitive Effort Christopher D. Mellinger 05-Apr-2016
Computer-Assisted Translation of English Scientific Texts into Arabic: Designing a computer prototype for cohesive ties Sa'ad I. Al-Asali 15-Apr-2002
Computer-Mediated Conversation: The organization of talk in chat-based virtual team meetings Kris M. Markman 05-Jun-2006
Computer-Mediated Negotiation Across Borders: German-American collaboration in language teacher education Carolin Fuchs 17-Jan-2006
Conceptual and Procedural Encoding in Relevance Theory: A study with reference to English and Kiswahili Steve Nicolle 07-Sep-2001
Conceptual-Associative System in Aboriginal English Farzad Sharifian 30-Mar-2003
Conceptual Contrasts: A comparative Semantic Study of Dimensional Adjectives in Japanese and Swedish Misuzu Shimotori 24-Mar-2014
Conceptualization of Emotion Through Body Part Idioms in Turkish: A Cognitive Linguistic Study Melike Baş 20-Nov-2015
Conceptualization of the Semantics of Phrasal Verbs in English as a Foreign Language: A cognitive linguistics perspective Hussein M. Farsani 26-Feb-2012
Conceptualization to Speak About Natural Scenes in Children & Adults: An eye movements study Dhruv Raj Sharma 18-Jun-2010
Conditionals in Turkish Ozge Can 19-Sep-2013
Conditions on (Dis)Harmony Andrew Nevins 10-Apr-2005
Configuring Topic and Focus in Russian Tracy Holloway King 04-Sep-2001
Conjugation in Tundra Nenets Erika Kortvely 22-Dec-2004
Conjunctions and Grammatical Agreement Heidi Lorimor 21-Aug-2007
Connected Speech Processes and Lexical Access in Real-Time Comprehension Mercedeh Mohaghegh 27-Jan-2017
Consciousness in Linguistic Perception Hamid Fathollahipour 18-Oct-2003
Consequences of language hierarchization: Language Ideologies among Purepecha (heritage) speakers in the U.S. implications for language maintenance and learning Valeria Valencia 07-Mar-2016
Consonant Weakening in Florentine Italian: An acoustic study of gradient and variable sound change Christina Villafaña Dalcher 03-May-2006
Constituent Structure and Parametric Resetting in the Latin DP: A diachronic study Chiara Gianollo 14-Nov-2006
Constraint-Based Phonology Steven Bird 14-Sep-2001
Constraint Interaction in Language Change: Quantity in English and Germanic Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero 30-Jul-2001
Constraint Interaction in the Phonology and Morphology of Casablanca Moroccan Arabic Abdelaziz Boudlal 22-Dec-2003
Constraints on Structural Borrowing in a Multilingual Contact Situation Tara Sanchez 18-Jun-2005
Constraints on the Generation of Referring Expressions: With special reference to Hindi Rashmi Prasad 13-Dec-2004
Constructing Knowledge in SLA: The impact of timing in form-oriented intervention Junko Hondo 20-May-2009
Constructing Play Frames and Social Identities: The case of a linguistically and culturally mixed peer group in an Athenian primary school Vally Lytra 09-Jun-2003
Constructing Sociability through Code-Switching in Mandarin-English Family Conversations Susan Olmstead-Wang 13-Feb-2005
Constructional Effects of Involuntary and Inanimate Agents: A cross-linguistic study Stefanie Fauconnier 06-Jun-2012
Constructional Grounding: The role of interpretational overlap in lexical and constructional acquisition Christopher R. Johnson 17-May-2002
Constructional Morphology: The Georgian version Olya Gurevich 30-Nov-2006
Construction-based Approaches to Flexible Word Order Andrew Wetta 08-Dec-2015
Construction de la scène d'énonciation dans A la recherche du temps perdu Mervi Helkkula-Lukkarinen 14-Sep-2001
Constructions of Identity on Facebook: A discourse-centred Online Ethnographic Study of Greek Users Mariza Georgalou 19-Jan-2015
Construing Stance in History Theses: Dynamic Interactions among Ideology, Generic Structure and Engagement Tomoko Sawaki 19-Mar-2018
Context and (Co)reference in the Syntax and its Interfaces Sandhya Sundaresan 14-Mar-2013
Context Effects in Spoken Word Recognition of English and German by Native and Non-native Listeners Robert Albert Felty 02-Oct-2007
Context in Text: A systemic functional analysis of the Parable of the Sower Philip L Graber 01-Aug-2001
Contextualising French in the South African Plurality : A sociolinguistic and didactic approach Céline Peigné 07-Feb-2011
Contextually-Dependent Lexical Semantics Cornelia Maria Verspoor 05-Sep-2001
Contextual Variables Luisa Martí 02-Jun-2003
Contractions of English Semi-modals: The emancipating effect of frequency David Lorenz 04-Mar-2014
Contraintes de pertinence et compétence énonciative. L'image du possible dans l'interlocution. Francois Nemo 10-Jun-2002
Contraintes de structures et liberté dans l'organisation du discours. Une description du mwotlap, langue océanienne du Vanuatu [Structural constraints and freedom in speech elaboration: A description of Mwotlap, an Oceanic language of Vanuatu] Alexandre Francois 29-Jun-2005
Contraintes sur la sélection des informations dans les définitions terminographiques : vers des modèles relationnels génériques pertinents Selja Seppälä 05-Mar-2013
Contrasting Causatives: A minimalist approach Mercedes Tubino-Blanco 27-May-2010
Contrastive Analysis of English and Polish Surveying Terminology Ewelina Anna Kwiatek 06-Jan-2012
Contrastive representations in non-segmental phonology Christopher E Spahr 27-Feb-2016
Contrastive Rhetoric, Orientalism, and the Chinese Second Language Writer David I. Cahill 02-Apr-2002
Contribution à la méthode d'exploration Contextuelle. Applications au résumé Automatique et aux représentations Temporelles. Réalisation Informatique du système SERAPHIN. Berri A. Jawad 17-Sep-2001
Contribution à l'étude systématique de l'organisation des tours de parole : Les chevauchements en français et en allemand [Contribution to the systematic study of turn organization: Overlaps in French and German] Florence Oloff 07-Jan-2010
Contribution à une Sémantique Interprétative des Styles. Étude de deux œuvres de la modernité poétique: J. Dupin et G. Macé Christophe Gerard 11-Nov-2007
Contributions cognitive et énonciative au repérage des lexies métaphoriques : domaines anglais - français Denis L. Jamet 04-Apr-2003
Contribution to a Psychomechanical Analysis of Zero Determination in Present-Day English Florent Moncomble 29-Nov-2008
Control without PRO Vikki L Janke 02-Aug-2013
Cooking Verbs in Fourteenth-Century English: A semantic class and its syntactic behaviour Ruth Carroll 31-Jul-2001
Coordinate Structures: Constraint-based syntax-semantics processing Rui Pedro Chaves 24-Jan-2008
Coordination of Prosodic Gestures at Boundaries in Greek Argyro Katsika 23-Sep-2013
Coping with Interdisciplinarity: Postgraduate Student Writing in Business Studies Ranamukalage Chandrasoma 29-May-2008
Copulas in Nigerian Pidgin Maria Mazzoli 12-Jun-2013
Corpus-based Computational Analysis of the Bangla Language Niladri Sekhar Dash 26-Feb-2002
Corpus-based Parse Pruning - Applying Empirical Data to Symbolic Knowledge Sonja Müller 07-Sep-2001
Corpus Linguistics, Contextual Collocation and ESP Syllabus Design: A text analysis approach to the study of medical research articles Georgette Nicolas Jabbour 28-Aug-2001
Corpus Numériques et Production Écrite en Langue Étrangère: Une recherche avec des apprenants d'allemand Eva Schaeffer-Lacroix 06-Dec-2009
Corpus Study of Tense, Aspect, and Modality in Diglossic Speech in Cairene Arabic Ola A Moshref 13-Jun-2012
Creating Canadian English: A systemic functional linguistic analysis of First Nations loanwords in early Canadian texts Derek Irwin 05-Mar-2010
Creativity in English as a Lingua Franca: Idiom and metaphor Marie-Luise Pitzl 25-Mar-2011
Creativity in Target Language Use/Kreativitāte mērķvalodas lietojumā Irina Surkova 21-Mar-2009
Creolising Translation, Translating Creolisation Rohan Anthony Lewis 03-Dec-2007
Crime through a Corpus: The linguistic construction of offenders, victims and crimes in the German and UK press Ulrike Tabbert 29-Jul-2013
Critical Analysis of the Role of X-phemism as an Aspect of Doublespeak in the War on Terror Discourse Ahlam Mohammad al-khattabi Al-Harbi 06-Jun-2008
Cross-Cultural Pragmatics of the Expressions of Gratitude in the Performance of Native Speakers of American English, Iraqi Arabic, and Iraqi EFL Learners Nassier Abbas Ghubin Al-Zubaidi 09-Jul-2012
Cross-Cultural Semantic Acquisition: Evidence from over-extentions in child language Jennifer Bloomquist 19-Aug-2003
Cross-Dialectal Features of the Spanish Present Perfect: A typological analysis of form and function Lewis Chadwick Howe 13-Nov-2006
Crossing the Lexicon: Anglicisms in the German Hip Hop Community Matthew E Garley 25-Aug-2012
Cross-language Ontology Learning: Incorporating and exploiting cross-language data in the ontology learning process Hans Hjelm 16-Mar-2009
Cross-language speech perception in context: Advantages for recent language learners and variation across language-specific acoustic cues Cynthia Blanco 04-May-2016
Cross-language Study of Age Perception Kyoko Nagao 04-May-2007
Cross-Lingual Annotation Projection Models for Role-Semantic Information Sebastian Pado 05-Jun-2007
Cross-Lingual Voice Conversion Oytun Turk 10-Oct-2007
Cross-Linguistic Effects on L2 Acquisition: An investigation of aspect Hsien-jen Diana Chin 28-Jul-2007
Crosslinguistic Influence in First and Second Languages: convergence in speech and gesture Amanda Brown 09-Nov-2007
Crosslinguistic Influence in Second Language Acquisition and in Creole Genesis Patrick-André Mather 02-Apr-2002
Crosslinguistic Influences in the Acquisition of Spanish as a Third Language Patricia Bayona 24-Oct-2009
Cross-linguistic Metonymies in Human Limb Nomenclature. Kelsie E. Pattillo 22-May-2014
Cross-linguistic Perception and Learning of Japanese Lexical Prosody by English Listeners Irina A. Shport 15-Sep-2011
Crosslinguistic Perception of Pitch in Language and Music Evan D Bradley 29-Jan-2013
Culture, Gender and Politeness: Apologies in Turkish and British English Çiler Hatipoğlu 13-Nov-2003
Culture-Specific Differences in Polite Speech Acts in Ukrainian and American English: Wishes, greetings and complaints Iryna Prykarpatska 15-Jan-2010
Curriculum Renewal in Translator Training: Vocational challenges in academic environments with reference to needs and situation analysis and skills transferability from the contemporary experience of Polish translator training culture John Kearns 15-Feb-2007
Czech Syntactic Lexicon Hana Skoumalová 08-Apr-2002