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Voice Quality

By John H. Esling, Scott R. Moisik, Allison Benner, Lise Crevier-Buchman

Voice Quality "The first description of voice quality production in forty years, this book provides a new framework for its study: The Laryngeal Articulator Model. Informed by instrumental examinations of the laryngeal articulatory mechanism, it revises our understanding of articulatory postures to explain the actions, vibrations and resonances generated in the epilarynx and pharynx."

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Let's Talk

By David Crystal

Let's Talk "Explores the factors that motivate so many different kinds of talk and reveals the rules we use unconsciously, even in the most routine exchanges of everyday conversation."

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Dissertation Title [C] Author Date Posted Asc/Desc
Caddo Verb Morphology Lynette R. Melnar 06-Sep-2001
Calunga, an Afro-Brazilian Speech of the Triângulo Mineiro: Its grammar and history Steven Byrd 23-Feb-2006
Camoflaged Borrowing: 'FOLK-etymological nativization' in the service of PURISTIC language engineering Ghil'ad Zuckermann 01-Feb-2002
Canadian French: A synthesis Edmond Brent 13-Feb-2009
Canadian French Vowel Harmony Gabriel Poliquin 11-Sep-2006
"Can Anyone Say What is Reasonable?": Promoting, accommodating to, and resisting elite rhetorical inquiry in a high-school classroom John T. Clark 17-Sep-2001
Can Complement Frames Help Children Learning the Meaning of Abstract Verbs? Kristen Nicole Asplin 08-Jul-2003
Canonising Hypertext: Explorations and constructions Astrid Ensslin 02-Jul-2006
Can You Really Know a Word by the Company It Keeps? An Investigation into the Contextual Influence on Aspects of Polysemy Nikola Dobric 11-Oct-2012
Case, Agreement and Movement in Arabic: A minimalist approach Mamdouh Musabhien 20-Jan-2009
Case, Agreement and Word Order: Issues in the syntax and acquisition of Tamil Vaijayanthi M. Sarma 07-Sep-2001
Case in Icelandic - A Synchronic, Diachronic and Comparative Approach Johanna Barddal 13-Sep-2001
Case-Marking in Contact: The development and function of case morphology in Gurindji Kriol, an Australian mixed language Felicity Meakins 27-Mar-2009
Cases of Akan Grammaticalisation “Synchronic Perspective” Samuel Sarpong 24-Aug-2006
Case Studies on Cross-Language Information Retrieval and Bilingual Terminology Acquisition from Comparable Corpora Fatiha Sadat 19-Nov-2003
Castilian Transcodic Markers in Internet Catalan: Analysis of Generic, Regional and Linguistic Factors Craig Stokes 29-Apr-2011
Categorial Grammars Acquisition to Simulate Natural Language Learning with Semantic Help Daniela Sofronie 27-May-2004
Category Neutrality: A type-logical investigation Neal Whitman 01-Apr-2003
Causality and Connectives: A study on Modern Greek 'γiati' and 'epeiδi' Valandis Bardzokas 10-Dec-2010
Causation in Sound Change: Perception-based Monophthongization in Old High German James Andrew Ritchie 19-Jul-2002
Causative and Resultative Constructions In Mandarin Chinese: A multiperspectival approach Dianyu Li 09-May-2004
Causatives and the Empty Lexicon: A Minimalist perspective Pauli Brattico 23-Mar-2005
Causes and Consequences of Word Structure Jennifer B. Hay 09-Aug-2001
Cause und Change: Thematische Relationen und Ereignisstrukturen in Konzeptualisierung und Grammatikalisierung (Cause and Change: Thematic relations and event structure in conceptualization and grammaticalization) Holden Haertl 14-Sep-2001
Change in the Adult Phonological Processing System by Learning Non-adjacent Phonotactic Constraints from Brief Experience: an experimental and computational study Hahn Koo 26-Dec-2007
Changing Conceptions of Literacies, Language and Development: Implications for the provision of adult basic education in South Africa Caroline Susan Kerfoot 02-Jun-2010
Changing Economy, Changing Market: A sociolinguistic study of Chinese yuppies Qing Zhang 16-Dec-2006
Character Introduction and Establishment in Japanese Narratives Noriko Watanabe 02-Jul-2012
Chez les Noirs: A comparative-historical analysis of Pidgin and Creole languages Merelyn B Bates-Mims 13-Sep-2001
Child L2 Phonology Acquisition under the Influence of multiple Varieties Alex Ho-Cheong Leung 21-Sep-2012
Chunking the Input: on the role of frequency and prosody in the segmentation strategies of adult bilinguals Irene de la Cruz Pavía 08-Jan-2013
Cipient Predication: Unifying double object, dative experiencer and existential/presentational constructions Patrick Brandt 06-May-2003
Citation Practices in Student Academic Writing Bojana Petrić 21-Oct-2006
Clausal and Nominal Agreement in Russian: A unified approach Christopher Becker 05-Jun-2008
Clausal Architecture and Subject Positions: Impersonal constructions in the Germanic languages Sabine Mohr 09-Nov-2004
Clausal Negation: A typological study Matti Miestamo 29-Apr-2003
Clause Packages as Constructions in Developing Narrative Discourse Bracha Nir 26-Oct-2010
Clause Structure and Argument Realization in Tongan Douglas L. Ball 24-Mar-2009
Clauses without 'that': The case for bare sentential complementation in English Cathal Doherty 01-Aug-2001
Clefts Matthew Reeve 05-Mar-2010
Cleft Sentences, Construction Grammar and Grammaticalization Amanda Patten 02-Jun-2010
Cliticization and the Evolution of Morphology: A cross-linguistic study on phonology in grammaticalization René Schiering 10-Aug-2006
Clitics and Agreement Taylor Roberts 05-Sep-2001
Clitics at the Edge: Clitic placement in Western Iberian Romance Languages Francisco José Fernández-Rubiera 27-May-2009
Clitics in Degema: A meeting point of phonology, morphology, and syntax Ethelbert Emmanuel Kari 04-Mar-2003
Coarticulatory Vowel Nasalization in Modern Greek Evanthia Diakoumakou 24-Feb-2004
Co-constructing Competence: Turn construction and repair in novice-to-novice second language interaction Donald Glenn Carroll 01-Jun-2006
Co-Constructing Literacy Spaces: Examining the talk of undergraduate composition students in classroom peer group interaction Stefan Frazier 30-Aug-2005
Co-Constructing Social Roles in German Business Meetings: A Conversation Analytic Study Tobias Barske 12-Mar-2007
Code Switching and Co-Membership Claims on a Bimanese Radio Talk Show Kamaludin Yusra 04-Sep-2001
Code-switching, Code-mixing and Radical Bilingualism in U.S. Latino Texts Roshawnda Derrick 22-Jan-2016
Code-switching for All Practical Purposes: Bilingual organization of children's play Jakob Cromdal 01-Aug-2001
Code-switching in Chicano Theater: Power, identity and style in three plays by Cherríe Moraga Carla Jonsson 07-Jun-2005
Code-Switching in English Language Classes at Tertiary Institutions in Kano Muhammed Sagir Abdullahi 28-Nov-2018
Cognition in Interaction - A Cognitive-Linguistic Approach to Dialogic Meaning Constitution in Austrian Parliamentary Debates Elisabeth Zima 03-Jan-2012
Cognitive and Interactive Aspects of Task-based Performance in Dutch as a Second Language Marije Michel 28-Jun-2011
Cognitive Language Engineering: Towards robust human-computer interaction Vincenzo Pallotta 24-Feb-2003
Cognitive Patterns of Linguistic Perceptions Susan L Tamasi 15-Apr-2003
Cognitive Phonetics: A formal metatheoretical and representational account of the speaking behaviour Nicos Constantine Sifakis 07-Sep-2001
Cognitive Reference Points: Semantics beyond the prototypes in adjectives of space and colour Elena Tribushinina 05-Nov-2008
Cognitive Status, Discourse Salience, and Information Structure: Evidence from Irish and Oromo Ann E. Mulkern 12-Nov-2003
Coherence in Narratives of Turkish-speaking Children: The Role of Noun Phrases Hulya F. Özcan 07-Sep-2001
Cohesion through contrast: Discourse structure in Shaba Swahili/French conversations Vincent A De Rooij 25-Apr-2003
Collaborating through Talk: The interactive construction of task-oriented dialogue in English and in Spanish Maite Taboada 18-Apr-2002
Collocational Errors in the Written English of Senior Secondary School Pupils in Six Yoruba-Speaking States in Nigeria Rotimi Olorunfemi Taiwo 03-Aug-2008
Colloquial Russian Particles -TO, ZHE, and VED' as Set-Generating Svetlana McCoy 18-Sep-2001
Combinatorial Semantics and Idiomatic Expressions in Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar Manfred Sailer 06-Oct-2003
Combining Machine Readable Lexical Resources with a Principle Based Parser Michael L. McHale 19-Sep-2001
Coming to Order: Natural selection and the origin of syntax in the Mandarin speaking Child (China) Mary S. Erbaugh 05-Apr-2003
Commitment-detachment and Authorial Presence in Postgraduate Academic Writing: a Comparative Study of Turkish Native Speakers, Turkish Speakers of English and English Native Speakers Erdem Akbas 07-Feb-2017
Common Slavic's Pannonian Dialect as Viewed through Old Hungarian Ronald O. Richards 30-Jan-2002
Common West Caucasian. The reconstruction of its phonological system and parts of its lexicon and morphology Viacheslav A. Chirikba 04-Feb-2004
Communication and Theology: A Historiography of Black History and African Civilization Wasajja James Kiwanuka 14-Aug-2012
Communicative Competence in Indonesian: Language choice in inter-ethnic interactions in Semarang Zane Goebel 13-Jun-2002
Communicative Grammar of the Basque Verb (Selected Aspects) Alan R. King 04-Sep-2001
Community Participation in Bilingual Education: The Puerto Rican community of East Harlem Alicia Pousada 16-Jan-2004
Comparative Evaluation of Modular Automatic Summarisation Systems Using CAST Constantin Orasan 05-Aug-2009
Comparative Morphological Study on the Dialectal Continuum: Dawei, Palaw and Myeik from morphological process approach Htein Win 11-Aug-2011
Comparatives and DP-Structure Winfried Lechner 18-Sep-2001
Comparative Strategies for Managing Linguistics Repertoires: Examining situational code choice among adolescent speakers in a micro-community in Austria Desiree A. Baron 30-Jul-2001
Comparative Study of the Discursive Structure of Argumentative Texts in French and English - About Their Linearity Élisabeth M. Le 05-Sep-2001
Complementation in Chol (Mayan): A Theory of split ergativity Jessica L Coon 16-Jul-2010
Complementation in Japanese: A lexicase analysis Nagiko I Lee 05-Sep-2001
Complexidade cognitiva na Tradução sinóptica: uma abordagem experimental para análise de leitura/produção de textos Daisy Vale 08-May-2007
Complex Small Clauses Joan Rafel 06-Sep-2001
Comprehending the Nonconventional Nonsymbolic Behaviours Demonstrated by Young Children with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD) Keith Atkin 19-Jul-2013
Comprehension and Production of Wh-Interrogatives in the L1 Acquisition of Greek Evangelia Asproudi 16-Dec-2010
Comprehension of Labrador Inuttitut functional morphology by receptive bilinguals Marina Sherkina-Lieber 15-Aug-2012
Computational Evidence for the Use of Frequency Information in Discovery of the Infant's First Lexicon Eleanor O. Batchelder 13-Sep-2001
Computational Learning of Finite-State Models for Natural Language Processing Anja S. Belz 14-Sep-2001
Computational Morphosyntactic Analysis of Modern Greek Giorgos S. Orphanos 12-Feb-2002
Computational psycholinguistics and spoken word recognition in the bilingual and the monolingual Nicolas Léwy 23-Nov-2015
Computer-Assisted Lemmatisation of a Cornish Text Corpus for Lexicographical Purposes Jon Mills 13-Apr-2005
Computer-Assisted Translation: An Empirical Investigation of Cognitive Effort Christopher D. Mellinger 05-Apr-2016
Computer-Assisted Translation of English Scientific Texts into Arabic: Designing a computer prototype for cohesive ties Sa'ad I. Al-Asali 15-Apr-2002
Computer-Mediated Conversation: The organization of talk in chat-based virtual team meetings Kris M. Markman 05-Jun-2006
Computer-Mediated Negotiation Across Borders: German-American collaboration in language teacher education Carolin Fuchs 17-Jan-2006
Conceptual and Procedural Encoding in Relevance Theory: A study with reference to English and Kiswahili Steve Nicolle 07-Sep-2001
Conceptual-Associative System in Aboriginal English Farzad Sharifian 30-Mar-2003
Conceptual Contrasts: A comparative Semantic Study of Dimensional Adjectives in Japanese and Swedish Misuzu Shimotori 24-Mar-2014
Conceptualization of Emotion Through Body Part Idioms in Turkish: A Cognitive Linguistic Study Melike Baş 20-Nov-2015
Conceptualization of the Semantics of Phrasal Verbs in English as a Foreign Language: A cognitive linguistics perspective Hussein M. Farsani 26-Feb-2012
Conceptualization to Speak About Natural Scenes in Children & Adults: An eye movements study Dhruv Raj Sharma 18-Jun-2010
Conditionals in Turkish Ozge Can 19-Sep-2013
Conditions on (Dis)Harmony Andrew Nevins 10-Apr-2005
Configuring Topic and Focus in Russian Tracy Holloway King 04-Sep-2001
Conjugation in Tundra Nenets Erika Kortvely 22-Dec-2004
Conjunctions and Grammatical Agreement Heidi Lorimor 21-Aug-2007
Connected Speech Processes and Lexical Access in Real-Time Comprehension Mercedeh Mohaghegh 27-Jan-2017
Consciousness in Linguistic Perception Hamid Fathollahipour 18-Oct-2003
Consequences of language hierarchization: Language Ideologies among Purepecha (heritage) speakers in the U.S. implications for language maintenance and learning Valeria Valencia 07-Mar-2016
Consonant Weakening in Florentine Italian: An acoustic study of gradient and variable sound change Christina Villafaña Dalcher 03-May-2006
Constituent Structure and Parametric Resetting in the Latin DP: A diachronic study Chiara Gianollo 14-Nov-2006
Constraint-Based Phonology Steven Bird 14-Sep-2001
Constraint Interaction in Language Change: Quantity in English and Germanic Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero 30-Jul-2001
Constraint Interaction in the Phonology and Morphology of Casablanca Moroccan Arabic Abdelaziz Boudlal 22-Dec-2003
Constraints on Structural Borrowing in a Multilingual Contact Situation Tara Sanchez 18-Jun-2005
Constraints on the Generation of Referring Expressions: With special reference to Hindi Rashmi Prasad 13-Dec-2004
Constructing Knowledge in SLA: The impact of timing in form-oriented intervention Junko Hondo 20-May-2009
Constructing Play Frames and Social Identities: The case of a linguistically and culturally mixed peer group in an Athenian primary school Vally Lytra 09-Jun-2003
Constructing Sociability through Code-Switching in Mandarin-English Family Conversations Susan Olmstead-Wang 13-Feb-2005
Constructional Effects of Involuntary and Inanimate Agents: A cross-linguistic study Stefanie Fauconnier 06-Jun-2012
Constructional Grounding: The role of interpretational overlap in lexical and constructional acquisition Christopher R. Johnson 17-May-2002
Constructional Morphology: The Georgian version Olya Gurevich 30-Nov-2006
Construction-based Approaches to Flexible Word Order Andrew Wetta 08-Dec-2015
Construction de la scène d'énonciation dans A la recherche du temps perdu Mervi Helkkula-Lukkarinen 14-Sep-2001
Constructions of Identity on Facebook: A discourse-centred Online Ethnographic Study of Greek Users Mariza Georgalou 19-Jan-2015
Construing Stance in History Theses: Dynamic Interactions among Ideology, Generic Structure and Engagement Tomoko Sawaki 19-Mar-2018
Context and (Co)reference in the Syntax and its Interfaces Sandhya Sundaresan 14-Mar-2013
Context Effects in Spoken Word Recognition of English and German by Native and Non-native Listeners Robert Albert Felty 02-Oct-2007
Context in Text: A systemic functional analysis of the Parable of the Sower Philip L Graber 01-Aug-2001
Contextualising French in the South African Plurality : A sociolinguistic and didactic approach Céline Peigné 07-Feb-2011
Contextually-Dependent Lexical Semantics Cornelia Maria Verspoor 05-Sep-2001
Contextual Variables Luisa Martí 02-Jun-2003
Contractions of English Semi-modals: The emancipating effect of frequency David Lorenz 04-Mar-2014
Contraintes de pertinence et compétence énonciative. L'image du possible dans l'interlocution. Francois Nemo 10-Jun-2002
Contraintes de structures et liberté dans l'organisation du discours. Une description du mwotlap, langue océanienne du Vanuatu [Structural constraints and freedom in speech elaboration: A description of Mwotlap, an Oceanic language of Vanuatu] Alexandre Francois 29-Jun-2005
Contraintes sur la sélection des informations dans les définitions terminographiques : vers des modèles relationnels génériques pertinents Selja Seppälä 05-Mar-2013
Contrasting Causatives: A minimalist approach Mercedes Tubino-Blanco 27-May-2010
Contrastive Analysis of English and Polish Surveying Terminology Ewelina Anna Kwiatek 06-Jan-2012
Contrastive representations in non-segmental phonology Christopher E Spahr 27-Feb-2016
Contrastive Rhetoric, Orientalism, and the Chinese Second Language Writer David I. Cahill 02-Apr-2002
Contribution à la méthode d'exploration Contextuelle. Applications au résumé Automatique et aux représentations Temporelles. Réalisation Informatique du système SERAPHIN. Berri A. Jawad 17-Sep-2001
Contribution à l'étude systématique de l'organisation des tours de parole : Les chevauchements en français et en allemand [Contribution to the systematic study of turn organization: Overlaps in French and German] Florence Oloff 07-Jan-2010
Contribution à une Sémantique Interprétative des Styles. Étude de deux œuvres de la modernité poétique: J. Dupin et G. Macé Christophe Gerard 11-Nov-2007
Contributions cognitive et énonciative au repérage des lexies métaphoriques : domaines anglais - français Denis L. Jamet 04-Apr-2003
Contribution to a Psychomechanical Analysis of Zero Determination in Present-Day English Florent Moncomble 29-Nov-2008
Control without PRO Vikki L Janke 02-Aug-2013
Cooking Verbs in Fourteenth-Century English: A semantic class and its syntactic behaviour Ruth Carroll 31-Jul-2001
Coordinate Structures: Constraint-based syntax-semantics processing Rui Pedro Chaves 24-Jan-2008
Coordination of Prosodic Gestures at Boundaries in Greek Argyro Katsika 23-Sep-2013
Coping with Interdisciplinarity: Postgraduate Student Writing in Business Studies Ranamukalage Chandrasoma 29-May-2008
Copulas in Nigerian Pidgin Maria Mazzoli 12-Jun-2013
Corpus-based Computational Analysis of the Bangla Language Niladri Sekhar Dash 26-Feb-2002
Corpus-based Parse Pruning - Applying Empirical Data to Symbolic Knowledge Sonja Müller 07-Sep-2001
Corpus Linguistics, Contextual Collocation and ESP Syllabus Design: A text analysis approach to the study of medical research articles Georgette Nicolas Jabbour 28-Aug-2001
Corpus Numériques et Production Écrite en Langue Étrangère: Une recherche avec des apprenants d'allemand Eva Schaeffer-Lacroix 06-Dec-2009
Corpus Study of Tense, Aspect, and Modality in Diglossic Speech in Cairene Arabic Ola A Moshref 13-Jun-2012
Creating Canadian English: A systemic functional linguistic analysis of First Nations loanwords in early Canadian texts Derek Irwin 05-Mar-2010
Creativity in English as a Lingua Franca: Idiom and metaphor Marie-Luise Pitzl 25-Mar-2011
Creativity in Target Language Use/Kreativitāte mērķvalodas lietojumā Irina Surkova 21-Mar-2009
Creolising Translation, Translating Creolisation Rohan Anthony Lewis 03-Dec-2007
Crime through a Corpus: The linguistic construction of offenders, victims and crimes in the German and UK press Ulrike Tabbert 29-Jul-2013
Critical Analysis of the Role of X-phemism as an Aspect of Doublespeak in the War on Terror Discourse Ahlam Mohammad al-khattabi Al-Harbi 06-Jun-2008
Cross-Cultural Pragmatics of the Expressions of Gratitude in the Performance of Native Speakers of American English, Iraqi Arabic, and Iraqi EFL Learners Nassier Abbas Ghubin Al-Zubaidi 09-Jul-2012
Cross-Cultural Semantic Acquisition: Evidence from over-extentions in child language Jennifer Bloomquist 19-Aug-2003
Cross-Dialectal Features of the Spanish Present Perfect: A typological analysis of form and function Lewis Chadwick Howe 13-Nov-2006
Crossing the Lexicon: Anglicisms in the German Hip Hop Community Matthew E Garley 25-Aug-2012
Cross-language Ontology Learning: Incorporating and exploiting cross-language data in the ontology learning process Hans Hjelm 16-Mar-2009
Cross-language speech perception in context: Advantages for recent language learners and variation across language-specific acoustic cues Cynthia Blanco 04-May-2016
Cross-language Study of Age Perception Kyoko Nagao 04-May-2007
Cross-Lingual Annotation Projection Models for Role-Semantic Information Sebastian Pado 05-Jun-2007
Cross-Lingual Voice Conversion Oytun Turk 10-Oct-2007
Cross-Linguistic Effects on L2 Acquisition: An investigation of aspect Hsien-jen Diana Chin 28-Jul-2007
Crosslinguistic Influence in First and Second Languages: convergence in speech and gesture Amanda Brown 09-Nov-2007
Crosslinguistic Influence in Second Language Acquisition and in Creole Genesis Patrick-André Mather 02-Apr-2002
Crosslinguistic Influences in the Acquisition of Spanish as a Third Language Patricia Bayona 24-Oct-2009
Cross-linguistic Metonymies in Human Limb Nomenclature. Kelsie E. Pattillo 22-May-2014
Cross-linguistic Perception and Learning of Japanese Lexical Prosody by English Listeners Irina A. Shport 15-Sep-2011
Crosslinguistic Perception of Pitch in Language and Music Evan D Bradley 29-Jan-2013
Culture, Gender and Politeness: Apologies in Turkish and British English Çiler Hatipoğlu 13-Nov-2003
Culture-Specific Differences in Polite Speech Acts in Ukrainian and American English: Wishes, greetings and complaints Iryna Prykarpatska 15-Jan-2010
Curriculum Renewal in Translator Training: Vocational challenges in academic environments with reference to needs and situation analysis and skills transferability from the contemporary experience of Polish translator training culture John Kearns 15-Feb-2007
Czech Syntactic Lexicon Hana Skoumalová 08-Apr-2002