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Revitalizing Endangered Languages

Edited by Justyna Olko & Julia Sallabank

Revitalizing Endangered Languages "This guidebook provides ideas and strategies, as well as some background, to help with the effective revitalization of endangered languages. It covers a broad scope of themes including effective planning, benefits, wellbeing, economic aspects, attitudes and ideologies."

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Electrophysiological Investigations of Age Differences in Phrasal Interpretation: The time course of cross-modal interactions Shani H Abada 30-Jun-2011
Englisches in gesprochenem Deutsch: Eine empirische Analyse der Aussprache und Beurteilung englischer Laute im Deutschen Julia Abresch 23-Apr-2007
Elliptical Predicate Constructions in Mandarin Ruixi Ressy Ai 01-Jun-2006
Ergativity and Word Order in Austronesian Languages Edith Aldridge 15-Feb-2005
Effects of Working Memory and Semantic Impairment on Speech in Alzheimer's Disease Lori J. P. Altmann 13-Sep-2001
Estimation of Strength of Association and Its Application to Structural Ambiguity Resolution Eduardo Alves 26-Jan-2005
Early Verb Representations Sudha Arunachalam 12-Jun-2007
"Extraordinary Renderings" in the War on Terror: A corpus-based study of lexical items in the German-speaking press Del Amanda Barrett 21-Apr-2008
Effects of Babel in the Church: A Study of Language Planning, Policy and Practice in Japanese Ethnic Churches Tyler A. Barrett 30-Jun-2015
English Goal Infinitives David P. Baxter 14-Sep-2001
Explicitation and Implicitation in Translation: A corpus-based study of English-German and German-English translations of business texts Viktor Becher 10-Nov-2011
Expressions of epistemic modality in Mainland Scandinavian. A study into the lexicalization-grammaticalization-pragmaticalization interface. Karin Beijering 21-Oct-2012
Evidentiality. The linguistic code of point-of-view Fernando Bermúdez 30-Apr-2006
Economical Parameter-Setting in Second Language Acquisition: Japanese-speaking learners of English Hyun Kyung Bong 03-Oct-2006
Early Evidence for Tuscanisation in the Letters of Milanese Merchants in the Datini Archive, Prato, 1396-1402 Joshua J Brown 18-May-2011
Evaluation in ICT-Mediated Genres of Financial Disclosure: A contrastive analysis of spoken earnings presentations vs. written earnings releases Belinda Crawford Camiciottoli 24-Aug-2009
Evolution de la syntaxe et de l'ancrage énonciatif dans des narrations d'enfants de moins de six ans. Interaction langagière entre adulte, enfant et livre :The Evolution of Syntax and Deictic Involvement in the Narratives of Children under Six Years Old. Adult-Child Interaction with Children's Books Emmanuelle Canut 17-Sep-2001
Enquête sur l'alternance codique Antakarana/Français à Antsirana (Madagascar) Isabelle J Chan 17-Sep-2001
Effect of Task Types and Task Condition on EFL Writing Performance Huiyuan Chen 31-Jul-2001
Effects of Prosody on Articulation in English Taehong Cho 05-Nov-2002
Expressions for the Future in the Swedish Tense System Lisa U. Christensen 31-Jul-2001
Event Conceptualization and Grammatical Realization: The case of motion in Mandarin Chinese Chengzhi Chu 12-Jul-2004
Ecology of PF: A study of Korean phonology and morphology in a derivational approach Inkie Chung 11-Jan-2008
English Stress Preservation and Stratal Optimality Theory Sarah Collie 19-May-2008
Emotional and Functional Attitudes of Native Speakers towards Gagauz as an Endangered Language Gulin Dagdeviren Kirmizi 06-Jan-2016
English Language Errors in the Linguistic Landscape of the United Arab Emirates: the Wrong, the Right & the Bright AbdulQaadir Dar'ouzy 02-Nov-2017
Exploring the Nature of the Phonological Deficit in Dyslexia: Are phonological representations impaired? Catherine Dickie 29-Jul-2009
Energy of Linguothinking Dmytro I. Drozdovsky 05-Jun-2005
Explorations in the Informational Component Aviad Eilam 19-Jun-2011
Evaluation of the TEFL Program at Master's Level in Iran Elham Foroozandeh 09-Jan-2013
Experimental Syntax: Exploring the effect of repeated exposure to anomalous syntactic structure --evidence from rating and reading tasks Jerid Cole Francom 16-Aug-2009
Evidentiality and Assertion in Tibetan Edward John Garrett 31-Mar-2002
Early Language Learning within a Greek Regional Context Christina Nicole Giannikas 26-Jul-2013
Evidentiality and Intersubjectivity in Yurakaré: An interactional account Sonja Gipper 22-Sep-2011
English in Nepalese Education: An analysis of theoretical and contextual issues for the development of its policy guidelines Ram Ashish Giri 22-Nov-2009
Ethnolinguistic Vitality and Language Maintenance in Second-generation Migrants: a study of Albanian and Egyptian pupils in Athens Nikos Gogonas 27-Nov-2007
Example-Based Parsing for Resource-Deficient Languages Shailly Goyal 12-Mar-2008
Early English modals: Form, function, and analogy Sune Gregersen 24-Nov-2020
Eléments de grammaire du français pour une théorie descriptive et formelle de la langue / Elements of French grammar for a descriptive and formal theory of natural language Marie-Laure Guénot 17-Dec-2006
Ethnicity and Phonetic Variation in a San Francisco Neighborhood Lauren Hall-Lew 06-Nov-2009
Evaluating Text-to-Speech (TTS) Synthesis for use in Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) Zoe Louise Handley 15-Dec-2005
El Pretérito Perfecto Compuesto del español de Chile, Paraguay y Uruguay: Aspectos semánticos y discursivos/The Present Perfect in the Spanish of Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay: Semantic and discursive aspects Carlos Henderson 09-May-2010
Extracting Actionable Information from Microtexts Ali Hurriyetoglu 21-Jan-2020
Effect of L2 Phonetic Learning on L1 Vowels Haisheng Jiang 17-Oct-2008
El proceso de localización web: estudio contrastivo de un corpus comparable del género sitio web corporativo Miguel Angel Jimenez 08-Jul-2008
English reading-listening materials and learners’ information retention: an analysis of Cognitive Load Theory Monthon Kanokpermpoon 09-Aug-2019
Entity Coherence for Descriptive Text Structuring Nikiforos Karamanis 15-Jan-2004
Echo Words in Tamil Elinor Keane 15-Apr-2003
Eine Grammatik des Burunge (A Grammar of Burunge) Roland Kiessling 28-Sep-2001
Event Structure and the Internally-Headed Relative Clause Construction in Korean and Japanese Min-Joo Kim 23-Sep-2004
Encoding of argument structure in Romanian and SiSwati Udo Klein 05-Sep-2007
English as an International Language: A sociolinguistic analysis of the Japanese experience Marek Koscielecki 17-Sep-2001
Extending Spatial Frames of Reference to Temporal Concepts: An Embodied Perspective Alexander Kranjec 01-Oct-2006
En voz alta: Prosodic Features of “Teacher Talk” in the Spanish Second Language Classroom Emily Elizabeth Kuder 02-Aug-2017
English in Russian Academia: Uses and perceived significance Elena Lawrick 22-Mar-2011
ESL Teacher Professional Development & Curriculum Innovation: The case of the Malaysian Smart School project Kean-Wah Ken Lee 24-May-2009
Expressing Location in Tlacolula Valley Zapotec Brook Danielle Lillehaugen 07-Sep-2007
English as a Foreign Language through Whole Brain Teaching in Primary School Edward A. Lockhart 28-Sep-2017
Educação para a diversidade e desenvolvimento fonológico na infância Mónica Lourenço 07-Oct-2013
Exploiting Word Embeddings for Modelling Bilexical Relations. Pranava Madhyastha 07-Dec-2017
Efik Morphology: A study of word structure in generative grammar Eyo Offiong Mensah 06-Jul-2009
Explaining the Resultative Parameter Daniel Milway 24-May-2019
ECM Construction in Oriya and English and Tree Adjoining Grammar Rajat Kumar Mohanty 02-Apr-2003
Ethnic Identity and Language Use By Women In The Immigrant Malaysian-Bengali Community Dipika M. Mukherjee 07-Sep-2001
Evidentiality and the Structure of Speech Acts Sarah Elizabeth Murray 01-Dec-2010
Event Structure in Language Comprehension Erin L. O'Bryan 15-Apr-2004
Empirical Acquisition of Conceptual Distinctions via Dictionary Definitions Tom O'Hara 10-Jul-2006
Eigennamen in französischen Pressetexten Frank F. Paulikat 07-Sep-2001
Exploring social meanings of variation in Australian English Cara Penry Williams 29-Aug-2012
Exploring the Discourse-Syntax and the Lexicon-Syntax Interfaces in Language Pathology: Evidence from Broca's aphasia Eleni Peristeri 11-May-2010
Estuary English. A Sociophonetic Study Joanna Przedlacka 06-Sep-2001
Exploring the Boundaries of Formulaic Sequences: A corpus-based study of lexical substitution and insertion in contemporary British English Kelly Pycroft 10-Oct-2006
Evidencialidad indirecta en aimara y en el español de La Paz Un estudio semántico-pragmático de textos orales Geraldine Quartararo 01-Jun-2017
EEG-Coherence Analysis and Foreign Language Learning: Brain activation differences between high and low proficiency second language speakers Susanne Maria Reiterer 14-Mar-2004
Efeito retroativo do vestibular da Universidade Federal do Paraná no ensino de língua inglesa em nível médio no Paraná: uma investigação em escolas públicas, particulares e cursos pré-vestibulares Miriam Sester Retorta 09-Feb-2007
Elements of Cyclic Syntax: Agree and merge Milan Rezac 12-Jul-2004
Event Participant Representations and the Instrumental Role: A cross-linguistic study Lilia Rissman 09-Apr-2013
El Elemento Español en la Lengua Chamorra (Islas Marianas) Rafael Rodriguez-Ponga Salamanca 11-Nov-2009
Ethnicity and Sound Change: Mexican American accommodation to the Northern Cities Shift in Lansing, Michigan Rebecca Roeder 17-Aug-2006
Envisioning Eden: A glocal ethnography of tour guiding Noel B. Salazar 24-May-2008
Emoticonos y emojis. Análisis de su historia, difusión y uso en la comunicación digital actual Agnese Sampietro 30-May-2016
Elements for a Definition of Nominal Ellipsis in the Portuguese Language: A systemic-functional approach Manoel Soares Sarmento 07-Sep-2001
Experiments on the Automatic Induction of German Semantic Verb Classes Sabine Schulte im Walde 07-Jul-2003
El sistema de clasificación nominal del Miraña Frank Christian Seifart 15-May-2002
EPP Satisfiers: Verb-initial orders in Greek Evi Sifaki 25-Mar-2004
El castellano de Cataluña. Aspectos cualitativos y cuantitativos. Carsten Sinner 06-Dec-2004
EFL Learners' Use of Non-factive Cognitive Verb Complementation: A Cross-sectional Investigation Sibel Sogut 29-Jun-2019
English Spelling in the Seventeenth Century. A study of standardisation as seen through the MS and printed versions of the Duke of Newcastle's Margaret J-M Sonmez 25-Mar-2002
English Language Teaching in Greece from 1913 to 1967: The case of Ioannina prefecture Methodological, Teaching, Historical perspectives and Comparison with Current Teaching Approaches Evangelia Soulioti 10-Oct-2012
Evaluating Heaviness: Relative weight in the spoken production of heavy-NP shift Lynne M. Stallings 06-Sep-2001
Epistemic Stance Markers and the Function of I Don’t Know in the Talk of Persons with Dementia and Children with Autism Trini G. Stickle 17-Dec-2016
Extramural English Matters: Out-of-school English and its impact on Swedish ninth graders' oral proficiency and vocabulary Pia Sundqvist 29-Jan-2010
El Voseo en Chile: Factores historico-morfologicos que explican su aparicion y mantenimiento Patricia C. Sweeney 15-Sep-2006
Exploring the Adaptive Structure of the Mental Lexicon Monica Tamariz 24-Aug-2005
Embedded Clauses in Khasi Gracious Mary Temsen 05-Dec-2007
English in Context in an East-Asian Intercultural Workplace Alan Thompson 21-Nov-2008
Everyday Genres and the Location of Culture Susanne Tienken 04-Dec-2009
Ellipsis in Dutch Dialects Jeroen van Craenenbroeck 06-Sep-2004
Event Semantics of Verb Frame Alternations: A case study of Dutch and its acquisition Angeliek Van Hout 28-Sep-2001
English Speech Timing: A domain and locus approach Laurence White 16-Oct-2003
Evidentiality and Perception Verbs in English and German: A corpus-based analysis from the early modern period to the present Richard J. Whitt 20-Mar-2008
Expectations and Linguistic Meaning Simon Winter 05-Sep-2001
Enriched Composition and Inference in the Argument Structure of Chinese Ren Zhang 25-Jun-2002