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Revitalizing Endangered Languages

Edited by Justyna Olko & Julia Sallabank

Revitalizing Endangered Languages "This guidebook provides ideas and strategies, as well as some background, to help with the effective revitalization of endangered languages. It covers a broad scope of themes including effective planning, benefits, wellbeing, economic aspects, attitudes and ideologies."

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Dissertation Title [F] Author Date Posted Asc/Desc
Foregrounded Elements in Carl Sandburg's Major Poem: A Linguistic Study of Poetic Style and Technique Mohamed Abdulmoneim 30-Jul-2001
Frequency, Gradience, and Variation in Consonant Insertion Young-ran An 15-May-2012
From Logic to Linguistics: A Semantic analysis of SI Jeanne Aptekman 12-Jun-2007
Focus and Bulgarian Clause Structure Olga P. Arnaudova 16-Nov-2003
Finiteness, Case and Clausal Architecture Gülşat Aygen 09-Jun-2002
Finding the Right Words: Implementing Optimality Theory with Simulated Annealing Tamás Bíró 24-Jan-2007
Functional Forms-Formal Functions: An account of Coeur d'Alene clause structure Shannon T. Bischoff 21-Mar-2007
From Hypotaxis to Parataxis: An Investigation of English–German Syntactic Convergence in Translation Mario Bisiada 05-Nov-2014
From Root Infinitive to Finite Sentence: The acquisition of verbal inflections and auxiliaries Elma Blom 07-May-2003
Forms of Constructing Scientific Knowledge and Encoding Writer’s Stance in Turkish and English Research Article Abstracts Hamide Çakır 25-Oct-2011
From the Mouth of Babes: A pragmatic analysis of children's responses to questions Maria Corazon Saturnina Aspeli Castro 07-Apr-2004
First Language Phonetic Drift During Second Language Acquisition Charles B. Chang 02-Nov-2010
First Language Acquisition of Functional Categories in Mandarin Nominal Expressions: A Longitudinal Study of Two Mandarin Speaking Children Meiyun Chang-Smith 20-May-2005
Free Choice and Negative Polarity: A compositional analysis of Korean polarity sensitive items Jinyoung Choi 08-May-2008
From Language Revalorisation to Language Revitalisation? Discourses of Maya Language Promotion in Yucatán Josep F. Cru 17-Nov-2014
French Liaison: Linguistic and sociolinguistic influences on speech perception Robin Dautricourt 22-Nov-2010
French Dislocation Cécile de Cat 19-Mar-2003
Four-way Stop Contrasts in Hindi: An acoustic study of voicing, fundamental frequency and spectral tilt Indranil Dutta 27-Feb-2008
Formulaic Expressions in Computer-Assisted Translation Maria Fernandez-Parra 11-Mar-2012
Formal and Cognitive Restrictions on Vowel Harmony Sara Finley 05-Aug-2008
From Air to Music: Acoustical, physiological and perceptual aspects of reed wind instrument playing and vocal-ventricular fold phonation Leonardo Fuks 01-Aug-2001
Functional Categories in Greek Agrammatism Valantis Fyndanis 31-Jul-2010
From the Unexpected to the Unbelievable: Thetics, Miratives and Exclamatives in Conceptual Space Hugo García Macías 09-Jun-2016
Focus and Word Order Variation in Greek Michalis Georgiafentis 30-Dec-2004
Fehlerbehandlung in Mensch-Maschine-Dialogen Petra Gieselmann 19-Jun-2007
French Language Maintenance in Ontario, Canada: A sociolinguistic portrait of the community of Hearst Dan Golembeski 08-Sep-2002
Fundamentos y límites de los sistemas de verificación automática de la sintaxis y el estilo Xavier Gomez-Guinovart 09-Aug-2001
Features, Categories and the Syntax of A-Positions. Synchronic and Diachronic Variation in the Germanic Languages Eric Haeberli 28-Sep-2001
From Extracts to Abstracts: Human summary production operations for computer-aided summarisation Laura Hasler 10-Sep-2007
Framing Terrorism via Metaphors: José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero (2004-2007) Maria Jose Hellin Garcia 11-Aug-2008
From Policy to Practice: A study of the implementation of the Language-in-Education Policy (LiEP) in three South African primary schools Halla Bjørk Holmarsdottir 18-Sep-2006
Finnish A'-movement: Edges and islands Saara Huhmarniemi 25-May-2012
Framework and Resources for Natural Language Parser Evaluation Tuomo Kakkonen 10-Dec-2007
From Interaction to Grammar: Estonian finite verb forms in conversation Leelo Keevallik 08-Sep-2004
Freedom and Constraint in Literary Translation: A culture-based approach on translation of tropes Nikou Kheirkhah 23-Sep-2011
Function, Selection and Innateness: The emergence of language universals Simon M. Kirby 04-Sep-2001
Features and Categories: Non-finite constructions in Finnish Päivi Hannele Koskinen 09-Jul-2008
Foundations of the Theory of Indication Alexander V. Kravchenko 05-Sep-2001
Frozen Speech: The rhetoric of transcription Margaret A. Luebs 06-Sep-2001
Focalizing ser ('to be') in Colombian Spanish Dunia Catalina Mendez Vallejo 26-Oct-2009
Functions of Non-Verbal Components in the Language System (Comparison of Russian and English) Olga V. Moudraia 21-Jan-2003
Função Adjetival em Sintagmas Preposicionados com DE Mónica M Nobre 18-Sep-2001
French Language Policy and the Multilingual Challenge, from Maastricht to an Enlarged Europe: A study of developments from 1992 to 2004 with particular reference to the case of Gallo John Shaun Nolan 14-Dec-2006
From Physical to Mental Acquisition: A corpus-based study of verbs Marie Nordlund 26-Sep-2008
Film Annotation for the L2 Classroom: A Tech-Mediated Model for Intercultural Learning Maria Virginia Ocando Finol 07-Nov-2019
From Grapheme to Gesture: Linguistic contributions for an articulatory based text-to-speech system Catarina Monteiro Oliveira 24-Jul-2009
Fremdsprachenunterricht. Zur systemischen Analyse didaktischer Interaktion Bettina Paris 07-Sep-2001
Finding Meaning in Silence: The Comprehension of Ellipsis Josée Poirier 27-Jun-2009
Feature Interpretability in Second Language Acqusition: Evidence from the Null Subject Parameter in the Greek/English interlanguage Alexandra Prentza 10-Sep-2011
From Cultural to Colonial: Differential Writing Practices and a Negotiation of Genre’s Value-Laden Nature in First-Year-Composition Classes Md Mijanur Rahman 12-Jun-2021
Flat but Not Shallow: Towards flatter representations in deep semantic parsing for precise and feasible inferencing Hilke Reckman 05-Oct-2009
From Perception to Production: Generalizing phonotactic probabilities in language acquisition Peter T. Richtsmeier 28-Oct-2008
Formação de palavras em português. Aspectos da construção de avaliativos [Word Formation in Portuguese: Some aspects of evaluative construction] Graça Rio-Torto 05-Aug-2008
For a Methodology of Translation Criticism: The Italian translations of The Secret Sharer by Joseph Conrad Daniele Russo 14-Jan-2012
Free Functional Elements of Tense, Aspect, Modality and Agreement as Possible Auxiliaries in Greek Sign Language Galini G. Sapountzaki 07-Dec-2006
Factivity: Its nature and acquisition Petra Schulz 11-Dec-2003
From Silence to Sound: Cognition and language planning in the international education of prelingually deaf students Patrick William Seamans 15-Oct-2006
Functions and Status of the Pluperfect in the Verbal System (A typological aspect) Igor Shoshitaishvili 07-Sep-2001
FYI: Theory and typology of information packaging Niels Smit 18-Apr-2010
Form and Function of Expressive Morphology: A case study of Russian Olga Steriopolo 02-Mar-2008
Formal Relationships in the Paradigm: A functional approach with a focus on the Romance verb Catherine Taylor 27-Jul-2013
Formal , Functional and Cognitive Approaches : WH - Constructions in Persian Hengameh Vaezi 07-Dec-2011
Framing Dance Writing: A Corpus Linguistics Approach Susan L. Wiesner 04-Nov-2007
Factors Affecting Relative Clause Processing in Mandarin Fuyun Wu 12-Aug-2009
Focus Projection and Wh-Head Movement Yuko Yanagida 05-Sep-2001
Foot-Timing and Word-Timing in English Guangsheng Zhang 04-Sep-2001