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Revitalizing Endangered Languages

Edited by Justyna Olko & Julia Sallabank

Revitalizing Endangered Languages "This guidebook provides ideas and strategies, as well as some background, to help with the effective revitalization of endangered languages. It covers a broad scope of themes including effective planning, benefits, wellbeing, economic aspects, attitudes and ideologies."

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Gendered Discourses in the Cameroonian Parliament Lem Lilian Atanga 17-Jul-2007
Grammaticographie des langues minoritaires: le cas de l'innu Anne-Marie Baraby 02-Jun-2011
Given and News: media discourse and the construction of community on national days Diana ben-Aaron 06-Jun-2019
Grammar and Interaction: Pivots in German conversation Emma M. Betz 26-Aug-2007
Grammaticalization in Creoles: The development of determiners and relative clauses in Sranan Adrienne Bruyn 17-Sep-2001
Grammaticization of Indexic Signs: How American sign language expresses numerosity Kearsy A. Cormier 15-Sep-2004
Geminate Weight: Case studies and formal models Emily K. J. Curtis 08-Nov-2004
Grammaticalization of Spanish 'de': Reanalysis of '(de)queísmo' in Southern Cone dialects Carlos G. del Moral 27-Nov-2004
Games People Play: The linguistic construction of gender and sexuality in Spanish and English internet chats Marisol del-Teso-Craviotto 11-Oct-2004
Geminate Typology and the Perception of Consonant Duration Olga Dmitrieva 08-Oct-2012
Gesture in Automatic Discourse Processing Jacob Eisenstein 07-May-2008
Globalization, English and the German University Classroom: A sociolinguistic profile of students of English at the Freie Universität Berlin Elizabeth M. Erling 22-Jun-2004
Gradient and Categorical Consonant Cluster Simplification in Persian: An ultrasound and acoustic study Reza Falahati 09-Jan-2014
Grammaticalization and Variation of Acho (que) and Parece (que) in Florianopolis's Speech Raquel Meister Ko Freitag 20-Nov-2003
Gender in Insular Celtic: A functionalist account of variation and change in Irish and Welsh Alessio Salvatore Frenda 20-Sep-2011
Generative Phonotactics Kyle Gorman 20-Jun-2013
Grammar, Uncertainty and Sentence Processing John Hale 07-Feb-2005
Grammar, Gesture, and Cognition: The case of negation in English Simon Harrison 16-Oct-2009
Grundlagenprobleme der Sprachwissenschaft. Kritische Analyse und Abwägung der Allgemeinen Ansichten über Sprache von Saussure, Chomsky und Piaget Ralph A Hartmann 09-Aug-2001
Grammaticalization and Infinitival Complements in Dutch Aniek IJbema 12-Aug-2002
Ghost Vowels and Syllabification. Evidence from Bulgarian and French. Georgi I. Jetchev 17-Sep-2001
Grammatical Effects of Topic and Focus Information Jung-Min Jo 19-Jan-2005
Gender Changes - Investigations into gender and animacy in contemporary German by means of person references and Non-Personal-Agents Bettina Jobin 09-Jun-2004
German Compound Nouns and their Polish Equivalents: Automatic extraction, analysis and verification based on parallel corpora Marcin Junczys-Dowmunt 11-Jan-2010
Grammaticalizing the Definite Article. A study of definite adnominal determiners in a genre of spoken Finnish. Päivi Juvonen 30-May-2005
Gap Dependencies in Coordination Byong-Kwon Kim 20-Sep-2001
Generating Alternatives: Interpreting Focus in Discourse Christina S Kim 09-Aug-2012
"Good-by, You or!?" - A study of linguistic patterns in American and Chinese leave-taking after dinner Li Qing L Kinnison 26-Oct-2001
Generating Copies: An investigation into structural identity in language and grammar Gregory M Kobele 08-Dec-2006
Grammatical Relations in Chinese: Synchronic and diachronic considerations Randy J. LaPolla 29-Mar-2012
Gender and Ideology in Translation: Do women and men translate differently? A contrastive investigation of translations from Italian into English Vanessa Leonardi 22-Jul-2007
Gramática Cognitiva e Instrucción de Procesamiento para la enseñanza de la selección modal: un estudio con aprendientes alemanes de español como lengua extranjera. Reyes Llopis García 14-Jan-2009
God i tok long yumi long Tok Pisin: Eine Betrachtung der Bibelübersetzung in Tok Pisin vor dem Hintergrund der sprachlichen Identität eines Papua-Neuguinea zwischen Tradition und Moderne Timo Lothmann 07-May-2007
Globalization and Localization of Rap Music by the Example of American and German Rap Texts Solveig Luedtke 30-Jul-2006
Gewalt im Gespräch. Verbale Gewalt in politischen Fernsehdiskussionen am Beispiel der Martin Luginbühl 19-Aug-2004
Grammaticalization Paths of Motion and Posture Verbs (Tipologija grammatikalizacii konstrukcij s glagolami dvizhenija i glagolami pozicii) Timur Maisak 22-Aug-2002
Gender, Language and Occupational Roles: Exploring men's use of language within the female dominated environment of nursing Joanne McDowell 28-Apr-2009
Gender and Person Agreement in Cicipu Discourse Stuart McGill 26-Oct-2009
Grammatische Praxis Markus Richard Meyer 12-Dec-2006
Grounding Ju|'hoansi Root Phonotactics: The phonetics of the guttural OCP and other acoustic modulations Amanda L. Miller 29-Jan-2011
Grammaire des constructions coordonnées : coordinations simples et coordinations à redoublement en français contemporain. [A grammar for French coordinate constructions] François Mouret 04-Jun-2007
Gender Assignment in Modern Faroese Hjalmar P. Petersen 10-Apr-2009
Grammatical Processing in Second Language Learners of English Christos Pliatsikas 16-Dec-2010
Grounded Discourse Representation Theory: Towards a semantics-pragmatics interface for human-machine collaboration Tillmann Pross 17-Mar-2010
Grammaticization and Configurationality - The Emergence of Postpositional Phrases in Indo-Aryan Uta Reinöhl 03-Aug-2014
Grammatical tone: Typology and theory Nicholas Rolle 21-Aug-2018
Grammatical Gender and Second Language Processing: An ERP study Laura Sabourin 20-Nov-2003
German ver-Verbs: Internal Word Structure and Lexical Processing Matthias K Schirmeier 09-May-2006
Grammatical Lexical Microfield of the Past Tense in Modern English Michael Schneidman 07-Sep-2001
Gender Manipulation in the (Re)Writing of The Thorn Birds Francisca Sempere Linares 30-Jun-2005
Grammar and Information Structure: A study with reference to Russian Natalia Slioussar 21-Jul-2009
Gender Differences in Requesting Speech Act: A contrastive soiolinguistic tudy of standard american and the variety of the educated Cairene Hala Tawfik Sourour 28-May-2003
German and American Conversational Styles: A focus on narrative and agonistic discussion as sources of stereotypes Carolyn A. Straehle 06-Sep-2001
Gender-Animacy and the Morpho-Syntax of Object Clitics in Dutch Annemarie Toebosch 05-Oct-2003
Genre-Based Instruction and Genre-Focused Feedback: A Multiperspective Study on Writing Performance and the Psychology of Writing Kutay Uzun 08-Jul-2019
Gikuyu Verbal Extensions: A minimalist analysis Martin Mburu Waweru 03-Jun-2012
Georgian Morphosyntax and Feature Hierarchies in Natural Language Thomas R Wier 07-Jul-2014