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Applied Corpus Linguistics

Edited by Eric Friginal and Paul Thompson

Applied Corpus Linguistics is a new, international peer-reviewed journal for the dissemination of research that reports or supports the applications of corpus linguistics methods, theories, applications, techniques and tools to a wide variety of real-world contexts.

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Voice Quality

By John H. Esling, Scott R. Moisik, Allison Benner, Lise Crevier-Buchman

Voice Quality "The first description of voice quality production in forty years, this book provides a new framework for its study: The Laryngeal Articulator Model. Informed by instrumental examinations of the laryngeal articulatory mechanism, it revises our understanding of articulatory postures to explain the actions, vibrations and resonances generated in the epilarynx and pharynx."

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Let's Talk

By David Crystal

Let's Talk "Explores the factors that motivate so many different kinds of talk and reveals the rules we use unconsciously, even in the most routine exchanges of everyday conversation."

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Gendered Discourses in the Cameroonian Parliament Lem Lilian Atanga 17-Jul-2007
Grammaticographie des langues minoritaires: le cas de l'innu Anne-Marie Baraby 02-Jun-2011
Given and News: media discourse and the construction of community on national days Diana ben-Aaron 06-Jun-2019
Grammar and Interaction: Pivots in German conversation Emma M. Betz 26-Aug-2007
Grammaticalization in Creoles: The development of determiners and relative clauses in Sranan Adrienne Bruyn 17-Sep-2001
Grammaticization of Indexic Signs: How American sign language expresses numerosity Kearsy A. Cormier 15-Sep-2004
Geminate Weight: Case studies and formal models Emily K. J. Curtis 08-Nov-2004
Grammaticalization of Spanish 'de': Reanalysis of '(de)queísmo' in Southern Cone dialects Carlos G. del Moral 27-Nov-2004
Games People Play: The linguistic construction of gender and sexuality in Spanish and English internet chats Marisol del-Teso-Craviotto 11-Oct-2004
Geminate Typology and the Perception of Consonant Duration Olga Dmitrieva 08-Oct-2012
Gesture in Automatic Discourse Processing Jacob Eisenstein 07-May-2008
Globalization, English and the German University Classroom: A sociolinguistic profile of students of English at the Freie Universität Berlin Elizabeth M. Erling 22-Jun-2004
Gradient and Categorical Consonant Cluster Simplification in Persian: An ultrasound and acoustic study Reza Falahati 09-Jan-2014
Grammaticalization and Variation of Acho (que) and Parece (que) in Florianopolis's Speech Raquel Meister Ko Freitag 20-Nov-2003
Gender in Insular Celtic: A functionalist account of variation and change in Irish and Welsh Alessio Salvatore Frenda 20-Sep-2011
Generative Phonotactics Kyle Gorman 20-Jun-2013
Grammar, Uncertainty and Sentence Processing John Hale 07-Feb-2005
Grammar, Gesture, and Cognition: The case of negation in English Simon Harrison 16-Oct-2009
Grundlagenprobleme der Sprachwissenschaft. Kritische Analyse und Abwägung der Allgemeinen Ansichten über Sprache von Saussure, Chomsky und Piaget Ralph A Hartmann 09-Aug-2001
Grammaticalization and Infinitival Complements in Dutch Aniek IJbema 12-Aug-2002
Ghost Vowels and Syllabification. Evidence from Bulgarian and French. Georgi I. Jetchev 17-Sep-2001
Grammatical Effects of Topic and Focus Information Jung-Min Jo 19-Jan-2005
Gender Changes - Investigations into gender and animacy in contemporary German by means of person references and Non-Personal-Agents Bettina Jobin 09-Jun-2004
German Compound Nouns and their Polish Equivalents: Automatic extraction, analysis and verification based on parallel corpora Marcin Junczys-Dowmunt 11-Jan-2010
Grammaticalizing the Definite Article. A study of definite adnominal determiners in a genre of spoken Finnish. Päivi Juvonen 30-May-2005
Gap Dependencies in Coordination Byong-Kwon Kim 20-Sep-2001
Generating Alternatives: Interpreting Focus in Discourse Christina S Kim 09-Aug-2012
"Good-by, You or!?" - A study of linguistic patterns in American and Chinese leave-taking after dinner Li Qing L Kinnison 26-Oct-2001
Generating Copies: An investigation into structural identity in language and grammar Gregory M Kobele 08-Dec-2006
Grammatical Relations in Chinese: Synchronic and diachronic considerations Randy J. LaPolla 29-Mar-2012
Gender and Ideology in Translation: Do women and men translate differently? A contrastive investigation of translations from Italian into English Vanessa Leonardi 22-Jul-2007
Gramática Cognitiva e Instrucción de Procesamiento para la enseñanza de la selección modal: un estudio con aprendientes alemanes de español como lengua extranjera. Reyes Llopis García 14-Jan-2009
God i tok long yumi long Tok Pisin: Eine Betrachtung der Bibelübersetzung in Tok Pisin vor dem Hintergrund der sprachlichen Identität eines Papua-Neuguinea zwischen Tradition und Moderne Timo Lothmann 07-May-2007
Globalization and Localization of Rap Music by the Example of American and German Rap Texts Solveig Luedtke 30-Jul-2006
Gewalt im Gespräch. Verbale Gewalt in politischen Fernsehdiskussionen am Beispiel der Martin Luginbühl 19-Aug-2004
Grammaticalization Paths of Motion and Posture Verbs (Tipologija grammatikalizacii konstrukcij s glagolami dvizhenija i glagolami pozicii) Timur Maisak 22-Aug-2002
Gender, Language and Occupational Roles: Exploring men's use of language within the female dominated environment of nursing Joanne McDowell 28-Apr-2009
Gender and Person Agreement in Cicipu Discourse Stuart McGill 26-Oct-2009
Grammatische Praxis Markus Richard Meyer 12-Dec-2006
Grounding Ju|'hoansi Root Phonotactics: The phonetics of the guttural OCP and other acoustic modulations Amanda L. Miller 29-Jan-2011
Grammaire des constructions coordonnées : coordinations simples et coordinations à redoublement en français contemporain. [A grammar for French coordinate constructions] François Mouret 04-Jun-2007
Gender Assignment in Modern Faroese Hjalmar P. Petersen 10-Apr-2009
Grammatical Processing in Second Language Learners of English Christos Pliatsikas 16-Dec-2010
Grounded Discourse Representation Theory: Towards a semantics-pragmatics interface for human-machine collaboration Tillmann Pross 17-Mar-2010
Grammaticization and Configurationality - The Emergence of Postpositional Phrases in Indo-Aryan Uta Reinöhl 03-Aug-2014
Grammatical tone: Typology and theory Nicholas Rolle 21-Aug-2018
Grammatical Gender and Second Language Processing: An ERP study Laura Sabourin 20-Nov-2003
German ver-Verbs: Internal Word Structure and Lexical Processing Matthias K Schirmeier 09-May-2006
Grammatical Lexical Microfield of the Past Tense in Modern English Michael Schneidman 07-Sep-2001
Gender Manipulation in the (Re)Writing of The Thorn Birds Francisca Sempere Linares 30-Jun-2005
Grammar and Information Structure: A study with reference to Russian Natalia Slioussar 21-Jul-2009
Gender Differences in Requesting Speech Act: A contrastive soiolinguistic tudy of standard american and the variety of the educated Cairene Hala Tawfik Sourour 28-May-2003
German and American Conversational Styles: A focus on narrative and agonistic discussion as sources of stereotypes Carolyn A. Straehle 06-Sep-2001
Gender-Animacy and the Morpho-Syntax of Object Clitics in Dutch Annemarie Toebosch 05-Oct-2003
Genre-Based Instruction and Genre-Focused Feedback: A Multiperspective Study on Writing Performance and the Psychology of Writing Kutay Uzun 08-Jul-2019
Gikuyu Verbal Extensions: A minimalist analysis Martin Mburu Waweru 03-Jun-2012
Georgian Morphosyntax and Feature Hierarchies in Natural Language Thomas R Wier 07-Jul-2014