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Words in Time and Place: Exploring Language Through the Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary

By David Crystal

Offers a unique view of the English language and its development, and includes witty commentary and anecdotes along the way.

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Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases

By Peter Mark Roget

This book "supplies a vocabulary of English words and idiomatic phrases 'arranged … according to the ideas which they express'. The thesaurus, continually expanded and updated, has always remained in print, but this reissued first edition shows the impressive breadth of Roget's own knowledge and interests."

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The Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greek

By Franco Montanari

Coming soon: The Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greek by Franco Montanari is the most comprehensive dictionary for Ancient Greek to English for the 21st Century. Order your copy now!

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Ampersand: An International Journal of General and Applied Linguistics

Edited By R. Cann, H. Pichler, K. Van De Poel, D. van Olmen, and K. Watson

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Morphologically Governed Accent in Optimality Theory John D. Alderete 31-Jan-2002
Metaphors in Hugo Chávez's Political Discourse: Conceptualizing nation, revolution, and opposition Marco A. Aponte 03-Jul-2008
Mood, Modality, and Complementation: A cross-linguistic study of the syntax and semantics of the left periphery Mariana Bahtchevanova 30-Aug-2007
Make It Simple with Paraphrases: Automated paraphrasing for authoring aids and machine translation Anabela Marques Barreiro 19-May-2010
MInd, Metaphor, and Prefix: Evidence for prototype category structure in NHG ver- Julie A. Belz 02-Apr-2003
Mathematical Metaphors in Early Seventeenth-century English Poetry Roberto Bertuol 30-Jul-2001
Morphology in Bilingual Language Processing: The role of second language proficiency in acquiring grammatical gender Susan C. Bobb 17-Mar-2010
Morphosyntactic Change in Progress: A psycholinguistic treatment Joyce Tang Boyland 06-Sep-2001
Means to an End: Communication strategies in French immersion Stephanie Burdine 01-Oct-2004
Modality and Negation: A corpus-based study Pieter Byloo 10-Nov-2009
Minimality and Turkish Relative Clauses Ilhan Merih Cagri 17-Jan-2006
Minimal Contrast and the Phonology-Phonetics Interaction Rebeka Campos-Astorkiza 11-Sep-2007
Modality and Discourse Alessandro Capone 31-Jul-2001
Modeling the Intonation of Lebanese Arabic Using the Autosegmental-Metrical Framework: A comparison with English Dana Chahal 12-Apr-2002
Machine Recognition and Morphological Analysis of Subanta-Padas Subhash Chandra 11-May-2007
Merging Corpus Linguistics and Collaborative Knowledge Construction Lisa Cheung 13-Sep-2009
Mandarin Compound Verbs Karen Steffen Chung 04-Apr-2005
Machine Translation on the Competence Model Gary A Coen 01-Aug-2001
Mutamenti nel romeno di immigrati in Italia Alexandru Laurentiu Cohal 22-Feb-2013
Mawé/Awetí/Tupí-Guaraní: Relações Linguísticas e Implicações Históricas Beatriz Carretta Correa da Silva 09-Feb-2011
Mexican Temporary Agricultural Workers in Canada: a language and migration approach Maria Eugenia De Luna Villalón 17-Sep-2011
Modifying words: Dutch adverbial morphology in contrast Janneke Diepeveen 16-Aug-2012
Mapping Focus: The syntax and prosody of focus in Spanish Laura Domínguez 26-May-2004
Motion Event Expression in Bilingual First Language Acquisition Helen Engemann 24-Feb-2013
Metaphorical Conceptualisation of Anger, Fear and Sadness in English Orazgozel Esenova 03-Jan-2012
Methodological Proposal for the Creation of a New English Test for University Entrance in Spain Miguel Fernandez 03-Nov-2007
Matis Language (Panoan): A gramatical description Rogério Vicente Ferreira 20-Aug-2005
Metrical Complexity in Russian Verse: A study of form and meaning Nila Friedberg 15-Dec-2002
Marphatan Thakali. Untersuchungen zur Sprache des Dorfes Marpha im Oberen Kali-Gandaki-Tal/Nepal Stefan Georg 14-Sep-2001
Metaphern für das Gehirn. Eine kognitiv-linguistische Untersuchung Juliana Goschler 01-Oct-2008
Motivating Language Learners: A classroom-oriented investigation of teachers' motivational practices and students' motivation Marie-Jose Michelle Guilloteaux 05-Apr-2008
Meta-Dialogue Behaviors: Improving the efficiency of human-machine dialogue - A computational model of variable initiative and negotiation in collaborative problem-solving Curry I Guinn 30-Jul-2002
Meiteilon-English Code Switching and Identity Issues Among Meiteis in Delhi Basantarani Haobam 12-Jul-2010
Modelling the Structure of a Multimodal Artefact Tuomo Hiippala 02-Jun-2014
Mirroring Ghanaian Society Through Slice-of-Life Radio Advertisements Patience Afrakoma Hmensa 26-May-2014
Morphological Faithfulness to Syntactic Representations Michael Hughes 10-Sep-2003
Modals, Conditionals and Compositionality Janneke Huitink 19-Nov-2008
Multilingual Language Policy and English Language Teaching in Sweden Francis M. Hult 01-Nov-2007
Morphological Aspects of Arabic Verb in Translation Shaher Ihsheish 17-Sep-2001
Mora Obstruent Allomorphy in Sino-Japanese Morphemes in Final -/ki/: A case of homomorphic diffusion in modern Japanese Mark Irwin 09-Jan-2007
Motivation and Extended Interaction in the Study-Abroad Context: Factors in the development of Spanish language accuracy and communication skills Christina Isabelli-García 27-Mar-2002
Metapragmatics of (Im)politeness in Turkish: An exploratory emic investigation Hale Isik-Guler 05-Sep-2008
Minimal Reduplication Jesse Saba Kirchner 28-Jul-2010
Morphology and Spoken Word Comprehension: Electrophysiological Investigations of Internal Compound Structure Dirk Koester 30-Jul-2008
Metaphor Clusters in Business Media Discourse: A social cognition approach Veronika Koller 08-Apr-2003
Morphosyntactic Properties of Reflexives in Turkish Ozgun Kosaner 03-Mar-2006
Merkmale verstehens- und behaltensfördernder kontextueller Bedeutungserklärungen Frank Kostrzewa 15-Apr-2002
Multimodality in TV interviews: Development and Exploitation of Multimedia Corpora in the Representation and Modeling of Multimodal Communication Maria Koutsombogera 03-Jul-2012
Movements of Languages in Urban Spaces : Diglossia areas VS ditopia areas (Sociolinguistic situation of Fort-de-France town). ORIGINAL TITLE: Les flux de langues en milieu urbain : Espaces diglossiques VS espaces ditopiques. (Situation sociolinguistique de la ville de Fort-de-France) Lorene Labridy 13-Feb-2010
Measurement and Modality: The scalar basis of modal semantics Daniel Lassiter 22-Sep-2011
Modelling Variation in Spoken And Written English: The multi-dimensional approach revisited David Y.W. Lee 05-Sep-2001
Modelling Variation in Singapore English Jakob R. E. Leimgruber 05-Jan-2010
Modèle d'analyse lexico-syntaxique des locutions espagnoles Jorge Antonio Leoni de Leon 02-Jul-2008
Metáfora y Adquisición de una Segunda Lengua María M. Luciani 17-May-2003
Metaphor in Political and Economic Texts Zouhair Maalej 25-Mar-2002
Macro- and Microstructure for a Yipunu-French School Dictionary Ludwine Mabika-Mbokou 15-Nov-2006
Mixed Categories in the Hierarchical Lexicon Robert P. Malouf 18-Sep-2001
Movement of Degree/Degree of Movement Ora Matushansky 09-Dec-2002
Metalexicographical Criteria for the Compilation of a Trilingual Dictionary: Yilumbu-English-French Paul Achille Mavoungou 30-Oct-2003
Morphological Variability in Second Language Spanish Corrine McCarthy 22-Jan-2007
Menominee Prosodic Structure Marianne I. Milligan 30-Aug-2005
Mehrwort-Cluster in der englischen Alltagskonversation: unterschiede zwischen britischem und amerikanischem gesprochenen Englisch als Indikatoren für den präfabrizierten Charakter der Sprache Brigitta Mittmann 05-Oct-2005
Middle English Verbs of Emotion and Impersonal Constructions: A diachronic study of the syntax-semantics interface Ayumi Miura 16-Dec-2011
Morphological Analysis in the System of English-Persian Tayebeh Mosavi Miangah 24-Apr-2008
Multi-Verb Constructions in Edo Ota Ogie 07-Mar-2010
Mitigating Strategies in the Pragmatic Interlanguage of Pre-service Teachers of English: Focus on formulaic chunks Helen Osimo 27-Oct-2010
Middelnedertyske låneord i islandsk diplomsprog frem til år 1500 Veturlidi G. Oskarsson 02-Jul-2004
Mechanisms and Strategies in the Processing and Acquisition of Relative Clauses in Turkish Monolingual and Turkish-English Bilingual Children Duygu Ozge 09-Nov-2010
Measuring Implicit and Explicit Attitudes Toward Foreign-accented Speech Andrew Pantos 09-Mar-2011
Modality and the Semantics-Pragmatics Interface Anna Papafragou 07-Sep-2001
Minimal Word Effects with Special Reference to Swahili Jae-Ick Park 07-Sep-2001
Malagasy Clause Structure Ileana M. Paul 07-Sep-2001
Metamessages of denial: the pragmatics of English negation Alyson Pitts 07-Aug-2009
Multi-Agent Modeling of Linguistic Interaction Andrei Popescu-Belis 14-Feb-2005
Multiple languages, multiple worlds: A case study of the language use of Chinese ELL adolescents in Canada Yamin Qian 17-Aug-2012
Mood at the Interface Josep F. Quer 08-Sep-2001
Modernization of Tradition: Contested discourses and negotiated ideologies of fairness, gender, and morality in the South Indian media Shri Ramakrishnan 20-Feb-2010
Modern Icelandic Word Formation Yair Sapir 11-Nov-2003
Minimalist Interfaces: Selected issues in Indonesian and Javanese Yosuke Sato 18-Jul-2008
Maganar Hannu: Language of the hands. A descriptive analysis of Hausa Sign Language Constanze H. Schmaling 07-Sep-2001
Maschineller Erwerb lexikalischen Wissens aus kleinen und verrauschten Textkorpora (Machine Learning of Lexical Knowledge from Sparse and Noisy Text Corpora) Rene M. Schneider 07-May-2002
Morphosyntactic Variation in British English Dialects: Evidence from possession, obligation and past habituality Monika Edith Schulz 11-Feb-2014
Multilingual Identity Development and Negotiation amongst Heritage Language Learners: A study of East European-American schoolchildren in the United States Corinne Seals 25-Sep-2013
Morphosyntax of Puma, a Tibeto-Burman Language of Nepal Narayan Sharma 24-Jan-2015
Morality in Grammar and Discourse: Stance-taking and the negotiation of moral personhood in Sakapultek (Mayan) wedding counsels Robin A. Shoaps 16-May-2005
Minimize Exponence: Economy effects on the morphosyntactic component of the grammar Daniel A. Siddiqi 31-Aug-2006
Minding the Gaps: Inflectional defectiveness in a paradigmatic theory Andrea D. Sims 10-Sep-2008
Meaning Lists in Lexicostatistical Studies: Evaluation, application, ramifications Natalia Slaska 12-Apr-2006
Mutation as Morphology: Bases, stems, and shapes in Scottish Gaelic Thomas W Stewart 14-Feb-2005
Magentoencephalographic Investigations of Morphological Irregularity and Identity Linnaea Stockall 30-Nov-2004
Morphosyntactic Change in the History of the Mainland Scandinavian Languages John D. Sundquist 24-Feb-2003
Metaphor in Psychotherapy: Description and applications Dennis Tay 17-Oct-2011
Multi-Word Units in Natural Language Processing Cornelia I. Tschichold 26-Mar-2002
Multiple Parallel Grammars in the Acquisition of Stress in Greek L1 Marina Tzakosta 29-Oct-2004
Mobility-Induced Dialect Contact: A sociolinguistic investigation of speech variation in Wilmslow, Cheshire Emma Watts 27-Oct-2006
Morphological Segmentation During Silent Reading Cintia S Widmann 27-Sep-2009
Meaning and Syntax in Spoken Mandarin Jeroen Wiedenhof 31-Jan-2002
Modal Existential WH-Constructions Radek Šimík 02-Jun-2011