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Revitalizing Endangered Languages

Edited by Justyna Olko & Julia Sallabank

Revitalizing Endangered Languages "This guidebook provides ideas and strategies, as well as some background, to help with the effective revitalization of endangered languages. It covers a broad scope of themes including effective planning, benefits, wellbeing, economic aspects, attitudes and ideologies."

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Modality in Makkan Arabic: The interaction between modals and aspect Jumanah Abdulwahab Abusulaiman 06-Nov-2020
Morphologically Governed Accent in Optimality Theory John D. Alderete 31-Jan-2002
Metaphors in Hugo Chávez's Political Discourse: Conceptualizing nation, revolution, and opposition Marco A. Aponte 03-Jul-2008
Mood, Modality, and Complementation: A cross-linguistic study of the syntax and semantics of the left periphery Mariana Bahtchevanova 30-Aug-2007
Make It Simple with Paraphrases: Automated paraphrasing for authoring aids and machine translation Anabela Marques Barreiro 19-May-2010
MInd, Metaphor, and Prefix: Evidence for prototype category structure in NHG ver- Julie A. Belz 02-Apr-2003
Mathematical Metaphors in Early Seventeenth-century English Poetry Roberto Bertuol 30-Jul-2001
Morphology in Bilingual Language Processing: The role of second language proficiency in acquiring grammatical gender Susan C. Bobb 17-Mar-2010
Morphosyntactic Change in Progress: A psycholinguistic treatment Joyce Tang Boyland 06-Sep-2001
Means to an End: Communication strategies in French immersion Stephanie Burdine 01-Oct-2004
Modality and Negation: A corpus-based study Pieter Byloo 10-Nov-2009
Minimality and Turkish Relative Clauses Ilhan Merih Cagri 17-Jan-2006
Minimal Contrast and the Phonology-Phonetics Interaction Rebeka Campos-Astorkiza 11-Sep-2007
Modality and Discourse Alessandro Capone 31-Jul-2001
Modeling the Intonation of Lebanese Arabic Using the Autosegmental-Metrical Framework: A comparison with English Dana Chahal 12-Apr-2002
Machine Recognition and Morphological Analysis of Subanta-Padas Subhash Chandra 11-May-2007
Merging Corpus Linguistics and Collaborative Knowledge Construction Lisa Cheung 13-Sep-2009
Mandarin Compound Verbs Karen Steffen Chung 04-Apr-2005
Machine Translation on the Competence Model Gary A Coen 01-Aug-2001
Mutamenti nel romeno di immigrati in Italia Alexandru Laurentiu Cohal 22-Feb-2013
Mawé/Awetí/Tupí-Guaraní: Relações Linguísticas e Implicações Históricas Beatriz Carretta Correa da Silva 09-Feb-2011
Move-α , Top and Pro Within the Minimalist Program: A Cross-Linguistic Analysis of: Ngas, Hausa and Fulfulde Lengji Nudiya Danjuma 15-Feb-2016
Mobile assisted language learning (MALL) : an alternative proposal for Spanish language teaching Izabel Rego de Andrade 03-Nov-2017
Minidictionaries of the Portuguese Language: lexical statistics analysis of the macro and microstructure J. L. De Lucca 29-Feb-2016
Mexican Temporary Agricultural Workers in Canada: a language and migration approach Maria Eugenia De Luna Villalón 17-Sep-2011
Modifying words: Dutch adverbial morphology in contrast Janneke Diepeveen 16-Aug-2012
Mapping Focus: The syntax and prosody of focus in Spanish Laura Domínguez 26-May-2004
Minimizing Integration Cost: A General Theory of Constituent Order William Dyer 25-Sep-2018
Motion Event Expression in Bilingual First Language Acquisition Helen Engemann 24-Feb-2013
Metaphorical Conceptualisation of Anger, Fear and Sadness in English Orazgozel Esenova 03-Jan-2012
Methodological Proposal for the Creation of a New English Test for University Entrance in Spain Miguel Fernandez 03-Nov-2007
Matis Language (Panoan): A gramatical description Rogério Vicente Ferreira 20-Aug-2005
Modelling Time Reference in Judges’ Summations: a Study in Time Reference Management in a Creole Continuum Courtroom Clive Forrester 12-Jul-2018
Metrical Complexity in Russian Verse: A study of form and meaning Nila Friedberg 15-Dec-2002
Marphatan Thakali. Untersuchungen zur Sprache des Dorfes Marpha im Oberen Kali-Gandaki-Tal/Nepal Stefan Georg 14-Sep-2001
Metaphern für das Gehirn. Eine kognitiv-linguistische Untersuchung Juliana Goschler 01-Oct-2008
Motivating Language Learners: A classroom-oriented investigation of teachers' motivational practices and students' motivation Marie-Jose Michelle Guilloteaux 05-Apr-2008
Meta-Dialogue Behaviors: Improving the efficiency of human-machine dialogue - A computational model of variable initiative and negotiation in collaborative problem-solving Curry I Guinn 30-Jul-2002
Meiteilon-English Code Switching and Identity Issues Among Meiteis in Delhi Basantarani Haobam 12-Jul-2010
Modelling the Structure of a Multimodal Artefact Tuomo Hiippala 02-Jun-2014
Mirroring Ghanaian Society Through Slice-of-Life Radio Advertisements Patience Afrakoma Hmensa 26-May-2014
Morphological Faithfulness to Syntactic Representations Michael Hughes 10-Sep-2003
Modals, Conditionals and Compositionality Janneke Huitink 19-Nov-2008
Multilingual Language Policy and English Language Teaching in Sweden Francis M. Hult 01-Nov-2007
Morphological Aspects of Arabic Verb in Translation Shaher Ihsheish 17-Sep-2001
Mora Obstruent Allomorphy in Sino-Japanese Morphemes in Final -/ki/: A case of homomorphic diffusion in modern Japanese Mark Irwin 09-Jan-2007
Motivation and Extended Interaction in the Study-Abroad Context: Factors in the development of Spanish language accuracy and communication skills Christina Isabelli 27-Mar-2002
Metapragmatics of (Im)politeness in Turkish: An exploratory emic investigation Hale Isik-Guler 05-Sep-2008
Motion Metaphors in Music Criticism. An Empirical Investigation of their Conceptual Motivation and their Metaphoricity Nina Julich-Warpakowski 08-Apr-2021
Minimal Reduplication Jesse Saba Kirchner 28-Jul-2010
Morphology and Spoken Word Comprehension: Electrophysiological Investigations of Internal Compound Structure Dirk Koester 30-Jul-2008
Metaphor Clusters in Business Media Discourse: A social cognition approach Veronika Koller 08-Apr-2003
Morphosyntactic Properties of Reflexives in Turkish Ozgun Kosaner 03-Mar-2006
Merkmale verstehens- und behaltensfördernder kontextueller Bedeutungserklärungen Frank Kostrzewa 15-Apr-2002
Multimodality in TV interviews: Development and Exploitation of Multimedia Corpora in the Representation and Modeling of Multimodal Communication Maria Koutsombogera 03-Jul-2012
Movements of Languages in Urban Spaces : Diglossia areas VS ditopia areas (Sociolinguistic situation of Fort-de-France town). ORIGINAL TITLE: Les flux de langues en milieu urbain : Espaces diglossiques VS espaces ditopiques. (Situation sociolinguistique de la ville de Fort-de-France) Lorene Labridy 13-Feb-2010
Measurement and Modality: The scalar basis of modal semantics Daniel Lassiter 22-Sep-2011
Modelling Variation in Spoken And Written English: The multi-dimensional approach revisited David Y.W. Lee 05-Sep-2001
Modelling Variation in Singapore English Jakob R. E. Leimgruber 05-Jan-2010
Modèle d'analyse lexico-syntaxique des locutions espagnoles Jorge Antonio Leoni de Leon 02-Jul-2008
Metáfora y Adquisición de una Segunda Lengua María M. Luciani 17-May-2003
Mother-adolescent daughter interaction: How maternal roles affect discursive outcomes Domenica Luvera DelPrete 27-May-2015
Metaphor in Political and Economic Texts Zouhair Maalej 25-Mar-2002
Macro- and Microstructure for a Yipunu-French School Dictionary Ludwine Mabika-Mbokou 15-Nov-2006
Mixed Categories in the Hierarchical Lexicon Robert P. Malouf 18-Sep-2001
Movement of Degree/Degree of Movement Ora Matushansky 09-Dec-2002
Metalexicographical Criteria for the Compilation of a Trilingual Dictionary: Yilumbu-English-French Paul Achille Mavoungou 30-Oct-2003
Morphological Variability in Second Language Spanish Corrine McCarthy 22-Jan-2007
Menominee Prosodic Structure Marianne I. Milligan 30-Aug-2005
Mehrwort-Cluster in der englischen Alltagskonversation: unterschiede zwischen britischem und amerikanischem gesprochenen Englisch als Indikatoren für den präfabrizierten Charakter der Sprache Brigitta Mittmann 05-Oct-2005
Middle English Verbs of Emotion and Impersonal Constructions: A diachronic study of the syntax-semantics interface Ayumi Miura 16-Dec-2011
Morphological Analysis in the System of English-Persian Tayebeh Mosavi Miangah 24-Apr-2008
Multi-Verb Constructions in Edo Ota Ogie 07-Mar-2010
Mitigating Strategies in the Pragmatic Interlanguage of Pre-service Teachers of English: Focus on formulaic chunks Helen Osimo 27-Oct-2010
Middelnedertyske låneord i islandsk diplomsprog frem til år 1500 Veturlidi G. Oskarsson 02-Jul-2004
Metaphor-Related Prepositions in the Inaugural Addresses of American Presidents : A Diachronic Corpus Analysis Mokhtar Ounis 28-May-2021
Mechanisms and Strategies in the Processing and Acquisition of Relative Clauses in Turkish Monolingual and Turkish-English Bilingual Children Duygu Ozge 09-Nov-2010
Measuring Implicit and Explicit Attitudes Toward Foreign-accented Speech Andrew Pantos 09-Mar-2011
Modality and the Semantics-Pragmatics Interface Anna Papafragou 07-Sep-2001
Minimal Word Effects with Special Reference to Swahili Jae-Ick Park 07-Sep-2001
Malagasy Clause Structure Ileana M. Paul 07-Sep-2001
Metamessages of denial: the pragmatics of English negation Alyson Pitts 07-Aug-2009
Multi-Agent Modeling of Linguistic Interaction Andrei Popescu-Belis 14-Feb-2005
Multiple languages, multiple worlds: A case study of the language use of Chinese ELL adolescents in Canada Yamin Qian 17-Aug-2012
Mood at the Interface Josep F. Quer 08-Sep-2001
Modernization of Tradition: Contested discourses and negotiated ideologies of fairness, gender, and morality in the South Indian media Shri Ramakrishnan 20-Feb-2010
Modern Icelandic Word Formation Yair Sapir 11-Nov-2003
Minimalist Interfaces: Selected issues in Indonesian and Javanese Yosuke Sato 18-Jul-2008
Maganar Hannu: Language of the hands. A descriptive analysis of Hausa Sign Language Constanze H. Schmaling 07-Sep-2001
Maschineller Erwerb lexikalischen Wissens aus kleinen und verrauschten Textkorpora (Machine Learning of Lexical Knowledge from Sparse and Noisy Text Corpora) Rene M. Schneider 07-May-2002
Morphosyntactic Variation in British English Dialects: Evidence from possession, obligation and past habituality Monika Edith Schulz 11-Feb-2014
Multilingual Identity Development and Negotiation amongst Heritage Language Learners: A study of East European-American schoolchildren in the United States Corinne Seals 25-Sep-2013
Multilingualism at School: Linguistic Practices in a Ukrainian Immigration Community in Paraná/Brazil Jakeline Semechechem 02-Sep-2016
Morphosyntax of Puma, a Tibeto-Burman Language of Nepal Narayan P Sharma 24-Jan-2015
Morality in Grammar and Discourse: Stance-taking and the negotiation of moral personhood in Sakapultek (Mayan) wedding counsels Robin A. Shoaps 16-May-2005
Minimize Exponence: Economy effects on the morphosyntactic component of the grammar Daniel A. Siddiqi 31-Aug-2006
Modal Existential WH-Constructions Radek Šimík 02-Jun-2011
Minding the Gaps: Inflectional defectiveness in a paradigmatic theory Andrea D. Sims 10-Sep-2008
Meaning Lists in Lexicostatistical Studies: Evaluation, application, ramifications Natalia Slaska 12-Apr-2006
Mutation as Morphology: Bases, stems, and shapes in Scottish Gaelic Thomas W Stewart 14-Feb-2005
Magentoencephalographic Investigations of Morphological Irregularity and Identity Linnaea Stockall 30-Nov-2004
Morphosyntactic Change in the History of the Mainland Scandinavian Languages John D. Sundquist 24-Feb-2003
Measuring children’s sensitivity to phonological detail using eye tracking and pupillometry Katalin Tamasi 29-Jun-2017
Metaphor in Psychotherapy: Description and applications Dennis Tay 17-Oct-2011
Multi-Word Units in Natural Language Processing Cornelia I. Tschichold 26-Mar-2002
Multiple Parallel Grammars in the Acquisition of Stress in Greek L1 Marina Tzakosta 29-Oct-2004
Modification, Secondary Predication and Multi-Verb Constructions in Lakota Jan Ullrich 14-Jan-2019
Mobility-Induced Dialect Contact: A sociolinguistic investigation of speech variation in Wilmslow, Cheshire Emma Watts 27-Oct-2006
Morphological Segmentation During Silent Reading Cintia S Widmann 27-Sep-2009
Meaning and Syntax in Spoken Mandarin Jeroen Wiedenhof 31-Jan-2002