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Revitalizing Endangered Languages

Edited by Justyna Olko & Julia Sallabank

Revitalizing Endangered Languages "This guidebook provides ideas and strategies, as well as some background, to help with the effective revitalization of endangered languages. It covers a broad scope of themes including effective planning, benefits, wellbeing, economic aspects, attitudes and ideologies."

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Dissertation Title [N] Author Date Posted Asc/Desc
Noun-noun Compounds in the Greek-English Interlanguage Eleni Agathopoulou 13-Apr-2005
Nonmetrical Constraints on Stress Todd M. Bailey 18-Sep-2001
Native and Non-Native Raters of L2 Speaking Performance: Accent Familiarity and Cognitive Processes Valeriia Bogorevich 16-May-2018
Noun Combination in Interlanguage Christiane M. Bongartz 17-Sep-2001
National Socialist language use – a reappraisal Christian Alexander Braun 13-Apr-2007
Naturalistic Acquisition of English by Three Mexican Spanish-speaking Children: A longitudial study Javier C. Bravo 17-Sep-2001
Neurophysiological Evidence of a Second Language Influencing Lexical Ambiguity Resolution in the First Language Christie Anne Brien 11-Dec-2013
Native and Nonnative Processing of Modality and Mood in Spanish Robert Cameron 28-Sep-2011
NonVerbal Predication and Head Movement Andrew Carnie 17-Sep-2001
NP-Anaphora in Modern Greek: A neo-Gricean pragmatic approach Michael Chiou 24-Oct-2008
Nationalism, Native Language Maintenance and the Spread of English: A comparative study of the cases of Guam, the Philippines and Puerto Rico Sharon A Clampitt-Dunlap 17-Sep-2001
Novel spoken word learning in adults with developmental dyslexia Peggy S Conner 12-Aug-2018
N + P Clusters in Freshman Composition: A lexico-grammatical approach to academic vocabulary for second language writers Elizabeth (Betsy) Craig 10-Dec-2008
Non-native Comprehension of Intonation Patterns in Portuguese and in English Madalena Cruz-Ferreira 29-Jan-2002
North and West Germanic Consonant Gemination: A philological and phonetic renalysis Jeannette Marshall Denton 17-Sep-2001
Neurolinguistics: Some aspects of Moroccan Arabic agrammatism Samir Diouny 15-May-2009
New-Dialect Formation in Early Canada: The modal auxiliaries in Ontario English, 1776-1850 Stefan Dollinger 23-May-2006
Non-Native English Speaking Students at University: Lexical richness and academic success Scott Roy Douglas 18-Sep-2010
Norwegian Modals Kristin Melum Eide 19-Aug-2002
News on the Web in Arabic and English: A discourse analysis of CNN's websites Mekki B. Elbadri 24-May-2010
Negotiating Identity: Discourses of migration and belonging Emily J. Farrell 14-Apr-2009
Narrative analysis of Memri's English translations of Arabic editorials on Daesh Nael F. M. Hijjo 24-Mar-2021
Negotiating the Language-Identity Link: Media discourse and nation-building in Luxembourg Kristine Horner 14-Sep-2004
Non-native Perception and Production of Foreign Sequences Jiwon Hwang 20-Sep-2011
Negative Concord with Negative Quantifiers: A polyadic quantifier approach to Romanian negative concord/Negative Konkordanz mit negativen Quantoren: Eine Analyse negativer Konkordanz im Rumänischen mit polyadischen Quantoren Gianina Iordachioaia 21-Oct-2010
Nominalization and Possession in Formosan Languages Haowen Jiang 14-Jan-2018
New Dialect Formation: The case of Taiwanese Mandarin Yun-Hsuan Kuo 28-Mar-2005
Nestandartnoje Chislovoje Povedenije Russkix Suschestvitel'nyx [Non-Standard Semantics of Russian Nominal Number] Olga N. Lashevskaja 30-Sep-2009
National Discord: Language, sexuality and the politics of belonging in Israel Erez Levon 26-Feb-2008
Negotiating Solidarity: A social-linguistic approach to job interviews Caroline Lipovsky 12-Apr-2007
New Case Relations in Old and Present-Day Russian: the role of peripheral-core syntactic interactions in grammar change Nerea Madariaga 28-Jul-2009
Negation in Sesotho Elias N. Malete 06-Sep-2001
Necessary Bias in Natural Language Learning Lisa Pearl 09-May-2007
Neopuristische Tendenzen in Deutschland Falco Pfalzgraf 10-Feb-2004
Nominal Hyperbaton in Latin: Its building, typology, text building strategy Marin Popan 05-Apr-2013
Null Objects in Telugu and English: Merge, Binding Theory and Pro-drop Anuradha Rao 02-Feb-2007
Noun Phrase Licensing and Interpretation Jeffrey T Runner 05-Sep-2001
"No, they won't 'just sound like each other'": NNS-NNS negotiated interaction and attention to phonological form on targeted L2 pronunciation tasks Laura Sicola 06-May-2008
Negotiating Identities in Thai Conversation: A sociolinguistic discourse analysis of person-referring expressions Rita C. Simpson 06-Sep-2001
Naturalistic speech misperception Kevin Tang 02-Dec-2017
Number Agreement and Morphosyntactic Orientation in the Kartvelian Languages Kevin J. Tuite 06-Sep-2001
Natural Language Semantics: A naturalistic approach Ian Underwood 15-May-2009
Negative Polarity Items and Negation: Tandem acquisition Sjoukje van der Wal 05-Sep-2001
Negation in Early English: Parametric variation and grammatical competition Phillip Wallage 17-Nov-2005
Neighborhoods in Semantic Space (Nachbarschaften im semantischen Raum) Armin Wegner 19-Oct-2006
Negation in Japanese Narratives: A functional analysis Masamichi Yamada 18-Sep-2001
Non-finites in North Saami Jussi Ylikoski 16-Jul-2009
Narrative Abilities in English-Hebrew Bilingual Preschool Children Miri Yochanna 02-Jul-2020