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Revitalizing Endangered Languages

Edited by Justyna Olko & Julia Sallabank

Revitalizing Endangered Languages "This guidebook provides ideas and strategies, as well as some background, to help with the effective revitalization of endangered languages. It covers a broad scope of themes including effective planning, benefits, wellbeing, economic aspects, attitudes and ideologies."

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Dissertation Title [O] Author Date Posted Asc/Desc
Optional Agreement and Grammatical Functions: A corpus study of dative clitic doubling in Spanish Roberto Aranovich 02-Feb-2012
On the Syntactic Incorporation of Linguistic Units Anthony Aristar 01-Apr-2002
On the Same Floor: A sociolinguistic study of a two-way bilingual program Joyce Blanchette 14-Sep-2001
Observational Learning in Argumentative Writing Martine A.H. Braaksma 26-May-2003
On Possessives in Portuguese Ana Castro 26-May-2010
On the Typology of Wh-Questions Lisa Lai-Shen Cheng 17-Sep-2001
On Brand Name Change: A theory of genericization Shawn M Clankie 31-Jul-2001
Outsourcing In-Service Education: The effects of a Canadian pedagogical programme on Japanese teachers' of English teaching practices Melodie Lorie Cook 12-Oct-2010
One? ¿Dos? Drei!: A study of code switching in child trilingualism Elena Davidiak 17-Jul-2010
Over-Informativeness in Referential Communication Catherine Evans Davies 15-Dec-2011
Oral corrective feedback and L2 vocabulary development: Prompts and recasts in the adult ESL classroom Gatis Dilāns 05-Apr-2010
On the Interface of Information Structure and Word Order in Hebrew 'Give' Constructions: Evidence from Adult and Child Language Rachel Margot Eitan 29-Oct-2017
On In and On: An investigation into the linguistic encoding of spatial scenes Michele I Feist 01-Aug-2001
On Meaning: The phenomenon of individuation and the definition of a world view Isabel Aldinhas Ferreira 05-Mar-2009
Ontologia e ontologias: Contributos teóricos para uma perspectiva transdisciplinar Patrícia Cunha França 11-Mar-2011
On Certain Null Operator Constructions in English and Spanish M. Pilar García - Mayo 01-Aug-2001
Opacity and Transparency in Phonological Change Jonathan Gress-Wright 24-Jan-2011
Object Clitics and Null Objects in the Acquisition of French Theres Grueter 12-Jan-2007
On the Acquisition of Hebrew Compositional Telicity Aviya Hacohen 24-Aug-2010
Object Shift in the Scandinavian Languages: Syntax, information structure, and intonation Mayumi Hosono 04-Jun-2013
Oblique Subjects and Stylistic Fronting in the History of Scandinavian and English: The role of IP-Spec Gunnar Hrafn Hrafnbjargarson 25-Oct-2004
On the Form and Meaning of Chinese Bare Conditionals: Not just 'whatever' Yahui Anita Huang 17-Mar-2011
On the Compositional Nature of Stativity E. Matthew Husband 26-Aug-2010
Orality, Literacy, Cyberdiscursivity : Transformations of literacy in computer-mediated communication Martin M Jacobsen 28-Aug-2001
Opening of the Voiced Stops /b d g/ in Greek Andrew Katona 28-Sep-2001
Oachkatzlschwoaf: A Study of Language Choice in Ried im Innkreis, Austria David Kleinberg 13-Aug-2007
Onlookers, passers-by, sweeper-uppers, opt-outers and dumber-downerers. A corpus-based study of English -er nominalizations. Anke Lensch 31-Aug-2021
On the Nature of Mandarin Tone and Tone Sandhi Hua Lin 06-Sep-2001
On Black Magic - How Epistemic Modifiers Emerge Jakob Maché 01-Jul-2013
On-Stage Calls: An ethnolinguistic analysis of spoken language in professional flamenco performance Mariana Maduell 26-Feb-2010
On the Processing of Thematic Features in Deverbal Nominals Christina Manouilidou 23-May-2006
On Non-Simultaneous Phases Franc Lanko Marušič 12-May-2006
On the Wordhood of Complex Predicates in Japanese Yo Matsumoto 06-Sep-2001
On the Status of Creole in Guadeloupe: A study of present-day language attitudes Gregory P. Meyjes 19-Sep-2001
On the Temporal Interpretation of Noun Phrases Renate Musan 07-Sep-2001
Optimising Second Language Vocabulary Learning from Flashcards Tatsuya Nakata 27-Sep-2013
On the Syntax and Interpretation of Apposition to Nominal Antecedents Kathleen M. O'Connor 08-Jan-2009
On the Verb Phrase in Qinzhou Zhuang: An LFG analysis of serial verb constructions Yanhong Pan 21-Dec-2010
OntoTag - A Linguistic and Ontological Annotation Model Suitable for the Semantic Web Antonio Pareja-Lora 18-Dec-2012
Out of Africa Mikael Parkvall 07-Sep-2001
Original Reproductions: An investigation of the source use of postgraduate second-language writers Diane Pecorari 18-Apr-2005
On the Nature of Intra-Clausal Relations: A study of copular sentences in Russian and Italian Asya Pereltsvaig 01-Apr-2002
Order and Structure Colin Phillips 07-Sep-2001
One /a/ or two?: The phonetics, phonology and sociolinguistics of change in the TRAP and BATH vowels in the southwest of England. Caroline T Piercy 02-Nov-2010
Omitted Arguments and Complexity of Predication Martin A. Port 02-Mar-2010
Object Shift and Scrambling in North and West Germanic: A Case Study in Symmetrical Syntax Marc Richards 06-May-2005
On-line Processing of Multi-word Sequences in a First and Second Language: Evidence from Eye-tracking and ERP Anna Siyanova 09-Aug-2010
On-line Sentence Comprehension in Alzheimer's Disease Jeff A. Small 06-Sep-2001
Old English se from Demonstrative to Article. A usage-based study of nominal determination and category emergence Lotte Sommerer 06-Jun-2011
On Subjects and Predicates in Russian Alona Soschen 25-Jan-2003
Old Portuguese in Hebrew Script: Convention, contact, and convivência Devon L Strolovitch 11-Oct-2005
On the Structure of DPs M Emma Ticio 27-Feb-2005
On the Semantics of Free Relatives with -Ever Victoria Tredinnick 15-Sep-2005
On the Cognitive Role of Genre: A relevance-theoretic perspective Christoph Unger 06-Sep-2001
On High Vowel Devoicing in Standard Modern Japanese: Implications for modern phonological theory J. Kevin Varden 20-Sep-2001
O português brasileiro no contexto internacional: um estudo sociolinguístico, educacional, cultural, econômico e geopolítico Eduardo Alves Vieira 19-Jun-2018
Object Clitics in Bulgarian Valja Werkmann 07-Nov-2003
On the Theory of Language Information Processing and Key Technology in Automatic Abstracting Guo Xianghao 18-Sep-2001
Overcoming Plateaus in Second Language Acquisition Argenis A. Zapata 24-Apr-2002
Orthographic Codes And Code-Switching. A study in 16th century Swedish orthography Alexander Y. Zheltukhin 04-Sep-2001