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Revitalizing Endangered Languages

Edited by Justyna Olko & Julia Sallabank

Revitalizing Endangered Languages "This guidebook provides ideas and strategies, as well as some background, to help with the effective revitalization of endangered languages. It covers a broad scope of themes including effective planning, benefits, wellbeing, economic aspects, attitudes and ideologies."

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Dissertation Title [R] Author Date Posted Asc/Desc
Relating Events in Two Languages. Acquisition of Cohesive Devices by Turkish-Dutch Bilingual Children at School Age Jeroen Aarssen 13-Sep-2001
Reading to Learn from TESOL Research Articles: Towards a genre-based model for EAP programme development Faiz Sathi Abdullah 30-Jul-2001
Revisiting Interview Data: Analysing turn-taking in interviews with Thai participants through 'layers of insight' John Lindsay Adamson 28-Dec-2006
Reference in English and Arabic: A contrastive study Hazim Hakkush Al- Dilaimy 16-May-2006
Retroflex Consonant Harmony in South Asia Paul Arsenault 09-Jan-2013
Resumption as Resource Management Ash Asudeh 14-Mar-2004
Rechte Satzperipherie im Diskurs: NP-Rechtsversetzung im Deutschen (Right Sentence Periphery in Discourse: NP right dislocation in German) Maria Averintseva-Klisch 10-Nov-2008
Reimende Bronzeinschriften und die Entstehung der chinesischen Endreimdichtung [Rhyming Bronze Inscriptions and the Emergence of Chinese End-rhyme Versification] Wolfgang Behr 25-Sep-2001
Reanalysis in English: The consequences of the Korrel shift on the verb system Marc A. Bilanger 25-Sep-2001
Representation and Interpretation at the Syntax-Discourse Interface: Establishing dependency Petra Burkhardt 02-Jul-2004
Resolving Hiatus Roderic F Casali 17-Sep-2001
Reconciling Generativist and Functionalist Approaches on Adjectival Position in Spanish Alberto Centeno-Pulido 01-Oct-2010
Rhétorique de la Découverte et de la Vulgarisation Scientifique: Une étude des Figures de l'analogie dans le Discours de la Génitique Jean-André J Charconnet 25-Sep-2001
Rendition Techniques in the Chinese Translation of Three Sanskrit Buddhist Scriptures Shu-Fen Chen 17-Sep-2001
Rhythmic Coordination in English Speech: An experimental study Fred Cummins 17-Sep-2001
Romance Clitics and Feature Asymmetry: An autosegmental-based approach Louis-H Desouvrey 17-Sep-2001
Rood, groen, corpus! Een taalgebruiksgebaseerde analyse van woordvolgordevariatie in tweeledige werkwoordelijke eindgroepen [A usage-based analysis of word order variation in Dutch bipartite clause final verb clusters] Gert De Sutter 14-Jul-2006
Romanian Applicative Constructions Constanta Rodica Diaconescu 27-Oct-2004
Requesting Strategies and Cross-Cultural Pragmatics: Greek and English Maria Economidou-Kogetsidis 06-Jan-2004
Retrieval Processes in Subject-Verb Agreement Computation Nathan Eversole 10-Nov-2017
Représentations d'un pouvoir magique des mots / Representations of a Magical Power of Words Maribel Fehlmann 21-Jul-2011
Regarding Reduplication and Repetition: A separate treatment in a unified approach Francesca Forza 29-Jul-2011
Robust Processing for Constraint-based Grammar Formalisms Frederik Fouvry 10-Mar-2003
Research on Statistical Methods to Chinese Syntactic Ambiguity Resolution Guohong Fu 03-Apr-2002
Relationship of Bodily Communication with Cognitive and Personality Variables Ulas Basar Gezgin 05-Jun-2006
Representing Prepositions in Contemporary English Usage: The case of TO Lise Hamelin 05-Dec-2011
Recombinant Features for the Movements of American Sign Language Kathryn L. Hansen 22-Aug-2006
Regional Dialect Levelling and Language Standards: Changes in the Hønefoss dialect Nanna Haug Hilton 09-Nov-2010
Radical Decomposition and Argument Structure Patrycja Jablonska 24-Jun-2007
Resultatives, Derived Statives, and Lexical Semantic Structure Eric M. Jackson 28-Oct-2005
Redundancy and Syntactic Reduction in Spontaneous Speech Tim Florian Jaeger 30-Nov-2007
Response Planning in Information-Seeking Dialogues Kristiina Jokinen 22-Feb-2005
Reduplication at the word level: the Greek facts in typological perspective Haritini Kallergi 09-Feb-2016
Reference to and via properties: The case of Slovak Veronika King nee Richtarcikova 14-Mar-2018
Reversing Language Shift in the Immigrant Family: a case-study of a Russian-speaking community in Israel Shulamit Kopeliovich 30-May-2006
Rises All the Way Up: The interpretation of prosody, discourse attitudes and dialogue structure Catherine Lai 16-May-2012
Research and Implementation of A Domain-Unconstrained Chinese Automatic Abstracting System Junjie Li 18-Sep-2001
Retroactive Operations: On 'Increments' in Mandarin Chinese Conversations Ni-Eng Lim 14-Dec-2014
Register Awareness and English Language Learning: The case of multi-word discourse markers Li-E Liu 09-Aug-2013
Research on the Aspectual Auxiliaries of Dingji Dialect (Anhui, China) Xiangbo Liu 18-Sep-2001
Representation and Variation in Substance-free Phonology: A case study in Celtic Pavel Losad 23-Feb-2013
Regional Phonetic Variation in Modern Greek Anastassia Loukina 10-Dec-2008
Reassessing the Role of the Syllable in Italian Phonology: An experimental study of consonant cluster syllabification, definite article allomorphy and segment duration Kristie M. McCrary 15-Mar-2004
Reflexive Clitics in the Slavic and Romance Languages: A comparative view from an antipassive perspective Lucie Medova 01-Jun-2009
Referring Expressions and Referential Practice in Roper Kriol (Northern Territory, Australia) Sophie Nicholls 24-Nov-2011
Rhetorical Strategies of Journalistic Discourse Cristian J Noemi 19-Sep-2001
Reduplicative Formations in Belarusian, Russian and English: Structure, functions and translation Natallia O’Neill 16-Apr-2014
Relativization in a Creole Continuum William Peet 12-Apr-2004
Referenz-Indizes im Deutschen und im Singhalesischen: Eine kontrastive Studie Neelakshi C. Premawardhena 25-Dec-2004
Relational Concept Analysis: Semantic structures in dictionaries and lexical databases Uta Priss 06-Sep-2001
Relatives and their Relatives: Relative clauses in conversational Australian English Julie Reid 06-Sep-2001
Representation of Gay Characters in a Collection of Short Stories Entitled Stud and its Brazilian Translation As Aventuras de um Garoto de Programa Adail Sebastiao Rodrigues, Jr. 25-Sep-2006
Rhetorical Strategies and Political Gift Giving in the Orinoco Delta Juan Luis Rodriguez 14-May-2012
Reference Grammar of Ilocano Carl R. Rubino 06-Sep-2001
Reciprocal constructions in Meitei and Nyishi Atanu Saha 04-Dec-2016
Register and Style Variation in Speakers of Spanish as a Heritage and as a Second Language Ana Sánchez Muñoz 08-Aug-2007
Reversing Babel: Declining linguistic diversity and the flawed attempts to protect it Dave Sayers 10-Nov-2009
Rafael Bluteau e o Vocabulario Portuguez, e Latino: Teoria metalexicográfica, fontes e recepção Joao Silvestre 14-Oct-2006
Reconceptualising the English Determiner Class Mariangela Spinillo 15-Oct-2004
Representation and Phonological Licensing in the L2 Acquisition of Prosodic Structure Jeffrey Steele 02-Apr-2003
Relativization and Ellipsis Adam Szczegielniak 26-Jan-2007
Repetitions of Word Forms in Texts - An Approach to Establishing Text Structure Elena Tarasheva 15-Jul-2007
Recycling Translations - Extraction of Lexical Data from Parallel Corpora and their Application in Natural Language Processing Jörg Tiedemann 05-Dec-2003
Reconstructing Linguistic History in a Dialect Continuum: The Kamta, Rajbanshi, and Northern Deshi Bangla subgroup of Indo-Aryan Matthew Toulmin 08-Dec-2006
Rethinking Syntactocentrism: Lessons from Recent Generative Approaches to Pragmatic Properties of Left-Periphery-Movement in German Andreas Trotzke 25-Jan-2011
Restrictions on Quantifier Domains Kai von Fintel 05-Sep-2001
Relating Parsers and Grammars: On the structure and real-time comprehension of English infinitival complements Matthew Walenski 29-Apr-2002
Repetition Avoidance in Human Language Mary Ann Walter 07-Sep-2007
Rhetoric and Reflexivity in Chomskyan and Cognitive Linguistics Chris Werry 25-Mar-2003
Responding (or not) on Facebook: A sociolinguistic study of Liking, Commenting, and other reactions to posts Laura E West 23-Nov-2015
Recurrent Features of Translation in Canada: A Corpus-based Study Donna A. Williams 07-Dec-2004
Relative Frequency of Patterns and Learnability: The case of phonological harmony Aleksandra Zaba 14-Nov-2008