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Revitalizing Endangered Languages

Edited by Justyna Olko & Julia Sallabank

Revitalizing Endangered Languages "This guidebook provides ideas and strategies, as well as some background, to help with the effective revitalization of endangered languages. It covers a broad scope of themes including effective planning, benefits, wellbeing, economic aspects, attitudes and ideologies."

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Space, Time, Subjectivity and Beyond: The cognitive semantic development of the Japanese marker -te-shimau Sayaka Abe 13-Jan-2008
Successive Cyclicity, Anti-Locality, and Adposition Stranding Klaus Abels 27-Oct-2003
Socioeconomic Aspects of Linguistic Variation in Polish Lukasz Abramowicz 24-Apr-2008
Shifting Dunes: Changing meanings of Urdu in India Rizwan Ahmad 27-Mar-2008
Selected Topics in Nootka and Tübatulabal Phonology Nora Aion 20-May-2003
Sainte-Lucie: Relexification, décréolisation, recréolisation ou adlexification? Jeff Allen 19-Feb-2006
Spanish Intonation in Contact: The case of Miami Cuban bilinguals Scott M. Alvord 12-Sep-2006
Schwa: Distribution and acquisition in light of Swiss French data Helene N. Andreassen 10-Feb-2014
"Speak English or what?" Codeswitching and interpreter use in New York small claims court Philipp Sebastian Angermeyer 26-May-2006
Spatial Language: Insights from sign and spoken languages Engin Arik 16-Jun-2009
Starting Big: The role of multi-word phrases in language learning and use Inbal Arnon 24-Feb-2010
Stochastic Suprasegmentals: Relationships between redundancy, prosodic structure and care of articulation in spontaneous speech Matthew Peter Aylett 30-Jul-2001
Signs of Multilingualism in Tokyo: A linguistic landscape approach Peter Backhaus 05-Aug-2005
Strategic Teaching of Writing at the Tertiary Level Esmaeil Bagheridoust 10-Jan-2008
Second Language lexical Acquisition: A matter of depth of processing or of multiple retrieval? Paul Bailey 10-Nov-2012
Strict CV Phonology and the English Cross-Word Puzzle Katalin Balogné Bérces 15-Feb-2006
Spanish and Polish Heritage Speakers in Canada: The Overt Pronoun Constraint Ewelina Barski 23-Jan-2014
Spanish Clitic Doubling. A study of the syntax-pragmatics interface Valeria A. Belloro 26-Dec-2007
Syntactic Variation and Linguistic Competence: The case of AAVE copula absence Emily Menon Bender 14-Sep-2001
Signaling Trouble: On the linguistic design of other-initiation of repair in English conversation Trevor M Benjamin 25-Nov-2013
Second Style Acquisition: The linguistic socialization of newly orthodox Jews Sarah Bunin Benor 14-Sep-2004
Spoken Lingua Franca English at a Swedish Technical University: An investigation of form and communicative effectiveness Beyza Björkman 09-Jun-2010
Semantic Search on the Stage of the Structure Designing in the CAD Igor Boyko 20-Aug-2004
Structured Nominal and Modal Reference Adrian Brasoveanu 15-Apr-2007
Sound Structure Representation, Repair and Well-formedness: Grammar in spoken language production Adam B. Buchwald 29-Mar-2006
Spanish/English Codeswitching in Fiction: A grammatical and discourse function analysis Laura M Callahan 31-Jul-2001
Situation-Based Intonation Pattern Distribution in a Corpus of American English Lesley Carmichael 09-Oct-2005
Signs of Our Times: Language Contact and Attitudes in the Linguistic Landscape of Southeast Los Angeles Jhonni Carr 08-Aug-2017
Slighean gu fileantas: An exploratory study of the nature of proficiency in adult L2 Scottish Gaelic Nicola Carty 19-Nov-2018
Strictly Local Phonological Processes Jane Chandlee 15-Aug-2014
Syntactic Development Measures Applied to Adolescents in Almería: Descriptive milestones and methodological contributions Irene Checa-Garcia 09-Feb-2012
Student-Instructor Apologies: How Are They Produced and Perceived? Dongmei Cheng 02-Sep-2016
Statistical Korean Dependency Parsing Model based on the Surface Contextual Information Hoojung Chung 02-Jul-2004
Safety Talk and Service Culture: Flight attendant discourse in commercial aviation Barbara L. Clark 01-Apr-2013
Short-a in the Sixth Borough: A Sociophonetic Analysis of a Complex Phonological System in Jersey City Elizabeth Coggshall 21-Oct-2017
Speech Recognition Software for Language Learning: Toward an evaluation of validity and student perceptions Deborah Cordier 08-Mar-2010
Syntactic Form and Discourse Function in Natural Language Generation Cassandre Y. Creswell 21-May-2003
Social Meaning in Virtual Space: Sentence-final expressions in the Japanese popular mediascape Hannah E. Dahlberg-Dodd 24-May-2020
Stone Soup Translation: The linked automata model Paul Davis 01-Jan-2003
Scene-Salience-Driven Effects in Discourse Processing Jeruen E. Dery 19-Jan-2013
Sign-Spatiality in Kata Kolok: How a village sign language of Bali inscribes its signing space Connie de Vos 06-Feb-2013
Silchar Bengali: A sociolinguistic study Kakoli Dey 07-Apr-2010
Small Talk At Work: A Corpus Based Discourse Analysis of AAC and Non-AAC Device Users Laura Di Ferrante 10-Apr-2015
Sprache und Täuschung - Ein Beitrag zur Lexikalischen Semantik des Russischen unter Berücksichtigung Kognitionstheoretischer Berlegungen / Language and Deception - A Contribution to Lexical Semantics of Russian in Consideration of Cognitive-theoretical Aspects Sabine Doenninghaus 17-Sep-2001
Stakeholder expectations of interpreters : a multi-site, multi-method approach Jonathan Downie 15-Aug-2018
Simultaneous and Sequential Bilinguals in a German Bilingual Program Roswita A Dressler 22-Feb-2013
Sociolinguistic Variation in a Second Language: The influence of local accent on the pronunciation of non-native English speakers living in Manchester Rob Drummond 29-Nov-2010
Smoothing a Probabilistic Lexicon Via Syntactic Transformations Jason Eisner 25-May-2002
Some Aspects of Standar Arabic Nominal Sentence, the Morphosyntax of Masdar and Participles Rachid El Ouardi 12-Apr-2004
Semantics and Pragmatics of Evidentials in Cuzco Quechua Martina T. Faller 21-Aug-2002
Sentential Idioms in German: Syntactic, semantic and pragmatic studies and investigation of their productivity Rita Finkbeiner 22-Dec-2008
Stories of Racial Discrimination in Brazil: Language, stigma and identity Mercia Santana Flannery 14-May-2007
Syntactic Locality and Tree Adjoining Grammar: Grammatical, acquisition and processing Perspectives Robert Frank 01-Aug-2001
Second Language Writing: A study of the effects of a discourse-oriented programme upon the ability of skilled writers to improve their written production Ana Frankenberg-Garcia 26-Feb-2003
Similarity and Frequency in Phonology Stefan A. Frisch 01-Aug-2001
Some Aspects of the Historical Development of Signs in American Sign Language Nancy J. Frishberg 31-Jan-2002
Studio acustico-percettivo di contrasti fonemici dell'italiano L2. Migranti culturali a confronto/An acoustic and perceptual study of L2 Italian phonemic contrasts: two cases of cultural migrants Manuela Frontera 29-Jun-2017
Syntactic Theory and the Grammar of Catalan Compounds Anna Gavarró 13-Sep-2001
Scientific Innovation and the Phraseology of Rhetoric. Posture, Reformulation and Collocation in Cancer Research Articles Christopher Gledhill 09-Aug-2001
Spanish Clitic Climbing Verónica González López 19-Feb-2009
Strong Linearity: Three case studies towards a theory of morphosyntactic templatic constructions Jeff Good 27-Jul-2003
Subjects, Sentential Negation and Imperatives in Child Spanish and Catalan John A Grinstead 09-Aug-2001
Semantic Analysis of Middle English Mental Verbs Andreas Groeger 14-Sep-2001
Structural Markedness and Syntactic Structure: A study of word order and the left periphery in Mexican Spanish Rodrigo Gutiérrez-Bravo 03-Feb-2005
Strategies and Mechanisms for Language Production in Noise Mirko Hanke 24-Jul-2015
Subjects, Events and Licensing Heidi Harley 14-Sep-2001
Subordinating Modalities - A Quantitative Analysis of Syntactically Dependent Modal Verb Constructions Pascal Hohaus 29-Oct-2020
Shifting or Shifted? The State of California Vowels Cory Holland 24-Dec-2014
Spatial Seixis Shingo Imai 04-May-2003
Speaking up in Court: Repair and powerless language in New Zealand courtrooms Bronwen Innes 29-Sep-2003
Suburbia and the Inner-City: Patterns of linguistic variation and change in Damascus Hanadi Ismail 29-Sep-2008
Second Language Acquisition of Bulgarian Object Clitics: A test case for the Interface Hypothesis Ivan Ivanov 16-Jul-2009
Sindhī multiscriptality, past and present: A sociolinguistic investigation into community acceptance Arvind Iyengar 10-Sep-2017
Saisir l'insaisissable: les formes et les traductions du discours indirect libre dans des romans suédois et francais Kristina Jansson 25-Sep-2006
Some Cognitively Controlled Coarticulatory Effects in Arabic and English, with Particular Reference to Voice Onset Time Maher Jesry 28-Apr-2002
Surfer sur Internet Conrad Johansson 20-Mar-2006
Stability and Change Along a Dialect Boundary: The low vowels of Southeastern New England Daniel Johnson 08-Aug-2007
Systematic Homonymy and the Structure of Morphological Categories: Some lessons from paradigm geometry Jason C. Johnston 30-Aug-2001
Syntactic and Semantic Bases of Case Assignment: A study of verbal nouns, light verbs and dative Jong Sup Jun 29-Sep-2004
Syntaktische und Semantische Eigenschaften Russischer Finaler Infinitiveinbettungen (Syntactic and Semantic Properties of Russian Embedded Final Infinitives) Uwe Junghanns 28-Sep-2001
Sociophonetics of Hmong American English Eden Kaiser 22-Sep-2011
Second Language Acquisition of Spanish Morpho-Syntax by Quechua-Speaking Children Susan E. Kalt 25-Sep-2008
Serial Verb Nominalization in Akan Obadele Bakari Kambon 06-Sep-2015
Subjectivity and Self-Presentation in Linguistic Interaction Charikleia Kapellidi 10-Apr-2011
Semiosis as the Sixth Sense: Theorising the unperceived in ancient Greek Astika K Kappagoda 27-Jan-2005
Sprache und Kultur: Eine Geschichte der deutschsprachigen Ethnolingistik Lars Karstedt 07-Aug-2008
Stativity, Genericity and Temporal Reference E Graham Katz 17-Sep-2001
Speech Rate, Pause, and Linguistic Variation: An examination through the Sociolinguistic Archive and Analysis Project Tyler Kendall 02-Feb-2009
Short Story Analysis in the ELT Context: Reader response approach Aynur Kesen 01-Mar-2006
Syntax Unchained Hirohisa Kiguchi 25-Apr-2003
Syllable Structure, Frequency, Analogy, and Phonetics: Factors in North Kyungsang Korean accentuation of novel words Hyun-ju Kim 21-May-2012
Sluicing and Stripping in Korean: A non-ellipsis, anaphoric analysis Jungsoo Kim 25-Apr-2018
Segmental and Tonal Interactions in English and Korean: A phonetic and phonological study Mi-Ryoung Kim 04-Sep-2001
Semantic Scaffolding in First Language Acquisition: The acquisition of raising-to-object and object control Susannah Kirby 06-May-2009
Sentence Amalgamation Marlies Kluck 16-Dec-2011
Self-improvement books: A genre analysis Jeremy Koay 18-Apr-2016
States, changes of state, and the Monotonicity Hypothesis Andrew Koontz-Garboden 07-Feb-2007
Speaker's Involvement in Political Interviews Jana Kozubíková Šandová 27-Jun-2011
Standard und Substandard. Regionalismen im diachronen Längsschnitt Alfred Lameli 05-May-2004
Sociolinguistic Constructions of Identity among Adolescent Males in Glasgow Robert G. Lawson 03-Nov-2009
Syntactically-Triggered VP Information Focus Miae Lee 24-Sep-2004
Struktur und Dynamik des Substandards. Eine Studie zum Westmitteldeutschen (Wittlich/Eifel). Alexandra N. Lenz 10-Dec-2003
Sémantaxe et Grammaticalisation de DO en anglais: approche contrastive (The Semantax and Grammaticalization of 'DO' in English - A Contrastive Approach) Jean Gilbert Leoue 24-Oct-2004
Say It Right! English Pronunciation Dictionary Peter Lesetar 05-Sep-2001
Syntactic Derivation and the Theory of Matching Contextual Features Tommi T. Leung 17-Mar-2007
Some Emergent Discourse Connectives in English: Grammaticalization via rhetorical patterns Diana M. Lewis 05-Sep-2001
Semantic-Pragmatic Information in Dictionaries Used by Chinese and Danish Learners of English: A comparative study Saihong Li 11-May-2009
Syntactic Reduplication in Swedish Jan Lindström 25-Sep-2001
Sequence Comparison in Historical Linguistics Johann-Mattis List 04-Sep-2014
Syntax and Acquisition in the Prepositional Domain: Evidence from English for fine-grained syntactic categories Heather Littlefield 31-Mar-2006
Studies of Systemic Functional Stylistics Shisheng Liu 24-Mar-2002
Scientific Literacy in Secondary School Chemistry: A Multimodal Perspective Yu Liu 04-May-2012
Schwa, Phrase and Accentuation in Midi French (Schwa, Phrase und Akzentuierung im français du Midi - eine kontrastive Untersuchung im Rahmen des Projektes La Phonologie du français contemporain: usages, variétés et structure) Birgit Lonnemann 12-Jan-2007
Strukturno-semanticheskie i Funktsional'nye Osobennosti Utocnenija v Pam'atnikax Pismennosti XV-XVI vv Yjrij R Lotoshko 19-Sep-2001
Serial verb constructions in Barayin: Typology, description and lexical-functional grammar Joseph Lovestrand 10-Feb-2019
Songs and Singing in Foreign Language Learning Karen Ludke 21-Sep-2011
Scrambling in Persian Mohammad Rasekh Mahand 25-Sep-2003
Stage Level vs Individual Level Predicates and the Four Copulas in Odia Bibhuti B. Mahapatra 15-Feb-2004
Syntax-Semantics Interaction in Sentence Understanding Kavi Mahesh 06-Sep-2001
Structural Interference from the Source Language: A psycholinguistic investigation of syntactic processes in non-professional translation Robert M Maier 08-May-2009
Sources of Non-Conformity in Phonology: Variation and exceptionality in Modern Hebrew spirantization Michal Temkin Martinez 11-Aug-2010
Sources of Non-Conformity in Phonology: Variation and exceptionality in Modern Hebrew spirantization Michal Temkin Martinez 30-Jul-2010
Sonoritaet. Sprachstruktur und Sprachverstehen Judith Meinschaefer 06-Sep-2001
Speech rhythmical restructurings in Brazilian Portuguese Alexsandro Rodrigues Meireles 07-Aug-2007
Structural Priming in Turkish Genitive-Possessive Constructions Gözde Mercan 02-Feb-2018
Specifying Who: On the structure, meaning, and use of specificational copular clauses Line Mikkelsen 03-Aug-2004
Sanskrit Karaka Analyzer for Machine Translation Sudhir K Mishra 08-Mar-2010
St. Lucian Kwéyòl in St. Croix: A study of language choice and attitudes Edward S. Mitchell 31-Mar-2009
Semantic and Pragmatic Language Development in Typical Acquisition, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Williams Syndrome with Reference to Developmental Neurogenetics of the latter Nadezhda (Nadya) N Modyanova 15-Sep-2009
Surviving the Role: A corpus-based study of self-regulation in simultaneous interpreting as perceived through participation framework and interactional politeness Claudia Monacelli 30-Oct-2005
Sociolinguistic Variation and Regional Minority Language Bilingualism: An investigation of Welsh-English bilinguals in North Wales Jonathan Morris 25-Sep-2013
Stylistic Variation in Spanish Phonology Richard E. Morris 07-Sep-2001
Specific Language Impairment in Egyptian Arabic: A preliminary investigation Ranya Ahmad AbdElAziz Morsi 16-Feb-2010
Spezifikation und Verarbeitung Deutscher Syntax in Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar Stefan Müller 07-Sep-2001
Swahili Word Order Choices: Insights from Information Structure Mohamed Yusuf Mwamzandi 07-Jul-2014
Synchronous Computer-Mediated Communication and Learner Autonomy in Female Emirati Learners of English Joanne M. Mynard 28-Dec-2003
Some Difficulties in Responding to Negative Polar Interrogatives and Negative Declaratives in English Jun Nagao 15-Aug-2005
Silence in Japanese-Australian Classroom Interaction: Perceptions and performance Ikuko Nakane 23-Apr-2004
Second Dialect Acquisition: Implications for theories of phonological representation Jennifer R. Nycz 15-Feb-2011
Sentence Analysis and Generation -- a Systemic Perspective Michael J. O'Donnell 19-Oct-2001
Semantic Field of Garments in Biblical Hebrew Arye Olman 14-Jan-2011
Spatial Prepositions in Modern Persian Parviz Parsafar 03-Jan-2008
Semántica cognitiva e historia del léxico: evolución de los verbos Ana Paz-Afonso 07-Oct-2014
Scandinavian Subtitles: A comparative study of subtitling norms in Sweden and Denmark with a focus on Extralinguistic Cultural References Jan Pedersen 08-Jan-2008
Sentence Final Particles in Bisu Narrative Kirk Roger Person 07-Sep-2001
Semántica de Situaciones: Exposición y Crítica Pablo - Pintado-Casas 07-May-2015
Sign Language Linguistic Proficiency Testing: The possibilities for Libras interpreters Maria Cristina Pires Pereira 23-Jan-2009
Substantivkomposita und Sinngebung im Kontext frühmittelalterlicher Wissensvermittlung. Eine kulturanalytisch-linguistische Untersuchung zur Wortbildung bei Notker III. Nicolaus Janos Raag 22-Nov-2017
Speaking Joanne V Rajadurai 09-Feb-2007
Syntactic Development in the Second Language Acquisition of French by Instructed English Learners Vivienne Rogers 10-Jan-2010
Sheng: The mixed language of Nairobi Philip W. Rudd 07-Dec-2008
Shallow Brooks and Rivers Wide - A Study of Lexical and Semantic Change in English Nouns Denoting 'Watercourse' Gabriella Rundblad 07-Sep-2001
Sociolinguistic Variation in English Derivational Productivity: Studies and Methods in Diachronic Corpus Linguistics Tanja Säily 02-Feb-2015
Some Aspects of the Tonal Phonology of Bodo Priyankoo Sarmah 03-Mar-2005
Second Language Acquisition of Russian Applicative Experiencers Ulyana Savchenko 02-Dec-2014
Structures and Strings: A constraint-based approach to linearizing dependency structures Virginia Savova 28-Nov-2006
Semantic Operators in Different Dimensions Tatjana Scheffler 31-Mar-2009
Shun the Pun, Rescue the Rhyme? The Dubbing and Subtitling of Language-Play in Film Thorsten Schröter 17-May-2005
Subject-Predicate Agreement Restrictions in Persian Anousha Sedighi 02-Dec-2005
Style Shifting: The perception and production of formality in English Mary B. Shapiro 07-Sep-2001
Scottish Gaelic Clefts: Syntax, Semantics and Pragmatics Christine Sheil 21-Feb-2017
Second Language Grammar and Secondary Predication Enchao Shi 01-Jul-2003
Strategic Allocation of Working Memory and Other Attentional Resources in Simultaneous Interpreting Miriam N. Shlesinger 26-Sep-2001
Spatial conceptualizations in Mainland Southeast Asia. Lao, Thai, Khmer and Vietnamese. Stefanie Siebenhütter 19-Jul-2016
Sociolinguistic Priming and the Perception of Agreement Variation: Testing predictions of exemplar-theoretic grammar Lauren Squires 20-Sep-2011
Semantic Metrics for Source Code and Design Cara E. Stein 20-May-2004
Syntactic Reanalysis in Early English Linda L. Thornburg 10-Feb-2011
Spanish -dor Derivations Antoine Tremblay 26-Feb-2007
Spoken Word Recognition of the Reduced American English Flap Benjamin Vardell Tucker 04-Jul-2007
Sociolinguistics - Syntax Interface of NEG Placement Features Himanshu Upadhyaya 12-Jan-2003
Semantic Classification of Hungarian Predicates of Motion for Natural Language Processing Lidia Varga 25-Sep-2008
Suppletion in Verb Paradigms: Bits and pieces of a puzzle Ljuba N. Veselinova 14-Apr-2003
Syntactic Reconstruction and Proto-Germanic George Walkden 22-Oct-2012
Semantics of Event Nouns Shan Wang 29-Oct-2013
Salience Imbalance and Metaphor Harold Ernest Wilcox 05-Sep-2001
Stress in Modern Welsh Briony Williams 05-Sep-2001
Syllabification and Rule Application in Harmonic Phonology Caroline R. Wiltshire 05-Sep-2001
Space as a Communicative Resource Ulrike Wrobel 22-May-2007
Scrambling and Japanese Phrase Structure Shuichi Yatabe 04-Sep-2001
Sociolinguistic Dimensions of the Compliment Event in the Southwestern Mandarin Spoken in Kunming, China Yi Yuan 20-Feb-2002
Spanish and English Voiced Stop Phonemes and Spirantization: A study in second language acquisition Mary L. Zampini 04-Sep-2001
Sentential Negation and Negative Concord Hedde Zeijlstra 22-Nov-2004
Similarity and Enhancement: Nasality from Moroccan Arabic pharyngeals and nasals Georgia Eve Zellou 24-Apr-2012
Syntactic Dependencies in Mandarin Chinese Niina Ning Zhang 04-Sep-2001
Social networks, L2 pragmatics, and Spanish hasta as an aspectual marker with and without negation: Student understandings, judgments, and uses Mikela Zhezha-Thaumanavar 12-Oct-2012