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Applied Corpus Linguistics

Edited by Eric Friginal and Paul Thompson

Applied Corpus Linguistics is a new, international peer-reviewed journal for the dissemination of research that reports or supports the applications of corpus linguistics methods, theories, applications, techniques and tools to a wide variety of real-world contexts.

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Voice Quality

By John H. Esling, Scott R. Moisik, Allison Benner, Lise Crevier-Buchman

Voice Quality "The first description of voice quality production in forty years, this book provides a new framework for its study: The Laryngeal Articulator Model. Informed by instrumental examinations of the laryngeal articulatory mechanism, it revises our understanding of articulatory postures to explain the actions, vibrations and resonances generated in the epilarynx and pharynx."

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Let's Talk

By David Crystal

Let's Talk "Explores the factors that motivate so many different kinds of talk and reveals the rules we use unconsciously, even in the most routine exchanges of everyday conversation."

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Dissertation Title [V] Author Date Posted Asc/Desc
Vowel Normalization: A perceptual-acoustic study of Dutch vowels Patti Adank 05-Jan-2004
Verb-Object Dependencies in Hungarian and English Agnes Bende-Farkas 12-Feb-2002
Variation and Change in Spanish Future Temporal Expression Roger Blench 28-Oct-2006
Vocoids and their Prosodic Distribution, with Special Reference to Italian and Arabic Nicole Nicole Bosisio 19-Jul-2004
V2-Einbettung im Spannungsfeld von Hypotaxe und Parataxe Nicholas Catasso 21-Dec-2017
Variability in Cross-dialectal Production and Perception of Contrasting Phonemes: The case of the alveolar-retroflex contrast in Beijing and Taiwan Mandarin Yung-Hsiang Chang 05-Dec-2012
Variation, Change and the Usage-Based Approach Lynn Clark 04-Mar-2009
Variation in Academic Writing among Generation 1.5 Learners, Native English-Speaking Learners and ESL Learners: The discoursal self of G1.5 student writers Mary Constance Connerty 23-Apr-2009
Verbal Abuse. Constructing gender and age in social interaction Miriam Eliasson 15-Sep-2007
Verben, Ereignisse und das Lexikon / Verbs, Events, and the Lexicon Stefan Engelberg 01-Aug-2001
Variación terminológica y cognición: factores cognitivos en la denominación del concepto especializado Sabela Fernández-Silva 16-Sep-2011
Variation within Lexical Categories Elaine J. Francis 01-Aug-2001
Verbalizing in the Second Language Classroom: The development of the grammatical concept of aspect Prospero N Garcia 02-Mar-2013
Verb-Stranding VP Ellipsis: A cross-linguistic study Lotus Goldberg 29-Jun-2006
Velar Palatalization: Coarticulation, perception, and sound change Susan G Guion 26-Jun-2002
Verbs in the Written English of Chinese Learners: A corpus-based comparison Xiaotian Guo 09-Mar-2009
Verbal Irony as a Prototype Category in Spanish: A discoursive analysis Maria Isabel Kalbermatten 12-Jul-2006
Variation and Change in Francoprovençal: A Study of an Emerging Linguistic Norm Jonathan R. Kasstan 18-Aug-2015
Vertical Polysemy: a study in the dynamicity of meaning Anu Maarit Koskela 18-Nov-2007
Vowel Harmony and Correspondence Theory Martin Krämer 26-Mar-2002
Vers une grammaire d'unification Sens-Texte du français: le temps verbal dans l'interface sémantique-syntaxe François Lareau 15-Dec-2008
Verbal Sequences: A generative approach Mireia Llinas-Grau 06-Sep-2001
Variable input and the acquisition of plurality in two varieties of Spanish Karen Lynn Miller 13-Apr-2007
Variable Liaison in Parisian French Christine Moisset 28-Mar-2002
Von der Pétition pour les Langues Provinciales au Corps Législatif de 1870 zur Loi Deixonne Olivier Moliner 10-Mar-2011
Viking Pronouns in England: Charting the course of THEY, THEIR, and THEM Elise E. Morse-Gagne 30-Nov-2006
Variation morphosyntaxique et langue minoritaire: le cas du français ontarien Terry Nadasdi 07-Sep-2001
Voz e emoção em Português Europeu «Voice and Emotion in European Portuguese» Ana Margarida Nunes 04-Apr-2020
Verb Compounding in Igbo: A morphosyntactic analysis Amechi Boniface Oha 26-Sep-2011
Vowel Perception and Production in L2 - An investigation with native Turkish speakers (Vokalperzeption und -produktion in der Zweitsprache - Eine Untersuchung mit türkischen Muttersprachlern) Kenan Oturan 22-May-2005
Verb Subcategorization and Verb Derivation in Marshallese: A lexicase analysis Louise Pagotto 18-Sep-2001
Vision-Language Integration: A double-grounding case Katerina Pastra 20-Jan-2005
Vowel Harmony and Coarticulation in Three Dialects of Yoruba: Phonetics determining phonology Marek Przezdziecki 25-Feb-2005
Vowel System of Modern Georgian Language Tariel Putkaradze 07-Jul-2007
Verb Sense and Verb Subcategorization Probabilities Douglas Roland 04-Apr-2002
Verb Order in Subordinate Clauses from Early New High German to Modern German Christopher D Sapp 24-Aug-2006
Vagueness, Gradability and Typicality: A comprehensive semantic analysis Galit W. Sassoon 20-Oct-2008
Viewpoint Aspect in Inuktitut: The syntax and semantics of antipassives Bettina Spreng 08-May-2012
Vocal Expression of Emotions in Non-Laboratory Speech Richard M Stibbard 26-Oct-2001
VC Phonology: A theory of consonant lenition and phonotactics Péter Szigetvári 03-Jan-2005
Verbal Prefixes in Bulgarian and Their Correspondences in American English: A cognitive linguistic analysis Ivelina K. Tchizmarova 14-Jun-2005
Verbal Periphrases in Spanish and Romanian. A contrastive study Mihaela Topor 02-Apr-2013
Vorhersage und Wahrnehmung deutscher Betonungsmuster Petra Susanne Wagner 03-Oct-2002
Versprecher: Dissimilation von Konsonanten. Sprachproduktion unter spatio-temporalem Aspekt [Speech Errors: Dissimilation of Consonants. Speech Production under Spatio-temporal Aspect] Nora Wiedenmann 05-Jun-2004
Variation in Interlanguage Morphology: (s) Plural-marking in the speech of Chinese learners of English Richard F Young 12-Jun-2008
Voices in Transition: Testosterone, Transmasculinity, and the Gendered Voice among Female-to-Male Transgender People Lal Zimman 28-Jul-2012
Verbal Alternations in Greek: A semantic analysis Katerina Zombolou 01-Dec-2004
Variability in L1 and L2 French WH-Interrogatives: The roles of communicative function, WH-word, and metalinguistic awareness Elizabeth E Zwanziger 21-May-2008