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Revitalizing Endangered Languages

Edited by Justyna Olko & Julia Sallabank

Revitalizing Endangered Languages "This guidebook provides ideas and strategies, as well as some background, to help with the effective revitalization of endangered languages. It covers a broad scope of themes including effective planning, benefits, wellbeing, economic aspects, attitudes and ideologies."

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Dissertation Title [V] Author Date Posted Asc/Desc
Vowel Normalization: A perceptual-acoustic study of Dutch vowels Patti Adank 05-Jan-2004
Verb-Object Dependencies in Hungarian and English Agnes Bende-Farkas 12-Feb-2002
Variation and Change in Spanish Future Temporal Expression Roger Blench 28-Oct-2006
Vocoids and their Prosodic Distribution, with Special Reference to Italian and Arabic Nicole Nicole Bosisio 19-Jul-2004
V2-Einbettung im Spannungsfeld von Hypotaxe und Parataxe Nicholas Catasso 21-Dec-2017
Variability in Cross-dialectal Production and Perception of Contrasting Phonemes: The case of the alveolar-retroflex contrast in Beijing and Taiwan Mandarin Yung-Hsiang Chang 05-Dec-2012
Variation, Change and the Usage-Based Approach Lynn Clark 04-Mar-2009
Variation in Academic Writing among Generation 1.5 Learners, Native English-Speaking Learners and ESL Learners: The discoursal self of G1.5 student writers Mary Constance Connerty 23-Apr-2009
Verbal Abuse. Constructing gender and age in social interaction Miriam Eliasson 15-Sep-2007
Verben, Ereignisse und das Lexikon / Verbs, Events, and the Lexicon Stefan Engelberg 01-Aug-2001
Variación terminológica y cognición: factores cognitivos en la denominación del concepto especializado Sabela Fernández-Silva 16-Sep-2011
Variation within Lexical Categories Elaine J. Francis 01-Aug-2001
Verbalizing in the Second Language Classroom: The development of the grammatical concept of aspect Prospero N Garcia 02-Mar-2013
Verb-Stranding VP Ellipsis: A cross-linguistic study Lotus Goldberg 29-Jun-2006
Velar Palatalization: Coarticulation, perception, and sound change Susan G Guion 26-Jun-2002
Verbs in the Written English of Chinese Learners: A corpus-based comparison Xiaotian Guo 09-Mar-2009
Verbal Irony as a Prototype Category in Spanish: A discoursive analysis Maria Isabel Kalbermatten 12-Jul-2006
Variation and Change in Francoprovençal: A Study of an Emerging Linguistic Norm Jonathan R. Kasstan 18-Aug-2015
Vertical Polysemy: a study in the dynamicity of meaning Anu Maarit Koskela 18-Nov-2007
Vowel Harmony and Correspondence Theory Martin Krämer 26-Mar-2002
Vers une grammaire d'unification Sens-Texte du français: le temps verbal dans l'interface sémantique-syntaxe François Lareau 15-Dec-2008
Verbal Sequences: A generative approach Mireia Llinas-Grau 06-Sep-2001
Variable input and the acquisition of plurality in two varieties of Spanish Karen Lynn Miller 13-Apr-2007
Variable Liaison in Parisian French Christine Moisset 28-Mar-2002
Von der Pétition pour les Langues Provinciales au Corps Législatif de 1870 zur Loi Deixonne Olivier Moliner 10-Mar-2011
Viking Pronouns in England: Charting the course of THEY, THEIR, and THEM Elise E. Morse-Gagne 30-Nov-2006
Variation morphosyntaxique et langue minoritaire: le cas du français ontarien Terry Nadasdi 07-Sep-2001
Voz e emoção em Português Europeu «Voice and Emotion in European Portuguese» Ana Margarida Nunes 04-Apr-2020
Verb Compounding in Igbo: A morphosyntactic analysis Amechi Boniface Oha 26-Sep-2011
Vowel Perception and Production in L2 - An investigation with native Turkish speakers (Vokalperzeption und -produktion in der Zweitsprache - Eine Untersuchung mit türkischen Muttersprachlern) Kenan Oturan 22-May-2005
Verb Subcategorization and Verb Derivation in Marshallese: A lexicase analysis Louise Pagotto 18-Sep-2001
Vision-Language Integration: A double-grounding case Katerina Pastra 20-Jan-2005
Vowel Harmony and Coarticulation in Three Dialects of Yoruba: Phonetics determining phonology Marek Przezdziecki 25-Feb-2005
Vowel System of Modern Georgian Language Tariel Putkaradze 07-Jul-2007
Verb Sense and Verb Subcategorization Probabilities Douglas Roland 04-Apr-2002
Verb Order in Subordinate Clauses from Early New High German to Modern German Christopher D Sapp 24-Aug-2006
Vagueness, Gradability and Typicality: A comprehensive semantic analysis Galit W. Sassoon 20-Oct-2008
Viewpoint Aspect in Inuktitut: The syntax and semantics of antipassives Bettina Spreng 08-May-2012
Vocal Expression of Emotions in Non-Laboratory Speech Richard M Stibbard 26-Oct-2001
VC Phonology: A theory of consonant lenition and phonotactics Péter Szigetvári 03-Jan-2005
Verbal Prefixes in Bulgarian and Their Correspondences in American English: A cognitive linguistic analysis Ivelina K. Tchizmarova 14-Jun-2005
Verbal Periphrases in Spanish and Romanian. A contrastive study Mihaela Topor 02-Apr-2013
Vorhersage und Wahrnehmung deutscher Betonungsmuster Petra Susanne Wagner 03-Oct-2002
Versprecher: Dissimilation von Konsonanten. Sprachproduktion unter spatio-temporalem Aspekt [Speech Errors: Dissimilation of Consonants. Speech Production under Spatio-temporal Aspect] Nora Wiedenmann 05-Jun-2004
Variation in Interlanguage Morphology: (s) Plural-marking in the speech of Chinese learners of English Richard F Young 12-Jun-2008
Voices in Transition: Testosterone, Transmasculinity, and the Gendered Voice among Female-to-Male Transgender People Lal Zimman 28-Jul-2012
Verbal Alternations in Greek: A semantic analysis Katerina Zombolou 01-Dec-2004
Variability in L1 and L2 French WH-Interrogatives: The roles of communicative function, WH-word, and metalinguistic awareness Elizabeth E Zwanziger 21-May-2008