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Revitalizing Endangered Languages

Edited by Justyna Olko & Julia Sallabank

Revitalizing Endangered Languages "This guidebook provides ideas and strategies, as well as some background, to help with the effective revitalization of endangered languages. It covers a broad scope of themes including effective planning, benefits, wellbeing, economic aspects, attitudes and ideologies."

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Dissertation Title [W] Author Date Posted Asc/Desc
Word Order and Clitics in Bulgarian Tania Avgustinova 13-Sep-2001
Wh-exclamatives in Catalan Elena Castroviejo 08-Feb-2007
Word Learning in Bilingual Children Kin Chung Jacky Chan 06-Feb-2021
Wh-Fronting in Chinese Candice Chi-Hang Cheung 22-Aug-2008
Written Language and Intonation. Theme in written language Francois Dausse 03-Aug-2004
Word Sense Disambiguation within a Multilingual Framework Mona Talat Diab 20-Apr-2004
Webliteralität - Lesen und Schreiben im World Wide Web Joerg Dieter 29-Apr-2007
Widespread but Not Universal: Improving the typological coverage of the grammar matrix Scott Drellishak 16-Oct-2009
Wörterbuchinterpretation: Integrative Lexikographie, am Beispiel des Guaraní/Interpretation of Dictionaries: Integrational lexicography, with special reference to Guaraní Sebastian Drude 11-Dec-2008
Who Does This Language Belong To? Language Claim and Identity Formation in the Hebrew Language Class Dr. Avital Feuer 13-Feb-2007
Where and When: Positional and Functional Conventions for Sequences of Time and Space Adverbials in Present-day English Hilde Hasselgård 09-Aug-2001
What Type of Person am I, Tess?: The complex tale of self in psychotherapy Caroline Henderson-Brooks 14-Nov-2010
What is Nas?: Toward a theory of ethnolect in the south Slavic dialect continuum Viktoria S. Herson Finn 28-Sep-2001
What Does an Interruption Sound Like? Katherine Hilton 06-Nov-2018
Will The 'Real' Author Please Stand Up: The Performance of Authenticity by Mohsin Hamid, Junot Diaz, and Madeleine Thien Sreedhevi Iyer 20-Jan-2017
Wh-extraction and Locality in Greek George Kotzoglou 17-Dec-2005
When the Quiet Surfaces: ‘Transfer’ of argument omission in the speech of ASL-English bilinguals Elena V. Koulidobrova 14-Dec-2012
Word Sense Disambiguation for Large Text Databases Robert Krovetz 05-Sep-2001
Where There is Fire There is Smoke: Local modelling of successive-cyclic movement Antje Lahne 19-Jan-2009
Why We Teach 'ESL' Writing: A socio-historic discussion of an undergraduate ESL program Duane Leonard 22-Jul-2011
Weakening of Intervocalic /p, t, k/ in Two Spanish Dialects: Toward the quantification of lenition processes Anthony M Lewis 26-Mar-2002
Writing and Revising: Didactic and methodological implications of keystroke logging Eva Lindgren 12-May-2005
Weight, Final Lengthening and Stress: A phonetic and phonological case study of Norwegian Anya Lunden 01-Jun-2006
What's in a Word? Evidence for Phonosemantics Margaret H. Magnus 06-Sep-2001
Writing Conversation: An analysis of speech events in e-mail mailing lists Kirk McElhearn 06-Sep-2001
Working Between Cultures: Expatriates' management of the self through intercultural change Jennifer Munsie 02-Jun-2010
Word order and information structure in Romeyka: A syntax and semantics interface account of order in a minimalist system Nicolaos Neocleous 14-Apr-2020
Why Not Speak English?: An ethnographic approach of five Korean students' language use Chongwon Park 07-Sep-2001
What's in a dialogue? On the dynamics of meaning-making in English conversation Nele Põldvere 25-Sep-2019
Word-Prosodic Systems of Raja Ampat Languages Bert Remijsen 23-May-2002
What Moves Where When in Which Language? Norvin Richards 06-Sep-2001
Waves and Words: Oscillatory activity and language processing Dietmar Roehm 06-Jul-2007
What's Beat Got To Do With It?The Influence of Meter on Syntactic Processing: ERP evidence from healthy and patient populations Maren Schmidt-Kassow 19-Oct-2007
"We have such a normal, non-accented voice": A sociophonetic study of English in Kansas City Christopher Strelluf 03-Aug-2014
Wh-quantification in Vietnamese Thuan Tran 27-Nov-2009
Word Segmentation for Japanese and English Speakers: Language-Independent and Language-Dependent Cues Sayako Uehara 16-Sep-2019
Writing from Sources: Ethnographic insights into business news production Tom Van Hout 21-Apr-2010
Working Memory in Sentence Comprehension: Processing Hindi center embeddings Shravan Vasishth 07-Jun-2002
Wh-constructions and the division of labour between syntax and the interfaces Christos Vlachos 01-Aug-2012
Werkzeuge für Rechtsdatenbanken Leonhard A. Voltmer 09-Sep-2005
Word, Phrase, and Clitic Prosody in Bosnian, Serbian, and Croatian Adam Werle 19-Aug-2009
When Synchrony Meets Diachrony: (Alveolo)Palatal Sound Patterns in Spanish and Other Romance Languages Andre Zampaulo 15-May-2013